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Sea Water Treatment Drain Philosophy

In this Mangaratiba Project, the pancake will be designed and supplied by MODEC, which is different from our pre ious project in the following parts! "#$ %upport configuration of the package "&efer to 'ttachment(')*$ "+$ ,o co er plate in the skid area "-$ Concept of drain system and tie(in points 'ttachment(# shows the basic drain concept, where seawater o erboard drain "yellow color$ and open drain "green color$ are shown. &ain water fallen in the skid area will be collected and discharged to the open drain line through the drain pots. 's there are no co er plate in the pancake deck inside of the endor/s skid,

endor is re0uested to pro ide the co er plate all skid area in order to pre ent the rain water and)or the process drain from falling down to the main deck. 'ttachment(+ shows all of the drain lines in your P1ID. 2hese drains are classified into the following two categories! "#$ %eawater o erboard drain "yellow color$ "+$ Open drain "green color$. &egarding the drains to sea water o erboard, we would like to suggest 3 tie(in points for %kid 4P(#, one tie(in point for Deaerator and one tie(in point for %kid 4P(+ "%&5 %kid$ as shown in 'ttachment(-. &egarding the open drains, the locations of the drain pots are shown in 'ttachment(3. '6E& is 5&7E,289 re0uested to re ise the general arrangement considering the abo e mentioned and to fi: the tie(in points for drain system. Our marine team re0uests it by the beginning of ;ebruary.