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THE EXPANDING CASE ror tHe y Ue eRe UTA Li bi Te Us ome Me ee TY el ay from the world’s scattered Pygmy tribes, and from the colunins of yesterday’s newspdper. comes new and thought-provoking evidence for the existence of SPACE LIFE. author of THE CASE FOR THE UFO i THREE GREAT BOOKS "ON UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS By M. K. JESSUP Author of THE EXPANDING CASE FOR THE UFO THE CASE FOR THE UFO ‘A comprehensive study of a new and exciting field of knowledge: the appearance of space-navigable bodies. Included among the events and phenomena described and analyzed in this book are the appearance of fiying saucers; disappearing people and ships, planes and crews; mysterious marks and imprints left in snow, sand and stone by hitherto unrecognized agencies, meteors, etc. “the most informative of the ‘flying saucer’ books to date!” —New York JOURNAL-AMERICAN 240 pages Illustrated $3.50 THE UFO ANNUAL ‘A world-wide report on all the important sightings of Flying Saucers and other unidentified flying objects during a single year. Thoughtful readers will draw their own conclusions from such documented entries in the Annual as the “angel hair” epidemic in upstate New York and the “cloth” from the skies that burned a hole in the pavement at Harrisburg. Pa, Over 200 sightings described. "If you're an armchair saucer fan, this fact-filled compendium is your dish.” —Cotumaus (Ohio) DisparcH 380 pages Illustrated $4.95 UFO AND THE BIBLE A serious study of the Bible in the light of modern science, common sense and a host of bewildering and unexplained UFO activities, An under- standing of the role played by UFO phenomena in biblical history pro- vides the key to long-misunderstood truths and numerous mystetious prophecies found in the Bible, "could conceivably turn out ot be as much an intellectual landmark as Jean-Paul Sartre's initial work on Existentialism.” —Ciarx KINNAIRD, King Features Syndicate 128 pages $2.50 THE CITADEL PRESS 222 FOURTH AVENUE NEW YORK, 3, N. Y. $3.50 The EXPANDING CASE for the UFO by M, K. JESSUP Tn his previous book, The Cate for the UFO, which has been hailed as “'the most unusual and comprehensive volume on the fascinating subject of flying saucers,” M. K. Jessup re-examined many of the tenets of conventional science and established an im- pressive case for the existence of extra-ter- restrial life. Now he turns his attention to other current scientific dogmas and adduces new evidence to prove his theory. 1s our moon really a dead planet, devoid of any kind of life? Evidence noted by skilled astronomers over a period of more than three hundred years and here collected and interpreted for the first time suggests that it is wot. Strange flashes of light, craters that appear and disappear, and intriguing geo- metrical patterns such as Gruithuisen’s City and Madlet's “square” seem to point inex- orably toward life and intelligence. Can the moon be a base for UFO activity? Mr. Jessup thinks it is and presents a wealth of historical data to support his belief, He marshalls additional evidence along this line in his study of the world's Pygmy tsibes, so widely dispersed, yet so similar in traditions. The tiny passageways in the gold mines at Zimbabwe, the 47-inch-high chambers in the Great Pyramid, the little steps leading up to the “Inca’s Throne” at Sacsahuaman, and the persistent contempo- tary newspaper reports of “little men" from flying saucers are all pieces in a gigantic (continued on back flap) Jacket design by Howard Mornis