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Itimate 80s Songs A perfect 28-song musical collection of the decade including... rothers In Arms Dire Straits TEN ae ee eer Don't De Crowded House Don’t _ A(T] uu Want [| Evaaee can ae f 7s Eternal Flame Uae . Every Breath You Take 7e Police Ghost Town 7c ee als Golden E y Stranglers(I Bie enn Ora Oa ALN BL lara 8 Cy. Virgin Madonna The Love Cats 7/2 | Cure Love Is A Strange: Pera ‘Only VT bea ha Ca Were Goes To Hollywood eu MeO) SRL UCT ec ca fig LL Ca AU 120g Me Ty CST nee RES eee ees eae } Bonnie Tyler Wienna Uléavox Wake Me Up Before You Go Go ae PETC Tac AGG Jitimate 80s Son hive Distibarns busi Sales Limited 59 Frith Stet, London W1D 3B, England busi Sales Pty Limited 2) Rothschild Avenuc, Rosebery, NSW 2018, Ausra Order No. AMI71650 "SBN 0-7119-9000-X book ® Copyright 2002 by Wise Publications authorised reproduction of any part ofthis publication by any Sins ncaing photncopving ean infringement of coprright by Nick Crispin aranged by Derek Jones ocessed by Paul Esers Music Design un by Chloe Alexander red and bound in Malta by Iatexprine Limited Your Guarantee of Quality Sc pubher, we strive to prose every book to the highest menial standards, took has been cael designed to minimise awkward page rt make playing fom it a rel please cular care hasbeen gen to speciyng acid-free, neutralized et made Som pulps which have not been clement chlorine vd. This pulp is om famed sustainable forests and was ed with special regrd forthe environment, zhout, the printing and binding have been planes to ensure & active publication which should give yeas of enjoyment. ut copy fils o meet our hig standards, please inform ws and eel gladly replace Sales complete catalogue detcribesshousnd of tes and is Novae Road, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk 1P39 SVB, ‘This publication is aot au United Stites of America fo sale in the or Canad. Alone Heart Ashes To Ashes Dawid Bowie Broken Land The Adventures Brothers In Arms Dire Straits China In Your Hand 7°P21 Don’t Dream It’s Over Crowded House Don’t You Want Me 70 Human League Drive The Cars Eternal Flame 773: Bangles Every Breath You Take Je Po/ice Ghost Town 7 e Specials Golden Brown Tye Séranglers (1 Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight Cuéting Ci It’s My Life 7i/i Tilt Like AVirgin Madonna The Love Cats The Cure Love Is A Stranger Eurythmics Only You Yaz00 The Power Of Love Frienkie Goes To Hollywood (Something Inside) So Strong Z.c/i Sifie The Story Of The Blues //1H!’ The Sun Always Shines On TV 4-/a Total Eclipse Of The Heart Borie Tyler Vienna U/iravox Wake Me Up Before You Go Go /1/.71! What Have | Done To Deserve This? Per Shop Boys The Whole Of The Moon 7c Hiaterhoys Wonderful Life Biack Wise Publications London New York PaisSenes/Copenhagen/Berln/Madrid/Tolgo Words & Music by Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly Ghada? a ANG Bm Gade? x Ema Bn Gra? a ANG 1. 1 hear the ticking of the clock, Tm ly-ing here, the rooms (Werse 2 see black lyric) = pitch dark I won-der where you are— to-night, AUG Bim hada elt Em’/a cre ie a “ie stat == SSS MS ae = —F And the pea no an-swer on the f-le - phone. o DUE Bsn? Dt Go DUE ee is “= i oe eg 1 hope that itwon't end: though, night goes by s0_ve-ry— slow. Oh,- Bsn? Atsust ANT be B i = =e ee i iz be tp ee 6 5 = I ney-er real-ly cared un - til 1 met you. get— you a= lone? g 5 2 2 a: 8 ) B * oye _ Db oy fe i a ca oe g wee £ = = % S686 tpg ge ee ea How do 1 get you a - lone? How do I get you a - lone? Verse 2: ‘You don’t know how long I have wanted to touch your lips and hold you tight ‘You don’t know how long I have waited and I was gonna tell you tonight But the secret is still my own ‘And my love for you is still unknown, alone. Till now I always got by