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Conferred only In regular Lodges of Master Mason..
~• d$constituted by Grand IMJea
4 Secret Master • Master Elect of Nine
5 Perfect Master l0 Master Elect of Fifteen
6. Intimate Secretary 11’SublIme Master Elected SECOND VOLUME.
7’ Provost and Judge 11’Grand Master Architect
1’ Intendant of the building IV Master of the Ninth Arch
24’ Grand Elect Maqon This Second Volume is simply a continuatio~i of the
Conferred In a Lodge of Perfection, 14, duly con-
utituted under authority of the Supreme Council of First one. The magnitude of the work, (aggregating
the 88’. over One Thousand Pages,) rendered a division into
ANCIENT HISTORICAL AND TRADITIONAL GRADE two Volumes desirable. The Introduction, Historical
15’ Knight of the East or 16’ Prince of Jerusalem Sketch and Preface found in the First Volume are for
Conferred In a Council. Prince, of Jerusalem, 16’. the entire Work.
AP0C.~LTPTIC AND CHRISTIAN GRADES Attention is again called to the fact that the First
17’ KnIght of the East and West Three Masonic Degrees, termed the “Blue Lodge De-
18’ Knight of Rome Croix de H-R-D-M
Conferred In a Chapter of Rose Ctoh grees,” are not given in this work, because those degree’~
de H-R-D-M. 18’
are common to all the different Masonic Rites, and are
PHILOSOPHICAL GRADES very fully and accurately given in Freemasonry Illus-
16’ Grand Pontiff U 2?• Commander Of the Temple trated, as advertised in the back part of this Volume.
30’ Master ad Vltam 26’ KnIght of the Sun
2V Patriarch Noachite 33’ Knight of St. Andrew The reader will however find the “Secret Work” of
33’ PrInce of Libanus 30’ Grand Elect Kadosh or
32’ Cbtef of the Tabernacle Kni ht of the White and
34’ Prince of the Tabernacle UlaA Eagle those degrees given in the last Chapter of this Volume.
36’ KnIght of the Urasen 31’ Grand Inspector
Serpent Inguistor Commander THE PUBLISHEII.
36’ Prince of Mercy 33’Subllme Prince of the
Royal Secret
Conferred In a Conui.tory, Sublime Princes of
the Royal Secret. 82’
88’ SovereIgn Grand Inspector General
Comierred only by the SUPREME COUNCIL, 88
sad upon those who ma~ be elected to receive Itby
that high body w ch easemblee yearly.
F’trst Sign. Graud Master of All Sypahollo Iiadges.......’.. 50
Second sad Third Sigus................................... 51
Sign of Introduction and Token 52
Token of introduction, Grand Msater of sli Symbolic Lodges 52
Pass Word. Jeckson. Refers toPretei,der. Chas Edv~ard NotC 225 53
Masonic “Proficiency” in Charity Note 226 56
“Hypocrisy and Deceit s!e U~,kuonu among Us “ Note 227
“Tracing Board, the Same as Floor.eluth ‘ Note 228 58
rtoor.cloth. Coija .,oam, ,,lii, ii En,L,ietooar,’ loscribed N,’te229 5?
Symbolism of the Triangle Note 230 5?
The Square. “A S~ uitioi of Moislity.” N,’te 2’tt. 57
Intemperance. “a Sni,Ject of Moa,.i,tc Penalties .~ Note 2.32 sr

CONTENTS “‘The Right Hand the Ss mi,oi of Fidelity.” Note 233

Discourse, by Grond Orator
word vengeance “used S~ mbottcaiiy “ Note 2J4 .
Page Mssonie Obligations are Oath’, Note 235 59
Preface t, Second Volume . . . 3 Character of the Ilite of Misraim Note 2:16 60
The Ooneiave or CelestisI City 31 “The 11 ord Prior is not Aito,hed as a Title.” N. te 237 60
“To Denote the Ides of Seiiig Locked up Iu Seclusion.” Sovereign. “an Ep~Ihet ~A.ppii.d to Certain l)egreea “ N’ .ie238 61
Note 190 II “I’ontiff melos ltiidge Maker. Bridge Builder.” N.,te 240:
239 61
CHAPTER Xxxiii —Ninetsanth Degree, or Grand Pontiff .. 12 Cordon.
Rapid GronSlasoni,’tieez.,tio,,
th of tue Seotib InEngliab
Rite Note
241 N ,1e 62
“Founded on the Myaleries of the Apocalypse ‘ Note 107 12 “Connection B,’tneen Freemasoory sod Politics “ Note 242 63
111gb J.)cgrees Connected n Ith Temple of Zi’ruhh.ibel Note 1ii~ 12 Closing Ceremonies. Grand Master of All Symbolio Lodgas 64
Rob Morris, ‘Roy..l Solomon Mother Lodge ‘ Note 199 13 ileferato “Tenipi. sofs,’i.,n,on,Ze,ubL,.,beiaudM,rod “ N.’te243 64
Opening Ceremonies, Grand Pontiff .. . . 14 Form,’i ly C,,i,f, .ed ‘‘the Ilight to OrellIlLe I.. dg,’s ‘‘ N te 244 6l
Members Called “True and l”altbful Itrotbers ‘‘ Note 200 14 ZHAPTEIt XXXIII —Twenty.Firat Degree Noachiteor Pruseiso Knight 67
“Hoeehea. The word of Accismatios.” Note 201 . This Degree “Tc.,,ed to the Toner of Babel.” Note 245 6r
jiAI’TEII X~’.XiV —Initiation, Grand Pontiff ... 16 ‘1..egei,dof II,,’ l4,’gi,c li,.’sc, ib,’s the ‘1r.ivci’, ,.fl’.’ieg ‘ Note246 67
“Le’~e,ns sre lOran ii from tbe 15,ok of llrvelatioOo ‘ Note 2112 16 “Fred,’cick the Gicat nas Certainly a Mason ‘‘ Note 247 68
Allusions to tbe Tribes of Judab aud Beujamlo “ Note 203 17 “ArkofNoab. 0 ,,‘of theThreeSacr,’dStiuntures “ Note24S en
The S~nibolInm of Numbers Note 204 .. 211 3loach,tes. a n.,o,o Applied to Fre,.n,.,sooa. Note 249 69
“fla~iyIon. Tbe AncIent Capital of Cbsldea ‘ Note 205 22 “The Meetliags are C.ilk’d Grand Chaprers “ Note 250 69
Obilgation Degree ot Grand Pontiff . .. 24 SecrecyandS,,encs. “E’,ac,Iceof aliM..’,,ole Chara,.ter ‘‘ N te251
“1 sm Alpbs and Omega.’’ Not,’ 206 ~ 21 Opening Ciremonies, Noachite or Prussian Knight 72
Qusllficatlons of Members of (Jr.,nd Consistory Note 207 24 CHAPTER X ‘CXVIII —Initiations Noachite or Pruesian Knigkt 74
No I’rivate I’IIuea or Quarrels ‘ Note 21,8 ~...... 2h “The Rituals bpe.,k of the Lofty Toner of B.,bel ‘ N ti’ 252. 75
Mackey on MasonIc Penalties. Note 2~ ... 25 Obligation. I’.,triorh Noahiie . 75
Sign. Grand i’ontlff Degree . . . 26 Sign of Ordir. N,.,,hite or l’,uosian Knighi 76
Token Grand PontIff .......... 26 Sign of I,,iroduetton. Noachite or Prussian Isnight 7r
“The Serpent was a Ss mbol of tue Universe “ Note 210 28 Second Sign. No.i l,zte or 1’ruasian Isniglit 78
Lecture, or lOoctrine. Grand Pontiff Itiono,,, so by Orator 79
St. John. “One of the I’atrons of Our Lodges “ Note 211 30 ‘‘Ninirud as One of the Founders of Masoury “ Note 25.3 79
The Atscal.ypse Borrno’ed from,~be Anne,, 1 M’ SIcrice Note 212 31 Closing Cerericuies. Noachite or Prussian Knight 83
All tbat Is venerabie~Dates from .lerus4lem. Note 213 32 CHAPTER XXXIX —Twenty’Second Degree or Prince of Libanus 84
Closing Ceremonies, Grand Pontiff ....................... 33 Legend soil l’.,i as,’ of the Degree Note 254 114
Philosophical Analysis, Degree of Grand Pontiff ............ 31 lierodom. “Mca~,~~,g is App.ireotly t3uknoo,,.” Note 255 84
Idolatry tbe Parent of all Sin ............... 34 “Reference I,, the Mystical Asso, tattoo of the Dm505
The Lodge Master Personates ChrIst ............... 35 Note 2514 . ... 85
The Purpose to inspire Awe and Horror...... . ........ 36 Aholiab, “A Ds,,it,’ of Great Skill “ N.’te 257 86
Masonry the image of the itomish Beast 37 She Degree Di’die,,ted to the Lebanon Mountains. Note 258 86
Chsracter of Dr Daleho . . 38 Opening Ceremonies, Prince of Libanus . 87
CHAPTER XX Kv.—Twentisth Degree, Grand Master of All Sym’ “Li’, tures Itel.,te to the (‘,‘dara of Lebanon.” Note 250 87
bolic Lodges ...... ‘.‘.‘ ‘.‘‘ 39 CHAPTER XL —Initialion. Prinoe of Libanus 88
Reeembl4nce of Masonry to M~ ateri,s of Adonis Note 214 39 “Formed Colleges on Mount lebanon.” Note 260 88
Symbolism of tbe Number NIne Note 215 . . 44) Obligation. Knight of the Royal Axe, or Prince of Libanos 92
‘‘Let tbere be Light and tbcre was LIght ‘‘ Note 216 ... 40 Sign and A. sn.~’r. PrInce of Libanus 93
“Wisdom Was Represented by Yellow “ Not,’ 2l~ . 40 Token. I’r,i,ce of Lii,onus 94
Tetrags’aznmaton. “Title Given by the Talmodists to the Itistory of the Degree 94
Name of God.” Note 218. . ,., 41 Closing Ceremonies. Prince of Libanus 100
Opening Ceremonies. Grand Master of AU Symbolic Lodges .. 42 Historical Asal~sis. 20th. 21st and 22nd Degrees 101
t’hilusophhai ~i,rit of theSyatem of i’re,mas’,er% Note 21’i 42 Freemasoniy a Univers,,i Religion 301
CIIAPTEIt Xxxvi —Initiation. Grand Master of All symbolic Satan the Masonic God 102
Lodges ................. 45 Puerilites of the MaRs the Pagoda and Ledge 103
“In Scotch Mas,,nry ad vltam lbs its Brood,’st ~t ope “ N..t.’ 221, 45 Mum Drum Platitudes on Labor 304
S.,b,mon, ‘‘the T3 pe or Representotive ,,f ‘,‘, ,~,i.’n. ‘ N,.te 221 45 CHAPTER XLI —Twenty.Tbird Degree or Chief of the Tabernacle 105
‘‘Justice, tine of the Four Cardinal virtues.” Note 222 . . 47 Decorations of Lodge Itoom............................... 105
“Truth is a Divine Attribute.” No. 223 .. 48
Ramasy the Probable Inventor of the Degree. Note 224.... 48

