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THE LOGIC MODEL WORKFORC E INPUTS Staff professional development SHORTTERM OUTCOMES Increased !

no"ledge# s ills# and Competencies Improved organizational Support for staff Improved policy to sustain stable Wor force INTERMEDIAT E OUTCOMES LONG-TERM OUTCOMES IMPACT

Improved practice Higher Quality Experiences for Children and Youth Improved for outcome for Children and Youth

$rganizationa l Capacity

%olicy Support

Increase professionalizat ion


Foundation, Inc T!"o#$ o% Action %'$-$.E &fter school as an important learning arena 'ecognition that professional developments can build the s ill of after school educators (elief in the need to professionalize the after school field %'$1I/E %rofessional development for after school program frontline staff# supervisors# and directors %rofessional development for program design and )field*"ide+ trainers %'$/0CE Effective professional development for after school education practice and for sustaining change in practice &SSESS Change in after school program pedagogical practice Change in after school program staff development practices &CHIE1E High*,uality after school program content and practices High*,uality after school program in* service staff development