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epees : FILED ao oon penoceanc xamonacomarrres “OMB 24 amin 1g ‘OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION OF NOMINATIERETARY OF spare ee often Sts Aner tela oul a tm apa gh, Sta hog we tay sono cbacs sfese Day Pees ‘Vie President ofthe Unite Stats respectively: For President ofthe United States Cantage, Tennessee 37030 For Vice President ofthe United States Soe Lieberman IWAlton Avene New HavenConneti 06515 CU , ‘Go -Etaic, Democratic National shen Convention retary, Democratic National Comvenion State of California ) County of Los Angeles) (On August 17,2000, before me, \i0 be _A_DvArt 9790) notary public, personally sppearod BARBARA BOXER, DIANNE FEINSTEIN and KATHLEEN M. VICK, as Co-Chuir, Co-Chair and Secretary, respectively, ofthe 2000 Democratic ‘National Convention, personally known to te or proved to me onthe basis of satisfactory evidence to be the persons whose names ae subseribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me tha they executed the same in their authorized ‘capacities; and that by their signatures on the instrument the persons exceuted the apt Au bb dune? (ESNet | Nana SS a cove a Democratic Pury Wendguaries 5 aS Wasi, DG ams wm nc) 96-08 wm Fax 86-374 Tip a mons nd Oe sk Pe ae