on my own etc. Ashes To Ashes Words & Music by David Bessie ft = Ee mem-ber a guy— that’s been uch an ear - ly song?. G2 = SS SS SS SS Se \s 3 2 4 € ¢ €: +f #3 |e ea = SSS Se a 4 igs t ‘They got a mes-sage from the Ac-tion Man, Ges SSS Se SS SSS Pp Ge Poo? Pont ad om Da SS = SSS = o> bat o — = gp = Gre Z — 2 Ss et é Vm happy. ogg ee ee ive , SS jee Set Ss SS SS 6 we et Pts fit ' ir = TFA Ppa z = == SE NES = ——s Pia nes fe? a SS — ape Ge SSS SS SS ee SSS loved al The meedcel ove sordid de— ile fol-lowing sep a == =< k @ as = = = z ° tr fr $ ¢ ¢ 38 (oe 4 nl 2 SS eS SS See Sj ‘The shriek-ing of | no-thingis kill - ing just, pie-tures of Jap girls in syn =the = sis And T ain't got no mo-ney—— and I ain't got no hair. — But I'm hop-ing to kick but the pla-net is glow-ing, (echo) Ash-es to ash es funk to fun ~ ky. = jor Tom's a jun - ky, Bim? A Gh cay Strung out in hea-vens high hit-ting an To Coda ® (1,2. ‘Bin? x hm fae D.&.al Coda Coda phat a ma-ma said, to get things done, you'd Bin? 1 = S = oe ew tee better not mess with My said, wo ma - ma Bin? done, you'd bet-ter not mess with mama said, to get a a Ee Repeat ad lib. to fade things done, you'd bet-ter not mess with Ma - jor Tom Verse 2: ‘Time and again I tell myself Pl stay clean tonight But the little green wheels are following me h no, not again Pm stuck with a valuable friend I'm happy, hope you're happy too One flash of light but no smoking pistol I've never done good things I've never done bad things I never did anything out ofthe blue Want an axe to break the ice Want to come down right now. ‘Ashes to ashes Funk to funky etc Brothers In Arms Wards & Music by Mark Knopfler Gently . = 80 ‘These mist co -vered moun B Buus! B inva but _my home is the low - ocean lands Gm ue your val - leys and your farms Foust A Gin E Faust # Ea ae | a eat cae and you'll no Jon ger burn to. be bro- thers in arms._ Gm'sus? Gm Dina E Fe a Ee ae Es ia FE SS 5 x = <<< IS SS Through these fields of des = ue ton —_—— St —— Gin bap -ti-sm’s of fi - re ve watched all your suf fand the moon’s ri - ding high Let me bid you Din E maj’ asthe bat - tles raged higher ev "ry man has to di though they did hurt me so bad— in the fear and a- written in the star - light. andev - ‘ty line on your ay ia ET at) To Coda © you did not de - set me my bro thers in_arms We're fools to make war on our bro - thers in. arms Phsust Fe Gin Om E ie i He ww (Guitar soto) Gim E Gust #9 3 There's so. ma - ny diffe - rent worlds. so many diffe ~ rent Faust z R * suns. and we have just one world But we live in diffe - Guitar solo Now the sun's gone to hell__ Repeat ad lib. to fade a # if gs ae Hs oi China In Your Hand Wards & Music By Carel Decker @ Ronald Regirt . “EE SS Lit vas (Were see ok ri aoe He theme she had on a scheme he had,- ee = vessel eS b ee life on earth tthe se-cond birth and the man was. in com - mand Bh BA Go prt It was a flight on the wings of a young girl's dreams— that Don’t push too far, your dreams. are chi = na in your hand. & rE Bo em? 2 B ie = Don't wish too hard be - cause they may come true— and you can’t help them. “ae 2 i you might have set up - on your - self, — ps eee —S a SS | — Chi - na in your hand.— “ex a rit, Be F BBE F B Be Foo SEER your hand, Dm Ebmaj? FE D&. Gm? Dm/F ot Ebmaj? a Verse 2. ‘Come from greed, never bor 0” the seed. ‘Took a life from a barren land ‘Oh, eyes wide like a child in the form of man A prophecy for a fantasy ‘The curse ofa vivid mind, Don't push too far ee Broken Land Words © Muse By Pat Gribben J.98 F Gs Con pedale Dav Amsw? Am. 22 SHO Sht inn Th Cha dg ny Bl Lak WISP Amaus 1, These viv - vers run too _______ deep, _ (Verse 2 see block lyric) days that lay pemeeiesaictetecee ‘They sell— their souls,— Dai Am’ | they breed mis-trust_ and fill my heart with — dread. the So much con - fr att ‘These times are not chang - ing. up_your hearts, don’t_ tum me a - way.