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Mrs. Smith, the school counselor, came into class to speak on what her job entails. It used to be that in order to be a counselor, you were required to be a teacher first. That requirement has changed, even though it is still encouraged. In order to be a counselor now you need an entry level masters in counseling, a certificate !"#$th grade%, and to take a &ra'is. (epending on what state you are a counselor at, some of these qualifications may change or there may be more requirements. There are many opportunities counselors have in their job. Typically, they will have a #), ##, or even #$ month contract. They make more than teachers will an undergraduate degree because of all their qualifications and their masters degree. *ounselors are required to follow the state guidance and counseling plan for their state. +ecause the degree is from !"#$th, counselors have many opportunities. The counselors are there for more than just the students, but for the teachers and even parents. They are the support system for a lot of people. It is a big responsibility but one that Mrs. Smith thoroughly enjoys. I have the desire to eventually become a school counselor so this talk helped me see the

qualification and responsibility of it.

Mrs. Stone

Mrs. Stone is the assistant principle at Trace *rossings. This talk was cut short due to a code red lockdown code called over the intercom. ,e all had to sit along the wall and over the windows. -fter much suspense, we were informed in was just a drill. Trace does a drill once a month that could either be code yellow or red. .ellow the students lock the door but can move around. /ed is serious and is a full lockdown. Mrs. Stone then began to talk about what she originally came to discuss, technology. She wants true integration of technology in all of her classrooms. The goal is for 0rd and 1th grade are aiming to integrate nooks. The second grade classes and lower grades are just trying to integrate whatever technology they can use. The 2 things that she emphasi3ed for technology in her school was augmented reality, google apps, movies, and presentations. -ll of these things are aiming to help move Trace to a technology driven school. It helps to make teachers aware and hold them accountable for using technology in the classroom. She

is also trying to encourage teachers to use dropbo'. Trace is heading towards being very technologically driven.

Mrs. 4arnlacher

Mrs. 4arnlacher is the librarian at Trace *rossings. She has a passion for reading and helping children find the right books for them. She e'plained to us how Trace borrows books from the 5oover library. 6ne part of her seminar that I enjoyed was when she read us a really sweet book with a really cra3y twist at the end, that was actually rather sad. This through me for a loop but that is the kind of books Mrs. 4arnlacher enjoys, the ones that don7t always end how you want them to. This helps her foster peoples love for reading because it is not always what people are e'pecting. Mrs. 4arnlacher7s main job is to help kids want to read. This is so important because everything involves reading. She reali3es that every student won7t love reading, but she must do everything she can to inspire them to read. This often comes in the form of finding a subject they are interested in and then finding a book along those lines. She also in a support for classroom

teachers. This is how they decide what books they need to purchase. They base it off of interest of kids and teachers and common standards. The library has visits from every class and is a fi'ed schedule for 0) minutes everyday. The library allows drop ins with $"0 kids at a time. Mrs. 4arnlacher loves that life lessons are also taught through reading. Students can learn lessons like treating each other with kindness and other important values. The library itself teaches lessons as well. It teaches students to use technology and how to find a book in a library. The librarian hods a very important position in Trace for all of these reasons.

Mrs. &uctah

Mrs. &uctah is the math coach at Trace *rossings. I thoroughly enjoyed her seminar because she emphasi3ed how important engagement is. 8o, not the 9ring by spring9 kind, but in the classroom. She showed us one way to start a lesson and to be honest, I was not following and I was very distracted and not engaged in the lesson. +ut then she changed things up and brought out hands"on materials and then that is when things changed. I began working with the tools and seeing how they applied to the lesson she was teaching. -t the end she asked us which method was more beneficial for us and every one of us said the one with the activity. This is how the children in our classroom will be times #). They have such a short attention span that if they do not have something engaging them and keeping them interactive, they will lose interest and not follow the lesson. Mrs. &uctah taught us the importance of

engagement in the classroom.