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Samsung Group is a South

Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under Samsung entered the electhe Samsung brand, and is the tronics industry in the late largest South Korean chaebol. 1960s and the construction and shipbuilding industries in the Samsung was founded by mid-1970s; these areas would

Lee Byung-chul in 1938 as a trading company. Over the next three decades the group diversified into areas including food processing, textiles, insurance, securities and retail.

drive its subsequent growth. Since the 1990s Samsung has increasingly globalised its activities, and electronics, particularly mobile phones and semiconductors, has become its most important source of income. In 2013, Samsung begun construction on building the worlds largest mobile phone factory in Vietnam

Strategy Adoption

ust a few years ago Samsung was struggling to catch up in the smartphone market. Now it makes more of them than anybody else and has Apple on the back foot, in addition to being the worlds largest technology company by revenue. It has boosted its profile and being listed as 21st valuable brands in the world. Samsung is better than anybody else at learning from its competitors. Theyre very attuned to what competitors are doing and what other people are bringing to market first and observing what seems to be gaining traction, then very rapidly coming up with their own version of

that innovation. The company pivots and produces quickly, coming out with a variety of devices. It sees what the market responds to, pushes successes, and kills failures. And now, rather than just providing a cheaper and lesser phone, its differentiated itself with larger screens, different features, successful marketing, and delivering what consumers want. Samsung seems to be more willing and able to put their money to use. Samsungs research spend is 5.7 percent of its revenue, compared to 2.4 percent for Apple.

Handsets and It solutions scales increased dramatically for APPLE and SAMSUNG .


Samsung mobile

As we can see, here is a matrix consists of four products. Samsung Galaxy s4 as STAR,

Samsung Galaxy Grand as QUESTION MARK, Samsung Galaxy Young as CASH COW, and Samsung Feature Phones as DOGS. This classification based on selling volume and intensity of demand of the respective product. Theres a chart based on selling volume and demand of the product. Within three months galaxy s4 has been sold over 14.23 million unit world since its relese. On the same amount of time Grands sale volume was 6.12 million unit, Samsung Galaxy Young s sale volume was 4.88 million and Samsung Stars sale volume was 2.55 million unit.



Buying Decision
by shows that 53% android smartphone buyers prefer Samsung Smartphone over any brand. Samsung seems to be more willing and able to put their money to use. Samsungs research spend is 5.7 percent of its revenue, compared to 2.4 percent for Apple. Samsung is a diverse business with chips, displays, and other technology. This pays divi-

There is a servey done

Controlling Factors

dends, allowing it to compete on price and increasingly, offer features Apple hasnt gotten to. Although, many would argue that Apple chooses not to include certain features Samsung offers. By providing good products in affordable price, Samsung managed to reach every aspects of their customers. Thats certainly been the case for its flagship Galaxy phones. Samsungs advertising push has been absolutely massive.

In the U.S., where the iPhone is still pretty dominant, last year the company increased its advertising budget five-fold, to $401 million from $78 million. Thats $68 million ahead of Apple, and more than $200 million ahead of its nearest competitor in the Android market. And thats only a fraction of its ad budget. This huge marketing effort makes them the worlds number#1 mobile handset producing company.

As we can see here consumers decision of buying Smartphone is mostly Samsung. Because it has wide range of smartphones for rich as well as middle class buyers. For this reason There market share is also Higher than their competitors.


Market segmentation means that businesses

Based on Price and Place

divide their markets into a few sections with similar features, so that they can target different groups of consumers and produce merchandise or service for them.

being a mobile phone importing company in Bangladesh focuses on urban area as well rural area, for example, the Samsung Galaxy young in rural area and urban area of Bangladesh. This segment involves mass market, low- and medium-end units to rural customers or high-end products to urban customers. To deal with an extensive product line, a mass market capacitates Samsung to satisfy consumer needs. Because Samsung enters Bangladeshs market late, it faces challenges to be succeeded in mass market. Furthermore, the rural market, which is approximately 80% of the whole market, is aimed by Samsung via the low-end units. However, because of the previous businesses of low-cost, low-end hansets, Samsung had to exploit a new high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy s4 in urban market. With the remarkable improvement of peoples living standard, the quantity of high-end smartphones in urban market in Bangladesh is increasing though the segment is not big.

