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Reaction Prediction and Observations

For the following reactions, in your lab notebook

U n i t 3 : T y p e s o f R e a c t i o n s

a) Predict the products of the reaction and balance the equation b) !escribe the obser"ations you would #ake while the reaction proceeded c) !eter#ine the type of reaction $f it is a redo% reaction, deter#ine what is o%idi&ed and reduced 'g) solid copper is added to sil"er nitrate solution B'F(R': copper is a brownish shiny #etal, sil"er nitrate is colorless and clear solution AFT'R: copper appears to disappear) crystals of shiny sil"er #etal appear) the solution color turns to blue*green +due to the presence of ,u -. ions) T/P': 0ingle Replace#ent* Redo% ,u is o%idi&ed and 1g . is reduced) - electrons were transferred 2 1 solution of copper +$$) chloride is electroly&ed (bser"e the two electrodes

'quation: ,u,l- +aq) ,u+s) . ,l- +g) 3efore: 1fter: Type: ,lear liquid 0hiny brown #etal . bubbles !eco#position +$f applicable: o%idi&ed4 ,l - +g) reduced4 ,u+s))

5inc #etal and iodine solid are #i%ed and react in the presence of water +water is not a reactant) Teacher de#o

'quation: 5n 3efore:

. $- +s) 5n$- +aq)

sil"er shiny #etal . red yellow liquid

1fter: red yellow liquid Type: synthesis 3 +$f applicable: o%idi&ed4 5n reduced4 $ -)

5inc iodide solution is electroly&ed $n a petri dish, dissol"e a s#all a#ount of &inc iodide in -6 #7 distilled water 'lectroly&e the solution with the cork with - pins and the battery 1fter obser"ing, add in 3 drops of starch solution

'quation: 5n$-+aq) 5n . $- +g) 3efore: 1fter: clear and colorless liquid shiny sil"er #etal . bubbles

Type: !eco#position +$f applicable: o%idi&ed4 $- reduced4 5n)

8 9

0odiu# #etal is added to water Teacher !e#onstration

'quation: - :a 3efore: 1fter: Type:


. -;-(+l) -:a(;+aq) . ;-+g)

sil"er #etal . clear colorless liquid clear colorless liquid . bubbles 0ingle Replace#ent +$f applicable: o%idi&ed4 :a reduced4 ;-()

Test for Gases For each of the following test, #ake additional obser"ations of what pro"ides a positi"e test for the gas produced < =agnesiu# #etal is added to hydrochloric acid 0and a piece of #agnesiu# #etal $n a #ediu# si&e test tube, add - c# of hydrochloric acid and the #agnesiu# #etal Use your finger to close the top of the test tube while your partner lights a wooden splint >uickly place the burning splint into the test tube without touching the liquid

'quation: =g 3efore:

. -;,$


;-+g) . =g,l-+aq)

clear colorless liquid . sil"er greyish #etal

1fter: clear colorless liquid . bubbles Type: 0ingle replace#ent +$f applicable: o%idi&ed4 =g +s) reduced4 ;-+g)) Test for ;ydrogen gas burning splint inside test tube ;ear a pop ? ;ydrogen pero%ide +;-(-) deco#poses 1dd so#e drops of potassiu# iodide solution to about -c# deep hydrogen pero%ide in a test tube

'quation: ;-(- ;-+g) . (-+g) 3efore: 1fter: Type: ,lear colorless liquid bubbles deco#position +$f applicable: o%idi&ed4 ( -+g) reduced4 ;-+g))

Test for o%ygen gas: put out burning splint The splint should relight

0olid copper +$$) carbonate is heated and one of the resulting products is bubbled through li#ewater +Teacher !e#onstration) 'quation: ,u,o3+s) ,u(+s) . ,(- +g) 3efore: blue green co#pound

1fter: black powder . bubbles



Test for carbon dio%ide gas put it into li#e water For#s - precipitates