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Awaken the inner poet within each of your students by their

participation in the JCCS Poetry Contest sponsored by the English

Learner Development Team (ELDAT)

Prizes will be awarded in each of the following grade spans:

„ 3-6
„ 7 – 12

Categories will be as follows:

„ Free Form
„ Bilingual Poem
„ Academic Vocabulary Poem

Poems must include the following:

„ Student Name
„ Grade
„ Site
„ Region
„ Teacher
„ CELDT Score (when appropriate)

All Poems Must Be Original Works

Poems must be turned in into Marnie Klein at SDCOE in Room 216.

Poems can be:
„ Truck Mailed
„ Emailed –
„ Delivered in Person
Marnie will email you when she receives your poem(s).

Deadline: March 28, 2008

Poems will be judges by the ELDAT committee

Finalists will be invited to SDCOE for a poetry reading and an

author’s luncheon. Poetry will be displayed and prizes will be