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Germy Apple Experiment September 18, 2013 1:50-2:15 I. II.

Description: The students will begin an investigation of germs, using apples. Context of the activity: i. What do the children already know about this topic? Hand sanitizer and hand washing stops the spread of germs. Germs can be spread from our hands through a shared pencil. ii. How does it fit into the current unit of instruction or set curriculum? It addresses the current unit on science investigation and germs. Concepts. What will the children LEARN as a result of this lesson? The students will learn that germs can be stopped by washing our skin. Our skin protects us from harmful germs. Objectives. What will the children be able to do as a result of their participation? Students will record the entry for day 1 of our germy apple experiment. Use scientific thinking to make a class prediction Virginia SOLs
Science 1.1 The student will demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning, logic, and the nature of science by planning and conducting investigations in which a) the senses are used to observe differences in physical properties; b) observations are made from multiple positions to achieve a variety of perspectives and are repeated to ensure accuracy; c) objects or events are classified and arranged according to characteristics or properties; d) simple tools are used to enhance observations; e) length, mass, volume, and temperature are measured using nonstandard units; f) inferences are made and conclusions are drawn about familiar objects and events; g) a question is developed from one or more observations; h) predictions are made based on patterns of observations; i) observations and data are recorded, analyzed, and communicated orally and with simple graphs, pictures, written statements, and numbers; and j) simple investigations and experiments are conducted to answer questions. VI.




Targeted group: Whole group Procedure. 1. Form a T chart on the Active Board for what spreads and stops germs. Record and review student responses. 2. Explain apple experiment a. Ask the students to predict what will happen over the next week to the apple without its skin (apple #2). Record the class prediction on chart paper. b. Peel the skin. c. When students are handed a germy apple book, they will take a close look at the apples and then go to their seats to respond to the first page for day 1.


3. Circulate the room to monitor student understanding. VIII. Modifications Students should be sitting at a good position where they wont be distracted. o Charlie, Travis, and Gavin will go to their own space to record their observations. Evaluation/Assessment. Germy Apple Book I will be looking to see that the students are able to record their observations. Their response should align with what we discussed. This is an ongoing assessment that will be checked each day. Follow-up activities In Morning Meeting tomorrow, we will recall how the apples looked on Day 1 and discuss how they have changed for Day 2. With each Morning Message for the next week, I will model what their journal entry should look like for that day. As a L.A. rotation, the students will copy my picture and write what they observed. On the last day of the experiment, we will form a class conclusion and compare it to the class prediction we had made.