- Com=fort_me through this stor - my wea from where [stand . 1S Gaca® A Agdu® we : need see a bro-ken and, _____ Dai Amau? Am. g, ag “iy api ei = ther, O-pen up your ——— Com-fort_me through this stor - my wea - ther, from where I stand ape ES Verse 2: This boy had learned to fail In times like these, to ery seems so absurd His own life's crisis pales In the shadow of this truly dying world ‘These are the games we played at school Our hands raised in despair With no exception to the rule ‘These times are not changing. Show me the love to keep us together etc. Don’t Dream It’s Over Weds 8 Masie by Neil Fine % wraaas cm ge “gp 1. There is. free = dom— with - in, there is— (Verses 2 & 3 see block lyrics) —— free-dom with - out Try to catch the deluge in a pa- per cup.— Coa Cm Rk Lene WESHOE. ma- ny — bat - tes you nev - er see tray - ‘ling with me. When the world comes D.%. al Coda a “ae Repeat ad lib to fade B cm Eo : een Verse 2: Now I’m towing my car ‘There's a hole in the roof ‘My posessions are causing me suspicion But there's no proof In the paper today Tales of war and of waste But you turn right over to the T.V. page. Hey now, hey now etc Verse 3: Now I'm walking again To the beat of a drum ‘And I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart Only shadows ahead Barely clearing the roof Get to know the feeling of liberation and release. Hey now, hey now ete. Don’t You Want Me Words © Musi by Pbil Oakey, Adrian Wright 8 Jo Calls 1118 Am {© Copghe98 EM Vig Mae Lind 27 Ching Ce Ro Ldn WOH OEA 40 Wahl Mi Li Hoo Clon WEBS). BQ Ai Rerkes Recrecd Intcrmannel Commvohe Secomed F ge & F EE z ne ® Se => SSS é cess hasbeen so easy for you. But don't for- get it wasme who put_you ——=== 13 =. = ==6 — === ee wie 6 r org a fh ee fe a SE SS SS SS SS —| SSS 5 —_ ee - ht ee SS eee SSS > SS Ss ga SS SS SS SS SS SS SSS don't you want me? You know 1 can't be-lieve. it’ when T pee FPP oo —— = paid =a S=—=_s a # SSS. > SS ey ae | hear that you won't see me. Don't don’t you. want me? ESS SS BaF SR S=SS5=- 7 FE bm 2 ce f= ——-— — = Ot 7 SS LS — know T don't be = lieve. you when you say that you don't need =me.—iWt's -— - 4.55 = a ete SF * © = much too late to find — that you thinkyou've changed your mind. — You'd -—-- — 7 = = ¥ = you want don’t you want me? don’t you want _————- eae Don’t you want, = me ba = by, don't you want me? On, Don't you want me ba - by, Repeat to fade don’t you want me? Oh = Verse 2: (Female) 1 was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar ‘That much is true But even then I knew I'd find a much better place Either with or without you ‘The five years we have had have been such good times 1 still love you But now I think it’s time I lived my life on my own T guess it’s just what I must do. Don’t, don't you want me ev. Drive Words © Music by Ric Ocasek 1.84 Bo Bra? b aa cy cd Shah only rope Oe So i roti Bay Badd? oy 1. Who's gon-na tell you when— (Verse 4 see block lyric) aren't, so _—_ grea? = ee ce prot Cth?) Ltt ae You cant goon i tinting a i © e—H3 C__Pt_f-t iCfLi-t Gm ct Birt “SE rei iia no ing wrong a Sa € =a >. PP = Re BS i: ~| eRe ie ur Pr To Coda ® 5 ar r ate - to - night?_ thinking ~ thing’s wrong. Crp LPL Verse 3: Who's gonna pay attention to your dreams? ‘Who's gonna plug their ears when you scream? You can’t go on etc. Verse 4: ‘Who's gonna hold you down when you shake? ‘Who's gonna come around when you break? ‘You can't go on etc Gal Every Breath You Take Words & Music by Sting Medium rock a “ae cm GU 2S aS Sasa SSS 4 2 SS on pa (Oe SSE ee | Sop Seay cere eeerers sus Ss 2 a Pe SS TIl be watch-ing you, : = == eS Z ag = Se PS SSS fate SS ‘ SSS SS —— SS SS 6 | a you be- long to me. eer | a — aS =, eee break, ty smile wot myaaed tr SSS ae To Coda® E a = i patty tte eae ve Since you've gone, I've been lost with - out _ a trace, I dream at night [canon - IF ° Se — sre g J ea Git —— ape 5 Sia B55 Dg Se oi = oe oe ewe “e - a = EG UNS pe pes tr pit eet ete - ly see— your face, I look a-round but it's youl can't. re-place, ‘I feel so cold and » = — iE gly) do» to, a sy gee 6 fe ioe fieai Ht aS ent SS Sy Og a leelS eee wee Go ’ {| di “ il : ) ‘ : ‘ ; I oe « (4 at D.