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Practice: Vocab. 3
Directions: Match each definition below with the correct vocabulary word from the word bank. You may use
each word more than once.
Word Bank
1.______a brief summary
a. alight
2.______a pause in fighting
b. disrupt
3.______to come down from the air

4.______to give a reward c. foretaste

5.______to flow or fall by drops or in a small stream d. recompense

6.______an advance indication, sample, or warning e. résumé

7.______to break up, disturb

8.______to get down from, step down from

9.______a temporary peace

10._____a short written account of one’s education, working experience, or qualifications

11._____to pay back

12._____a small quantity of anything

Directions: Fill in the blank for each sentence using the best vocabulary word that completes the sentence. BE
CAREFUL! You may need to change the verbs to agree with the tense and the subject of the sentence.

13. The job applicant gave a copy of her to the person in charge of the

employment agency.

14. My grandparents were happy to the little girl who found their lost


15. After tense talks, the warring nations reluctantly agreed to a five-day .

16. The passengers hurried to from the airplane.

17. The eye-opening first scene of the new movie gave the audience a

of what was to come later on in the movie.

18. The water began to from the rusty old pipe.

19. As he grew old, the large amount of music he had produced for so many years was reduced to a small

20. The flight attendant asked the passengers to make sure they had all their personal belongings before

from the aircraft.

21. Regardless of who started this silly argument, isn’t it time for us to declare a

and work together?

22. When I saw a big “A” on my vocabulary quiz, I felt that I had been for all

my hard work and studying that week!

23. Are we going to allow minor disagreements to the club that we have worked

so hard to organize?

24. If the sights we’ve seen today are a true of what lies ahead, we’re in

for a great trip!

25. The loud and obnoxious man the conference with his interruptions and