Page Page.
105 ObligatIon. KnIghts of the Brasen Berpent................. 154
Members “are CaUed Levites.” Note 261 lOG Sign of Order and Itecognltlon. ~nigbts of the Brasen
Ci,,thiug and Decorations of the High Priest 106 Serpent 155
“The Presiding (tither Represents Asion. Note 262. 107 Token. Answer. Pass Word and Sacred Word 156
Opening Ceremonies. Chief of the Tabernacle ‘OS I.N.R. I. “JesuaofNazarethtbel~tugoftbe.tewa “ Note29.~.. 155
“PrimitIve Existciit’e Contained 10 the Letter Yod.” Note 26.1 100 Closing Ceremonies, Knights of the Brazen Senpent............. 151
CHAPTER XLII —InitiatiOO Chief of the Tabernacle...... ?hiloaophinal Analycis, Knights of the Brazen Serpent isa
“lIeu, ription of the Setting up of the Tabernacle.” Note 261 110 The Goodness and SeverIty of God ...............~.. 155
“Dathan. A Reul,enltC “ Note 265 1111 False Lights on the Coast of Christendom 158
“Abiram was a Reuheulte. the Son of Eliab ‘‘ Note 266 “Satap’s Ignes Satni, to Swamp Men Eterualtl”......... 164)
Prep.iratioh of Candidate. Chief of the Taherusele , ~ uotes the Bible as Satan DId to DeceIve Men ........~.. 161
Levites. “Represented in some of the High Degree.’’ Note 261 114 II RelIgion hut holiness and Justice ....... 162
Oi,ilgatlon. ChIef of the ~ 115 CHAPTER XLt’ti.—Twenty-Sizth Degree or Prinee of Mercy ... 163
Sign. Chief ot the Tabernacle 115 “It Is a ChrIstIan Degree In Its ConstructIon.” Note 290 . 163
T,,keo sad Pass Word. ChIef of the ~ 115 ‘rissera or Mark ....................... 164
Unel. “An Ar(bangel Mentioned only in 2 Eadras.” Note 2611 116 “Teaser., or Pledges ot FrIendshIp were Used at Rome.”
“Itctatc to the Estat’tIshment of the PrIesthood “ Note 269 117 Note 297 164
Closing Ceremonies. Chief of the Taberuacle.................... 118 Opening Ceremonies. Prince of Meroy ................... 165
?hiiosophinal Analysis. Chief of the Tabarnacle 118 “It Is a HIghI PhIlosophical Degree.” Nole 21111 165
Lands Mcii In Pagan WorshIp 119 CHAPTER xLviIi.—I~itiation Prince of Mercy 167
Finite Man sad the Infiulte God I30 PreparatIon of CandIdate. PrInce of Mercy.. .... ...... 167
Satan Both Imitates and Resists Christ 121 “Allusions are to the Three Covenasm of Meri’y.” Note 2’.tt) . 16?
ChAPTER XLIII —Twsnty’roui’th Degree or Prince of the Tabernacle 121 “Probation. The Interval Between, the ReceptIon of One
“The Lodge Is Called a hIerarchy “ Note 270 123 Degree and the SucceedIng.” Note 300............ 165
Opening Ceremonies Pnnce of the Tabernacle 12.3 “Los~ation~ A ReligIous RIte Practiced by the Anelints.”
“The PresIding Olficci Represents Moses “ Note 271 Note 803 .. 168
ChAPTER x~tv —Initiation, Prince of the rabernacie 126 “Doorof the Middle Chamber waaln tbe Right Side.” Note3Q2.. 170
“Refer to the Building of the T,ibernaete “ Note 272 127 OblIgatIon Prince of Mercy.. ......... .... ............... 172
“The Book of the Law is that Sacred Book “ Note 273 128 “Ught Is a Symbol of Knossledge.” Note 503............. 172
The TrIangle. Square and Compusses 128 Stgos of Entranee and Character. Prince of Mercy 173
“Square of the Ancient Chirges of Freemasonry “ Note 274 128 Signs of fbi and Order. Prince of Mer.y............. 174
“It Lleson the (ipen Word thit Surmnunts the Altor.” Note275. Teken. Pass ~Vord and Sacred words, Prince of Mercy.... 175
The Three LIghts. Too C,,tumns and Plumb
“Three was Deemed the Most Sacred of Numbers “ Note 276 120 Lecture. Prince of Mery ... irs
1211 “The Form In which Dr. Anderson Spells GiblIrn.” Note J41&... 176
“The Plumb Line is Emblematic of Regular Rule.” Note 277 “Ameth. Pro any Emeth.” Note 305..................... 115
The Level. Blaring Star and Rough Stone 130 Closing CeremonIes. ~rinoe of Mercy 179
“In Freemasonry the Livit isa Symbolof E,tu.iiity.” Note 2.78... ?hIieeopbicel Analysis. Prince of Mercy 180
“Like Ihe Religion It Embodies Is Universal.” Note 279. ito Usurp, the Prerogatives of Christ ISO
“Emblematic of Man in His Natural State ‘‘ Note 280.. 131 “Liars Have Need of Good Memories” ............ 181
The Perfect Cube. ..... RenewIng the Plagues of Egypt on American Soil ..... 182
“The Cube Is a Symbol of ‘I:nth. of Wisdom, of Moral 131 ChAPTER XLIX —Twenty.Seventh Degree or Commander of the
PerfectIon ‘‘ Note 28t......’.............’.’~’ 133 Temple ~ 163
“The Punts tog Poo erof Fire is Naturally Deduced.” Note 282 TItlee of Officers. Decorations of Rooni. Aproi.. Etc Note3ii6... 183
“l’c,ir Principles of Matter—F’lre. Air. Earth sad Water 135 Opening Ceremonios. Ocmmander of the Temple ............~... 185
Note 283 136 IIIAPTER L —InitiatIon Commander of the Templa ...~... 187
“This Seiret Wornbip,oas Termed the Mysteries “ Note 284 Styled “KnIght 4!~ommsnder of the Temple “ Note 307 ... 187
“The Ceremonies of Initiatb’n were all Funereal.” Note 285 138 “The French word Rio Means Electod.’ Note 308 ...... 189
Sign of R,’eognltio?i. Prince of the Tabelnacie............. Obligation. Commander of the Temple 190
turiod Sign. PCIeee of the Tab,’rnacle.................. 139
140 Sign of RecognitIon and Answers. In and Out of Court.... 191
Closing Ceremonies, Prince of the Tabernacle Slgnof Order. Token a,,d Answer. Cou,msnder of the Temple 192
Signs o,,,i Mter,,gtyt,bi, History, by Grand Commander............................ 194
?hilosophical Analysis, Prince of the Tabernacle 141
141 “Does Not Deserve lobe Classed lathe ScottIsh Rite.” Note 309. 194
Zoilisesi Signs a Heathen invention Origin of Teutonic Knights. “Humble but a PiotisOne.” Note3i0 196
Masonic Baptism a II,’othen Rite 1 42
143 “Teutonlo Order, A Religious Order of Knights.” Note 311 191
Freemasonry Sim le HeathenIsm
Onverned l.v the ~1’errors of a Secret Clan r44 Closing Osremonies. Commander of the Temple 100
145 Degree “Contains Neither Symbols or Allegories.” Note 312 399
CHAPTER XIV —Twenty’rifth or Knights of the Brazen Serpent ?hIleeephical Analysis. Commander of the Temple 200
“The Te.,, hing ojid Moral of the Degree Is FaIth “ Note 2116 1411
146 MasonIc Contempt for ThIs Degree 200
Moses. “A ~Ion of Marvelous Gifts “ Note 2R7~.... Napoleon and Romish Inquisition 201
“Joshua. The 111gb PrIest “ Note 288 1411
141’ vile Enough for the Scottish Rite . . 202
“A Mason Alo.,,a Travels from West to East “ Note 289 CHAPTER LI —Twenty-Seventh Degree, or KnIghts of the Sun.. 208
Tan Cross. “Intended to Typify the Sacied Name “ Note 200 147
1411 “Most Learned and Phltosophi.’st of the Scottish “ N ‘cc 313 . 205
Opening Coremon,eu. Knights of the Brazen Serpent
“‘rhe Ia,, I Sot Fory Serpents Among the People Note 2111 148 “The Presiding Officer is Styled Father Adam “ Note 334.. 206
“The Cber’ihim were Purely SymbolIc” Note 315....... 204
“Scottish ~i,,o,nO Make Mt. Sinai a Symbol of Truth Opening Ceremonies. Knights of the Sun 206
Note 2’t2 ......~.. “[a StrIctly Philosophical and ScientiSt’.” Note 116 206
CHAPTER XI.’, 1 —Initiation Knight of the Brazen Serpent 181
1111 Freemasonry a Perpetuation of San worshIp.” Note 517.. 306
‘‘I o”tro, ti,,,’q ore lb.’ Use” i,f thi’ Brazen Serpent ‘‘ Note 203
Serpent and Cross . 1113 OpenIng Prayer. Knights of the Sun...................... 391
“With the Cross it Is EvIdently a Symbol of Ct.niat.” Note 294
Page Page.
207 3’irst Oath and Candidate Stabbing the Skulls 260
Sign and Answer. Knights of the Sue 206 Second Oath, Kiiight Kadoab ............ 264
CHAPTER LII —Initiation. Knights of the Sun 208 “Aeopagua. The Third Apartment Ia a Coiint’ih of Kodosh.”
Preparation of Candidate. Knights of the Sun 208 Note 1152 268
Also Called “Key of Ma5~~nr3 •,r t’iiaos Disentangled “ Note ‘118 209 Third Oath Knight Kaulosh ~ 26’i
“Object of Freemasoiiry • Is Se.i rib for ‘i’iuth “ Note 3I~l 211 Frederick the Greal and His Freemasonry. Note 353 270
Gabriel, “The Name of One of the Archangels “ Note 320 215 Oheb Elosh and Oheb Karoho~ “Supports of the Ladder
Michael. “The Chief of the Seven Archangels “ Note 321
ln that Degree is Man Seeking alter Divine ‘l’ruth Note 354 . 272
216 Emuash, “A Signhltcant Word ‘‘In the High Degrees.”
Note ~22 217 Note ~ 272
ObligatIon Knights of the Son . . 218
Sign. Answer sod Token, l’.ittgbtO of the Sun Fourth Oath. i’.night Kadosh 284
219 Sign of Kadosh 287
History, by Mithact the Orator 219 Sign of Order and Token. Kiiight of Kadosh ~ 2)18
“I am Alpha aiid Omega ‘ Note 323
‘‘In All these SI) at’. i lea ‘it etl”liid a Sit loll’. ‘‘ 1.’ 224 219 “Pharaxal. A Significant Word in the 111gb Degrees
Cores, “The Goddess of Agri’.ulture “ Note 325 221 Dlscouise. by i~iiight of Eloquence....................... 261)
“The Entered Appreoti’.’c Is bitt a Rogh AshIer ‘‘ Not,’ 32(1 221
Profane. ‘‘Means Before or t)i,t~idc of hit’ ‘l’i’iititt,’ ‘‘ Note 327 Closing Ceramonies, Grand Elsot Knight Kadosh .... 303
221 “HumanIzes the Old Lesson itt vengeance.” Note 360 ..~. 303
Hoodwink. “Au Kmblcm’.’flbi’ I) tit.ooot’f hits S ul “ Note32S 222 Closing Prayer. Knight Kadosh 3114
“A Candidate in Setreb of )Ia’.’.tttie Ligilt ‘‘ Note 329 223
‘‘light isan Impoctaiit ‘i’iord iii the ‘11-nit 5’. stem ‘‘ Note J3t) Philosophical Analysis. Grand Elect Knight Kadosh 306
The Rite of Circoniambtilittioii Note 331 . 223 The “No plus ultra” of Masonic Falsehood 306
“Lodge 5IustbeSopp~rted b~ ‘I’tireeGr.itiiiSh ifla “ Note332 224 The RItual Tinkered. Added to. and Amended 107
224 “NothIng hut vengeance is spoken of 308
“A S.icred R.’gard for the Number Three.” Note 333 225
Slgaificatton of the Letter 0. Note 314 ChristIans Ferociously Condemned as Bigots 309
225 Sham Pretence of a UnIversal ReligIon 310
“The Sun is the Ssiitltoi of Sovereigiti’.’’ Note 335 226 CHAPTER Lvlh.—Thirty.nurst Degree, or Grand Inspector Inquisitor
“Lohos’s and Fate of the WIde’.’ ‘a Soii of l’hceniei.i ‘‘ Note 331’. 228
Closing Ceremonies. Knights of the Bun Commander 311
229 “ha SImply Administrative in Its Character.” Note 361 ~. 311
Philoasphie Analyais. Kn:ghts of the Sun
Invented by the Guerrilla Geiicral. Ailtcrt Pike...... 221) Tebsotys “Signifies Literally the Number Four.” Note 362. 312
23U Opening Ceremonias~ G rand Inspector Inq~aitor Commander 317
Sets AsIde the flibte us Obsolete 231 “Simply a JudIcial Power of ihe B Igher Degrees.” Note 863 317
lodges Have Superii’itural Po’.’.i r ............ .
2.12 OpenIng Prayer. Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander.. . 320
‘‘But Rather D.trkiiess ‘ii’.ible 2 13 First Sign and AnswerIng Stgn ~ 321
CHAPTER LIII —Twenty.Ninth Degree, or Knights cf St. Andrew
‘‘Sometimes Knu,’.’.u by the Name of Grand Master of CHAPTER LvIli.—Initistion~ Grand Inspeotor Commander~....... 324
233 “The Members are Styled. Most Enlightened.” Note 364 .. 324
LIght ‘‘ Note 337 234
History of the Cbey~tier Ramaty Note 338 Moses “Was Initiated in All the Knowledge of the WIse
2311 Men.” Note 365 332
CHAPTER LI”.’ —Initiation. Knights of St. Andrew.. 236
First Sign sod Firet Token. Knights ‘.tf St. Andrew Sign and Answering SIgn 841
236 Token and Sacred Word, Grand Inspector InquisItor Com-
“Degree Citanects it with the Crus.idt’v “ Note 339 237 mander 342
.~erond Sign aiid Seeoitd Token. Kitielils of St Andrew
Third Sign, that of A’.tonlabment sitd Ilorror 237 Discourse by Advocate 148
238 TrIple Triangle as Lord of All, the Source of Golden Light.” 345
Fourth Siga. aitd Aitasser. KnIghts of St Aiidrew........ 23S Note 366 146
Third Token. Isitights of St ,~i.ndrew . 230 Mysteries “Annually CeleIrsted in Honor of Osiris.”
FIfth and Sixth Signs. Knights of St Andrew 240
Sevciith Sign and Gcii~ral Taken. Knights of St. Andrew Note 867 346
240 Del Is the Contracted Foum of Dash.” Note 368....... 340
Pass Words, Knights of St Andrew 240 Each Stone of the Temple Contained “Five Equilateral
“Ardarel. A W6’rd in the 111gb Degrees “ Note 340 240
“Casmaran. The Angel of Fire “ Note 341 TrIangles.” Note 869 346
240 Olcelng Caremoniss, Grand Inspeotor Inquisitor Oommsnder 363
‘‘Turlac, A Wttd in the 111gb Degrees “ Note 342
Pass Word Nekemali. “hebrew Sigttlfylng Vengeance.” Statutes for TrIbunals of the Thirty-first Degree 165
241 Philosophical Analysis Grand Inepeotor Inquisitor Oommandsr 371
Note 343 241
“The Assembly is Termed a Grand Ledge.” Note 344 Filled with vain RepetItions 871
243 Republicaq Appointment of a Masonic Rebel 172
Philosophical Analysis. Kaights of St. Andrew 243
Ramesy’s Fraud on the Freitch Claims to Rule JudicIally the Masonic Order 378
244 The Ways of the Lodge are Movable 874
Masonic Facts are Falsehoods.... ....‘‘
245 CHAPTER LiX.—Thirty.second Degras, or Sublime Prince of the
CHAPTER Lv.—Thir’tisth Degree. Grand Elstt Knight Kadosh 245
This Degree “First invented at Lyons In France ‘‘ Note 345 Royal Secret 875
247 “Was the HIghest or ne plus ultra of Masonry.” Note 370. 375
“Dieu 10 Veut. t’~od ‘i’1’tIls It. The War Cry “ Note 346 248
“Ordo ab Chan. Order Out of Chaos “ Note 347 Page.
249 Diagram of Consistory Lodge Room 877
Opening ~~eramonies, Grand Elect Knight Kadosh 249
The HIstory of the Destruction of the Templars “ Note 348 “Alioliab, A SkIllful Arilficer of the Tribe of Dan “ Note 371 . 878
249 Mah, “A Component Part of a Significant word.” Note 372 878
“Philip IV. Surnamed le Ret or the FaIr “ Note 349
Spes mes in Deo eat. “The Motto of the Tblrty~Secoud 251 Malachi, “A SignIficant Word In the ThIrty second Degree.”
Note 350 Note 373 379
257 “Ezra. The Celebrated Jewish Scribe.” Note 874....... 379
CHAPTER LVI —laitiattan. Grand Elect Knigit Kadosh......
“AllusIons are to the Ancient Order of Kni~ht5 Templars.” Thirty second Degree Csmp................................. 880
Note 351

“‘Ibe At k of the Covenoiil ‘‘ Note 375 ... ‘ 881
“Argent. I”rench for Silvtt.” Note 315 382
Opening Ceremonies. SublimS Prince of the Royal Secr5t 385
Instituted by Council of Emperors of Fast aitd ‘I’. est.
Note 377 - 385
CHAPTER LX —Initiation. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret 391
“The Assembly is Called it S.ivecelgn Conoistoit ‘‘ N,iti’ i7’l 31)1
Hiram Abif, “The Celebrated Arihitect of King Solititi it
Teinpl’.e.” Note i79 399
Obligation. Sublime tritice of (tie Itoyal Sc’ ret 414.
I.aver, “Used
1 lit tory i’roit Ic.
Cr. Clesitoc
Tb ii t~ ‘sithe
I I tt’gi cc“ Note 380 410 5
lit Sublime Prittee ‘if the It’’. ti Si”. ret 417
‘‘55hz. A SignIficant 9 oril itt lii.’ high Degreis ‘‘ 1’.’’’ ‘ii
‘‘Tango. A Signifientit Wit I itt i.e Iligli h)i’Cri’i”. ‘‘ 7’ I.’ 422 OR
hititiotory Piasee. Sitbititi.’ t’t itt.’ itt liii’ llttyal St’ r’ I 422
‘‘T~tki’it Sobititie Prince it liii’ lt’i.iI 8 cut
‘‘VJatcbworda. Used iii itt” ‘riri’. .a.”.iinti ht’.’gr.’t’ ‘‘ ‘, ‘
Dove. ‘‘TbIs Itird ‘.‘. it’. itt’’ lit It’. it ,t t’.i.’,.’.eiigi’r ‘ Nile 426
‘‘I.A’gi’nii if the I’bte’ittv ii. .i I • hue ‘‘ Note Ol’~ ‘I’ll
‘‘Frcein.’.siinr3 md AlilieniS II tie Stigilt the Sonic It’ veti- 431
Nile 1116 Containing an epitome of the twelve degrees of the
‘‘Dove ‘iSo. Al’.’. .t ye (t,it—itii’ci’tt .i St red Itirti ‘‘ Note .tt’.7 4 ‘lit
The Dotibte iletided IXigli’ .m 1’’. ittiti Nt’Te .l~it 4 17
Philosophic Chamber of the Ancient and Accepted Rite.
‘‘Silembeci if the Per-ian Curt Iteittig to the Mystic lit ‘I’
Note ‘3)19 ‘ ‘ -‘
The twelve degrees preceding the Rose Croix are, as
Mystettes of the Per’.lan :.,d Slittirit Note 31)0
Kabb.ii’i I~nmbraee5 ‘‘513 alit al littel 4 i’m
we have shown, associated with the twelve signs of the
1ir,’Iitti.ioa of Scrilit itt” 442
Stile .1111 418 Zodiac.
Closing Ceremonies. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret 441)
Philosophical Analysis. Sublime Prince of the Betel Secret
(HAPTEII. LXI .~Tbirty’third Leguec. or Sovereign Grand Inspector 459 From these fixed signs, the Rite passes to the Sun,
t.ilttntste Degree of tile Au’. lint atid A’.’.epti d Ii it.’ 459 Moon and the Planets,
Note 392 46
‘‘A (‘haste DispistI of 5’. niloilic Octt.tnti’ttl” Stile .3’i.i 461 From these the Rite looks to the four elements or
Opening Ceremonies. Sovereign Grand Inspector General 46 I
lipetti as Prti per. SoVereign 0 i i itd Iit’qt’ tue t.eOei I
464 four components of man, etc., and from these it con-
Sign of Order. S,vt’rCtgtt Gi.iitd in”i’i hr t-,’it’ 465
CHAPTER LXII, SovereIgn Grand inspector Geneesi 465 siders the spirit and matter, or infinite and finite of the
‘the Protector otid (‘iiiiser’. ..t.i’. of the Ordec ‘‘ Note I9C~ 466
First ObligallOn. S.ivcceigii Gr.tnd lutipedor General 467 Universe and of man.
Aitive Siemitera ‘i’i’e.t~5 t’ a Stab Not.’ AiiIi 46’l
In the Rose Croix Degree, we have seen the son of
Skelitun Selaing l’sitdtii.tti’ W but’ Tatlith’ Ottligotlon
I”tnai Iitttig;tli’.ii’. ‘l’hirty-tbtctl liegrie 474
Sign of Order and FIrst SIgn. Thin’. .third Degree masonry and heard the promise of universal peace and
Ring. “On the Inside a 13db Sarrottitdiitg the Figures 1.1 474
Note 397 475 joy. Now let us proceed to seek the methods of realiza-
Sci itud Sign and Sign of Entraut’ e. Thu ty-thied Degree 476
Lecture. Thirti .third Degree
Closing Ceremoniss. Sovereign Grand Inspector Ganeral
tion, and learn how to restore the lost Eden and re-
Philosophical Analysis, Soveraigo Grand Inspector Genecal 481’
CHAPTER LXIII —rnublsma and Seoreta of Thirty.three Degrees edify the Celestial City.

