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March 4th, 1988 Origin: Beni Mellal, Morocco Genres: Classic, Jazz Occupation: pianist Years active: 1994 present

Jawad AIDAOUI, born in Beni Mellal where his first sparks shined and his talent blossomed. From the age of five, Jawad used to entertain children and charm adults by performing on piano a variety of musical genres beyond his age. In order to refine his talent, the six years old AIDAOUI entered the national conservatory and expressed a strong will to study music. He was a rough diamond which needed to be shaped as confessed a large number of his teachers. At the age of twelve, Jawad passed successf fully a training in coaching youth through musical workshops in camps and started to go to camps as a supervisor. Unfortunately he soon found out that his hom metown wasnt able to give him more than he already has had. Accordingly, he decided to move to the capital and study at the national conservat tory of music in Rabat.

The strong ambition Jawad has kept moving him, as he searched for new prospects to expand his understanding of the music field from different aspects. Therefore, he studied ped dagogy and started teaching at the age of sixteen. Even though he was young, Jawad was able to increase confidence and strength in the students spirit. He is known for being a competent and proficient teacher. The sixteen years old AIDAOUI has consider red another aspect of music which is compos sition. He had developed his skills until he was able to compose his first piece entitled Le rve or The dream and many others foll lowed later.

Jawad had started studying orchestration four years ago and decided, at the age of sixteen to trav vel abroad, more exactly to France to widen his knowledge. However, his trip wasnt long and in one year only he was able to gain the experience he went searching for and unleashed some strong hidden capacities in him.

At his return from Paris, Jawad have accomplished his long study and finally revealed his new skill with professionalism when he became a conductor at the age of seventeen and led his orchestra in multiple shows.

Yet, art isnt his only asset. Jawad AIDAOUI is keen on sports too and more exactly cycling. He was a member in two clubs in successive periods of time and he was known to be a very active element on which the team largely depended for being the climbing specialist. Nevertheless, both cycling and piano are a full time occupation. Therefore, at the age of twenty, Jawad had to make a hard choice between both.

His love for cycling was strong but his desire for having a piano career was far stronger to be compared. In music he found himself and with piano he expressed his emotions without restraint. This was his choice and he saw in the piano his future but never gave up cycling and he kept exercising it.

Jawads first tour was with the fam mous and loved sing ger Sada FIKRI who is known for singing meaningful poetry and for defending her thoughts through music by reflecting on a multitude of important problems. Jawad was the pianist and the group leader and was characterized by his presence on the scene and the spirit which he was able to alleviate in the public. Subsequently, he was called to perform in many tours on different scenes and different

The challenge spirit and need of constant and honest evaluation made AIDAOUI apply twice for the national public competition of piano in 2009 and 2010. He was ranked first two years in a row. After his graduation from the conservatory he continued his studies and career building without any professional guidance in the pursuit of his dreams.

Jawad is fond of Folklore and he has always had intended to help in the preservation of the Moroccan musical heritage. In fact, the twenty-two years old AIDAOUI had composed, using mostly local intruments, his first symphony entitled Fazaz which he inspired from the Amazigh culture.

He performed the symphony in the national theatre Mohamed V in Rabat. An excellent performance has been the result of the incredible talent, passion and hard work of which he made proof. Jawad was highly esteemed by the public and had received a congratulatory message from his majesty the king Mohammed VI. Jawad has also formed a conductor who has performed the symphony Fazaz on October 2012 at Settat.

AIDAOUI has also participated in The Internation nal Piano Competition HRH Princess Lalla Meryem of the year 2012 in the virtuoso category.

Through out his studies of classical music, his compositions, orchestration and tours, Jawad studied the Jazz too and was able to make his skill perfect and to be the best Jazz Moroccan player on piano.

Jawads studies of classical and jazz music along with his compositions, orchestration, concerts and tours have nominated him as the first and best pianist in Morocco. Jawads constant search for flying within a new horizon is still leading him to success and his pass sionate and ambitious soul is always encouraging and guiding him to make the right steps towards success to conquer triumph.

Reuniting all the experience and knowledge he had gained through the years, Jawad Aidaoui ext tracted it, inventing by that, a new free style of music.

Free Cord The revolutionary style

Free as freedom and cord (abbreviation of cord des in French) as strings. The free cord was inspired to Jawad from his love to be absolved of complex rules which restrict the ability to fully express his emotions. Consequently he established a main rule.

The rule is not having a rule

The style does not respect any rules and wholly depends on the taste of its player.

The Free cord is a performance of emotions above all. It reflects in the mind of the listener an honest image of the emotion and sentiment of the performer. No acting can be performed, only true feelings are to be displayed. The Free Cord player has got to have a virtuoso technique in order to be able to play it.

A performance of emotions

The virtuoso technique

In few words: The Free Cord is the extraction of experience and knowledge made of the mixture of jazz chords and classic techn nique.


-The dream -A smile to the horizon -Large atlas


-The desert breeze -The river -The passion of the argan -Psychedelic chords -The pleasure of love

2008: 2010:

Some of these pieces have been performed by many groups on the national territory.
(The pieces names are originally in French)

-Mars : concert in Les sessions du Pietri at the restaurant Le bistrot du pietri in Rabat -January : concert in Les sessions du Pietri at the restaurant Le bistrot du pietri in Rabat


-December : concert in Les sessions du Pietri at the restaurant Le bistrot du pietri in Rabat Concert at the five stars hotel Mazagan resort in Casablanca -July: concert with the singer Saida FIKRI at the festival Twiza in Tangier -June: concert with the singer Saida FIKRI at the festival of the sacred music in Fes -April: concert at the cultural French institute in Rabat -January: concert at the Mega Mall in Rabat


-December: entertaining at the five stars hotel Hassan in Rabat -November: concert at the opening of the Hypermarket Marjan Concert at Le Moulin restaurant in Brussels -September: pianist and group leader of the sing ger Sada FIKRI at the festival Kawafil of TanTan -March: charged of musical entertainment dur ring the craft exhibition at the cathedral of the sacred heart in Casablanca -February: Conductor of the symphony Fazaz at the theatre Mohamed V in Rabat -December: concert at the five stars hotel Golden Tulip Farah in Rabat -November: Pianist and group leader of the sing ger Sada FIKRI at a concert in Tan-Tan -May: pianist and arranger of a group of Amaz zigh folklore led by the singer



-July-august: pianist and group leader of the sing ger Sada FIKRI at the eighteen-scenes tour org ganized by Maroc Telecom -June: pianist and group leader of the singer Sada FIKRI at Mawazine festival -March: concert at the centre Sidi-Mekhlouf in Rabat -July: concert at the closing of the school year in the ministry of culture in Rabat -July: concert at the closing of the school year in the ministry of culture in Rabat





-Supervisor of the musical workshop in camps

Being a young successful teacher, Jawad AIDAOUI decided to create opportunities for young teachers who have a strong will to transmit their large knowledge, to prove their abil lities and experience, as he had, the pleasure of discovering talents and shaping young minds. Based on this principle Jawad decided to open a school and named it The golden eighth. The school recruits, mainly, exper rienced young teachers and receives students of different ages and provides them with studies of multiple arts. The schools goal is to make a new generation of professional musicians by forming learners and encouraging them to develop their skills and make a better perf formance of their talents. AIDAOUI aims to make out of the school the perfect institution for tomorrows music cians by recruiting more qualified teachers of different nationalities in order to exc change experience

and culture.

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