&.alCoda © Coda Nz by 8 ea nae See aes Dab ope ) peter erie tte a ae Seevee eee ao ge SS ee Ev-"ry move. you make ev Wy step you take, Gee eS | bs 2 Sey ess ee Ef = Pl be wateh - ing. 5 anes, ae = ls Eternal Flame Words & Music by Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly & Susanna Hoff Moderately I — Close your eyes, give me your hand, — dr = fing Tbe lieve its rhea "to dar = Ting 7 a ee ¥ Do you feel my heat beating? Do you un = der stand?— 1 watch you when you are sleep - ing, you belong to me. To Coda® Do you feel the same?. SS Ss ane = ter-nal flame? is this burn -ing. ee a whole sun shines through the Ss in, = 2S ra —} = . ao one - ly and then come ae 1 don’t wanna lose this feel DS. al Coda (Repeat verse 1) a ane - ter-nal —flame?, Do you feel my heart beat Repeat to fade e nal flame? —a Golden Brown Words & Music by Jean-Jacques Burne, Jet Black, Hugh Cornoell @ David Greenfield d= 188 _ = Bf ee 3 —— — = | : W | PP PT PPPs 3 ae ah nae = fe t Gold-en Brown, tex ture like sun, lays me down, (Verses 2 & 3 see block lyric) va * ———s iS f oe te - Jos ease a Bm > Bm D i —] hr =< ——— > with my mind she_ runs through - out the night. No need to fight nev - era frown, 2. D.C. al Coda Bea De Bm Db Bim Fe. . . ige ee tsa __ Se = [oeits ——- oe ith Gol- den Brown. de ear aay [ pa TTY: a Bo SS ————— a ey COLE STRIP ia Spal Met Pees jena = 4 Sy Hh ana TPR Gs obs Se eee ee See a o Bm bb = ie Et ——— oe EEE Va SE Sa —_——, may pa Repeat to fade Gray Absust Ab Verse 2: Every time just like the last On her ship, tied to the mast ‘To distant lands, takes both my hands. Never a frown with Golden Brown. Verse 3: Golden Brown, finer temptress ‘Through the ages she's heading west From far away, stays for a day, Never a frown with Golden Brown, Ghost Town Words € Music by Jery Dammers im? Chain Dam? pean? eam? in , «a Sa ier ae ae RRR Or = ——= - = ASAE a = = ee rise CEE cm Gr) ig OCA I9 Pat Vee Moi ite 2 Ned See Ladin WHF AZ & lo la la a a la la a da da a lola toto ta La ta a ht tata SSeS SS SS = Ny NY e “wf F rr TRE it ai ON ita, ea ee . Rend oo * aims Be * ae et see 2 90. gene gee ree eee Ee =s22s-==2=— S| SS hhh hk hl bb laa Ja fa la ta fa la is ‘com-in’ like a ghost town This = is com-ia! tke a phot vn i a 6 SF + ——— =F SS | | —— a — x SSS s —— = od ioe ke cm G9) cm “ae Ree “se NC. is ‘com-in’ like a ghost town, Gxt) “ee is ‘com -in’ ike a Verse 2: This town is ‘comin’ like a ghost town ‘Why must the youth fight against themself Government's leavin’ the youths on the shelf This place is ‘comin’ like a ghost town 'No job to be found in this country Can’t go on n0 more ‘The people gettin’ angry. Lalalalaete It’s My Life Words & Music by Mark Holi & Tim Friese-Greene _B Bem /F Fm BE Bem VF Fo BE Bee could buy my. [face “te half Pye asked_my = self how— much — com-mit— your - self. Is my life, —— aoe don’t fou— for fone It’s my life. * . S (caught in ber wp) = it nev - er ends, z Instrumental ad lib. ee tt D&. al Coda © Coda Da g . (Am Dav a Is my fife, you for eo Repeat ad lib. to fade eee So dm, hiss ae ee — Honey — er ends — Is my fife, Verse 2: Funny how I blind myself Tnever knew IF Twas sometimes played upon Afraid to lose Pll ell myself, what good you do Convince myself. I's my life ete (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight Wants & Music by Niclas E must have been some-thing you T just died — in your arms— to - night, Se eeeiPiitdiitiii: $22 a — oils oily Tag thing T can't get. Bro-ken hearts (Verse 2 see block lyric) sy way to get out Fitsust majo the cats i Fitcust fi Asus Who would have thought. that a boy © jf at = —e =z _ like me could come to this? ‘Oh!. Oh, bh —— i F SS a Pa 8 4 1 just died in. your arms— to = night. I tor —— must have been some-thing you said, T just died— in your arms. to - night just died— Eng Asus? A Ft in your arms to = night — must have been some kind of kiss, ¢ 5 2 Am? A )e gi Ei a ie S Ft oe i Cpt bows ae = —— — T should have walled = way T should have walked a - way. — ‘Aad? Toor F OF roof fete Ie was a long hot night Dut she made it F Sa pres SSS SS Se) a : =a * made it feel right And now it's ov-er, the mo-ment has gone, 1 Baus Ba Ay Guitar 2 * i ¥ —— - — followed my hands not_my head, — 1 know Twas wrongs Ey aug A, Fm im a fi a= ox == : = = os SSS 3 Ge SS s 5 : "8 «FS 7) + )5 i + — in your arms— to night eee aatas ms =| I just died pee ae in your arms vane west i es aE =— A aE 1 just died in your arms. iS ; iS 2 oe $28 =a = = Fim Baus? Bm must have been kind of En? Awe A Fim He dH ly Repeat instr. ab to fade should have — walked a - way, T should have walked a - way. Verse 2: Is there any just cause for feeling like this On the surface I’m a name on a list [ry to be discreet but then blow it again Pye lost and found it’s my final mistake She's loving by proxy no give and all take Cause I've been thrilled to fantasy one too many times. (Oh, 1 just died in your arms ere. Like A Virgin Words & Music by Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly Medium beat = through the wil - der - nes Somehow I made it all my_ love, boy. My fear is fad - in Gm? Did-n't knowhow lost was un = til Been savin’ it all for you, ‘cause on ere mete ie Td been had. Make me strong. — TH be yours Gm7 Dm? and you're mine. 1 was sad__ and Yeah, you make._me till” the end— of Gm? Dm7 F6 eR Like a vir - gin, (hey) = shin- y and new. —— what was scared and cold. — Tve noth-in’ to hide. very first time, Fé Hr To Coda touched for the next to_ mine. Gon-na give you heart beats with your heart - beat heart - beat Dm7 G Dm7 G Dm7 pate D.SHal Codey Ooh, ooh, like a vir - gin. ay D. S.4X (vocal ad lib) and fade Love Is A Stranger Words & Musi by Annie Lonnax € David A Stowart Love is a stran- ger in an o- pen to tempt fh ,_ drive you far a- way: = y Cog 2 Lage Sng Lina 2 Dea See = New rary ¥ ob - _ses-sion and 1 want_ you Love is a dan - ger of a diffrent kind — to take you a- way and love, love 2 @ dan-ge~rous drug, you to re-ceive_ it andyou still nou; and it shines like de -struc-tion, sa-vage and it’s cruel comes in like the flood seems like re -li-gion, it’s _no- ble and it’s bru-tal it dis~ ——— zom - bie. —— eft__ like a and it wren-ches you up and you're and de-ran- ges be torts And 1 want you, session, F ie It’s guilt edged, —gla- mo-rous and oh sleek by _de-sign, you know it’s jealous by na -ture, false and un - kind, z fe hard and re-strained and it's to-tal- ly cool, it touches and it tea-ses as you = stumble in the de And I want_ you, and 1 want_ you, and I. want you Repeat to Fade Only You Words & Musi by Vincont Clarke 3 By vem? . i a : : gf >= Sy SSS oe ee o tq z J 7 it’s like a St - ry of love, 1. Look - ing from a win-dow a-bove (Verses 2 & 3 see block lyric) Soov¥ Mae asian (01 Limi 0 Gra Maar Svs, aes WIE FL Ai gj Rec oes Cop Same Fen? EL D A by es it aia o T'm mov-ing far-ther a wfy. All I need-ed was the love you — gave@——— All 1 necd-ed for a = no = ther day— And all 1 ever knew, on-ly you. 4S - SS Se 3 = ev - ee ae 2 All 1 need-ed was the love you gate > 2 7 Ss oe All I need-ed for a + no- ther day. And all 1 ev-er knew, D& Coda sy ou Repeat 10 fade Verse 2: ‘Sometimes when I think of her name When