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Cody Clancy Final Reflection

Final Reflection English 1101

My chaotic whirlwind of a semester all started even before the college classes began; finally uprooting myself to start school again and get started on pursuing my dream. English 11 1 was the first class !"d registered for# and ! was e$cited to start learning things again. %hough !"d always en&oyed English class# ! was an$ious; '(hat)* Rhetoric can be used in writing)+ crossed my mind multiple times as it was introduced. !"ve grown vastly in my writing over this semester# and as a person# and have fully en&oyed this course. ! now have a much more methodical approach towards my writing resulting in much less piecing together once everything"s all said and done# and my papers are much more solidly developed and supported than previous wor,s. %hroughout this reflection ! will cover some of these e$amples of how ! have changed and grown over the semester# and ,ey points that ! learned throughout. First off# ! gained way more valuable information from this course than ! ever e$pected of it. Rhetoric was a giant grey area on the blip of my ,nowledge radar of how to approach writing# and ! couldn"t be happier to have learned how to utili-e it. .ow# rather than &umbled thoughts that are scattered about a word document and pu--le/pieced together later# this is a methodical process. 0ased on the sub&ect !"m writing upon# many variables are considered before ! decide the tone or conte$t of how ! want to word the wor, !"m about to approach. E$amples of specific things considered are1 the purpose ! want to get across# the audience this paper is intended for# and the strategy of how ! should best convey this message due to those factors. %his has been immensely helpful towards approaching papers because they"re handled so much more methodically than rushed and have a defined direction to base my wor, upon. !n my earlier wor,s# ! used a lot of casual language. Casual choice of words and lac, of a fully developed and supported conte$t were clearly my biggest flaws within early papers which could have been improved upon had ! used more a more formal approach# formal wording within my essays# and

Cody Clancy Final Reflection developed better time/management s,ills. !"ve been very successful in the sub&ect of English in the past and am by no means ashamed or disappointed with my early wor,s this semester; but seeing my essays progress over the course provides clear evidence in the development and growth of myself as a writer and a fantastically developed conte$t. ! am much more confident approaching topics because of recogni-ing this growth and what contributed towards it. 2nother great aspect ! improved upon during my coursewor, were draft/wor,s and revision. 3uilty# guilty# ! was one of the students that typically used to scramble together a rough draft and call it great to &ust have it past me. .o more* 4one are the days of hurried essays and s,imming for grammatical errors; this course has really emphasi-ed and pointed out the benefits of getting a rough idea put down upon paper# and fine/tuning it with revision and changes from there. %his results in supporting details# even less grammatical errors# and a fantastic conte$t for readers to dive into. !"m incredibly proud of my later wor,s in this course; the growth shows# 5uite specifically in my positional paper because ! utili-ed every aspect of rhetorical situations considered and ad&usted it before ! wrote another paragraph and polished it off nicely later on. 6verall# ! learned a great amount of English and rhetorical ,nowledge because of this course that can be applied in my writing and everyday aspect in the way that ! approach situations. !f ! were to grade myself in this class# everything considered# ! would give myself an 2. My wor,s were not perfectly sound by any means# but !"m proud of the wor, ! produced. 3enuine effort was put forward# and my ,nowledge learned along the way of drafting and revising polished off my s,ill as a writer even more. ! confidently feel ! have submitted great wor,s over the course of the semester and will continue to learn and improve upon this throughout the years; meanwhile ! eagerly loo, forward to my ne$t English course with Mrs. 2nderson ne$t semester and what it has to offer.