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(1) Last April two British teenagers wanted to go to Australia for their summer holiday.

But it was a 24-hour journey by plane and ti !ets were "ery e#pensi"e. $hey wanted to go to Australia. Lo s orso aprile due adoles enti inglesi "ole"ano andare in Australia per la loro "a an%a esti"a. &a era un "iaggio di 24 ore in aereo e biglietti erano molto ostosi. 'ole"ano andare in Australia

(2) (o )aoul (ebastian and *mma +unn, aged 1-, loo!ed for heap ti !ets on the .nternet.$hey were lu !y, and they boo!ed two ti !ets to (ydney. $hey boo!ed two ti !ets on the .nternet. /os0 )aoul (ebastian e *mma +unn, 1- anni, er arono biglietti e onomi i su .nternet. 1urono fortunati, e prenotarono due biglietti per (ydney. 2renotarono due biglietti su internet

(3) 4n August 4th they arri"ed at 5eathrow airport. $hey he !ed in and waited for the plane to lea"e. .l 4 agosto arri"arono all6areoporto di 5eathrow. 1e ero il he !-in e aspettarono l6aereo per partire.

(4) $hey too! off from London 5eathrow. (i# hours later they landed at a big airport and hanged planes. 7e ollarono da 5eatrow a Londra. (ei ore pi8 tardi atterrarono in un grande aeroporto e ambiarono aerei.

(9) *mma: ;. was a bit worried be ause the se ond plane was "ery small, but . didn t want to say anything to )aoul< *mma: ;*ro un po= preo "olli dire nulla a )aoul<. upata per h> il se ondo aereo era molto pi olo, ma non

(?) )aoul: ;After only an hour the plane landed. @e loo!ed out of the window. .t was a "ery small airport.@e wal!ed to the information des! and . showed our ti !ets to the woman. @hen is our ne#t flightA . as!ed< $hey loo!ed out of the window. $hey wal!ed to the information des!. $hey showed their ti !ets to a woman. )aoul: ;7opo solo un=ora l=aereo B atterrato. Abbiamo guardato fuori dalla finestra. *ra un pi olo areoporto. /i a""i inammo al ban o informa%ioni ed io mostrai i nostri

biglietti alla donna< ;Cuando B il nostro prossimo "oloA< /hiesi. Duardarono fuori dal finestrino Andarono al ta"olo delle informa%ioni 1e ero "edere i loro biglietti ad una donna (E) (he loo!ed at our ti !ets. ;$he ne#t flightA $his is the end of your journey. @here did you want to goA< ;@here are we=< . as!ed. ;Fou are in (ydney, +o"a ( otia,/anada< $hey arri"ed in +o"a ( otia, /anada. Lei guardG i nostri biglietti. ;.l prossimo "oloA Cuesta B la fine del "ostro "iaggio. 7o"e "ole"ate andareA< ;7o"e siamoA< ho hiesto. ;(iete a (ydney, +o"a ( otia, /anada<. Arri"arono in /anada

*(*)/.H. A . used the internet yesterday. . wat hed $' yesterday 7id you listen to the radio yesterdayA @e studied *nglish yesterday 5e didn6t wor! yesterday $he film finished at E.II yesterday . didn6t li!e the film yesterday $hey played tennis yesterday. B @e stayed in a three-star hotel last year $hey didn6t boo! a table and the restaurant was full 7id you wat h the football on $' last nightA (orry. . didn6t remember it was your birthday yesterday. . li"ed with my parents when . was a student. @hy did you want to be a do torA 5e arri"ed late for wor! and the bos was angry. @hen the plane landed she turned on her mobile phone.

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