it’s only a game ‘And I need you Listen to the words that you say It's getting harder to stay ‘When Isee you. All I needed ete. Verse 3: ‘This is gonna take a long time And I wonder what's mine Can't take no more Wonder if you'll understand I's just the touch of your hand Behind a closed door. All needed etc The Power Of Love Words © Music by Holly Jobnson, Mark O'Toole, Peter Gill Brian Nash Fa caller cme Fer FP Con pedale feels like fire, in love with you. ‘cep 98a Song Li To la ing 246 Se Lae Mews, ace WD [Rae Ror nal Cope Some Fim Fa fi 2 Dreams are like an keep bad at bay. ‘in Tove with you, purge the Fn? Ee iv ‘The pow-er of love, — force from a - bove,— — Flame on, burn, de sire, Jove with tongues of fire, —— purge the sou. Make love your— goal. $8 ———$—$—$—$———” your goal, This time we go sub- lime, — lov-ers entwined, di - vine, di-vine, —_Love is dan- Love is pure, the on - ly trea sure Tm so in love with you, purge the soul. = Pai? e& & =e Flame on, burn, de~ sire,— with tongues of TIL protect you from the hooded claw, keep the vampires from your door. a Verse 2: T'll protect you from the hooded claw Keep the vampires from your door When the chips are down I'll be around With my undying, death-defying love for you Envy will hurt itself Let yourself be beautiful Sparkling love, flowers and pearls and pretty girls Love is like an energy Rushing in, rushing inside of me Yeah. ‘The power of love ete The Lovecats Words € Music by Robert Sith do 2-1) Am, ae © Copi 1 Fai Singin Bad Ha 6. aa High Set Landon SV 3. ko move like ca gey ti + gers could-n't get clos-er than this (Verses 2 & 3 see block lyrics) we walk, == slip through the streets while e bite and scatch and scream all the way— we talk, the way we stalk, the way— we kiss We ev-'ry-one sleeps get-ting big-gerand sleek-er and wideer and bright - er night. Let's. go. and throw all the songs we know. Cages Dm Dmada? HE In-to the sea, all these years show you in Spring i's a trea-cher-ous thing. We miss you hissed the love ~ cats, We missed you hissed the (Baba ba baba baba ba. Bak ba baba ba ba ba ba) love ~ cats 2. We're so (baba baba ba baba ba, ba ba ba ba baba Ba) | tove - cats. We miss you hissed the love - cats. We miss you hissed the love - cats, We miss you hissed the (Baba ba ba baba baba ba baba ba baba ba) love cats Yes 3, We're so © Coda En? SS a v = — = ways the right way round. — Not bro-ken in piec-es like F —-= ——————— FE o — = — © hat - ed it - te mee - ces. How could we miss some - one as. dumb as this. Missed you hissed the tore you's go. ba ba “ba ‘ba ba.) Ls g- | (Ba ba baba baba ba ba, baba ba a ae Repeat ais So- lid gone. Play 4 times ad ti, Verses 2: We're so wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully Wonderfully pretty Oh you know that I'd do anything for you We should have each other to tea huh? 2 (dinner) We should have each other with cream ‘Then cut! up in the fre and sleep for awhile 2° (get up for awhile) t's the grooviest thing, it’s a perfect dream, Into the sea ete . (Something Inside) So Strong Words & Music by Labi Siffe W) | ll 1.The high - er you build your bar - ri - ers the wll - er 1 be-come. (Werse 2 see block lyric) | ‘The fur - ther you take my rights a - way oe the fast. - er 1 will run, You can de = ny — me, e ~ S = - cee o youcan de-cide —ttum your face a - way. No mat - ter "cause. there's = —— = — ee ete — be Bes 6 a a i er “ty nowand then I get a lit-tle bit ter - ri-fied and then I see the look in your eyes. (Turn a - round.) = SS fe fe ee eee $e tee Ey-‘ry now and then I fall a- pire (Tun a - round.