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Myths Definitions & Models Effects of Alcohol Use Social Characteristics Theories of Alcoholism Treatment Approaches


Most alcoholics are skid-row bums Mixing drinks makes you drunk faster Black coffee or cold showers can sober you up Beer drinkers are less likely to become alcoholics Sex is better after a few drinks

What is alcoholism?

World Health Organization (1952)

Alcoholics are those excessive drinkers whose dependence upon alcohol has attained such a degree that it shows an interference with their bodily and mental health, their interpersonal relations and their smooth social & economic functioning.

Dr. Don Goodwin (1991)

Alcoholism involves a compulsion to drink, causing damage to self & others.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism (1991)

1. I have often taken a drink when I get up in the morning. 2. I deliberately tried to cut down or quit drinking but couldnt. 3. Once I started drinking it was difficult to stop before becoming intoxicated. 4. I have had a quick drink when no one was looking. 5. I skipped meals when drinking.

6. Ive woken up not remembering things I did while drinking. 7.I lost a job or nearly lost one because of drinking 8. My drinking contributed to getting hurt in an accident. 9. A physician suggested I cut down on drinking 10. I have missed work/school because of a hangover.

Stages of Alcoholism

Introductory Stage Early, Forewarning Stage Middle Crucial Stage Final Chronic Stage

Conditions of Alcoholism

Consumption of large quantities over an extended period. Psychological dependence Physical addiction Alcohol-related problems

Effects of alcohol

Short-term (individual) Long-Term (individual) Social Effects Crime & Alcohol

Social Profile

Gender & Age Race & Ethnicity Religious Affiliation Socio-economic status Region

Theories of Alcoholism

Genetic Theories: A gene Blushing response The Alcoholic Personality Sociological Theories degree of fit

Controlling alcohol use & abuse

Legal measures Prohibition Age limits Therapeutic approaches AA Rational recovery