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NEW EDITION Advanced Vocabulary & Idiom B | THOMAS Contents Introduction iv Dictionary Practice 1 Topics City Life 4, Issues in Education 4, Fashion in Clothes 5, The Environment 5, Advertising 6, How Much Freedom Should Children Have? 6, Censorship 7, Love 7, Attitudes to Work and Leisure 8, The Purpose of State Punishment 8 Related Word Groups Body 9, Books 9, Dirt and Damage 11, Drinking 12, Driving 13, Food 14, Friends 16, Light 17, Materials 18,Money 19, Numbers 20, People 20, Small Quantities 21, Social Types 22, Sounds 23, Space Travel 25, Sport 26, Time 27, Tools and Equipment 27 Word Formation Word Forms 29, Prefixes 34, Suffixes 36, Compound Adjectives 38, Noun Plurals 39 Problem Words Confusing Word Pairs 40, Difficult Verb Pairs 44, Ambiguous Words 46, False Friends 46 Idiom Alliterative Expressions 51, Animals 52, Body 53, Collocations 54, Colour 55, Fictional Characters in Everyday Language 56, Food 87, ‘Hand’ 58, Names 59, Numbers 60, Pairs 61, Phrasal Verbs 62, Rhyming Expressions 64, Status 65, Time 66 Identification Objects 67, Newspaper Parts 68, The Arts 68, Occupations 69, Occasions 70 Description People’s Appearance 72, Diagrams 73, Plans 74, Maps 76 Style Newspaper Headlines 78, Formal English 81, English in Advertising 83 Spoken English Forms of Spoken Address 85, Colloquial Responses 86, Exclamations 87, Spoken Numbers and Measurements 88, Well-known Spoken Phrases 89, Colloquial English and Slang 90, Popular Language 92, Miscellaneous Geo-political Names 94, Names and Titles 95, Foreign Words and Phrases 97, Homophones 99, Abbreviations 100, Similes 101, Proverbs 102, Euphemisms 103, Britain 104 Word Games 107 key 108 Dictionary Practice Use a good dictionary to do the following exercises. If you like, you can try to do them without help first, but check your answers in a dictionary afterwards. Pronunciation 1 In each three-word group below, circle the two words which have the same-sounding underlined parts. Examples: e.g. danger warn Cfarm) (part) a) sword swear switch f) yacht caught hot b) quay play see 9) rise advise practise ©) ought colonel third h) theatre those think d) bottle company flood i) aisle sigh date e) timber number climber j) store coat low 2 Ineach of the four-word groups below, two words rhyme. Circle the rhyming pair great ead sit face pass Examples: a) phone done gone shone 4) show how rough though b) story lorry worry hurry g) bough tough stuff grow bomb comb some dome h) hard word third lord d) saw owe go how i) lose loose choose chose e) hour four door throw ) piece prize nice rise Stress Mark the stressed syllable in each word below. Examples; ‘advertise advertisement —_inde’pendent ‘many advise guarantee necessary apostrophe promise central necessitate economic educate centralisation necessarily economist Spelling Finish the spelling of the words below with the correct endings from those above each group. 1 cacy -asy -isy democr-idiosyncr- accur. —fant-_—obstin- ecst- conspir- priv. ~—diplom--_hypocr-