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Latin 202 Fall 2003 Prose Composition #2


Translate the following sentences in Latin. For inspiration you may want to consult poems 0! "3! #$! %&! ""! ! an' $" (an' remem)er in'irect 'iscourse*+. ". , my frien' -urelius! will you wal. with me into the far/off lan' of the sa0age 1ritons an' en'ure whate0er fate )rings2

2. 3f the charming4)eautiful girl ha' 'ine' well! the go's woul' ha0e .nown that Catullus5 purse was not full of money.

3. Catullus will soon reali6e that the wor's of a woman must not )e )elie0e' (use passive periphrastic construction).

#. 7hile the )eautiful girl was repeate'ly laughing (use ablative absolute construction)! a thin4su)tle flame was flowing 'own through the poet5s hea0y lim)s.