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June 2005 Cljnical Exam Circuit: &Circuit Station: 8 - Breast Examination a Key to marking: G = Good, A - Adequate, I = Inadequate or Not done This station assesses the candidate's ability to perform an cxaminatiun uf the breasts and to make a diagnosis. . THIS IS A 15 MINUTE STATION [i-Antroduotion and orientation (name andiole, conlinms patients agreement) Rapport (shows interest, respect and concern, appropriate body language) (Obtains a brief history of presonting complaint or treatment reccived Breast Examination: ff Positions and exposes the patient appropriately for breast examination Inspects the breasts with arms down by their side and clevaled - Palpates the “normal” breast examining all quedrants J. Palpates the "ahnormal” breast examining all quadrants f. Examines both axillae for lymphadenopathy Examines the supraclavicular fossze far lymphadenopathy . 110. Checks for hepatomegaly - 11. Communicates with patient appropriately during examination (explaina what he/she is doing, gains patient's co-operation) Candidate: &CancNo &CandName ao ab a oo off a 1t2. Examines paticnt in a professional niauuer (yealle, watches for pain, maintains j enty and privacy) Closure (thanks patient, leaves patient comfortablc) _ Examiner to ask: "Please summarise your key findings." [I4. Candidate precents key findings 15. Candidate presents summary in a fluent, logical manner "What da you thinkis the most likely diagnosis?" 16. Candidate makes a reasunable allempt at a diagnosis ‘Examiner asks for a clinical reasoning, whch Jed to diagnosis [I7. Logical deduction from brief history, symploms and signs [18. Exau:iner’s ylobal score i= Pacellent, G = Good, P = Pass, B ~ Bordcrlinc, F =Tail [Comments Cano &Carddemne Keytommchnw G= Good, A- Adega candidates eit 1S A.15 MINUTE STATION 2 Examines ea for asa, meal us alban [Loca Tirtongiesyimsae jooacaaaacacaaceaa > > > > > rz

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