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Jaymar T.



Tale of ChunHyang

Summary The Tale of ChunHyang is a very well- known legendary story in Korea between the two young lovers who remained faithful and braved all the odds just to fight for their love.

During the Joseon Kingdom era in Namwon village North Cholla


there lived a young, beautiful girl named ChunHyang, daughter of a retired courtesan. In the same village, there lived a young , handsome man named Yi Mong Yong, he had much literary talent and a magistrates son or son of local governor. The two meet at a festival marking the fifth day of lunar month. Yi Mong Yong, while strolling, saw ChunHyang, a very beautiful girl on a swing. The guy fell in love with her at first sight. At that night, he can no longer take out of his mind the moment he saw ChunHyang. He told his servant to figure out where the woman was living. Later, the man visited Chunhyangs house , the ChunHyangs mother at first was reluctant due to their differences in status in life however, later on, the mother acknowledged the relationship of her daughter and Yi Mong Yong. Unfortunately, Yi Mong Yong had to move to Seoul, as his father was promoted but before leaving gave a promise to ChunHyang that he be back and will marry her at the time he will pass the States exam to become a government official. He asked ChunHyang to wait. During that time, the young girl began living a lonely life. Now, a new governor came into the village , surnamed Byeon. Such man is very wicked, greedy man and fond of women. The said wicked governor saw ChunHyang, was captivated by her and asked her to be his mistress. Expectedly, ChunHyang refused and said he is already committed to a certain man. The governor got mad and threatened her and put the young girl in prison.

Jaymar T. Egkayogen


Luckily, Yi Mong Yong passed the exam and became a secret royal inspector, so excited to see his beloved fiance however, when he returned he heard about the news that the new governor wanted ChunHyang to be his mistress. In the middle of a party, the governor again asked ChunHyang to be his mistress, the young girl was still unmoved, the governor got mad again and ordered that the young girl be killed, fortunately, Yi Mong Yong made a surprise appearance, ChunHyang recognized him and shed tears of joy. Yi Mong Wong punished the governor and married ChunHyang who remained faithful to him.

The characters attitudes and values revealed in the story: ChunHyangshe is an epitome of an impeccable Confucianist daughter and

wife, who remained faithful and loyal to her loved one. A woman worthy of praise. Yi Mong Wong- he is a very talented and brilliant man, a courageous man who is willing to brave out all the odds just to save his loved one. Byeon- a wicked, greedy governor. The practices shown in the story are as follows: First, In the Tale of ChunHyang, it is evident that there was a practice called status system, wherein a person who belong to a high class family cannot marry another who belong to a low class of family. Second, the story also tells us about the aristocracy and tyranny. Where leaders in a society tend to oppress and dictate the governed people against their wills. Third, the story likewise tells us about the human freedom wherein the governed people learned to resist the tyrants to fight for their freedom, the loyalty, faithfulness and the praised love between the two lovers.