Note 196.—Conclave. Commanderies of KnIghts Templars in England

and Canada are called Conclaves. aiid the Grand Encampment the Grand
Conclave. The word is also applIed to the meetings in some other of tbe
high degrees. The word is derived front the Latin con. “.‘.ith.’ and davis.
‘a key.’ to denote Ihe Idea of beIng locked op In seilusion. and in this
sense was first applied to the apartment in which the cardinals are liter-
ally locked tip niben met to elect a pope.”—Mackey’s EncyclopaedIa ~
Freemasonry. Article Conol*ve.
1. ~afl 0 £‘L ‘~L i~ 1W ~ ~ )( ~E
On the base of each column is the initial in the same
order of the name of one of the Apostles of Christ, viz:
John, Peter, Andrew, James,
Philip, Bartholomew,Thomas, Matthew,
CHAPTER XXXIII James, Lebbeus, Simon, and Matthias,
NINETEHNTiI DEGREE OR GilAND PONTIFF. DRA7I :—The tracing board has a mountain in the
foreground. A four-square city appears descending from
the sky; below is a representation of Jerusalem,’” over-
DECORATiONS :—The hangings are blue sprinkled with turned and in ruins, There are twelve gates of pearl,
slais ofgold; tite whole Chapter is lighted by one large three on each side; a great glory in the center gives it
‘.4plierical Transparency behind the Master’s seat in the light. Beneath the ruins of the city lies a serpent with
East. three heads bound in chains; on one Side of the draft is
In the East is a throne, and o’ier it ts a blue canopy. a high mountain.
Around the room are t’i~-l”e columns as folloits: One TITLES :—The Master is Styled Thrice Puissant and
on each side of the Master, onc on each stde of the War. is seated on a throne in the East, and holds a sceptre in
den in the ~Vest, four in tile North and four tn th~ his hand, on his breast is the High Priest’s Breast Plate,
South of the Chapter; on the Capitals of these Columns There is but one Warden seated in the West witha
are thc initials of the names of the twcl”c trtbes, ins in golden staff in his hand.
the following order, beginning on the column on the There is also an Orator, two Deacons and a Master of
right hand of the Master, and going round by the North, Ceremonies, and Tyler. The brethren are styled Faith-
West and South, viz: ful and True Brethren,
Titu~achar, DRESS :—The brethren are clothed in white linen robes,
Epliraini, Benjamin, Dan,
Naphtnhi, Asher, each with a blue fillet of satin round his head with
Manassab, Zebulon, Reuben, twelve gold stars on it,
Simeon, and Gad ORDER :—A broad crimson ribbon, with twelve gold
Under thesc in the s~,ame order, are the zodiacal signs. stars in front, worn fsom right to left.
Note 197.—Grand Pontiff. The 19th degree of the Aitelent sad Ac-
cu’t’.t”’.t mile The diii .~‘ In fiunmuded cmi the moysicrit” itt the Apocalypse. JEWEL :——A gold medal or square plate, on one side
relating to the sew Jerusalem, as set forth in the Recitatittit of St lohit of which is engraved the word Alpha, and on the other
azi. aimmi xxii.. ‘.‘.‘Iiii ti ii ilio’itrstea and endetivors In e’.ploin The assem-
bly is ats led a chapter. too spartmeats are ret
1uireil The presiding Omega.
otlitir Is ets led Thrim’,’ l’olssttnt Grauid Poitliff The neember’. ore called BATTERY :—Ts twelve equal strokes.
FaIthful Itrithers “—Macny’s Encyclopaedia and Dictionary of rreema-
scary.. Article Grand Pontiff. Note iBS.—”The eastern portion of Jerusalem. known as Mt. Morish.
setth which as masons, we are particularly concerned, is fully de-
Note 198.—’.’Tribes of Israel, All the twelve tribes of Israel were en’ scribed tinder that head; as are the clefts of rocks. ihe hilt west of
gaged in the coimotructiOn of the first Temple But lummig before its Mt Moriab the valley of Jehoshaphat. the value of Shaveb end other
deatro’. thin tin of Ihem revolted, and formed the nalitun of whIle neighboring places under their respective titles. The history of this
the remaIning two, the tribes of Judab and Benjamin retained possession memorable city partakes In its mIsfortunes of the exaggerations of
of the Tenipli’ mind of .ter’.msolcm nuder the numnie of the kingduum of Jmmdsh romaOce. Levelled again and again to the ~round; pillaged. burned;
To these too tribes alone otter the mettirui from the captivity was in- spoil of every natIon of antiquity. t has yet resisted every
trusted the bumlimling of the secomiui Temple Iii’nu’e In tit’.’ high degrees attempt to blot it from existence and stands, at the present day, with
which, of course, are connected for the moat part soith the Temple mit a population of 125.000. insIgnificant in comparison with its former
Zerubbahel or a Ith events (bit otemurred amibseulOetit to the destriii’tIOV of grandeur, yet representing Ihe grandest and most important scenes
that of Solomoti. the tribe if .t’.’.’.lm’Iu anti Itetijutmln only are referred to recorded In the pages of history, human and divine. in ISIIS a lodge
But In the primary degrees whith arc
1 points tire explained
haseil tin by the a first Temimle.
reference the
to the was established here antler the title of the Royal Solomon Motbee
MasonIc references
twelve tribes ‘‘—Mackay’s ati’.um3s Encyclopaedia
inure to the t’.’.elve. trlbi’s
of ~reemaaonCy, lieu,Article
e ii’. the old
TribeS Lodge. “—MolTis’s Masonic DictIonary, Article lerumlem.
of Israel.the twelve origins
labor together for his glory and the improvement of
mankind. Together my brethren, (all give the sign.)
Thrice Puiasant—(Strikes one; 0.)
Warden—(Strikes one; 0, and so on alternately to
Aii—(Clap twelve with their hands, and cry three
DEGREE OF’ GRAND PONTIFF. Thrice Puissant—The Sun is up and this Chapter is
Thrice Puissant—Faithful and true brethren Grand open.
Pontiff, I propose to open this Chapter; aid me to do Thrice Pui.ssant—(Sti’ikes one; 0.) Be seated, faith-
so. Brother Junior Deacon, see that we are properly ful and true brethren.
Note 3OI.—”Xeeohe,. The word of acclamatIon used by the reench
Junior Deacon—(Knocks twelve on the door, opens Masons of the Scottish Rite in some of the Cahiers it Is spelled Sage.
It Is. I think, a corruplion of the word huam. which Is used by the
it and says:) Faithful and true brother, this Chapter of English and American .Mssoaa of the same Rite. “‘..MU*57•g Seepelo.
Grand Pontiffs is about to be opened, take due notiee —~ ef lreemaeeaxy Axtiele Eseehee.
and govern yourself accordingly. (Then shuts the
door.) Thrice Puissant, we are properly tyled.
Thrice Puissant—How?
Junior Deacon—By a faithful and true brother with-
out, armed and vigilant.
Thrice Puissant—Faithful and true brother Warden,
what is the hour?
Warden—The time is foretold to all nations, the Sun
of Truth has risen over the desert, the last struggle be-
tween good and evil, light and darkness commences, the
Cube Stone has become a mystic Rose and the lost word
is recovered.
Thrice Puissant—Be grateful to God, my brethren.
and let us proceed to open this Chapter, that we may
Note 300.—”Bmnud Pentiff. (Stand Pentife on Kunablime Zoemals.)
The nineteenth degree of the Ancient and Accepte4 Scottish Rite. The
degree is occupied In an examination of the Apocalyptic mystertee of
the New Jerusalem. It. officers are a Thrice Puissant and one warden
The Thrice Pulsiant is seated in the east on a throne canopied with
blue, and wears a white satin robe The warden Is in the west, and
holds a staff of gold The members are clothed In white, with bin.’
fillets embroidered with twelve stars of gold, and see called True and
Faithful Brothers. The decorations of the Lodge are blue spitokied
with mid stars “—Maskey’. Enerolopeedia at Preeznasourp Article Brand

Junior Deacon—Why doth lie now desire to attain

the degree of Grand Pontiff?
Master of Ceremonies—That he may be better quali-
lied to serve the cause of truth and light.
Junior Deacon—What other weapons does lie need
than Charity, hope and Faith?
CHAPTER XXXIV Junior Deacon—Then let him take his first le~soii
now, and wait with patience until the Thrice Puissant
NINETEENTH DEGREE on GRAND PONTIFF. is informed of his request, and his will ascertaint’d.
[Junior Deacon shuts the door, goes to the Thrice Puis-
INITIATiON. sant, and the same questions and answers are given,
[Master of Ceremony retires and prepares the can- e~tcept the last to be patient and wait.]
didate as a Knight Rose Croix, conducts him to the Thrice Puissant—Since his desires are commendable,
door, knocks six and one.] faithful and true brother Junior Deacon, let him enter.
Junior Deacon—(Knocks six and one, opens the door [Junior Deacon opens the door, the candidate enters
and says:) Who hails? with the Master of Ceremonies who conducts him twelve
Master of Ceremonies—A Knight Rose Croix, who times round the Chapter, halting at one of the columns
desires to attain the degree of Grand Pontiff. at each circuit. At the fourth column.]
Junior Deacon—How long hath he served? Master of Ceremonies—Judah55’ shall return again to
his first estate, when the empire of evil ends; Light and
Master of Ceremonies—Three years. not darkness is eternal ; Truth and not error is immortal.
Junior Deacon—Where? (At the third column.)
Master of Ceremonies—Tn Ihe ranks of Truth. Master of Ceremonies—Issachar shall once more be
Junior Deacon—How armed? free, when sin and suffering are known no longer; far
Master of Ceremonies—With Charity, Hope and in the future unto us, that day of light is now with God.
Faith. Time is a succession of points, each in the center of
Junior Deacon—Against i~hat enemies? eternity; evil lasts only during time. The reign of God
Master of Ceremonies—Intolerance and oppression. is measured by eternity. (At the ninth column.)
Mete 202.—’‘Grand Pontiff.” (Scotch Masonry. 1—The brat degree con-
ferred in the Cousiatory of Princes of the Royal Secret. Scoith Masonry Master of Cere,nonies—Zebulon, shall find peace, as
and the 111th upon the catalogue of that system its officers are a Thrice
Puissant Grand Pontiff and a Warden. The members sri’ termed True ships that come out of great storms, and furl their sails
and Faithful Brothers. The historical lessons are drewn from the SonIc
of ReyclatlOtiS The assembly is styled a Chapter The hangings are Mobs 203.—”Judah and flenjamin. Of the twelve tribes of Israel
blue, sprinkled with gold stars The members are clothed in white who acre at various limen. carried into capitivity. only two, those of
linen with blue fillets. embroidered with 12 golden stars Jewel. a Judab and Benjamin. returned under Zerubbahel In rebuild the second
square plate of gold having on one side the word Aiph,. on the other Temple. Hence. tn the high degrees, which are founded on events that
the word Omega Roars, from the hoar foretold to the hour accom occurned at and after the building of the second Ternp Ic the allusions
pushed. The draft of the lodge represents a square city’ with 12 gates. sre made only to the tribes of Juilab and P”njamln “—Mackey’s E
three on a side; in the midst a tree bearing twelve manner of fruits.” pedla of 2’resonasonry. Article Juda.h and Senjaman. ye
—Mania’s Masonic Dictionary. Article Grand ?ontuff.
and let drop their anchors in quiet harbors. For pesos. the seed, nor the towering oak enveloped in the acorn;
shall be the universal law to all the children of a com- nor the odors and colors in the tasteless, colorless, in-
mon father. (At the tenth column.) visible air and limpid water and rank dark earth, from
Master of Ceremonies—Reub en, like all mankind, has which the seed extracts them by its mysterious chem is-
wandered fart into the darkness, the steps of zthe ages, try. When the divine light eomelh we shall sce and
ring in their stately march dowr. nc~ ‘ong slopes of time, know. (At the second column)
and ever the dawn draws nearer. Men ~re God’s in- Master of Ceremonies—Benjamin, shall be redeemed
struments to accelerate it~ coining work, then my broth- and come back from exile and captivity, for they, like
er, be patient, wait. (At the eleventh column.) pain, poverty and sorrow are blessings. Without them
Master of Ceremonies—Sim eon, shall be reconciled to there would be scant excellence in human nature, neither
God, when intolerance no longer persecutes and bigotry forlitude nor self-denial, industry nor patience, charity
no longer hates; when man, brother of man shall no lon- nor tolerance, magnanimity nor generosity, heroism nor
ger be his torturer, his death, his fate. The waves of gratitude. (At the seventh column.)
elernity roll ever nearer to us, on the narrow sands of Master of Ceremonies—Dan, shall obey the new law;
life, that crumble under our weary feet. Those on whose the law of love. He prayeth best who hoveth best, all
ears the roar of the same surges smite, and whom the things both great and small; for the great God that
loveth us, he made and loveth all. (At the sixth col-
next wave will engulf together, should have in their
heerts a prayer to God, and not hatred for their brother. umn.)
Master of Ceremonies—Asher, shall pluck the fruit of
(At the twelfth column )
Master of Ceremonies—Gad, shall overcome at last, the tree of life, that towers above the golden spires and
though a troop of evils long overcame him, as they over- overlooks the Jasper walls of the New Jerusalem. (At
come us all. The serpent is still unchained. The giants the fifth column.)
still assail the battlements of Heaven and scarce recoil ifaster of Ceremonies—Napthaii, believes hopes,
before its hightnings. (At the first column.) waits and is patient; believes that all death is new life,
Master of Ceremonies—Ephraim has strayed from all destruction and dissolution re-combination and re-
home, he shall return in tears and penitence and find production, and all evil and affliction, but the modes of
eternal rest. From God all souls have emanated and to this great genesis that shall not be eternal. Hopes for
him all return. (At the eighth column.) the time when this incessant flux and change shall cease,
Master of Ceremonies—Manasseh. shall be restored to and the new law of love and light nile in all spheres
sight; We are all blind swimmers in the currents of a and over all existence, and waits with patience the ful-
mighty sea that hath no shore. We see as in a dream fillment of the inviolable promises of God. [At this
the effects and not the ea11~et. The simplest things arc moment a thick veil is thrown over the candidate
miracles to us We do not see the flower that is within and he is hurried into a small dark room, so he can take
the cloth off when he chooses. They make him sit on the mask on his forehead or in his hand, he shall drink the
wine of God’s indignation and be banished from the
floor in the middle, and then retire. This room should presence ofT the Holy Angels and of the World, that is
he black, with no furniture. Apertures must be made the Redeemer. Remorse shall torture them, and they
so that without admitting any one, the voice of one shall have no rest, who worship the beast and his image
speaking outside may be heard. It must also be ax.~ and receive ‘the marks of his name.
ranged so that flashes of lighting may be produced. The Third B,other—Have patience, Oh! thou, who though
candidate is left there for about five minutes, when a in darkness art still our brother; keep the command-
brother says in his hearing:] ments of God, and this faith in his justice and infinite
goodness. [There is sihence for a little while.]
First Brother—All who will not worship the Beast First Brother—The first Angel bath poured his vial
with seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten on the earth and a foul and horrid plague bath falhen
crowns, and the mysterious name upon his forehead on all who wear the mark of the Beast and have wor-
shall be slain, all men, the high and low, the rich and shipped his image. [Light flashes in the room.]
poor, freeman and slave shall receive upon their right Second Brother—The second Angel hath poured his
hand or on their forehead, his mark, his name, and the vial on the Sea, and it bath become like the blood of a
number’0’ of his name which is 666, or they shall neither dead man, and everything therein hath died. [Another
buy nor sell; for his is power, dominion and authority flash.]
of the Great Dragon. Man, helpless and in darkness, Third Brother—The third Angel bath poured his vial
wilt thou receive his mark that thou mayest emerge to upon the rivers and Ihe living springs, and they have
light. become blood. [Another flash.]
Thou art just and righteous Oh God; the infinite and
Second Brother—Fear God, and give glory to him, eternal in ahl thy judgments. For thou ha~t given them
for the hour of his judgment is come, and worship him blood to drink, who have persecuted their brethren for
that made Heaven and Earth, and the sea, and the their faith and usurped the power and prerogative of
springs of water, for he alone has the true sign. If any judgment, and shed the blood of the virtuous and good.
man worship the Beast and his image, and receive his First Brother—The fourth Angel hath poured his vial
Mote 204.—’ Kumbers. The symboii.m which i. deri,ed from numbers
upon the Sun, and the wicked are scorched with great
r.ns common to the Pythagoreans, the Kabbalists. the Ganstice. and all heat and yet will not repent. [Another flash ]
mystical associations. Of all auperstitions. It is the oldeat and the
moat generally dirused Ailnslon~ are to he found to It In all systemS Second Brother—The fifth Angel bath poured his vial
of religion; the Jewish Scriptures, for instance, abound in It. and the
Christian show a ahare of Its Influence. it is not, therefore, surprising upon those who worship the Beast, his kingdom is
that the mast predominant of all symboliam in Freemasonry is that at
jiumbers. shrouded in darkness and his followers howl from pain
The doctrine of numbers as. aymbola Is moat familiar to as because It
formed the tandamental idea of the philosophy of Pythagoras. Yet It and terror and blaspheme, and still do not repent.
was not original with bun, since he brought his theories from Egypt
and ibe East, where thia numerical symbolism had ilways prewoifed
[Another flash.]
Jsmbitchus tells us (Vit P7th., C. 28). that Pythagoras himself admitled Third Brother.—The sixth Angel bath poured out his
that he had received the doctalne of numbers from Orpheus. who taught
that numbers were the most provident beginning of all things In heoven, vial upon the great rivers of the Orient, and they are
earth. and the ieternedlste apace. and the root of the perijetalty of
dl~ine beings, of the gods and of demons.’ —Mackeys Eneyclopsadia of dried up and the spirits of falsehood, fraud and evil
Freemasonry. Article Miambera. marshall their armies for the great battle to be fought on

