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Secrets to Reading Female Attraction Signals

How to Know for Sure When Shes Attracted to You! By John Alanis The KING of Let em Come to You

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Hey guys My name is John Alanis. Many of you reading this know who I am. Others may not. In case youve forgotten, Im a 57, balding, bad dresser who drives a beat up red 1992 Buick Regal, and yet, despite these handicaps, I continually experience the types of relationships with women even the truly rich, truly powerful can only dream about and I can teach you how to do that too, no matter your looks, age, income, race or any other factor you might think may be holding you back from success with women. In fact, Ive become so successful with women AND teaching other guys how to get attractive women to approach them first that Ive become known as The King of Let em Come to You. When it comes to meeting women, Ive always taken a much different path than most men. I dont walk up and meet women, I engineer situations that get them to approach me. I dont worry about whether she likes me or not, I set it up so that SHE worries whether I like her or not. And I turn down a lot of women. Why? Because I can discover in 15 minutes or less if shes someone Id prefer to spend my time with and usually shes not. Im very picky. I dont mean to brag by telling you all this. Thats not my intention at all. Rather, I want you to understand I do have a lot of knowledge about women and what makes them tick, so when I let you in on a secret of mine, youll pay close attention and go out and put it to use. I love to hear success stories from other guys who took what I had to say and used it. I like guys who are doers, not talkers, and in this report Im going to give you some information you can put to use immediately to skyrocket your success with women IF youre a doer, not a talker. As you can see by the title, the subject of todays lesson is recognizing female attraction signals. If theres one question I get over and over from guys, its this one: How do I read her, how do I know if shes attracted to me? What should I look for? Im going to answer that question in this report, in a different way than you might expect. But if you pay close attention and understand what it is I have to tell you, you will be in possession of a powerful tool. Are you ready? Good lets go. Lots of stuff has been written about women giving off signals to let you know theyre interested. Maybe its true, maybe its not. I dont know. And I dont really care. Why? Because I presume all women are attracted to me. Every single one of them. Its a core belief I have instilled in myself. And its very powerful. If shes already attracted to you, you dont have to worry about her giving you signals. Who

cares if she flips her hair, if she smiles, or any of that other stuff. It doesnt matter to me. Shes already attracted because I just showed up. Now I know this may sound goofy or arrogant at first, but stay with me. It really is a subtle re-frame of the whole dynamic between men and women. What do most guys do when they first start talking to a woman? They start saying to themselves, I wonder if she likes me. Is she attracted? I just dont know! This does two very bad things that KILL attraction. 1) It forces your focus internallyyoure listening to the conversation in your own head, instead of paying attention to her. You are letting her define authority in the relationship. And if youve read my book, Secrets of Natural Attraction (which is conveniently available by going to you know that is the worst attraction sin you can commit. When you let her define authority you become a nice guy. And we all know what happens to nice guys.


By presuming attraction, you do two good things: you shut off the negative conversation in you own head, and you shift your focus to her. You also define authority in the relationship from the beginning, because now she has to prove to you that shes worthy of your time. These beliefs are very powerful, and I suggest you adopt them as your own. If shes talking to you, shes attracted. Plain and simple. Adopting these beliefs makes a subtle, yet powerful, shift in your frame with women. (When I say frame I mean the existing rules governing the interaction which you are free to change at any time with your beliefs or your language skills). Instead of wondering, does she like me you start asking yourself this question: How do I deepen her attraction, so shell act on it and spend more time with me, if I choose to let her do so? Do you see how by simply changing the questions you ask yourself, you change the frame completely? Now you have all the power, not her. The only question is, what steps will you take next to deepen the attraction? Now, dont get me wrongthere are signals you should look for in your interaction with her that can be very useful. I call these guide posts because they let me know her current level of attraction, so Ill know what to do next to deepen it. Heres the interesting thing about signals: many guys are passive, and look for a sign from her that they should make a move. I take the opposite approach: I actively do things to get her to give me certain signals that I know signify deep attraction. If,