The Levels of
Samsung Mobile

satisfaction about the entire life cycle of products and services (sales, installation, A/S) thereby understands the CS level and customers needs by each section and reflects on the management strategy for the customer satisfaction since 1992. Consumers see products as complex bundles of benefits that satisfy their needs. We have selected Samsungs latest Flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy s4 in order to describe the levels of product relevantly. People who buy a Samsung Galaxy s4 device are buying more than a cell phone, an e-mail device, or an organizer. They are buying freedom and on-the-go connectivity to people and resources.

Samsung Electronics regularly conducts the survey on the customers

Aftersales service
Augmented Product

Core product

The SmartPhone
Actual Product


Development Process

amsung Electronics Co. (SEC) of Seoul, Korea, is perfecting its fundamental approach to product, process and personnel development by using Six Sigma as a tool for innovation, efficiency and quality. SEC was founded in 1969 and sold its first product, a television receiver, in 1971. Since that time, the company has used tools and techniques such as total quality control, total process management, product data management,enterprise resource management, supply chain management and customer relationship management. Six Sigma was added to upgrade these existing innovations and improve SECs competitive position in world markets. The financial benefits made possible by Six Sigma, including cost savings and increased profits from sales and new product development, are expected to approach $19.4 billion by the end of 2013.

Strategic Objective

SEC wants to be a borderless, global brand that is a household word wherever its products and services are available. SECs strategic objective is to create both qualitative and quantitative growth and deliver competitive value to all stakeholderscustomers, partners and shareholderswhile maintaining profitability. The objective is focused on the value chain of the companys four major businesseshome, mobile and office networks and core components. The emphasis is on creating a solid framework for these businesses by optimizing the supply chain to make operations as efficient and timely as possible. To achieve the goal of efficiency and timeliness, SEC has integrated Six Sigma into its entire business process (see Figure 1, p. 15). SEC saw the universal adoption of Six Sigma throughout the companys 16 businesses worldwide as the way to perfect its fundamental approach to product, process and personnel development.

When implemented strategically, Six Sigma

can help companies turn over working capital faster, reduce capital spending, make existing capacity available and new capacity unnecessary, and produce even better results from the design and R&D functions. Such outcomes also foster a working environment that stimulates employee development, motivation, morale, empowerment and commitment, leading to increased opportunities for promotions. The four factors that have made Six Sigma successful throughout Samsungs international operations and culture are: Strong proactive support with required resources provided by top management. Acceptance and implementation of Six Sigmas basic disciplines by employees. Linkage with all innovative and infrastructure activities. Accurate and fair evaluation of all successful Six Sigma projects, with meaningful recognition and rewards for employees. A flattening of SECs organizational structure, making it much easier for key decisions to be made at lower levels, was another factor contributing to Samsungs successes from Six Sigma. BBs and MBBs are encouraged to act as change agents. Career development paths for these internal experts are evaluated

continually to ensure a win-win alignment of individuals with company goals. Six Sigmas role in improving development and manufacturing operations has been well-documented. But not many people realize Six Sigma is making a major impact in a wide range of new functions and processes. These include transactional activities such as completing an invoice, designing procedures to improve cycle time and improving processes in human resources, accounting, business planning, sales, call centers and customer services. In fact, all business processes are candidates for Six Sigma. Samsungs finance and marketing people have begun to embrace it. One reason this wider range of employees can participate in Six Sigma is that advanced computer software is making statistical tools easier to use.

High End
Galaxy S 4 seems to be the most compact, lightest, and fastest among all cellphone devices. Samsung Galaxy S 4 is Samsungs, and perhaps even Androids, best phone yet. In fact, it very well may be the best smartphone on the market, period. It features 5 inch display, 2 GHz octa core processor, 2 GB ram and android jelly bean.