Tree of Life, and may enter through the gates into the
the great day of the Almighty God. Unexpectedly, be. city.”
fore men see it dawn, that day will come; see that ye be Brother who art in darkness, wilt thou obey that law
not found unprepared, but wear evermore the armor of and trust in that tnfinite goodness and be patient, though
Charity, Hope and Faith, lest it come suddenly and find the appointed time may seem to draw no nearer during
you naked and defenceless. [Another flash.] thy life, nor thy labors and exertions to produce any
First Brother—The seventh Angel hath poured his Candidate—i will.
vial into the Air. It is done. (Upon this thunder is Scuond Brother—Wilt thou bt~ neither weary nor dis-
heard without, and frequent flashes light the cell, then couraged; satisfied to sow the seed and that those who
there are loud noises, voices, ete., and a crash represent- come after thee may reap, if God so wills it?
4ng a city destroyed by an earthquake.) Candidate—I will.
First Brother—The Cities of the nations have fallen First Brother—Come then with us to the abode of
and intolerance, that great Babylon5~ is no more. The light. (The door is opened and the candidate received
chains imposed by fraud upon the human mind, the by several brethren and conducted into the Chapter.
manacles and fetters fastened by force upon free thought The draft is seen, displayed, and after he enters the
officers read as follows:)
have fahlen. The towers and battlements the bastions Orator—I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth, for
and the ramparts, that power and fraud, and falsehood the first Heaven and first Earth were passed away, and
fhough impregnable have fallen, and they DO longer there was no more Sea. I saw the Holy City, the new
shall be drunk with the blood of the saints and martyrs Jcru~tilem coming down from God out of Heaven.
of the Trulh. Henceforth he will dwell with men and be their father,
Second Brother—Salvation, Glory, Honor and Power and they his obedient and loving children. He will
wipe the tears from all eyes, and there shall be no more
to the eternal God and Infinite Father. True and right-
dealh, nor fraud, nor falsehood; there shall be no more
eous are his judgments. Let all his creatures and the sin anti shame, no remorse and affliction, sickness nor
great voice of the ocean and his thunders cry rejoicing- death any more, for the ancient wrong and evil have
ly. “The Lord omnipotent reigneth, and sin and evil passed away forever.
are dethroned. Blessed are they that obey his law and Warden—He that sits upon the throne saith, “I make
trust in his goodness, that they may have right to the all things new, write, for these words ai~e true To him
that thirsteth I give freely the waters of tIme Spring of
Note 20S.—~3abylsn. The anclent capital of Cbaidea. situated on
both sides of the Euphrates. and ace the most magnificent city of the Life. He that overcometh shall inherit all Ihings, I will
andeni world. It was here that upon the destruction of Solomon’s
‘rem pIc by Nebuchadnezzar in the year of the world. 3~’94. the Jews
be his father and will love my child.”
of he tribe of Judah asS Benjamin. who were the inhabitants of
Jeruaslem. ware conveyed said detained in eaptivit for seventy.two
Thrice Puissant—In the Heavenly City there shall be
years, until Cyrus. king 3f rerala. issied a decree br restoring them. no temple, for the Lord God Almighty and the Redeem-
and permitting them to rebuild their temple, under the superintendence
of Zerubbabel. the Prince of the Captivily. and with the assistance of er are its temple; nor Sun, nor Moon shall be needed
Joshua the High Priest and ilsggai the Scribe.
Babylon the Great, as the prophet Daniel celia it. was situated four there, for the primitive light shall shine therein and
hundred and seveuty.flve miles in a nearly due east direction from Jerusa.
lsm’—Maeke7s Rno~olop.adIa of Preemaaoary, Article Ba~lon.
give it light. In that light shall all nations walk, and
IN Ill ATi ON. 25
Supreme Council of the 33rd degree, within whose
tFerc shall all the splendor of the universe have their jurisdiction I may reside, so far as the same max’ come
Apring and centre. Therein shall be no night, wick- to my knowledge.
cdncss nor falsehood; but the light and everlasting life I furthermore promise and swear that I will devote
~nd truth of God shall reign there forever. He is Alpha myself, my heart, my hand, my speech and my intellect
and Omcga25~ the beginning ang the end, the:first and to the cause of justice, truth and tolerationuas and will
the last, from whom all things come, and to ~vhomall endeavor to do something for the benefit of my country
return. My biother if you believe in these promises, go and the world that shall live after I am dead; and that
now to the holy altar and th&e assume the ohliga.tion I will henceforth consider only what is right and just,
of this degree. (Candidate kneels at the altar, places and noble, and generous for me to do, and not whether
his hands upon the Bible and takes the following obli- any benefit to myself or mine will result therefrom, or
gation) whether I shall receive therefor thanks or ingratitude.
All of which I do most solemnly and sincerely promise
OBLIGATION DEGREE OF GRAND PONTIFF. and swear, binding myself under no less a penalt~5
I in the presence of the Almighty God, and than that of being held false Knight and faithless sol-
dier by every true Knight and honest man in Christen-
believing in justice and mercy, do hereby and hereon dom. So help me God.
most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, that I Thrice PnisRant—Melchizedek, King of Salem, whose
will never reveal any of the secrets of this degree to any name signifies just and equitable King, was the Prie..t
person in the world, except to him or them to whom the of the Most High God; he met Abram returning from
sanie may lawfully belong, and then only when I am the slaughter of the Kings and blessed him, and Abram
duly authorized and empowered so to do. Notes 208.—The same old charges say. No private piquen or quarrels
must he brought within the door of the Lodge. f.,r lea’s as~, quarrels
I furthermore promise and swear that I will obey the about religion or nations, or state policy, we heing only a., Mason’.
of the t’sthoile religion above mentioned, we are also of ati natloan.
by-laws, rules and regulations of any Chapter of this de- tongues. kindreds. and languages, and are resoived against oil poiiti~~.
as ~hnt never yet conduced to the welfare of the Lodge. nor ever
gree to which I may ~belong; and the edicts, laws and ciii —Mackey’s Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, Article Toleration.
Note 209.—The words So heip rae God • rerer exclusjvelv to the
man(lates 5’ of Sublime Princes a lthdrawai or divine aid and aasi’utance fr,,nx the jurator in the ease
hia proving false, and not to the human punishment which society would
0f the Grand
and Commanders Consistory’
of the Royal Secret, under whose inflict
In like manner, we may say of what are calied Masonic penalties.
jurisdiction it may be holden. as well as those of the ihat they refer in no case to any kind of humass punishment, that Is
to say, to any kind of punishment which is to he inflicted by human
Nate 206.—’ ‘Alpha and Omega. The first and lost letters of the hand or instrumentality The true punishments of Maaoniy affect neither
Gre~’h tancoege. referred to in the Royal ~l.,nte, and we of the higher lire nor limb They are eapulai~.u and suspension only ant chase
degrees They are explained by this pansoge In Revelations eb irli.. persoas are wrong, he they mistaken friends or malignant enemies, who
v 13 1 am Alpha and Omega, the begInning and the end the first suppose or assert that there is any other sort of penaity whirl’ a Mason
and the mat Alpha and Omega Is therefore. one of the appeilations reereant to his vows is subjected to by the laws of ihe Order or that
of Gad, equivalent to the beginning and the end of all things. and It is either the right or duty of any Mason to inflict such penalty on
so referred to In Isaiah xii 4. ‘1 am Jehovah, the first and the last an offending brother. The absecration of a Mason simply means ihat
if he violates his vows or betrays his trust he is worthy of such pensity
—Mackeys Encyticpaedia at Freernasanry, Article Alpha and Omega. and that if such penalty were inflicted on him it osonid he hut just
Note 2111.—’‘Grand Canasatary. The governing body over a State of and proper May I die.’ said the ancient. ‘if this he not true. or if
the Ancient and Accepted Sottieb 111cc. subject, however. to the I keep nit this von ‘ Not may any man put me to death, nor is any
superior jorisdictioo of the Supreme Council of the The man required to put me to dtsth. hut only, if I so act, then would
members of the Grand t’oonist~,rs are required to he in possession of I he worthy of diath The ritual pennities of Masonry suppoatog garb
the thlcty~secoiid iie~O ‘—Mackey’s Enayslapsodia of ~ to he are in the hands not of man, tint of God, and are to he inflicted
Article Grand Canasatory. by God, and not by man.’ ‘—Mackey’s Enayoiopmdi& of Freemasonry,
Article Penalty.
gave unto him the tenth of the spoils. (He anoints him BATTERY :—Twelve equ i-timed strokes.
with a little oil on the crown of his head and says:) TO OPEN —It is the predicted hour.
Be thou a Priest forever, after the order of Melehize-
TO CLOSE :—The hour is accomplished.
dek, virtuous, sincere, equitable, true; minister of jus-
PASS WORD :—Emanuel.
tice and priest tof toleration, be faithful to God, thy duty
and thyself, and thus deserve the title of Sublime Pon- SACRED WORD :—Alleluia. (Every brother now ad-
tiff or Scottish Mason, which you are henceforward en- vances in turn to the candidate and gives him the
titled to wear. Rise now my brother, and receive the token
sign, token and words of this degree. Thricc Put~ssant—(Invcsts him with Insignia, say-
810N. ing:)
Extend horizontally the right arm; This Robe of white linen, with which I now invest
the hand is also extended, bring you, is emblematical of that equality and purity which
down the three last fingers perpen- should characterize one who is consecrated to the service
I dicularly. of truth and remind us also of the vesture of the 144,-
000 who refused to wear the mark of the beast upon
their foreheads.
This Cordon of Crimson, bordered with white, teaches
you that the zeal and ardor Gf a Knight and Pontiff
ought to be set off by the greatest purity of morals and
perfect charity and beneficence. The twelve stars upon
it and upon the fillet allude to the twelve gates of the
new city, and the twelve signs of the zodiac, the twelve
fruits of the tree of life, the twelve tribes of Israel and
TOKEN. the twelve Apostles, the initials of whose names appear
Each places the palm of his ‘upon the gates and foundation of the new city, and on
right hand on the other’s fore- the twelve columns of the Chapter.
head; one says, Alleluia, the other This Fillet, is the peculiar emblem of your Pontifi-
answers Praise the Lord; the first cate, arid as the slightest contact with earth will soil its
then says, Emanuel, the other, spotless purity, remember that, so the least indiscretion
God speed you. Both say Amen. will soil the e’altcd character that you have now volun—
tarily assumed. Receive Ihis jewel, and let the letters
upon it and the Cordon, the first and last of the Hebrew LECTURE DEGREE OF GRAND PONTIFF OR DOCTRINE O~
and Greek alphabet, ever remind you of the love and GRAND PONTIFF.
veneration which you owe to that great being; the
source of all existence, the Alpha and Omega, the first Query—What are you?
and the last, on~whose promises we rely with p&fect Answer—I am a Sublime Grand Pontiff.
confidence, in whose mercy and goodness we implicitly Query—Where did you receive this degree?
trust, and for the fulfillment of whose wise purposes we Answer—In a place that wants neither sun nor moon
are content to wait. (Warden shows candidate the
to light it.
draft.) Query—Explain this to me?
Thrice Puissant—My brother, after the ceremonies of Answer—As the Grand Pontiffs never wanted any
this degree, this painting needs but little explanation.
The Serpent” writhing in chains has lo us a peculiar artificial lights to light them, in same manner thc
signification; it was promised that the offspring of the faithful and true trothers, the Sublimc Grand Pontiffs
woman should bruise the serpenfs head, fulfill thou the want neither riches nor titles to be adniittcd int~ this
prophecy. (The candidate is caused to step on the three sublime Chapter, as they prove themselves in their at-
heads of the serpent.) tachment to masonry, and raithfulness in thcir obli-
Thrice Putssant—So shall the foot of truth crush gations and true friendship to their brethren.
error! So honesty and honor tramples on falsehood, Query—What rcpresents the Draft of this Chapter?
so charity treads in the dust intolerance. Go now my Answer—A square city of four equal sides, with threc
brother, and listen to the lecture of this degree. (The
Master of Ceremonies presents him to the Orator who gates on each side, in the middle of which is a tree
delivers [assisted by Ihe Master of Ceremonies] the bearing twelve different kinds of fruit; said city is sus-
lecture. pcndcd as on clouds, below is a reprcsentatinn of Jerusa-
lem overturned and in ruins. There arc twelvc gates
Note 210.—’Ierp.nt. As a Bymboi, the fierpent obtained a prominent
place in all tbe ancient initiotions and religious AIn~,ug the Egyptians
it was the nynibol of Divine ~wisdom wben extended at length and the
of pcarl, tlir~e on each side; a grcat glory in the center
Serpent with bis tall lm his mouth ~ an eznhlem of eternity
winged globe and serpent symbolized their triune deity.
in the ritual
gives it light, bcneath thc ruins of the cit lies a scrpent
of Zoroaster. tbe seFpent ~as a symbol ot tbe universe. In China, the
ring hetween ti~o aerpenls ~as the SyiDhol of the world governed hv
with thrcc hcads, bound in chains, on one side of the
the power and wisdom of tbe Creator The ss~me device Ia several timri
repeated on tbe isiac t~bie. Higgins (Ansosi., i 521). says tbat. from draft is a high mountain.
tbe faeu~ty whieb the Se: pent pos*wssed of renewing its,lf. w~tbout the
process of generation as to nutw~rd appearance, by annually casting Query—Explain this to me?
its skin, it becauje. like tbe Pboenix. the cmhiem of eternity; but be
denies that it evr r’pr.’9enied. even i~, C,ene8is. tbe evil jrinelple A nswer—The square city represents ancient rna~onry,
Faber’s theory of tbe symboiism of the a~rpent. aa ~et forth In bin work
on tbe Origin of Pagan Idolatry. i~ inginious fle ~ that the under the title of Grand Pontiff, that comes down from
anclenta in part derived their idea of tbe serpent from tbe first tempter.
and hence it was a hieroglyphic of the evil principle But aa the deiug~ Heaven to replace the ancient dcstruction (say the tem-
w~s thought tn have emanated frnm the evil principle the serpent
hecatne a symbol of the d’iuge He also represented tbe good principle: ple) when the Grand Pontiffs make it appcar as ‘tis rep-
the d,a being horro~ed frnm.. the winged .‘r8phim whi’h ws~ blended
i~ th tile heriihim whn ~ the tree nt ilfe —the serapb1i~ and resenfrd by the ruins and the chained serpcnt ivith three
cberuhim h’ing sometimes eonsidered an identical. —Mackeys Enqolo.
peedia of Fr~maaonry, Article Serpent. heads
Query~Hoo.s~ comes masonry fallen to ruins, a~ we self?
Query—What signifies the twelve golden stars on the
are so bouDd together by our obligations?
Answer—It was so decreed in olden times, as we learii Fillet?
by St. John, who we understand was the first mason Answer—They represent the twelve angels who
that held a Perfect Chapter. watched the twelve gates of the celestial city of Jerusa-
Query—Where does St. John say this? lem, the twelve signs of the zodiac, the twelve fruits of
Answer—In his revelation500 where he talks of Ba- the tree of life, the twelve tribes of Israel, and the
bylon, and the celestial Jerusalem. twelve apostles, the initials of whose names appear upon
Query—What signifies the tree with twelve differeDt the gates and foundation of the new city and on the
kinds of fruit in the center of the city? twelve columns of the Chapter.
Answer—It is the tree of life which is placed there Query—What signifies the blue hangings of the Chap-
to make us understand where the sweets of life are to be ter and the gold stars thereon?
found, and the twelve different kinds of fruit that we Answer—The blue is the symbol of Lenity, Fidelity,
meet every month to instruct ourselves aDd sustain one and Sweetness, which ought to be the character of all
another against our enemies. faithful and true brothers; and the stars represeDt those
Query—What signifies the fillet or veil that the ean•
Note IiR.—”’The whole machinery of the Apocalypae .sys Mr
didate is blinded wtth? Faber, ‘from beginning to end, seems to me very plainly to have been
borrowed from the machinery of the Ancient Mysteries, and this, if we
Answer—It procures him entrance into our Chapter consider the nature of the subject, was done with the very strictest
as it did procure entrance into the celestial Jerusalem to eatention to poetical decorum
‘St. John himself is made to personate an aspirant about to be
those that wore it; thus hath St. JohD5” explained him- Initiated; snd. accordingly, the images presented to his mind a eye
closely ‘resemble the pageants of the Myateries both in nalure and in
Note Ill.— ‘Aponalypse, Masonry of the.. The adopilon of St. John order of sssossa.ion.’
the Evangelist as one of the patrons of our Lodges, has given rise. ‘The prophet firut beholds a door opened in the magxoitcent temple
among the writers on Freemasonry, to a variety of theories as to the of heaven, and into this he Is invited to eater by the voice of one
who plays the hierophant. Here he witnesses the unsealing of a
original cause of his being thus ronnected with the Institution. Several sacred book, and forthwith be is appalled by a troop of ghastly appari.
traditions have been hinded down from remote periods. whieb elsim tions. which flit is horrid succenalon before hi. eyes. Among these are
him as a brother, among which the Masonic student will be familiar preeminently conspicuourn a vast morpent the well knows symbol ol the
with that whhh reprea~ats hIm as having assumed the government of
the Crsft, as Grand Master, after the demise of John the Baptist. I great father; and two portentous wild ~easte, which severaity come up
out sit the sea and nut of the earth Such hideous flgs.rea correspond
confesa thst I am not willing to place implicit confidence in the correct. with the canine phantom. of the Orgies, which soem in rise out uf the
ness of thIs legend. sad I candidly subscribe to the prudence of ground, and with the polymorphic images of the hero god who was
Daicho’s remsrk. that ‘It is unwise to sasert more than we can prove. universally deemed the olapring of the sea,
snd to argue against probablitty.’ There must have been however, in Passing these terrific monsters in safety, the prophet. conatantly
some way, a connection more or less direct between the Evangelist and attended by his angel hiea’ophant, who acts the part of en interpreter.
the institution of Freemasonry, or he would not from the earliest times is conducted into the presence of a female, who is deacribcd as closely
have been so universally claimed as one of its patrons. If it was simply resembling the great mother of Pagan theniugy Ltke Isis emergtng
o ChristIan feeling—a religious veneratton—which gave rise to thu from the sea and exhibittng hersetf to the aspirant Apuleins. this
general homage. I see no reason why St. Matthew. St. Mark. or Ut. feu..le divtnity, upborne upon the morine wild beast, appears to float
Luke might not ss readily and appropriately hare been selected as one upon the surface of many waters. She is said to be an open and
at the lines eaCallel ‘ But the fart Ia that there is something both in syatematinal harlot, just a. the great mother was the declared female
the life and in the wrttings of St. John the Evangelist, which closely principle of fecundity; and as she was always propitisted by litersi
ronnects him with our mystic institution. He may not have been a forolation reduced to a religious system. sod as the intliated were
Vacemason in the sense in which we new use the term: but it will made to drink a prepared liquor out of a sacred goblet so this harlot
he sufficient, if it can be shown that he was familiar with other mystical is represented as intoxicating the kings of the earth wilh the geiden
institutions, which sce themselves genersity admitted to have been more cup of her prostitution On her forehead the very name of Mystery is
ar less intimately connected soith Freemasonry by dyriving their exist.
sure from a common origin.’ ‘—Maskoy’s Enoyoiopaedia of Fresmsemsls inscribed, and the label teaches us that. in point of character, she is
Astiolo Apoeaij’pae, Masonry of the. the great universal mother of idolatry ‘ “—Ms.okey’s Enoyelopasdia of
Freemasonry, Artloic Apsoaiypse, Masonry of the.

masons who have given proof of their attachment to the

statutes and rules of the order, which in the end will
make them deserving of entering the celestial Jerusa-
Query—What is your name?
Answer—Faithful and True brother. CLOSING CEREMONIES
Note 313.—”AIi that is venerable, all that is nnivera5.. sal sjiat IA
preserving cry, dates from Jerusalem. the Golden City. DEGREE OF GRAND PONTIFF.
1he city of the Great King. There is no locality in the world so
worthy of a mason’s •tndy as this. and, thanks to the researches of
travelers, there Is no city of ancient renown that has been so thorongLi?
mplered and opened out to public view. ‘—Mereis’s Masonie Dlotionasl
Thrice Puissant—Brother Warden, what is the hour?
5 Warden—Thrice Puissant, the hour is aecomplithed.
Thrice Puissant—What then remains to be done?
Warden—To work, to wait and be patient.
Thrice Puissant—Work then my brethren while it is
yet day, for the night cometh in which no man can work.
For what do we wait, brother Warden?
Warden—For the light of noon-day.
Thrice Puissant—Let us then close this Chapter and
be patient brother Warden; inform the Knights and
Pontiffs that I am about to close this Chapter if they
consent in order that each may go forth into Ihe world
and do his duty as soldier and priest of Truth, Light
and Toleration.
Warden—Brothers Knights and Pontiffs, the Thrice
Puissant Master is about to close this Chapter if you
consent that we may each go forth into the world and
labor to elevate and enoble humanity as true soldier and
priest of Light, Truth and Toleration. If you eoDseut
give me the sign. (All give the sign.)
Thrice Puissant—Eaps as in opening.
Warden~—Raps as in opening.
All—Clap twelve and cry three times, Iloslies.
Thrice Puissant—The sun climbs toward the Zenith
and this Chapter is closed.

damning, is when sinners tmitate and copy the ap-

g~roaches of God to men. And this is what is doDe in
this 19th degree.
The lodge master is “Thrice Puusant;” personating
Christ, who has “all power.” The master is “seated on
a throne arid holds a Sceptre,” with the blue canopy of
PHiLOSOPHICAL ANALYSIS the heavens over him. This is Christ’s rival, the usurp-
ing “god of thi.s world.” The degree itself, says Mackey,
NINETEENTH DEGREE, OR GRAND PONTIFF. (Note 197,) “is founded on the mysteries of the Apoca-
lypse,” which is “the Revelation of Jesus Christ,” (Rev.
idoistry the I’jr, ni of all sin—The Lodge Master Personaten christ—The
Purpose to l,anl’iae An,, and l-inrrnr—MdsnIir~ thy image of the 1, 1.) And his lodge members are “clothed iD white
Itomish Bessi—Cbsrarter of Dr. Dairho. liDen robes,” like attending Angels; (Rev. 15:6.) ADd
“What is the matter with a little by-play of idola- on the jewel is engraved “Alpha and Omega,” which is
try?” Ans.—The matter is just this:—From kissing the title of Christ. And in opening, the WardeD says:
,‘~ne s hand to the moon, in the days of the Patriarell “the Sun of Truth has risen.” “Christ is the Sun of
ilighteousness.” And ‘The Truth and Life.” ADd,
Job. (c. 31, 27,) to Sun-worship by solemn cireurnam-
as in a preceding degree, the grim mockery of
bulation in a Masonic lodge; every act of idolatry, how- opening the seals and sounding the trumpets (p. 451,)
ever trisial or contemptible, is an expedient to un-God was gone through with, so here follow the vials
our globe, by getting rid of Christ. When the Eternal poured out, and the dwelling place of God, the New
Father brought forth his Son into the world, and said: Jerusalem, comes down to men. And after these superla-
“Let all the Angels of God worship him;” (Hcl. 1, 6,) tively impudent moekeries are gone through with, the
one angel refused, and became chief of the devils. And candidate is made to kneel down and swear to conceal
them from all but MasoDs of this degree; after which
all “Gentile” or Christless‘I wor~h ip is paid to that fallen the candidate is solemnly anointed into the priesthood of
aDgel, or to some o~ his legions, (1, Cor. 10:20.) To Christ, who is “a priest forever after the order of Mel-
dispense with Christ, is to leave our ruined race with no ehizedek.” There is nothing more revoltingly
means or mediator, by whom to reach God and Heaven. blasphemous in the Mormon Endowment House, where
And the lodge dispenses with Christ, by dropping his Brigam Young used, as El Shaddai, to personate Al-
name and person, to take in his enemics; Jews, pagans mighty God! And when this horrible fanfaronade is
and others; or, by insulting him with false, spurious gone through with, by men such as are found in ordina-
worships. When Aaron told Israel to worship Jehovah, ry Masonic lodges, the ~ereteheddupe is told that he is
by dancing naked around a calf, ( Ex. 32:18.) he at- ‘henceforward entitled to wear the sublime title of
tempted to add a heathen ritual to an orthodox creed: Scottish Mason.’ It is noticeahle that in this blasphe-
and three thousand men that day paid for their idolatry mous recitative, there are no aser~ptions of glory tr’
with their lives. The sins of men are numberless. Idola- Christ. The ritual runs; (p. 22.)
try is the one parent of them all ; and lodge worship is “salvation, Glory, 1-lonor and Power to the EterDal
idolatry. And, of all idolarty, the most daring and God and Infinite Father.”