— eS —— pe == Fn? == SS SS ae bright eyes) Ev- ty now and then I fall a ~ part And 1 need you now. to-night, a a Se the 2 : ~ oo were ©: tee SS = ig wees o 2 SS & = =— ee 7 0=e and I need you more than ev = er, And if you on - ly hold. me tight = * —_ : = | Pre os = I = ee — we'll be hold-ing on for - ever. And.we'll on = ly be mak ed EP Fn ENG 18 at “a == = SS = a ; oe ce == eae ee a ee a caune we'll never be wrong. To gether we ean take it to the end of the line, your == = = =. ———— oe —=$—-$= ad * = SS “fee eccoe oh SS Sg SSS ~ a SS = —— SSS 114 To Coda® ae a eS —— SS] don’t know what to do and I’m al - ways in the dark. We're liv-ing in a pow-der keg and giv-ing off bo ae 0 eter AIC, EWE a "a ev SS eee Qe = SaaS I real-ly need you to ~ night, for-ev - er’sgon-na start to-night. | — For-ev = er’sgon-nastart to - night Once up-on a time I was fall-ing in love. but iN 8 hear. 116 Vienna Wards & Music by Midge Ure, Bily Currie, Warven Cann € Chritepber len walked in the cold air. — Freez - ing breath on a win - dow pane, Ly ~ ing and wait - ing — nih 90 al Ma Linu Jo Maid Mac Lining Sig Seg Lind iGo i ig nt eral uc Pig Lane Eur Howey 7 Fos Pn Ran Lan Woah 118 ‘man in the dark in ~ ture frame, So mys tie and soul - fal. — A (ge) ° ic ia ——_— = ss voice reach-ing out and a piere - ing ery. slays with you un ~ til (gy)- -° Com the feel-ing is gone, on =ly you and 1. It means Drums cont. sim. © mu - sic is weav-ing, haunt - ing notes, piz-zi- ca - strings. The shy - thm is call - ing. — — SS = io = x Nae 2 ee ‘A lone inthe night a the day light brings a e cool empay si - Ience.— o c ae a > SS Ss + warmth of your hand and a cold grey sky. It fades. 10 the dis - tance. i ‘The i-mage has gone. on -ly you and I. It means E Be Bb F Ec OE ae te : petetfeee no-thing t© me, This means no-thing to me.— eo — = 4 3 es: = i = > 2—oF —_— = * 2 = ; = i pe a SL ee ee 6s oe os ot oe we eo ee ee et ' 1 no-thing 10 me. The Sun Always Shines On TV Words € Music by Pat Waaktaar 124 Em An’, FE FELo Cop 95 AY Menta 40m Sepa a Pig ini 19 Ge Mah So Lan WIFE Em al - ways shines. to your heart, all your love Dawa a ‘© o) 3 oO $ HS 9) ie fe Amu? Amc Dui = 3 ko 3 Am Fe 1. 1 reached in - side— (Verse 2 see block lyric) no-thing, Dm/F Gauss there pres-sure off my eveer wor = ry-ing cee 7 waste a= way I fear the crazed. and lone - ly = i Ee i 2 eee $3 cra oe = 4 on. ————— —— = ae | Touch me, how can it be? Be. (instru. on 8 cll *) = the sun al - ways shines. a Li Tone rocseeeereeceerecees and give all_ yourlove to me. [Lam Dm 7 Davie 1 a] i ES ay Gat af DS&.al Coda Huh! To me. Verse 2 Please don't ask me to defend ‘The shameful lowlands of the way Pm drifting gloomily through time ‘Oh (Touch me) reached myself today ‘Thinking there's got to be some way To keep my troubles distant Touch me ere. 132 Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Words © Muss by George Michael dt60 7S} ct — == — = 3 a Ia (Git-ter-bug) Ta 1. You put the : temp. = SS bes Lo ~ — boom boom in-to my heart— You send my soul sky high when your lov-in’ (Werse 2 see block lyric) F Emiadat) al Dai Eng a i EE ay] = —— er ar a <=! Se : . — [*aectue you fog Davt ewe me hp ng om thea 3 = yo. Wake me up. be-fore you go. g0. T don't wan - na miss. it when you hit that high. — Wake me up—— be-fore you: go— 498 ~ cing to = night. hit that high. Yeah,— yeah. 2 You put the Ba one ~ eee Git-ter-bug) move in tight,— We'll go dan = cing to - mor - row night. Its cold out there— but it’s warmin bed. ‘Theyean dance, we'll stay home in - stead S—= SS 2 — you go—— go. ‘Cause I'm not plan - be = fore you go — ae ce tS ——s Repeat ad lib. ro fade c eS ‘0. Take me dan - cing to - night Wake me up erp Ee Verse 2: You put the grey skies out of my way You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day You turned a bright spark into a flame My beats per minute never been the same “Cause you're my lady, I'm your foo! It makes me crazy when you act so cruel Come on aby, lets not fight We'll go dancing everything will be alright Wake me up etc What Have I Done To Deserve This? Words & Music by Neil Tennant, Cris Love @ Allee Wills aka Cost cau? Cast a a “Be 1 on-ly want-ed a jobo— $ a oa SH ° oe bevel eo (female) I've al-ways worked for a liv ~ ing, (both) how am 1 gon - na get through? How am I gon - na get through? cada Caus} abe age o (male) 2.1 come here look - ing for mon - ey. (female) (Go.