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Form a conception of yourself in perfect health, and think Only those thoughts which are in harmony with that

conception. Make every thought a thought of health, and every act an act of health Eat ONLY when you re hungry! and stop the instant you feel your hunger a"ating #ppetite is a desire for the gratification of sensation. $et all possi"le en%oyment out of the taste of your food, "ut never eat anything merely "ecause it tastes good! &rink only to satisfy thirst! drink whenever you feel thirst! and stop drinking as soon as you feel thirst a"ating.
'eep your spine straight and your chest fle(i"le, and "reathe pure air, recogni)ing with thankfulness the fact that you "reathe in the Eternal Life. *entilate your "edroom thoroughly! so thoroughly that it will "e practically the same as sleeping out of doors. +he "ook ,n a nutshellmake yourself one with Health in thought, word, and action; and do not connect yourself with sickness either by thought, word, or action .