The Bible ascription is ;—“Every creature which is in and Popery the religious harlot rider. In this, without
Heaven and on the Earth; and under the Earth, aDd exception Protestant commentators agree.
such as are in the Sea, and all that are in them, heard And the lodge net-work which now covers the Globe,
I saying; blessing and honor and glory and power be differs from Rome in two particulars: It has neither
unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the fixed government, church or nationality like Rome:
Lamb, forever and ever.”
While the book itself is “the Revelation of Jesus but lodges are made “by them that dwell on the Earth,”
Christ;” this Ette mutilates it by leaving him o(it of (Rev. 13, 14,) promiscuously; neither visible govern-
such p”assages as the above and compliments him only ment nationality or church, yet controls business anu
with a half contemptuous allusion to him as “the Mas- religion! 2nd.—It is flitting as a shadowy image;
ter of Nazareth ;“ and a wooden image of a lamb, lying changing its shapes endlessly, but keeping its diabolical
on a book with seven seals; with a further allusion to priest nature. And the beast and his image are one,
him as “Ihe Word.” murderous and false as their master and god Satan,
But the most extraordinary part of this 19th degree
is its bold allusion to “the Beast and His image.” who was “liar and murderer from the beginning and
The candidate is being led twelve times around the the father of it.” (Jno. 8, 44.) And the last we hear
lodge, he is jerked into a small dark room and seated on of them; Beast, False Prophet, Image and their wor-
the floor; sitting there he hears a brother say: “All shipers, they are cast into a lake of Are burning with
who will not worship the Beast with seven heads and brimstone, (Rev. 19, 20.) And whoever comforts him-
ten horns, shall be slain ;“ all men, the high and low, self in the fact that the fire and brimstone are not lit~.
the rich and the poor, freeman and slave shall receive eral, will doubtless find the reality as fearful as its sym-
upon their right hand, or on. their forehead his mark,
ete., or they shall neither buy nor sell.” And a second bols.
brother takes up the strain and adds :—“Remorse shall One would suppose that a scripture like this would be
torture them and they shajl ha’~e no rest who worship the last woven into a Masonic rite, by men supposed to
the beast and his image ;“ and here the matter is be educated and attentive to their own interests. The
dropped. The purpos~ would seem to be to inspire awe only explanation which can be suggested is that these
and horror in the candidate, and leave his mind in abso- degrees are the work of semi-apostate priests, like those
lute emptiness and confusion. swept into Ihe E’reneh Revolution of 1789, manufactured
Now the secret lodge system of which this Rite is at the Jesuits’ College of Clermont in 1754-8:—That
the ruling part, is the image of the Romish beast, which
they were 5eDt to this eouDtry in 1761 by an ex-Jew,
was, and is the secret despotism of the world. That
the seven-headed beast with his harlot rider is Rome, ~iforin, whose religion was money, as the Rite of Per-
the book itself teaches, (Rev. 17, 18.) “The woman fection :—that Morn appointed sixteen “Inspectors
which thou sawest is that great city which ruleth over General” with himself, of whom thirteeD were Jews
the Kings of the Earth.” There can be no mistaking also. Dr. Daleho, the son of a Prussian, born in Lon-
thi~ No other city on earth ever claimed and exercised don, a soldier, settled in Charleston, S. C.; a Physician,
jurisdiction over Kings. Pagan Rome was the B’~’.st,


afterwards a priest in Ihe Prot. Episcopal Church :—A

Sovereign Inspector of the Scottish Rite :—helped form
the first Supreme CouDeil :—A successful Masonic wri-
ter, became involved in Masonic disputes, and quit Ma-
~oDry in disgust snd died out of connection with the
Sueh.were the minds that formed the present BuhDg LODGES OR ASSOCIATE M’ASTER AD VITAM.
Rite of the world. They took the old Rite of Perfec-
tion and the swarms of side degrees which had over ru~ fPAST MASTER] ALSO CALLED GRAND MASTER OF Wis.-
Europe, combined, modified and revised :—added eight DON.
more to make the present Rite of 330, which fears not
vm~us oi ADONIS. g
God nor regards man. Such men could dabble with
“The beast and his image, as snake-fanciers play with DECORATIONS :—The hangings are blue and gold. In
snakes; conscious of no motive but to make an impres- the east is a throne which you ascend by nine steps, un-
dera canopy, before it is an altar on which are an open
sion, not knowing they were dabbling with their owD 214.—’ MeDIA, Mysteries of. An investigation of the mysteries
of Adonis pecniisri.y elsims the attention of the Masonic student: first.
doom! because. in their symbolism and in their esoteric doctrine, the religious
object for which they were instituted, and the mode in which that
In the closing lecture of this degree we have the key ohject is attained, they bear a nearer ansiogical resemblance to lb.
institution of Freemasonry than do any of the other mysteries or
to the motive of the eoDtrivers :—Query.—”What signi- systems of initiation of the ancient world: and. aecondly. because tbeir
ebief locality bringa them into a very ciose connection with the early
fies the tree with twelve different kinds of fruit in the history and repoled origin of Freemasonry. For they were principaily
celebrated at iiybios. a eity of Phoenicia. whoa. scripiural name was
centre of the City,” (p. 30.) Gebal. and uhoae inhahitjnts were the Giblites or Giblemites. who are
referred to in the lam Brok of Kings (chap V. iS) as being the stone-
“Answer—It is the tree of life which is placed there aquarers employed by King Solomon In building the Temple. Hence
there must have evidently been a very intimate ronnection. or at least
to make us understand where the sweets of life are, and certainly a very frequcut intercommunication, between the workmen
of the first Temple and ihe inhabitants of Byblos. the seat of the
the twelve diffe~eut kinds of fruit that we meet every Adonisiso mynteries. and the piace whence the worshipers of thot rite
were disseminated oycr otber regions of country.
month to instruct ourselves, and sustain one aDOther These historical circuniateflfes invite na to an examination of the
system of initiation ~hieh wns preetleed at Byhios. becau,e we may
agaiDst our enemies.” Thus from the creation until find in it something that was probably suggestive of the symbolie
system of InstructioB which was subsequently so prominent a feature
now, the Globe has stood and trees and fruits have grown in the system of Freemasonry..
Let us first examine the myih on which the Adonisiac initiation was
ripened and fallen for a Masonic lodge! It is difficult fonaded. The mytholo ical le end of Adonis is, that he was the son ef
Myrrha and cinyrus. ¶~immg o~ cyprus. Adonis was possessed o~ such
to determine whether stupidity, cunning, swindling or surpassing beauty, that venus becsnle enamored with him, and adopted
him as her favorile. Suhacquently Adonis. who was a great hunter.
superstitioD predominates in this vile compound. And died from 5 wound inflicted by a wild boar on Mount Lebanon. venus
flew to the succor of her fayerite. but she came too late. Adonis was
dead. On his descent to the Infernal regions. Proseruine became, like
though one can understand how sorcerers and jugglers veuns. so attracted by his beauty, that, notwithstanding the entreaties
of the goddess of love, she refused to restore him to earth. At length
can deal with such trash; the minister of Christ, who the prayers of the desponding venus were listened to with favor by
Jupiter, who reconciled the dispute between the two goddesses, and
has ever known the truth, and yet deals in it must sure- by whose decree Pioserpiuie was compelled to consent that Adonis should
anend six mouths of each year aiternately ‘viih herself and venus.”—
ly incur “wrath to the uttermost.” Maskays Enoyolopssdis of Jrsunaaoniy,hrtiois Adonis, Mysteries at.

Bible, square and compass, sword, mallet, etc., ete., as in right hand corner G.~.; at the left V...; middle tri-
8 lights angle, at the apex, H.~.; at the right P.~.; at the left
of Symbolic lodge. one
three triangles The lodge the
within is lighted
other, by
in nine’
a candlestick H.~.;i nner one, at the apex T.’.; at the right T.~.; at
with nine branches between the altar and the west on
the tracing board. Over the Venerable Master in the the left Z. In the centre of the inner one in the

East is a glory suitrounding a triangle, in the eentre of tetragramma.ton21’ and across it from below upwai’ds,
which are the words Fiat Lux.’” In the middie of the the words Fiat Lur.
room surrounding the altar, in the form of a triangle are TRACING BOARD :—The tracing board is an octagon
three columns on which are these words: On that in the with a square raised on each of five sides, and an equi-
East, Truth, on that in the West, Justice, on that in the lateral triangle on each of the three others, with the
South, Toleration. The lodge cannot be opened unless
nine members be present. Besides the nine lights men- initials of the twenty-nine virtues of a mason in the
tioned above, there may be others used in different partt c~nrners of the squares and triangles. In the centre or
of the lodge; but should be arranged in squares and the octagon are the nine great lights.
triangles. The nine great lights should be of yellow20’ JEW EL:—The jewel is gold. like the triangle on the
wax. apron, with the same words and letters, or like the
OFFICERS :—The officers are as in a Symbolic lodge; tracing board.
the Orator sits in the North and the Pursuivant guards BATTERY :—Is one and two; 0 00.
the door within. All wear their hats.
SASH :—The sash is yellow and sky blue, or two, one Note 218. “Tetragrammaton. to Greek It signifies a word of four
letters it is the title given by the Talmudiala to the name of God
of each color, crossing each other. Jehovi,,. ,vhici, in the original Hebrew ronsists of four letters. —
Mackey’s Enoyclopsedia of Freemasonry, Article Tatragrammaton.
APRON :—The apron is yellow, lined and bordered
with sky blue. Upon it in the centre are three equi-
lateral triangles one within the other, with the initial
letters of the nine great lights in ihe corners; thus in
the corners of the outer one at the apex, C.’.; at the
Note 21B,—”Yine. This is one the sacred Numbers it poaseases
remarkable powers of reproduction, and in the Pythagorean philosn~hy
was made the subject of much mysterious disoertation “—Morris’s
Masento Diotlonary, Arttnia Nina.
Note 216.—”Lux Fiat at Lux Fit. Latin. ‘Let there be light. anO
there was light. • A motto sometimes prefixed to Masonic documents.’
—Mackeys Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, Arttole Lux Fiat at Lux Fit.
Note 211.—The natural sun was the symbol of the apiritosi sun,
~ Id represented the natural sun. and yellow warn the emblem of gold.
It is evldqnt that yellow derives all it, significance as a symbolic
color from its connection with the hue of the rays of the sun and the
metal gold.
Among the ancients, the divine light or wisdom was represented by
y ellow, as the divine heat or cl~’nt
was by red. And this appears to
he about the whole of the an of this color. ‘—Mackey’s
Enqoio’~ias4in of Freemasonry. Artlola Yellow.


Junior Deacon—Prudence, Temperance, Chastity

abd Sobriety.
Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Deacon,
what compose the second masonic square?
Senior Deacon—Heroism, Firmness, Equanimily
Venerable Master—Brother Grand Secretary, what
compose the third masonic square?
Venerable Master—(Knocks one.) Grand Master Grand Secretary—Purity, Honor, Ft del ity and
and brethren, the hour has conte for this Grand Lodge Punctuality.
to convene, be pleased to clothe yourselves and repair Venerable Master—Brother Grand Treasurer, what
to your stations.
Venerable Master—Brother Junior Deacon, see that compose the fourth ,masonie square?
the doors are ~velltyled. (He obeys.) Grand Treasurer—Charity, Kindness, Generosity and
)untor Deacon—Venerable Grand Master, the dOOrb Liberality.
are duly tyled. Venerable Master—Brother Grand Orator, what com-
Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden, pose the fifth masonic square?
ascertain whether all present ~re Grand Masters. (Sen-
Grand Orator—Disinterestedness, Mercy, Forgiveness
ior Warden goes around, receives the word from each
brother and returns to his station.) and Forbearance.
Senior Warden—Venerable Grand Master, all pres- Venerable Master—Brother Junior Grand Warden,
ent have proved themselves Grand Masters. what is the first great masonic triangle?
Venerable Master—Brother Junior Grand Deacon, Junior Warden—Veneration, Devotedness, and Pa-
what compose the first masonic square? triotism.
Note 21S.—~’Gnnd Mastsz~ of all Symbolic Lodges. The 20th degree Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden,
of the Ancient and Accepted rite This degree affords a thorough
exemplification of the philosophical spirit of the system of Freemasonry what is the second great masonic triangle?
Philosophy and Masonry, being one and the same principle, have the
same object and mission to attain—the worship of the Great Architeci Senior Warden—Gratitude to God, Love of mankind,
of the univeres. and the disenthralment of mankind, Here the candidate
is ebarged with the responsible duties of instructor of the great iruths and confidence in human nature.
of the universality of Masonry, inspired by an upright and enlightened
reason, a firm and rational judgment. aud an affectionate sod liberal
Venerable Master—And the third great masonic tri-
philanthropy Ibis degree besrs the same relation to Ineffable Masonry
that the Past Master’a degree does to the symbolic degrees veneration.
angle, composed of Truth which includes Frankness,
Charity. Generosity. Heroism, Honor, Patriotism. Justice. Toleration, Plain Dealing and Sincerity; Justice which includes
and Truth are inculcated. Tb. body is called a Lodge; the hanginga
are blue and gold. The presiding ofilcer ia styled Venerable Grand Equity and Impartiality; and Toleration.
Master, and is seated in the East A Lodge cannot he opened with
leas than nine members. In the Esat is a throne, ascended by nine steps. Venerable M~aster—(One rap,) Brethren in the
and surmounted by a canopy, the l.odge is lighted by nine lights of
yellow wax. The apron is yellow, bordered and lIned with blue: the South, what seek ye lo attain in masonry?
sash is of broad ye’o, and blue ribbon, Paasinr from the left shoulder
to the right hip; the jewel is a triangle, of go d. on which is eI~¶raved Junior Deacon—Light, the hi~ht of Knowledge, Sei-
the Initials of the sacred words. —Maoay’s Enoyslopsedia and Die osary
.1 Freemasonry. hztioie Granfi Mactar of ali Symbolie Lodge..
enee and Philosophy.
Venerable Master—Brethren in the North, what seek

ye to attain in masonry?
Grand Orator—Light, the light of liberty, free
thought, free speecul for all mankind, free conscience,
free action, within law, the same for all.
Venerable Master—Brethren in the West, what seek
ye to attain in niasonry?
Senior Warden—Light, the great light of God’s di- CHAPTER XXXVI
vine truth, eternal as himself; and of virtue, immortal
Venerable Master—Aid me then my brethren to open LODGES OR ASSOCIATE GRAND MASTER
this lodge, that we may seek the true masonic light. To-
gether brethren. AD vITAM.”

AlL—(Give the sign.) [PAST MasTul ALSO CALLED GRAND Miami op Vhs-
Venerable Master—My brethren, let the great lights DOMain
of the lodge shine.
Purs’uivant—(Advances, lights one of the great INITI &TION.
lights and returns.) Let veneration for the deity buis [The nine great lights having been extinguished, the
in this lodge as its first great light. Senior Deacon retires, invests the candidate with the
Senior Deacon—(Lighting another light.) Let the collar and jewel of a Grand Pontiff and the jewel of a
light of generosity be lifted up in this lodge Rose Croix and leads him to the door.1
Grand Orator—(Lighting another.) Let the light Senior Deacon—(Knocks one and two; 0 00.)
of heroism blaze like the day among us. Junior Deacon.—(From within knocks three, 000;
Grand Treasurer—(Lighting another.) Let the and opens the door.) Who seeks admission?
light of honor ever direct our footsteps. Senior Deacon—A mason, who having attained the
Grand Secretary— (Lighting another.) Let the light Note I2O..—~ Ad vutam. isontob Xasenry.1—The principle of life.
office (ad vitamn, for life) has been adopted to a limited extent In
of patriotism shine in our souls as in the lodge. American Grand Lodges by giving to Past Grand Masters Past Siasters
of Lodges, life-membership with restricted suffrage But in Sroteh
Junior Warden—(Lighting another.) Let the great Masonry ad yitann has its broadest scope, in some rountrie~ the hIghest
officer in the institution holding his office for life—Morris’s Masonic
light of justice burn steadily upon our alters. Dictionary, Article Ad vktam.
Senior Warden—(Lighting another.) Let the great Note 291.—”lCing Solomon has been adopted in Speculative Masonry
as the type or representative of wisdom, in accordance with the char.
light of toleration dim the fires of persecution. acter whIch has been given to him in the First Hook of Kings (iv 3032 1
•Solomon’s wisdom exceeded the ~lsdom of all the children of the east
Venerable Master—Let the great light of truth, rountry. and all the wisdom of Egypt For he was wiser thsn all men.
(lights it) illumine our souls and complete the great than Ethan the Ezrahite. and Heman and Chalcol and Darda. the sons
ef Mahol. and his fame was in all the natIons round about.’
triangles of perfection. in all the Oriental pluilosophies a conspicuous place has been gIves
to wisdom. In the book called the Wisdom of Solomon. (vIl 7, 8) hot
Venerable Master—Together brethren. supposed to be the production of a Ilelienistic Jew. it is said ‘I called
upon God. and ihe spirit of wisdom came to me. I preferred her before
All—(Clap one and two; 000.) Fiat Lux. sceptres and thrones. and esteemed riches nothing in comparison of her.’
Venerable Master—Brethren the nine great lights And farther on in the same book. ivil 25-27.1 she is described as ‘the
breath of the power of God, and a pure influence (emanation] flowing
are burning in our lodge and it is duly open; be from Ihe glory of the Almighty . .. the brightness of the everlasting
light, the unspotted mirror of the power oE God, and the Image of his
seated. goodnesS.“‘—Mankey’s Enqolopeedia of Fraemaaonx~’. Artiole Wisdom.

nineteenth degree desires to be here qualified to preside

over all symbolic lodges that he may still further ad- altar and leaves him.)

