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Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Recruitment 2013 for the 34 posts of Assistant Manager Applications are being invited

from the applicants by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for the 34 posts of Assistant Manager (Sec rity) in the grade !A"# !ssentia" Re#uirements Age "imit As reckoned on the date $st %ov &'$3 age of the applicants m st be nder the perimeter &( years to 4' years# !ducationa" $riterion %et )o get * alify for the post applicants m st be an officer +ith the minim m of five years of the commissioned service in the army, navy of air force +ith the e-perience in the paramilitary forces# &ees %chedu"e .ee that +ill be paid by the applicants is Rs# $'' and fees co ld be paid either by offline or the online mode# %e"ection Method /andidates selected from the reception of the application +ill be called off for the session of the intervie+# %cheme to su'mit an app"ication Applicants +ill first make the online s bmission of application and after +ards hard copy of application +ith all the re* ired doc ments m st be for+arded to the RBI# Important (ate

0ate from +hich the online process +ill start and terminate is $1 th %ov &'$3 to the date $2th 0ec &'$3# /losing date for the editing is $2th 0ec &'$3# 3ast date for reprinting the application is &4th 0ec &'$3# 0ates for making the payment of the fees online $1th %ov &'$3 $2th 0ec &'$3# 0ates for making the payment of the fees offline &'th %ov &'$3 &$st 0ec &'$3# )erminating date for receiving the hard copy of the application is &4th 0ec &'$3#

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