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Activated TIG Welding Process

It is a Penetration Enhancing Activating Flux (PEAF) to be used in TIG welding process. This flux, containing In-Organic powders, is meant for single pass autogenous welding of austenitic stainless steels 304 and 316 - up to 12 mm thickness. Salient features are:
Existing l welding machine, similar welding procedures, but greatly improved productivity.

Usage of this flux results in 1.5 3 times increase in weld l penetration compared to single pass regular TIG welding. Overall heat input to the joint significantly reduces, giving l extra security against sensitization of low carbon austenitic stainless steels. Higher l penetration welds obtained using this flux satisfactorily meets the non destructive tests DPI, RT & UT. properties of the weld meet the

Mechanical l requirements.

Application of thin layer of this flux (< 100 microns) on the l area to be welded is enough to get the above benefits.

Paste (made of flux and a solution that is provided along with mixed in a certain ratio) is to be painted on the joint surface to produce thin, well regulated coating. This coating dries fast, is homogeneous and adheres well to the surface. Recommendation for choosing of tungsten electrode for A-TIG welding
Metal Tungsten electrode thickness mm diameter mm Less than 3.20 mm 2.4 3.20 - 5 3.2 More than 5 4 Packing: 25 gm. bottle & 50 gm. (Bottle) Amperage 45 - 85 80 - 160 More than 150

Benefits: The edge l

l Number

preparation time is considerably reduced, as it requires only square butt joint instead of J groove. of joints per shift can be increased by 200%. l Consumption of power, shielding gas and wire can be reduced by 50%.


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