through my words and actions, I can get her to give me these signals, I know she is on the path to deep attraction. So, I try to elicit these from her. Would you like to know how I do that? And what I look for? OK, OK, Ill tell you. The very first thing I do when I meet her is smile my naughty little boy smile and shake her hand. Then I hold onto it for as long as shell let me. Some pull it away immediately, but others will hold your hand for an hour. Obviously, if she does that, its a good sign. As we being to talk, I start acting like a smart ass, giving her a bad time in a good way. What Im looking for is genuine laughter and fun, plus what can best be described as the half lidded eye look. This is when they finish laughing, and look up at you with a seductive look in their eyes, usually with the eye lids closed ever so slightly. Its usually followed with a smile that hints at I cant believe you just said that, and I cant believe I just laughed. Again, this is a sign of deeper attraction. As soon as I see this sign, I begin touching her in a very non-obtrusive way. When she laughs, I start off by touching her forearm with the back of my hand. It's a natural, subtle touch, one women rarely resist. If she does resist this kind of touch (and I can't ever remember one who has) then you need to quickly move on. If she responds positively, then you are well on your way. See, what you want to do is condition her to respond positively to your touch. You can't just go from no touching to making a full on move. It's too sudden and overwhelming and can evoke a fear response, even if she is attracted to you. So, what I do is this. If she responds positively to my initial touch, I begin to get just a bit bolder. Every time she laughs, I squeeze her shoulder. Then I squeeze it and hold it just a bit longer. Then I quickly touch the top of her knee with my fingertips just for a second. Then a bit longer. Then I look for a reason to take her hand in mine, whether it's to comment on her rings, or her slender fingers or her unusual nail polish or whatever. Then I hold on as I continue talking to her. Rarely do they pull it away. Then and only then do I kiss her, and I never meet with resistance. Why? Because I have gradually conditioned her to be comfortable with me touching her. Plus, I'm only doing it when she laughs, so she associates my touch with good feelings (this is called anchoring). At any point along the way if I meet with resistance I back off and go to less invasive touching. This rarely happens though. See, women liked to be touched by men, but only in a way that makes them feel comfortable. So, what you need to do is start small, and slowly work your way up. Then when it comes time to kiss her, it's the natural conclusion to what you've been doing. There's no move or anything like that. She feels absolutely comfortable, which is important to women.

While Im touching her, Im looking for several guideposts. First off, does she return my touch, does she mimic me? If she does, this is a very good sign. Will all women do this? No, but if they do, its a sign of higher level attraction. Ive heard this several times from women: I wont touch a guy Im not attracted to, and I wont let him touch me. Every women Ive ever asked about this has verified it. Thats why I start touching her non-obtrusively I know this leads to deeper attraction if she accepts it. Another very important thing I listen for is, if shes using my language in the conversation. If for example, I use the term friends with benefits and later on she tells me about a friend with benefits she once had, I know shes extremely attracted to me. If I hear the phrase, Its like you said earlier I know she has a high level of attraction. Why? Because shes been paying attention to, and accepting what I have to say Ive been leading her and shes been learning from me which is a way of defining authority. If you use words that are just a little out of the normal vocabulary and she starts using them too, shes very, very attracted. Theres one last guide post I look for, and this one is a real hum dinger. Im listening for her to reveal something she only shares with people she really trusts. Why? Because if she reveals it, she really trusts me. Sometimes in conversation shell say, Oh, I really shouldnt tell you this story When I hear that phrase, my ears perk up because I know as soon as she tells her naughty story shes decided to trust me. She wouldnt trust me if she wasnt attracted to me. Heres what Ill do: Ill smile my naughty little boy smile and say, Oooo, I just love stories like that lean in a bit and whisper it to me. Sometimes they will, sometimes they wont. If they do, they just plain think youre hot stuff. But if they dont its OK too Ill come back to it later, and say, Now, now its not nice to tease.. I believe you have a story to tell me if you tell me, and its a GOOD one, I might be persuaded to tell you one I shouldnt tell. They always tell me. They wouldnt have brought it up if they werent going to tell me. But some of them want to see if you can get it out of them, to see if youre enough of a bad boy to bring out their bad girl side. Just keep coming back to it and shell tell you. As soon as she does, shes yours if you want her. Now sometimes, shell say something a little different than, I shouldnt tell you this. The other things I listen for are, I rarely share this with anyone.. and Dont tell this to anyone else, but. Really, Im listening for any phrase that lets me know shes about to share something with me she only shares with men she trusts. Because once she shares, I know shes decided to trust me. And once she trusts me, shes attracted. Simple as that. OK, guys, thats it for this subject. It really isnt too difficult: presume all women are attracted to you, and then elicit the guideposts just talked about above. No more worrying about if she likes you or not or if you need to read her signals. If shes talking to you, she likes you all you have to do now is create the signals!

Ahhhhh, its good to be the King! Have fun guys, and let me know your success stories. Just email them to me at Later, -John Alanis The King of Let em Come to You PS Want to discover more great girl getting secrets? Check out and I post my daily emails there, so if you missed an episode or two of wisdom, you can always go to to catch up.