Venerable Afaster—My brother you have often knelt


vance in masonry.
Junior Deacon—Is it not through mere idle curios- before the altar of masonry, and you now stand before
ily, or for the sake of distinction among his fellows that it again, enclosed in a great triangle formed by three
he makes this request? great columns which support this lodge. What name
Senior Deacon—It is not. do you read upon the column in the South?
Junior Deacon—Is he of that number of masons who,
having attained this degree, repose thereafter in con- Candidate—Toleration.
tented indolence, indifferent to the evils that demand Venerable Master—No man has the right to dictate
to be redressed? to another in matters of belief or faith; no ma’n can
Senior Deacon—He is not. ~y that he has possession of truth as he has of a chat-
Junior Deacon—Is he of that class of masons who
tel. ~~‘hen man persecutes for opinion’s sake, he
utter beautiful sentiments and press on others the per-
formance of masonic duty, and with that remain con- usurps the prerogative of God. tJo you admit the
tent? truth of these principics?
Senior Deacon—He is not. Candidaic—I do.
Junior Deacon—Is he of that class of masons who Venerable Mastcr—What name do you read upon the
spare their own purse and levy liberal contributions on column in the West?
those of others, for works of charity and the welfare of
the order? Candidatc—Justicc.”’
Senior Deacon—He is not. Venerable Master—Man should judge others as he
Junior Deacon—[f he be one of these let him speed- judges himself; believe others honest and sincere as he
ily withdraw; for such we have here no room, no need, believes himself; find for their actions the excuses that
no use; do you vouch for him that he is none of these? he readily finds for his own, and look always for a good
Senior Deacon-—I do. rather than a bad motive. God made them common to
Junior Deacon—Then let him wait with patience un-
all, and he who denies justice to his brother or wrongs
til the Venerable Grand Master is informed of his re-
quest, and his answer returned. (Junior Deacon closes him in any manner is unfit to live. Do you recognize
the door, goes to the Grand Master, knocks three; the truth of these principles?
0 00, and the same questions are asked and the like an- Candidate—I do.
swers returned as before, except the last.) Venerable Mastcr—What name do you read on the
Venerable Master—Let the candidate be admitted. Note 222.—”.Tust,oe. One of the four cardinal virties, the practIce
of nijuch is inculcated iii the first degree. The mason who remembers
Junior Deacon—(Having returned and opened the hey, emphatIcally he has been charged to preserve an upright position
in all his dealings with mankind, should never fail to act justly to
door.) It is the order of the Venerable Grand Master, himself, to his brethren, and to the world This is thc corner-stone
on isbich alone ho can expect to erect a superstructure alike honorable
that the candidate be admitted. (Senior Deacon en- to himself and to the Fraternity. In iconology. Justice Is usually rep.
resented as a matron with bandaged eyes, holding in one hand a sword
ters with him and places him in the centre of the tri- and In the other a puuir of scales at equipolse But in Masonry the true
angle formed by the three columns surrounding the symbol of Justice, as Illustrated in the drat degree. is the feet firmly
planted on the ground. and the body uprighi ‘—Maokey’a
at 2reemasoszy, Artiole Justine.


Grand Master here present, promise and vow that I will

column in the East? 5 never reveal any of the secrets of this degree to any
Candidate—Truth.” person or persons, except to one duly authorized to re-
Venerable Master—He who lies is a coward; no
falsehood can be other than evil. To lie expressly, or ceive them.
by implication, is base and dishonorable; without truth I do furthermore promise and swear that I will here-
there can be no tvirtue, and he who professes an dpinio~ after make these virtues, which compose the five masonic
he does not entertain, originates a falsehood and is & squares and three masonic triangles of this lodge, the
slanderer and deserves to be branded as such: Do you rule and guide of my life, conduct and conversation,
recognize the truth of these principles? and will endeavor to extend and increase the practice
Candidate—I do. of them among men; and particularly that my steps
Venerable Master—Will you make them hereafter shall ever be guided and directed by the nine great
the rule of your life, conduct and conversation, letting lights of a Grand Masler, as I shall hereafter be in-
no inducement however htringent persuade you to formed.
swerve from them? [furthermore promise and swear that I will not rule
Candidate—l will. and govern my lodge in a haughty manner, but will
Venerable ilfaster—Kneel then at the altar and as- use my best endeavors to preserve peace and order and
sume the obligation of this degree. (The candidate harmony among the membcrs. To all these and those,
kneels and contracts the following obligation.) [ do most soleni.nly and sincerely promise and swear
OBLIGATION GRAND MASTER OF ALL SYMBOLIC LODGES.”’ binding myself under no less a penalty than that of
I of my own free will and accord, in the pres- being dishonored and despised by all masons. So help
ence of the Great Architect of the Universe, do hereby me God.
and hereon solemnly and sincerely swear, and to each Venerable Master—Arise my brother and receive the
Mote 32S.—”Truth. Truth Is a divine attribute, and the foundation signs, grips and words of this degree. (Candidate
of every virlue. To be good and true. is the first lesson we are
taught in Masonry. On this theme we contemplate, and by its dictates rises and receives the following:)
endeavor to regulate our cooduct~ influenced by this principle, hypocrisy
and deceit are unknown iii,, the lodge, sincerity and plain dealing die.
tinguish us. while the hea I an ton ue join in promotia~ the general
welfare, and rejoicing in each others prosperity —Preston.”—Maoor’s FIRST SIGN.
Encyclopaedia and Diothonary 5 Freemasonry, Article Truth.
Note 4.—’ Grand Master of all symbolic Lodgas. (venerable Maitre
de teutes lea Logos, The twentieth degree in the Ancient and Accepted
Scottish Rite The presiding olficer is styled venerable Grand Master,
Form four squares; first by placing
and is esaisted by two Wardens in the west The decorations of the
Lodge are blue and yellow. The old ritual contains some interesting right hand on the heart, the fingers
inatrudions respecting the first and second Temple
Among the traditions preserved by the possessors of this degree. is together, the thumb separate, which makes
one which states that after the third Temple was destroyed by Titus.
the son of vespesian. the Christian Freemasons who were then in the
Holy Land, being filled with sorrow, departed from home with the deter.
two squares; second by placing the left
mination of building a fourth, and that, dividing themselves into
several bodies, they dispersed over ibe various parts of Ruro . The hand on the lips, the thumb separate,
greater number went to Scotland, and repaired to the town of KiI~inning.
where they established a Lodge and built an abbey, and where the records which makes a third square; third by
of the Order were deposited. ThIs tradition preserved in the original
rituals, is a very strong presumptIve evidence that the degree owed bringing the heels together, the feet open
its existence to the Tempiar system of Ramasy. —Mackey’s Enoyclo.
psedia of lreemasonry. Article Grand Master of aU symbolic Ledges. on a square.


Kneel down, place

the elbows on the
floor, the head
downwards an4 it
little inclined to the
leconO Sign, 50th Dqree.

The sword elevated, or if no sword is worn, the right
TWTRD SIGN. arm raised before the head as if to ward off a stroke. [n
coming together, cross swords and form the arch of steeL
Cross the arms on the breast, the right
arm over the left, the fingers extended
and close together, the thumb forming a
square, heels touching, which makes five TOKEN.
Take one the other’s right
elbow, with the right hand;
press it four times; then slide
the hand along the forearm
Third Sign, 50th Degree.
down to the wrist; lastly, press
the wrist-joint with the firat
N. B.—In some rituals only one sign is given instead finger only.
of the first two, and this is to kneel on the right knee,
the left hand being raised, which forms two squares;
ihen place the left elbow on the leftknee,fingersextend.
..l and closed, the thumb forming the square, the hoa4
du w nwarda, somowha~ inclined to the left.
a lodge, it will be your duty to dispense light and
TOKEN OF INTRODUCTION. knowledge to the brethren. That duty is not performed,
nor is that which the old charges require, that at open-
[Given after the sign ing and closing the Master shall give a lecture or por-
of izitroduction.1 tion thereof for the instruction of the brethren. On the
Take each other’s right contrary that duty is far higher and more important,
and it behooves the Master to be prepared to perform
hand, the first finger on it;. nor should any one accept the oflice of Master, until
the wrist joint; then as by acquaintance and familiarity with the history, morals
you retire slide the hand and philosophy of masonry, he is fitted to enlighten and
instruct his brethren. That you may ever remember
along the other’s hand
that duty, you will now proceed symbolically to perform
down to the tip of the it by restoring to us the splendor of our nine great
fingers. lights in masonry.
Brother Senior Grand Warden, let the great light of
Token of Inttodttction.
N. B.—Some in the last token squeeze on the other’s veneration shine in our lodge. (The Master now goes
wrist, each drawing the other nine times alternately, to the East and the Senior Warden conducts the candi-
and repeating each time the word Cyrus. date once around the lodge, walking over the cross-
BATTERY :—The battery is three strokes, by one and
swords, which lay on the floor between the columns of
justice and the tracing board, and by the altar of incense
two; 000.
MARCH :—Nine steps, ~each forming a square.
up to the north-west light of the triangle, which the
PASS WORD :—Jekson. ass
candidate lights. He is then conducted up to and
ANSWER —Stolkih.
facing the altar of obligation.)
SACRED WORD :—Razah-belsijah.
Venerable Master—The light shines, let us applaud
Venerable ~I1’aster—(Tnvestinghim with the collar, my brethren.
jewel and apron.) My brother, as the presiding officer All—(Clap three; 000.) Lux Est.
?4o~e 225.—’‘3ekaon. Thin word is found in the French Ca.hiors of Venerable Master—(T’o candidate.) Say after me
the high degrees it is undoubtedly a corruption of 3aoqueaaon, and
this a mongrel word compounded of the French Jacques and the English
my brother: So let the light of Veneration shine in
son. sod means the san of 3ames. that is. James it it refers to Charles
Edward the Pretender, ~ho was the son, of that abdicated and exiled
monarch it is a significant relic of the system attempted to he intro. Candidate—(Repeats.)
duced by the adherents of the house of Stuart. and be which they
expected to enlist Masonry as an Instrument to effect the restoration Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden,
of the Pretender to the throne of England For this purpose they had
~sitered the legend of the third degree muking it applicahie to Charles let the great light of Charity” shine in our lodge
If.. who, being the son of Henrietta Maria, the widow of Charles I..
was designated as ‘the wldow~s son ‘ “—Mackey’s Encyolapaedaa of rree- Note 326.—’However freemasons may fall short of their professions
masonry, Ar-ticla Jokaon, in other things the most severe criticism cannot deny their orofielency
in charity. —Morris’s Masonic Diotisnary, Arttole Charity.

(Sonlor Warden conducts candidhte as before, and he

r Venerable Master—Say after me my brother; So
may the light of Honor shine in me.

lights that light and is conducted back.)

Venerable Master—The light shines, let us applaud Candidate—( Repeats.)
~ny brethren. Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden,
Alt—(Clap ‘three; 0 00.) let the gr~at light of Patriotism shine in our lodge.
Venerable Master—Say after me my brother: So (Senior Warden conducts and causes him to light the
let the light of Charity shine in me. sixth light.)
Candidate—(Uepeats.) Venerable Master—The light shines, let us applaud
Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden, my brethren.
let the great light of Generosity shine in our lodge. All—(Clap three~ 000.)
(Senior Warden conducts candidate as before and Venerable Master~Say after me my brother: So
causes him to light the third light.) may the light of Patriotism shine in me.
Venerable Master—The light shines, let us applaud Candidate— (Repeats.)
my brethren. Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden,
All—~(Clap three; 0 00.) let the great light of Justice shine in our lodge.
Venerable Master—Say after me my brother: So let (Senior Warden causes him to light the seventh light.)
the great light of Generosity shine in me. Venerable Master—The light shines, let us applaud
Candidate—( Repeats. ) my brethren.
Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden, 411—(Clap three; 000.)
let the great light of Heroism shine in our lodge. Venerable Master—Say after me my brother: So
(Senior Warden conducts him and causes him to light may the fight of Justice shine in me.
the fourth light.) Candidate.—( Repeats.)
Venerable Master—The light shines, let us applaud Venerable Master.—Brotlier Senior Grand Warden,
my brethren. let the great light of Toleration shine in our lodge.
AlI—(Clap three; 000.) (Senior Warden conducts and causes him to light the
Venerable Master—Say after me my brother~ So eighth light.)
may the light of Heroism shine in me. Venerable Master—The light shines, let us applaud
Candidate—( Repeats.) my brethren.
Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden, Ail—(Clap three; 000.)
let the great light of Honor shine in our lodge. Penerable Master—Say after me my brother: So
(Senior Warden causes him to light the 11fth light.)
may the light of Toleration shine in me.
Venerable Master—The- light shines, let us applai~d
my brethren. Candidate—( Repeats. )
All—(Clap three; 0 00.) Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden,
squares, and three great triangles’5 of masonry com-
let the great light or Truth5” shine in our lodge. (Se- posed as follows:
nior Warden causes him to light the ninth light.)
The Square”’ at the bottom of the Octagon that sur-
Venerable Master—The light shines, let us applaud rounds the Ineffable name, and the seven letters ~if the
my brethren, words with which he created light; of Prudence, Tem-
All—(Claptthree; 000.) perance,”’ Chastity and Sobriety.
First Square on the right; of Heroism, Firmness,
Venerable Master—Say after me my brother: So Equanimity and Patience.
may the Divine light of Truth shine in me. First Square on the left; of Probity, Honor, Fidel-
Candidatc—( Repeats.) ity”3 and Punctuality.
Venerable Master—Seal now, and perfect your obli- Net. 230.—”Tniangie, There Is no symbol more Important in its
signiflesoce. more vsrlous in its application, or more generally diffused
gation as Grand Master of all Symbolic Lodges; repeat throughout the whom system of Freemasonry, than the triangle, Au
exsminatlon of It. therefore, cannot fsil to he interesting to the Masonic’
after me: (Candidate repeats as follows:) student.
The equilateral triangle appears to have been adopted by nearly all
tue nations of antiquity as a symbol of the Deity, in some of his iorms
Venerable Master—And when these great lights or emanations, and hence, probably, the prevailing influence of this
symbol wsa carried into the Jewish system, where the yod within the
cease to illumine my soul, direct my conduct and guide triangle was made to represent the ‘Jetragrammaton, or sacred nnme of
imy footsteps, may 1, false mason and faithless man, ‘The equilateral triangle,’ says Bro 0. W, Nash (Freem. Mag., iv,
294,) ‘viewed in the light of the doctrines of those who gave it currency
as a divine symbol, represents the Great First Cause, the creator and
cease to exist and be remembered only to be despised. container of all things, as one and indivisible manifesting himself in
an infinity of forms and attributes in this visible noiverse,’
So help mc God. Among the Egyptians, the darkness through which the csndidate for
initistion was made to pass was symbolized by the trowel, an important
Masonic implement, which in their system of hieroglyphics has the form
Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden, of a triangle, The equilateral trlsngie they considered as the most
perfect of figures, sod a representative of the great principle of aol.
you will now give the candidate an explanation of the mated exiatence, each of its sides referring to one of the three depart-
ments of creation, the animal vegetable, and mineral. “—Mackey’s Ency.
tracing-board.”8 (Senior Warden conducts him to olopasitia of Freemasonry, Article Tri*ngle.