Samsung Galaxy s4

Mid Range
Samsung has now introduced the Galaxy S4 mini. A mid-range smartphone for those who prefer a smaller device at a lower price point. While the name may imply that the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is simply a miniaturized S4, the device specs are a far cry from what youll find in Samsungs flagship Android device.there are also other types of sets like Samsung grand,core etc. Samsung Galaxy s4 mini

Low End For middle class people who cant afford much, Samsung
has announced a new Android phones under its Galaxy series, Samsung Galaxy Young. The smartphone is powered by Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and 1 GHz processor. Samsung Galaxy Young will feature a 3.27 inch full touch HVGA resolution screen and 3 megapixel camera at the back. Samsung Galaxy Young


t Samsung Electronics, all of their advertising activities are designed to provide the public with accurate information on who they are and what they make through fair and high-quality advertisements, thus helping customers with their buying decisions. Advertisement worldwide media and potential customers, recognize that creating a good image through mass media is as important as innovative products. Samsung also is highly aware of the fact that delivering overall company and product information accurately to shareholders is significant for their investment decisions. Since they understand that a ripple effect is part of the advertising process, they are attentive to every detail, from meticulous planning to the final release on media. In a broad sense, Samsung Electronics advertisement is centered on the empowerment of corporate brand identity and product. In Korea, the PR team at the Seoul

Headquarters is in charge of the PR functions, where as each business units marketing team is in charge of the product advertisements. The same principle lies at overseas subsidiaries and branches pursuant to Samsung Electronics ethical guidelines and global marketing strategies. Most advertising made for Korean consumers is outsourced to advertising agencies. In these cases, the TV advertisement is released on media after careful examination by the organizations of advertisement consultation to make sure that the ad meets legal and moral concerns. For printed advertisements, the in-house committee conducts an examination with ethical code after their public release. With production made for overseas consumers, overseas subsidiaries and branches carry out advertising activities mostly related with product advertisements and firmly abide by the laws, regulations and moral concerns of the country in which they operate.

Sensitive touch feature

NFC Feature

Group Play Feature

seems to be more willing and able to put their hen Samsung wants to get behind some- money to use. Samsungs research spend is 5.7 thing, it can do so with considerable weight. percent of its revenue, compared to 2.4 percent for Apple. Thats certainly been the case for its flagship Galaxy phones. Samsungs advertising push has Samsung is a diverse business with chips, been absolutely massive. displays, and other technology. This pays n the U.S., where the iPhone is still pret- dividends, allowing it to compete on price and i ty dominant, last year the company increased ncreasingly, offer features Apple hasnt gotten its advertising budget five-fold, to $401 million to. Although, many would argue that Apple from $78 million. Thats $68 million ahead of chooses not to include certain features Samsung Apple, and more than $200 million ahead of its offers. nearest competitor in the Android market. And thats only a fraction of its ad budget. Apple has a huge cash pile, but Samsung

Market Share of smartphone producing firms

Advertisement of Samsung


Samsung MOBILE is an entertainment powerhouse. If anyone is looking for


a phone that can offer excellent photo and video quality, with excellent choices for live and on-demand TV, this company can be the for anyone. The screen is gorgeous, the battery life is impressive, the camera/camcorder capture everyday memories with excellent quality, and the gaming experience is fun of this brands product.

Samsung mobile phones are generally of good design. If one do not require high technology functions, buying a cellular phone for basic use may only be what is necessary. Some cellular phones are for basic use including Samsung cellular phones. It is more reasonable to buy basic cellular phone models if one do not need to play with the cellular phone and Samsung cellu lar phone may be what is the best for anyone. Some of those trying to find the functionality of a Samsung earned him the nickname of some bad phone, but very well. Its good because the designs are excellent and the battery life is good. A bit difficult because some of the features of high technology and not on mobile phones from Samsung, in par ticular, is a mobile phone for basic use. Some basic complaints encountered Samsung phone, which happens only very few people who moved and are called the generation of scratches and the volume distorted. This is only a few users, and make sure they do not feel that this is a Samsung, you can ask the friendly staff recommendation for the Samsung. For some who could not wait, buy a Samsung mobile phone is still a clear choice, because the designs are upbeat and beautiful. A big advantage is that the battery life is longer than other phones. Just enjoy the basic functions and beautiful design for Samsung mobile phones.