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Anne Kathryn Smith

Iowa State University, 'ieteti& (ntern$hi)

257 Maynard Summit Way Cary, NC 27511 Phone: (828) 335-08 8 !mai": anne#$mith81%yahoo#&om

June 2014

Meredith College, Ma$ter o* S&ien&e, Nutrition Decem er 201! +&ti,itie$: Nationa" !atin- 'i$order +.arene$$ Wee/ 0o"unteer, Nutrition 1raduate Student +$$o&iation mem2er 3onor$: 4a))a 5mi&ron Nu 3onor So&iety (ndu&tee Pra&ti&um: Meta2o"i& and Wei-ht "o$$ Sur-ery !du&ationa" Su))ort Materia"$ *or Po$t-6ariatri& Sur-ery Patient$ "ast Carolina University, 6a&he"or o* S&ien&e, 3uman !n,ironmenta" S&ien&e$ May 2004 Con&entration: 3o$)ita"ity Mana-ement Minor &on&entration: 6u$ine$$ +dmini$tration +&ti,itie$: Mem2er o* 7he Chand"er Che* C"u2, +&ti,e mem2er o* 4a))a 'e"ta Nationa" Sorority, Ne. Student 5rientation +$$i$tant

Pro*e$$iona" Certi*i&ation$
Culinary #echnology Certi$icate with S%eciali&ation in 'a(ing Certi*ied Pa$try Che* *es%onsi le +lcohol Service Certi$ication Nationa" 8e$taurant +$$o&iation ServSa$e Certi$ication Nationa" 8e$taurant +$$o&iation C,*-.irst +id-+"D Certi$ication +meri&an 8ed Cro$$ )ovem er 2004

)ovem er 201! Decem er 201! Decem er 201!

8e"e,ant !9)erien&e
.ood Service Chili/s 0rill 1 'ar, Manager-Server, Asheville/ Raleigh NC July 2002 3 ,resent Mana-in- e9)erien&e in&"ude$ 2ar, *ront-o*-hou$e, and /it&hen:2a&/-o*-hou$e mana-ement Su)er,i$e $hi*t$ .ith a hand$-on )hi"o$o)hy, -reetin- -ue$t$ and a$$i$tin- em)"oyee$ Mana-e o)enin- dutie$ in&"udin- )re) "i$t$, *i"in-, &a$h hand"in-, and ,endor re&ei,inMana-e *ood $a*ety and a.arene$$ in a"" team mem2er$, in&"udin- )arti&i)ation in 3ea"th and !&oSure in$)e&tion$ Per*orm mana-eria" dutie$, in&"udin-: (n,entory and )ur&ha$in-, maintainin- )ro*it:"o$$ .or/$heet$, 2ud-etin- and *ore&a$tin-, &ondu&tin- re-u"ar $ta** meetin-$, $&hedu"in- and re$our&in- $ta**, and a$$i$tin- .ith em)"oyment de&i$ion$ Ste))ed do.n *rom mana-ement in ;anuary o* 2010 to )ur$ue a Ma$ter$ 'e-ree and 'P' &om)"etion at Meredith Co""e-e ,anera 'read, +ssociate #rainer, Concord/Asheville NC +ugust 2004 3 July 2002 3e")ed -ue$t$ ma/e $e"e&tion$ o* )rodu&t$ 2a$ed on my /no."ed-e o* our -ood$ 6a/ed <ren&h 6a-uette$ and other 2read$ and )a$trie$ 7rained ne. em)"oyee$ on &om)uter $y$tem$, )ro&edure$ in dai"y o)eration$, and 2read /no."ed-e +$$i$ted in dai"y &"eanin- and or-ani=in- to en$ure a"" hea"th &ode$ are *o"" a&&ordin-"y 7au-ht >P"anet 6read? &"a$$e$ to ne. em)"oyee$ and mana-er$ in trainin3and"ed money on a dai"y 2a$i$