tracing-board.”’) lots 25L—”ln the very earliest catechism of the last century, of the
dste of i725, we find the answer to the question. How many make a
Lodge? is ~God and the 5quare, with five or seven right or perfect
Senior lVarden—-My brother, behold the five great Masons.’ God and the square, religion and morality, must he present
in every Lodge es governing principles ‘Signs at that early period were
Iota 227,—To he good and true is the first lesson we are taught In to he made by squares, and the furniture of the Lodge was declared to
Masonr~ On this theme we contemplate, and by its dictates endeavor he the Bible, Compass and square.
to regulute our conduct, Hence, while lofiticated by this princIple, In all rites and in sli languages where Mssonry has penetrated, ii.’.
hypocrisy and deceit are unknown among tis sitteerity and plain dealing nare has preserved its primitive significatIon as a symbol of morality.
distinguish us, and the heart and tongue jelt~ in promoting each other a —sq~ okay’s Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry. Article Square.
welfare and rejoicing In each other’s prosperity.’ ‘—Morris’s Masonlo
Dictionary, Article Truth. lots 222.—”The worshipful Master is required publicly to decisre, In
the ceremony of his installatIOn, that he will ‘guard against Intemper-
Note 228,—”Trscing.Board, The same as a Floor-Cloth, which sea.” ance and excess,’ The Junior warden is charged to see that the brethren
—Mackey’s Encyolopasain of Freomasenry, Article Tracing -Board. ‘do not convert the purposes of refreshment into intempersuce and
excess. Finally, this vice is made e prominent subject of masonic pen-
Iota 229.—”Flsor.Clsth. A of board oi canvas, on which alties.“—Morris’s Masonic Dictionary, Article Tamperance.
the emblems of any particular degree are inscribed, for the assIstance
of the Master in giving a lecture, It is so called because formerly it lots 3S3.—”Noel (DIct. Feb.) says that there was an ancient marble
was the custom to Inscribe these designs on the floor of the Lodge at Rome coiisecrated to the god Fidius, on which was depicted two
room in chalk, which was wiped out when tti9 Lodge was closed. It is figures clasping each other’s hands as the representatives of Honor and
the same as the ‘Carpet,’ or ‘Tracing.tiosrd.’ ‘~Mackcy’s ~ncyolodasdia ~uth. without which there can he no fidelity nor truth among men
of Freemasenry, Artiole Flasr.Cloth. Masonry borrowing its ideas from the sucient poets, also makes the
right hand the s~,mbol of fidelity. “—Mackeys Enoyo’opiiedi& of Free-
masonry. Article ides.
68 GRAND MASTER OP iLL 5YMi301.tU r.3Dc.i:~, INITIATION. 59
‘Ufpper Square on the right; of Disinterestedness,
ier, absurd or hideous, usurped the place of masonic
Ilercy, Forgiveness and Forbearance.
truth. 0 the poniard and
Upper Square on the left; of Charity, Kindness. Gen- theThebloody
of aappeared
horrid vengeance,”
in the peaceful temple of
erosity and Liberality. masonry without sufficient explanation of their sym-
Triangle on1 the right; of Gratitude to Gods love of bolic meaning. Oathsu~i out of all proportion with
their object shocked the candidate and then became ri-
mankind, and confidence in human nature. diculous, and were wholly disregarded.
Triangle on the left; of Veneration, devotedness and The rituals, even of the respectable degrees, copied
patriotism; Veneration of God, Devotednesa to God, and mutilated by ignorant men, became nonsensical
family and friend and ardent love for our country. and trivial, and the words so corrupted that it has
Triangle at the top; of Truth, which includes Frank- hithCrtO becn found impossible to recover many of them
ness, Plain dealing and sincerity; Justice which in- at all. Candidates were made to degrade themselves
and to submit to insults not tolerable to a man of spirit
cludes Equity and Impartiality and Toleration. and honor. Hence it was that practically the largCst
Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden portion of the degrees claimed by the Ancient and Ac-
you will now conduct the candidate to the post of cepted Rite, and the Rites of Perfcction and Nfisraim
Honor. (Senior Warden seats him on the right of the fell into disuse, were merely communicated, and their
master.) rituals became jejune and insignificant.
Venerable Master—Brother Grand Orator, you have Note 234.—”The word is used symbolically to express the universally
the floor. rec,,eiiizcd doctrine that crime y, iii iucvtiahiy hr followed by its penul
r’,u’,criuencea. It is the dogma of sit true roilgions, for if virtue and
vice retailed the sonic result, there would be no incentive to the one sod
DISCOURSE BY GRAND ORATOR. no restruint from the other ‘‘—Mackay’s Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry,
Articis vengeance.
My brother, as Grand Master of all Symbolic Lodgee, Note 235.—”The engagements of masonry commonly styled ohllgatlons
or vi we, arc of a eatiire scarcely to be distinguished froni the definition
it is your especial duty to aid in restoring masonry to of in oath, although the word oath does not occur in the Blue Lodge
ritual ‘‘—Morris’s Masonic Dictionary, Article Oath.
its primitive purity. You have become an instructor.
Note 236.—”M,israim, Rita of. This rite was introdoced into France
Masonry long wandered’ in error. Instead of improving near the commencement 01 the prc~.’nt ientiiey It mile con-iiderrihle
progress, and, In i8t7 appilcatlon 5505 mide on the part of it’s friends
it degenerated from its primitive simplicity and re- iii the Graiid Orient. to aicept it as a legitimute br,ii,i h of Maaonry
trograded toward a system, distorted by stupidity and The appiteallon was denied, pant.’ on the ground that the antiquity of
the rite had noi hero proved, and portly because of the itO degrees
ignorance, which, unable to construct a beautiful ma- sshiih its ritual comprised 68 were sirerdy irielirited in the Frineb sin.
tern The rite of Misruim is interesting and tirsiruetive, hut many of
chine made a complicated one. Less than two hundred its dcgrees sri’ too abstruse to be popirtar The initiatiOn is a reproelue-
tion of the ancient rite of Isis. sod represents the contests of 05mm
years ago its organization was simple and altogether aol Typhon, the death, resurrection, and triumph of the former soil
the destruction of the latter There are 90 degreca, divided into four
moral; its emblems, allegories and ceremonies easy to be series—symbolic, philosophical, mystical and cabalistic and again divided
understood, and their person and object readily to be into seventeen classes
The traditions .,f this system are frill of anachronisms, historteal
seen. It was then confined to a very small number of events and characters, separated by hundreds of ~esrs
figure on the same scene ot the ssme time
being niade t”
The isork entitled ‘Do
degrees. I’ Ordrs Macoonique do Miarsim,’ pobtished at Paris In 1835. by Moon
Marc Bedarride. purporting to dye the history of the Orrier is a mere
Innovators and inventors overturned that primitive romance, and full of prientitties Neverthetess mans of the degrees
•r.. i.,i,’hlv toterestiog sod iastruetive,”—Maooy’s EncycIo~aed.a ~nd £
simplicity. Ignorance engaged in the work of making Uonar~ of Fiesmasonry, Article Misraim. Rite of,
degrees and trifles and gewgaws; and pretended myster-
high office by the suffrage of their brethren, and all
Lofty titles, arbitrarily assumed, and to which the other titles and designations have an esoteric meaning,
inventors had not condescended to attach any explana- consistent with modesty and equality, and which those
tion that should acquit them of the folly of assuming who receive them should fully understand.
teniporal rank, power and titles of nobility, made the As Master of a lodge, it is your duty to instruct your
world laugh afid the initiates feel ashamed. Some of brethren that they are all so many constanL lessons,
the titles we still retain, but they have, with us, mean- touching the lofty qualifications which are required of
those who claim them, and noL merely idle gew-gaws
ings entirely consistent with that spirit of equality worn in ridiculous imitation of the times when the
which is the foundation and peremptory law of its be- Nobles and the Priests were masters and the people
ing; of all masonry. slaves, and that in all true masonry, the Knight, the
The Knight, with us, is he who devotes his hand, his Pontiff,” the Prince, and the Sovereign, are but the
heart, and his brain to the science of masonry, and pro- first among their equals, and the Cordon,’40 the cloth-
fesses himself the sworn soldier of truth. The Prince”’ ing and the jewel buL symbols and emblems of the vir-
is he who aims to be chief, first, leader, among his tues required of all good masons. The Mason kneels
equals, in virtue and good deeds. no longer to present his petition for admittance, or to
8 is he who, one of an order whose receive the answer; no longer to a man as his superior,
The Sovereign”
members are all Sovereigns, is ~uprexne.’only because who is but his brother, but to his God, to whom he ap-
the law and constitutions are so which he administers, peals for the rectitude of his intentions, and whose ~id
and by which he, like every brother, is governed. he asks to enable him to keep his vows. No one is de-
The titles Puissant, Potent, Wise and Venerable, in- Not. U9.—”Wbat is The meaning of ~poniJff? ‘Pontlfl means bridge
dicate that power of virtue, intelligence and wisdom, maker, bridge buIid~.r. Why are they c~,ih.d in thjt way? Here is
the ~xpIanation of tbe fact In tbe very first years of the exlRtt,nce of
which those ought to strive to attain who are placed in Rome. at a lime of Which we h8~e a ~‘ery fahulous hlqtorv and but
few existing monuments, the little town of Rome. not built on seven
hiiis, as is generally supposed—there are eleven of tbem now: then
Note 2S7.—”Prlnce. The word Prince is not attaeb~d as a title to there were within the t~ n leaR than sey.n, even—tbat little toun
any Masonic ottice. but is prefixed aa a pert of tbe name to several
degrees, as Prlnee of the RoyaI~ 8ecret. Prince of Rose Croix. and ~riDca bad a great deal to fear from mi enemy whieh sbouid take one of the
of Jerusalem. In all of these Instances it seelna to convey nome idea of bills that were out of town—the Janieulunj—beeause the Jnni~uiaim
sovereignty inherent in the character of the degree. Tbus We Prince ot is bigher than the otberR. and from tbat hill an enemy could very easily
the Royal Secret was the ultimate and, of course, controlling degree throw stones fire, or apy meana of destruction Into the town. The Janie..
of tbe Rite of Perfection. wbence. shorn, however, of it~ sovereignty, ului’i was sepah~ed from the town by the Tiher. Then the firRt neces-
sity for the defence of that little town of Rome was Ia have a bridge
it has been traneferr~d to the Ancient ~and Accepted Ecottiab Rite. The
Prince of Rose Cmlx, although holding in Home Rite, a subordinate They had built a wooden bridge over the Tiber. and a great point of
interest to the towu was, that this bridge should be kept alwaya in
po.ition. was originally an independent degree, and th~ repreuentntlye good order, ao that at any moment troops could pass over. Tben. witb
of flosierucian Masonry. It is still at the head of tbe Wrench Rite.”— the ~peclal genius of tbe Romans. of wbich we have other Instancee. Ibey
Mackey’3 Encyclopaedia of Jw.emaaonq, Aztislo Prince. ordained, curiously enougb. that the men who v.ere n corporation to
take care of that hridge ahould be sacred: that their functioD. necessary
Note 2S8.—”Snverelgn. An epithet applied to certain degrees which to the defence of tbe town. should be considered holy: that they Should
were invested witb supreme power over interior ones; aa Sovereign Prince
of Rose Crcui, which Is the highest degree of tbe ~‘renh Rite alid of be priests, and Ihe highest of them was called ‘tbe high bridge ma&er.~
So It hsppened that tbere waa in Rome a corporation of bridge makers
~me other Rites, and Sovarsugn hmpcotor.Gontral, wbkb ig the con. —pontifices——of whom the bead was the most sacred of all Romnans:
trolling degree ot the Ancient and Accepted Rite. Some degrees, orig- hepause in those days bis life and the life of big co
inally Sovereign in the Rites in which they wtre first ~itahli’hed. In ncccssary to the safets’ of the lown.’ mvanionu wss deemed
being transferred to other Rites, have lost tbeir sovereigu ebaracter, And th~,R it ig that thp title at Nntifei M~xiwus. ss8ulned hv the
but still improperiy retain tbe name. Tbua tbe Rose Croix degree of Pope of Rome. lltrraliv m~nns th~ Orand Bridge Builder. “—Machera
the Scottisb Rite. whih is there only the elghteentb. snd aubordinate Encyclopaedia of Frcemaaonq, Article Pontiff.
to the thirty-third or S~ipreme Couneii. stili retains eYers’wber~. except
in the Southern JurIsdIctIon of tbe United States, the title of Sovereign Note 240.—”Ooidon. The Masoule decoration. wbfch In English I. caned
Prince of Bose Croix.’ —Mackey’3 Encyclopaedia of Eremaaonq, Aitici. The ‘oii~ir. is styled by the French ?~fanonu th. aordon.”~Nackey’a Eaq.
—‘Un. elopaodia of Fr.cmasonq• Article Cordon.
graded by bending his knee to God at the altar, or to ren the masonic virtues and duties which are repre-
receive the honor of knighthood as Bayard and Du ~cntcd upon tlic tracing~board of this degree; that is an
Queselin knelt. To kneel fov oLher purposes, masonry illiperatlve duty.
does not require. Urge upon your brethren the teaching and the un-
As Master 91 a lodge, you will therefore be exceed- ostentatious practiee of the morality of the lodge with-
ingly careful that no candidat~ in any degre~ be re- out regard to times, places, religions, or peoples.
quired to submit to any degradation whatever, as has Urge them to love one another, to be devoted to one
been too -much the custom in some of the degrecs, and anothur, to be faitllful to the country, the government
take it as a certain and inflexible rule to which there is and the laws, to serve the country is to pay a dear and
no exception, that masonry requires of no man, any- sacred debt.
thing to which a Knight and gentleman cannot honor- To rcspcct all forms of worship, to tolerate all
ably and without feeling outraged or humiliated, sub- polatical’’ and rcligious opinions, not to blame, still
mit. lcss to condemn the rcligion of others, to fratcrnizc with
As Master, you will teach those who are under you, all mcn, to assist all who arc unfortunate; and to
and to whom you will owe your office, that the dccora- cheerfully postpone their own interests to that of the
tions of many of the degrees are to be dispensed with, odcr. To make iL ~he constant rule of thcir livcs, to
whenever the expense would interfere with the duties tllink wcll, to spcak wcll, and to act ~i~el]. To placc the
of Charity, Relief and Benevolence; and to be indulged sage above the soldier, thc noble or the Princc; and to
in only by wealthy bodies Ihat will thereby do no wrong takc the wise and good as their models. To sce thaL
to those entitled to their assistance. The essentials of their profcssion and practice, thcir teachings and con-
all the degrees may be procurcd at slight expenses, and duct do always agree. To make tllis also their motto,
iL is at Ihe option of every brother to procure or not to “Do that which thou ought to do, let the resull be what
procure, as he pleases, the dress, decorations and jcw- it will.”
els of any degree other than the 140, 180, 300 and Such, my brother, are some of the duties of that
320. office which you have sought to be qualified to exercise;
As Master of a lodge, Council or Chapter, it will be may you perform thcm well, and in so doing gain honor
your duty ~o imI~ess. upon the minds of your brethren for yourself and advance the great cause of masonry,
all views of the general plan and separate paris of the humanity and progress.
Ancient and Accepted Rite ;“‘ of its spirit and design, set. 34*.—.”Potjti~& There Ii~ no charge more frequently made againut
its harmony and regularity of the duties of the officers Fmeeziiusonry than that of its tendexicy to retoluti~,~, and eon~oiracy. and
to pviitI(ai ~rgnnhmaiioas wbh b may affect The peace of society or iI2tpr.
and members; and of the particular lessons intended to fere witb tbe rlghti of goverllmenta It wag the auhitanee of all
be taught by each degree; especially you are not to ai- Barruei’a a,~d Robijon’. accusations that the Jacohiniam of France and
Germany was nurtured in the L~dgr.s of those countriea: it was the
low any assembly of the body over which you may pre- tbclne of ail the denuaielatjons of the anti.Masona of ~ur owh iand.
that tbe Order was Seeking a poiltical ascendancy and an undue influpnce
side to 41.—”The
close without recalling to the mind of the breth- over tbe government; it ha. been tbe unjust accusation of every enemy
5cotcb Rite. dDring a few years past baa eiperieneed ot the institution in alIt times past, that ita object and aim ia Ihe
linta expansIon
a vAst 2 through thin country conalutortea of the 32d grade posaeuion of poser and control in the affairs ot et~te. It is in vain that
ba,e been establighed in ~yerai States. books of Conutitutions baY. biutory records no instance ot thi, unlawful connection hetween Free-
heen puhlished; Rituals have been prepared hy the l~sdlng mInds ot masonry and political It I. in ,Rin thnt the flbeifrr I, dIreet~d to the
the w,’I.~tv and m~n of high politi~l snd .neiai dlstincflnn pls~’ed in Ancient Consti tutiori. ot the Order, whIch PxprPssly forbid sa,eh con.
pvnmln.nt positIons ‘—MeTilsa Kasonic Z)iotion*zy, Article Scotob Na- nietiori; the libel ii still written, and Masonry is again and again
SW7. condemned as a politIcal club. ‘—Kaokey’3 Rnqolope.ila of Yrmemaaoai~.
Article Politics.
Venerable Master—Brother Senior Grand Warden,
what is the ~iour?
Senior Warden—The world waits for the light, Yen-
eranle Master.
CLOSING CEREMONIES Venerable Master—Then it is time to close, that the
great light of this lodge may be borne into and illumine
GRAND MA5TER OF ALL SYMBOLIC LODGES.” the world. Together brethren.
Venerable Master—Brother Senlol Grand Warden, All—(Give the first sign.)
have you anytlung in the West to offer before this lodge Venerable Master—(Knocks three; 0 00.)
cf Grand Masters? Senior Warden.—(Knocl~s three; 0 00.)
bett wr Warden~—.-Nothlng, Venerable Master. Junior Warden.—(Knocks three; 000.)
Venerable Master—Brother Junior Grand Warden,
have you anything in the South to offer before th,~ AlI—(Clap three; 0 00.) Lux Est.
lodge of Grand Masters? Venerable Mastcr—Whcrever the nine great lights
Junior IVarden—Notlilng, Venerable Master. are, there is this lodge. Let tlle great light of Venera-
Venerable Master—Brother Orator, have you any- tion go forth and slime in the lodge. (Pursuivant
thing in thc North to offer before this lodge of (~iaiitl takcs that light and retires.)
Mastcrs? Venerable Master’~-..LeL the great light of Charity go
Orator—Nothing, Venerable”’ Master. forth into and inspire the world. (Junior Deacon takes
Venerable Master—Has any Grantl Master anything
that light and retires.)
to offer to this degree for the benefit of a brother ma-
son? (No answer.) Venerable Master—Let the great light of Generosity
Nate 243.—’ Grand Master Ad-Vitam nr Grand Master of all Symbolic
go forth into and ennoble the world. (Senior Deacou
Lodges. L5cotch Maaonry.]-~The second degree conferred In the Con-
saitury of t’ of tue Ruuai Seiret. Scotch Masonry, and the 20th takes that light and retires.)
utiolt the catalogue of that system, The presiding officer is styled Grand
Mister and represents Cyrus Artaxerxes; there are t~vo Wardens The Venerable Master—Let the great light of Heroism go
hingings of the Lodge are Rfue and Yellow The historical instructions
rciate to the construction of the three templea of Solomon. Zeruhhahel forth into and burn in the spirits of men. (Secretary
and lztcrod. nith the establishment of a fourth, or spiritual structure.
sahich will outlast the ravages of time. The lights are nine Jewel. a takes tllat light and retires.)
triangular piate of gold showing the word Secret. ‘—Morris’s Masonic
Dictionary, Artitlo Grand Master Ad-Vitam or Grand Master of all Venerable Master—Let the great light of Honor go
Symbolic Lodgaa.
forth into the world and baseness skulk and hide from
Note 244.—”Vsnerabie Grand Master of all Symbolic Lodges. The
twentieth degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. See Grand its presence. (Treasurer takes that light and retires.)
Mastaa of all Symbolic Lodges. The Diotionnaira Maconniqus says that Venerable Master—Let the great light of Patriotism
this degree was formeriy conferred on those hrethrcn in France who, in
receiving it. obtained the right to organize Lodges, and to act as Masters
nr venerahies for life, an abuse that was subsequently abolished by the
go forth and shine in the world. (Orator takes that
Graud Orient. Ragon and vassal both make the same statement, It light and retires.)
may be true, but they furnish no documentary evidence of the fact.
And examination of an old 105. French ritual of the degree, when it Venerable Master—Let the great light of Justice go
brined part of the Rite of Perfection, which is in my possession. abows
nothing in the catechism that renders this theory of its origin improb- forth and blaze upon the altars of all men’s hearts.
able.’ —Mackey’s Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, Artiols venerable GramS (Junior Warden takes that light and retires.)
Master af all Symbolic Lodges,


