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403.6 Section 404 404.1 404.2 Maximum Building Coverage and Height Maximum Building Coverage - 20% Maximum Height (feet) a 3 (stories) - 22 C-1- Commercial Permitted Uses 4, Retail stores, shops or service establishments for the conducting of any retail business or service; and provided any Adult-Oriented Establishment shall only be allowed under Section 404.3-f; b. Business, professional, or govemmental offices; c. Banks, savings and loan associations; d. Restaurants, cafes, taverns, Single-family detached dwellings; f, Two-family detached dwellings; g. General Agricultural Uses (see definition in Section 201 which includes most livestock uses), in compliance with Section 513, and provided that it does not involve Intensive Agriculture, Permitted Accessory Uses - Located on the same lot with the Permitted Principal Use Private garages or private parking areas; b, Signs pursuant to Section 506: c. Other customary accessory uses and buildings provided such are clearly incidental to the principal use; d. Home occupations pursuant to Section 502; ¢. No-impact home-based businesses. x Section 404 404.3 Uses Permitted with Zoning Heating Board Approval (Special Exception) a b. a. Gasoline service station; Drive-in restaurants; Wholesale business; Shopping centers in accordance with Section 508; Industrial uses which shall be carried on in a completely enclosed building and which is limited to the storage, manufacture, assembly, fabrication, packing, testing or other handling of products from raw materials ot from other previously prepared materials; Any Adult-Oriented Establishment (as defined by Title 68, Chapter 55 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, as amended) shall only be allowed as a special exception use, and any such building and related parking shall be placed a minimum of 600 feet from any existing dwelling, place of worship, school, cemetery, day care center, park or playground. ‘The applicant shall also prove compliance with all applicable State laws, as a condition of zoning approval, and shall name an on-site manager who shall be responsible to ensure compliance with all State laws and ‘Township ordinances; Mineral Extraction, in compliance with all State regulations; Solid Waste Landfill, Solid Waste-to-Energy Facility or Solid Waste Transfer Facility, in compliance with applicable State Department of Environmental Protection regulations; Campground, which shall mect the following additional requirements a All buildings, tent sites and recreational vehicle parking shall be setback a minimum of 100 feet from the lot line of any dwelling and 50 feet from any other lot line; 2. An area with a minimum width of 50 feet around the perimeter of the use shall include sufficient preserved vegetation and/or be landscaped with substantial numbers of trees and shrubs so as to create a visual screen averaging 50% at least 6 feet in height during the Summer of recreational vehicle parking area, A mix of species shall be planted, and straight rows shall be avoided in favor of more natural patterns, Growth of vegetation over the next 3 years may be considered in estimating the amount of the visual screen u Section 404 (a) Existing trees within a 50 feet perimeter around the use shall be preserved to the maximum extent feasible, This 50 feet width shall not include paving, except for approved approximately perpendicular crossings. 3. A maximum of one household shall occupy the lot on a year-round basis. No other person shall occupy the lot for more than 4 months in any calendar year, 4. The only commercial uses within a campground shall be a store for sales of routine items to campers, recreational facilities for campers, and other uses that meet the requirements of the applicable zoning district; 5. A maximum average of 6 recreational vehicle sites or 10 tent camping sites shall be allowed per acre j. Any use not allowed by right or by special exception in any other zoning district 404.4. Minimum Lot Area a, Minimum Lot Size - Non-Residential Area: 20,000 sq. ft. per unit of use. b. Minimum Lot Size - Residential Single-family ‘Two-family Public Water and Public Sewage Disposal Area: 10,000 sq. ft 20,000 sq. ft Width 80 feet 100 feet Public Water or Public Sewage Disposal Area: Lacre 2 acres Width: 150 feet 200 feet On-Site Water uM Section 404