4ollywood "ast Cinema 0rill, Manager-Intern, Wilmington NC June 200! 3 +ugust 2004 Su)er,i$ed a"" a$)e&t$ o* an inno,ati,e theater re$taurant, in&"udin- /it&hen, *ood$er,i&e, ti&/et 2ooth, and )ro@e&tion 3and"ed re$er,ation$ o* "ar-e e,ent$ and )ri,ate mo,ie $$, $&hedu"ed $ta**, and arran-ed a"" 6o9 5**i&e en-a-ement$ .ith nation.ide mo,ie di$tri2utor$ 4ilton 4otels, Christine/s 5orld Cuisine, 0arde Manger, Greenville NC +%ril 2002 3 6cto er 2002 Pre)ared in-redient$ in&"udin- ,e-eta2"e$, *ruit$, &ho&o"ate$, &andie$, and homemade $a"ad dre$$in-$ in a <i,e Star re$taurant en,ironment P"ated de$$ert$ in&"udin- homemade &a/e$, )ie$, and &u$tard$ 8e&ei,ed )ro)er trainin- *or $a*e /ni*e hand"in+ramar(, #odd Dining 4all, Student Manager, Greenville NC Per*ormed o)enin- and &"o$in- dutie$ in a &ontra&ted )u2"i& uni,er$ity dinin- ha"" Com)o$ed and e,a"uated &u$tomer $ati$*a&tion $ur,eyA$ amon- $tudent$ +$$i$ted .ith dai"y menu and e,ent )"annin- and or-ani=ed em)"oyee $&hedu"inPer*ormed B0 day e,a"uation$C +d,i$ed hirin- and *irin- o* em)"oyee$ Counted and a$$e$$ed .ee/"y in,entory *or the entire 2ui"dinClinical Du(e Center $or Meta olic and 5eight loss Surgery, Intern, Durham NC Com)o$ed a &oo/2oo/ *or )o$t $ur-ery )atient$ Met .ith )atient$ to &reate mea" )"an$ *or .ei-ht "o$$ 2e*ore $ur-ery Created a-enda$ *or .ee/"y $u))ort -rou)$ D)dated edu&ationa" materia"$ *or )atient$ and $ta** re-i$tered dietitian$ .e ruary 2001 3+%ril 2002

January 201!7 %resent

*esearch ".)",, Data "ntry-)utrition "ducator-*eci%e #ester, Raleigh NC March 20123 )ovem er 2012 'ai"y data entry o* *ood re&a""$ and dietary Eue$tionnaire$ *or !9)anded <ood and Nutrition !du&ation Pro-ram at North Caro"ina State Dni,er$ity +$$i$t .ith or-ani=in- o* ne. and o"d &"ient )a)er.or/ +$$i$t .ith the !9ten$ion o**i&e .ee/end nutrition edu&ation )ro-ram$ *or "o. in&ome *ami"ie$ and &hi"dren Per*ormed re&i)e te$tin- *or re&i)e$ to 2e ana"y=ed *or nutritiona" ,a"ue and )u2"i$hed in *uture nutritiona" edu&ation &urri&u"um$ 8eadershi% *aleigh District Dietetics +ssociation, Mar(eting Committee, Raleigh NC June 20123 %resent 8e$)on$i2"e *or &onta&tin- a"" 8''+ 2oard mem2er$ a2out "o&a" e,ent$, ,o"unteer o))ortunitie$, and &ontinuinedu&ation to in&"ude in &ommuni&ation to the &ommunity Create a month"y mem2er$hi) u)date that in&"ude$ in*ormation *rom the 2oard mem2er$ a2out e,ent$ that are a))roa&hin8e$)on$i2"e *or &reatin- Sa,e-the-'ate$ and (n,itation$ to &ontinuin- edu&ation e,ent$ or-ani=ed 2y the 2oard that are $ent out to a"" mem2er$ o* the 8''+ Community Inter7.aith .ood Shuttle, 9olunteer "vent Coordinator Intern, Raleigh NC )ovem er 20103 %resent Wee/"y 0o"unteer $in&e No,em2er 2010, a&&e)ted the !,ent Coordinator intern$hi) in ;anuary 2012 8e$)on$i2"e *or or-ani=in- Nutrition 3ea"th <air$ $et u) 2y the *ood $hutt"e, a))ro9imate"y on&e a monthC or-ani=e a"" *ood, re&i)e$, in*ormation $heet$, and materia"$ *or ea&h *air a$ .e"" a$ train ,o"unteer$ *or the *air Wee/"y a$$i$t in o**i&e dutie$ in&"udin- or-ani=in-, *i"in-, and &"eanin- a$ .e"" a$ he") .ith &"eanin- and or-ani=in- in

the *ood .arehou$e +$$i$t in or-ani=in- and )"annin- o* Coo/in- Matter$ and Sin-"e Ser,in- &"a$$e$ that are tau-ht in the &ommunity Parti&i)ated in the 'o.nto.n <armer$ Mar/et in the <a"" 2011C he")ed $etu), and 2rea/do.n a$ .e"" a$ )a$$ out $am)"e$ and in*ormation $heet$ to )a$$in- &u$tomer$