— have it) (Verse 3 see block lyric) cous cous “ial end up liv ing with Csus} BYC. “Be i . . (male) Now you've left’ me with no - thing. (female) (Can't take it.) (both) How am 1 (male) Tbought you drinks, Thought you flowers, Tread you books and talked for hours. Everyday, so many drinks, such retty flowers. what have I, what have I done to deserve this? pretty. What have I, what have T, what have I done to deserve this? ‘What have 1, what have 1, what have I?) Since you went a (female) won-der-ing _why— I'm feel-ing down. You went a - way, it should make Dm Be ey a Sachs 8 N 5 4 SSeS get through, How ['m— gon - ma get through, —————— through, get through. How I'm gon-na 148 e get through, Ab. Get through Em Am How I'm gon-na get through. (mate) (female) (both) (mate) (femate) Verse 2: ‘You always wanted me to be something I wasn't You always wanted too much, oh Now I can do what I want to forever ‘How am I gonna get through?” How am I gonna get through? At night the people come and ga They tak too fast and walk too slow Chasing time from hour to hour 1 pour the drinks and crush the flowers What have I, what have I done 10 deserve this? What have I, what have T, what have I dane to deserve this? What have I What have I What have | Since you went away ete: Wonderful Life Wards & Mui by Colin toe ane pyre By x poate ayaajan atti Sun - shine fills my head fia SSD Ale Se and dreams hang. in the air. _— ete Ras == —_ SS == nN dine © Cope 15 el Mai ini, The Bac 754 Fla Rad Lane WSS Em pyre my blue eye, feels un - fait ‘There’s magic ev - “ty - —— whew: here on my — own a- gain.— Up straight in the Dadl?/FF Em/G Am TR E ie bn jm, > fit Fa cy “SI ESS SiS. 1S — + a ee re aa andi, US wonder fa wonderful fife, Noneed 1 laugh — ae . os ‘.—$————— Am. at) own a- gain. 2 and hide, i's a won-der- ful, won-der- ful life. No need to laugh 2° (run) = f=! Em a ao 3 (Se ES = and— cry isa won-der- ful, won-der- ful life. Noneed to run. e Peete # rere Fe Won - der - ful lite. Ws awon - der - ful life. Em Em, Ems Em, Verse 2: ‘The sun’s in your eyes ‘The heat is in your hair ‘They seem to hate you Because you're there ‘And I need a friend Oh, [need a friend To make me happy Not stand here on my own Look at me standing Here on my own again Up straight in the sunshine No need to run and hide ere. The Whole Of The Moon Wants 3 Music by Mike Scott SSS gS EB i ‘fas gf — Thad flash-es, Soo oer but you saw— the plan, 1 wand-ered out in— the while you just stayed in your To Coda® ©. nf == Se on, you were there cut through lies. — pS SF eee F Emme ‘tte D.&. al Coda © Coda and can-non balls, pa-la- ces and piers oie Trum - pets, towers and te ~ ne-ments, © ceans full of s. _ ferryboats, Emile SSS FA — z pode ¥ bes sei-mi-tars and scarves, Ev-"ry pre-cious dream and_vi-sion you climbed on the Ind-der with the wind in— your sails, You blaz - ing-— your— tail You saw— the whole of Gc moon, Instrumental ad lib. auc ac © su “ee Repeat al tit. FEE A With a torch in your pocket And the wind at your heels You climbed on the ladder And you know how it feels to get to0 high Too far Too soon ‘You saw the whole of the moon ‘The whole of the moon. Pee ees CDE ae einen Cty seen Cees Yaa mein eee De eee ee Dees ea Rees Ch eee Chaar Ce eee Nd cosa eer eee re Ni eee The Love Cats The Cire Pc ae ed RAC Rea et cee Caza (Something inside) So Strong /.2/i Sife Bs cee RES ace ag Se eee tee Seca Pe ea Doe aan anda BLO ee cee Resi ei