Venerab~e Mastt’r—Ikt the great light of Toleration CHAPTER XXXVII

go forth Slid dilil tint’ fires of peisecutiuli. (Senior ~~‘ar- TWENTY-F IilbT DEGIIEE; NOACHITh OR PRUSSIAN
den takes one of the liglit~t and ritires.) K NIGHT.
Venerable Mast”r—l hear the light of Truth into the
world to over~ome fab~ehtood nn~h error, aiid tbis lidge
is closi’d until the light riturns. (He retires with tIlt’ ORIGIN.

light anti the remaining brethren follow. whiCh closet The most ancient ordcr of Noachite5” known, are
Note 845.—’ Noachite, or Prussian Knight. (Noachite eu Chevalier
~lielodge.) ?ruseaen.) 1
tish Rite
The toritty-firat degree of the Ancient and accepted Scot
The history as well as the character of this degree is a
very singular one. It is totally unconnected with the series of liissoial,
degrees sahich are founded upon the Temple of Solomon, and is traced to
the tower of Bahei. Hence the Prussian Knights cull ibemasivis
Noechites. or DiscIples of Noah, sahile they designate all other Masons
as Hiramites. or Disciples of Hiram. The early French rituals state that
the degree was transiated in 1757 from the German by. M de Bersic
Knight of Eloqueiice in the Lodge of the Count 5t, Gelaire. lnspirti,r
General of Prussian Lodges in i’ranee Lenning gives no credli to this
statement. hat admits that the origin of the degree must he 5ttribnti.~i
to the year above named. The destruction of the tower of Babel consti-
tutes the legend of the degree, whose mythical founder Is said to havc
been Peleg, Ito chief builder of that edifice. A singular regulatIon is
that theic shail he no artificisi light In the Lodge room, and that lii
meetings shaii he held on the night of the full moon of each month.
The degree was adopted by the Council of Emperors of the East and
west. and in that way became autiacqucoily a part of the s3stem of tue
Scottish Rite. flut it is misplaced in any series of degrees supposed t”
emanate from ihe Solomonic Tcmpie It is. so an unditing link. aii
unsightly interruption of the chain of lcgcn,lary symbolism substituting
Noah for Solomon. and Peleg for Hiram Ahiff The Supreme Counell for
the Southcr,i JurisdIction has abondoned the original rItual and made
the degree a representation of the vebmgerieht or westphailan Franc
Judges But this by no means relieves the degree of the objeetion of
Masonic incompatibliity. That it a us ever adopted Into the Masonic
system is only to he attributed to the pusslos for high degrees a hi. h
prevalied in France in the middle of the isat century. “—Mackey’s Ency-
clopudia of Jesamasanry, Article Noachate, or Prussian I Ight.
Nate 240,—”The legend of the degree describes the travels of Peleg
from Bshi~l to the north of Europe, unit ends a ith the follosa log narra-
tive. In trenching the rubbish of the ~lt-mines of Prussia ,~ss found
in A D. 553, at a depth of fifteen cubits, the appearance of a trisiigiiiar
building in which was a column of white marble, on sshh h was o ritten
in Itibrew the a hole history of the Noachites. At the side of ihis
coinmo was a tomb of freestone on which was a piece of agate liia, rilid
with ihe follossing epitaph Hero rest the ashes of Peleg, our Grand
Architect of the tow-cr of Babel. The Almighty had pity on hIm because
be became humble.’
This legend. aithoiigh wholly untenable on historl~ grounds, is not
absolutely puerile The dispersion of the human race iii the time of
Peleg had aiways been a topic of discussion among the learned. Long
dissertations bad been written to show that all the nuil~ins of the
world. esen America. had been peopled by the three sons of Noah and
their descendants, The object of the legend seems, then, to have heeii
to impress the idea of the thorough dispersion. The fundamental Ides of
the degree is. under the symbol of Peleg. to teach the crime of assump.
tion and the virtue of humility.
2. The degree was also adopted into the Rite of hliarsim. where it
is the thirty-fifth.~ —Mackay’s Encyclopedia of Jreemaaansy. Article
Voachite, or Prussian Knight.

now called Prussian Knight Servants of the White and when all the rest of mankind were destroyed. The
Black Eagle, which we gather from the German trans- pagans called this degree by the name of Pilaus, the
lation by Berage, Knight of Eloquence and Lieutenant name of their Deity; but the Knights of our day ac-
Commander of the CouncIl of Noachite in France, and knowledge no other God but the Great Architect of the
Grand Mastei General Commander. The Most Ihlus~ Universe, and find It thcir chief happiness to worship
trious Frederick of Brunswick, King of Pr’i~sia ~~as him and keep his commandmcnts. In the timcs of Ihe
a patron of thc ordcr, as also his anccstors for 300 years. crusades the Knights of the different orders were initi-
This dcgree ~i’asestablished by the Prussians in order to ated into this dcgree by the Christian Princes in order
coutnicinorate the discovery of the ancient trophies to conquer the Holy Land which was invadcd by the
while digging for salt mines, and to perpctuatc the infidels. Those masons that were desccndcd 5t5 from Sol-
and were
buIlding of the tower of Babel by the desCendants of omon wereintomosttheir
attachcd to thc
INoah. The Arksis and Dove illustrate the mercy of initiated order andNoachites
admitted Prussian
the Lord in the preservation of Noah and his faluily, Knights, and according to the mysteries of masonry,
Nots 241.~”l’redericli the Great was certainly a Mason. But Carlyle,
sincc which time none are admitted to this degree un-
in lila usual sarcastic veiii adds The Cro~~ n Priii.e pruoei ated his less they have received all the degrees of Ancent Craft
ktaaoiiry at Reiiiaberg or (Isen here, occasionally, fur a ear or too, hut
was never ardent in it. and very soon after his accession left off alto- Masonry.
gether . A lto~ai Lodge was established at Berlin of which the new
kiiig consented to he patroil. hut he never once entered the p lace and DECORATIONS :—A Grand Chapter must be held in
naily his portrait ta weteomeiy good ole, still to be found there) presided
aver ihc uiysterie5 of that eat ililishment a retired place, on the night of the full moon. The
Now how much of truth o ith the sarcasm, and how much of sarcasm
n ithoot the tenth, there la iii this remark of t7arl3 Ic. is just n hat the
place is lighted by a large window or opening so ar-
I,i ‘sonic ~~,rld is ts,iiiid tii discover Until further tight ii thr o a np—it
itic sobjed by documelitiro evidence froni the Pruasiar Lodges, the
rangcd as to admit the rays of the moon, which i.~ the
Qileatinhi isonit be d.fiuiltely ansucred. But what is the now known only light allowed, at as early an hour of the night as
further Nitia’inie history of Frederick?
Builfeld tells us that the zeal of the Prince for the Fraternity iodiice’l practicable. The presiding officer sits facing the
him ii iiivili the Baron von tibcrg and himscif to Reinniiirg. o here iii
1739. they fi.oiiiied a Lodge iiil~, ~hi’h Ket ocrilite. Jordan. Moolcodorf. moonlight, and the Knights in front of him and on
Qucis. cud predersdorf tgrederlek’s valet) were admitted.
itleifeid is again oar aiitl~orilV for slating that cii the 20th of Jane. either hand, in no particular place or order.
17411. Klng Fredetlek—far he had then ascended the ibrone—heid a OFFICERS555—There are seven officers, viz:
Lodge at Chsriotteuibiirg, and, as Master in the chair, initiated l’rlnee
WIlliam of l’roosis his heother. the Siargrave Chines of Brandenburg. First—Knight Lieutenant Commander.
and Frederick William. l)iike of ji~.lstein. The Duke of Holstein wiis
seven ye.irs afterwards clc~ted Aiijiitant Grand Waster of the Grand Second—Knight Official or Grand Inspector.
Lodge of the Three Globes at Berlin
We hear no more of Fredirleks Siasonrv in the printed records uiiill Note 249.—This name is applied to freemasons as the successors, in
the 16th of July. 1774. when he granted his prol.etiin t” tue Nati”ii.ii piety and virtue, of that eminent preacher of righteousness, Noah.’—
Grand Lodge of Germany. and officially spp~oved of the treaty with iii, Moms a Masonic Dictionary, Article Noachidae,
Grond Lodge of England. by which the National Grand Lodge was eoleh
~ Note 858.—in the modern ritual the meetings aro called Grand
15hcd~MackOya £ntiytlopaedia of Freemasonry, Article Frederick the Chapters The officers are a Lieutenant Commander, two Wardens, an
Great. Orator, Treasurer, Secretary. Master of Ceremonies. Warder, and Stand-
ard Bearer The apron is yellow, inscribed with an arm holding a sword
348.—”Arlt of Noab. tine of the three Sacred Siructares, it wso and the Egyptian figure of silence. The order is hiack. and the jewel
made ~,f Cl ire—a or tIle wood The pi.iiiks ifler heing roil
tt.g.lher. 55cr, tirolecied hv s’.siting of pitt h. lald liside and outside a fail moon or a triangle traversed by an arrow. In the original ritual
~ mike it ssater tight. The Ark consisied of a number of small com there is a coat of arms belonging to the degree, which is thus embisa-
oned Party per fees, in chief. asure. seine of stars, or a full moon,
pariments arranged In three stories A window, iS inches bread usia argent: in base, sable, an equilateral triangle, having an arrow sos-

made in the roof. eziending. perhaps, its Whole length There nsa a
door in ihe aide The whole structure was 450 iong. 75 feel hraed end cuended from its upper point, barb downwards —Mackeys Eocyoiepaedia
45 high The Temple of Solomon was the same height a. ihe Ark hti’ ef Freemasonry, Article Noachite, on Prussian Knight,
only one-fifth as long —Morrias Masonie Dictionary, Articla Ark of
Third—Knight Introductor. DRAFT :—Represents the firmament wilh full moos
Fourth—Knight Orator. and stars, on which the c~e may rest. There are nine
Fifth—Knight of Chancery or Grand Secretary. wax candles, in three rows in front of the altar, but
Sixth—Knight of Finance or Graiid ‘I’reisurcr. not lighted. In the West is a representation of Noah’s
Seventh—Knight Captain of the Guards.
The members are called Prussian Knights. Ark, with~ a dove holding an olh’c leaf in his beak
on~ss :—Black, with u~words, hpurs and black masks. flying to the window whence it was let ouL. Jn one
All the officers wear the jewel of the order, fastened to part of the ChapLer is an Urn made of an agate stone,
the button hole of the waist coat. and in another part a representation of the Tower of
SASh :—Black, worn from right to left. Babel and near it a coffin with a human figure ir~ it.
JE~vEL ;—Silvcr moon, full, or a golden triangle BATTERY :—Three equi-timed strokes (0 0 0).
traversed by an arrow, point downwards, suspended AItMORIAL BEARINGS :—First—Blue, with silver moon
from a collar; on the jewel is an arm upraiscd holding
a nakcd sword and around it the motto, Fiat Just dia, surrounded with gold stars.
Ruat Coclum. Second—Black, with the triangle and the gold dart
APRON AND GLOVES :—Yellow: on the upper part of
the apron is a naked arm upraised, holding a naked
sword, and under it a human figure erect ~vithiwings,
with the forefinger of the right hand upon his hips, and
the other hand hanging by his cide holding a key, being
the Egyptian figure of sihenee.sii
Note 35l.~”Secreoy and silence, These virtues constitute the very
esauuuu e utf alt Niastutuit uharattu~r. they are the safegua~d tuf the itustito-
tion. giving to it all its security and perpetuity, and are enfutrueti hi
fru.iuuutt adnuonitiouts itt ail the uiegrees. from the luuwest it, ihe highust
The Entered Aprtru.uttice begins his Msmttuic career by learning the duty
of veerecy and silenuc iluoce it is apprtupriste that in that degree
~hith is the consumunstiuto of lutitlatioti. in which the whole cycie of
Mastunie science is ttuinttiuteti. the uhatrutne mauhitutry of symholiem
shutuuld he employed to impress the same important virtues on the mitud
of the neoph~ te.
The same principles of set recy and silence existed in all the ancient
tny,tteries situ sTatutes of worship. When Aristotle was asked what
thing appeared to him to he most difficult of perft’rmuuuucc. be replied.
~To be secret and sitetut
‘it we tutrus uttur eyus hatk to antiquity,’ says Caleott, ‘we shall find
that the old Egyptians ht,d so great a reguird fiur siiu’nce and secrecy itt
the mysteries of their iu’iigiutn. thuit they act tip the god Harpoerstes.
10 us huum they paid pecutiur h.’nor anti votration teho us as r.iuru.senteut
with right ittund piaced near the heart. a,juii hue icft down by his stilt
covered with a skin before, tutu of u.y’s
Apuicitus. who was so iniliste it, ihu~ int-sieuies or Isis says ‘By m
peril wiii I ever be compelied to diatiuse tut the uuninitiuuted the things
that I itane had iniriusted tut me out tondititut of siienu e
ljuheuk. in his Agianpbamus. lutus etuiluilud several crumples of the
teinetanec us ith which tite sut’ icois aruprusebtul a mvsiiu~uui euthicul and
the manner iuu whi’h they shrank from divulging any explanation or fable
Which haul been related to them at the nuysteries. under ihe seal of
sei’ri.ey suid silenee.’—Mackeye Encyclopaedia of Freemasenry, Article
Ieueci and Silence.
Knight Official—By the light of the full moon, like
Qur ancient brethren initiated in the temple of Betus.
Knight Commander—Do you kuow the names of the
sons of Noah?
Knight Official—I know three of them.
Lieutenant Commander—What are they?
OPENING CEREMONIES Knight Official—Shem, Ham and Japheth.
TWENTY-FIRST DEGREE; NOACItITE OR PRUSSIAN Lieu tanant Commander—Give me the sign?
K ~‘JIGlIT. Knight Official—(Gives it)
Lieutenant Commander—Give me the pass.word.
Lieutenant Commander—Knight Official, the full Knight Official—(Gives it)
moon is midway between the horizon and the zenith, Lieutenant Commander—(Three knocks; 000) All
and the hour for this Grand Chapter to convene has rise Together, Sir Knights
arrived, let the Knight Captain of the Guards post the AIl—( Raise their arms toward Heaven, sword in the
Sentinels that no spy may gain admission among us.
right hand turn towards the moon, then drop their
Knight Official—Knight Captain of the Guards, you arms and face the Lieutenant Commander.)
will see that the Sentinels are posted, that no spy may
Lieutenant Commander—I declare this Grand ChaD-
gain admission among us. (Captain of the Guards re- ~er open. Be seated, Sir Knight..
tires for a short time and returns.)
Captain of Guards—Sir Knight Official, the Sentinels
are posted, and we are in security.
Knight Official—Illustrious Lieutenant Coininander.
the Sentinels are postM, and we are in security.
Lieutenant Commander—Sir Knight Official, you
will now examine every Knight present and receive
from each the pass-word, that we may know that all
present are Prussian Knights. (Knight Official re-
ceives the pass-word from each Knight.)
Knight Official—Illustrious Lieutenant Commander,
all have the pass-word. None but true Knights are
Lieutenant Com~mander—Sir Knight Official, are you
a Prussian Knight?
Knight Official—I am.
Lieutenant Commander—How were you received a
Puissant Knight?
Lieutenant Commander—What does lie desire Sir
Knight Captain of the Guards?
Captain of Guard—To be advanced to I lie degree of
Noaeliite or Prussian Knight.
Lieutenant Commander—Sir Knights, a Perfect Ma-
son of 1-lirain is desirous of becoming a 1~riissian
CHAPTER XXXVIII Knight; do you consent that lie shall be received among
TwENTY-FntST DEGREE; NOACHITE OR PRUSSIAN All—(Rise, draw their swords and come to a present.)
KNIGHT. Lieutenant Commander—Sir Kiiight, Captain of the
Guards, let this Perfect Mason of Hiram be admitted.
(Captain of the Guards opens the door, the Introduetor
The Knight of Introduction after preparing the enters with candidate and conducts him up to the tower
candidate with a white apron and white gloves leads him of Babel in the North.)
to the door and knocks three equal strokes.] Lieutenant Commander—My brother, behold the re-
Captain of Guards—(From within knocks one and mains of Peleg the Projector of the tower of Babel?’
opens the door.) Who desires to enter this Grand He forgot that he was mortal and therefore also forgot
Chapter? what was due to future generations. He built to gratify
Introductor—The Knight Introductor, with a Master his own vanity and vain glory, without regard to the
Mason of Hiram; and who has received the degree of common welfare and popular will, and therefore his
Grand Master of all Symbolic lodges. work remained unfinished, for the confusion of opinions
Captain of Guard—Give me the sign, grip and pass-
word of that degree. arose.
Peleg was overpowered, fled to the desert, and died
Candjdate—(GIves the sign, pass grip and pass-word,
Tubal Cain.) repenting, while his divided people were scattered over
Captain of Guard—The sign, grip and word are cor- the face of the earth to form dissimilar nations of various
rect. You will wait a time with patience and I will tongues; may his example profit you. Sir Knight of
inform the Illustrious Lieutenant Commander of your Introduction, you will now conduct the candidate to the
altar. (Introduetor condueLs him to the altar, where he
request. (Shuts the door, goes to the Knight Official
and knocks three.) Note 2&2.—’Ii is the name of that celebrated tower attempted to be
tluit( on the talaina of Shinar. A H 1775. about oue hundred said forty
Captain of Guard—sir Knight official, there is in the esra after the deluge, sod w hh h, Scripture informs us. was da.airaayed
by the special lnterpoaitioaa of the Almighty The Noachite Masons date
ante-room the Knight Introduetor with a Master Maison. the commencement of their order from this destruction. aaad mach iradi.
tionory Information on this subject is preserved in the dcc rca. of ‘Patri-
descendant from Hiram, and Grand Master of all Sym- arch Nosihite. At iSnl.a•i. Oliver says that what has bean anilad Spurloaa.
Freemseuaar3 took Its anglo That Is to say the raeopie tiore aiauaadaaoed
bolic lodges, clothed in white apron and white gloves the worship of the true (Jod. sod by their dispersion inst nit knowiedga
who desires to enter. of bin a’\anta.ala a
no.1 the prinelpies of truth upon which Masonry is
llaaacs- it is that ihe rituals speak of the Iaafic tower of Babel
Kniqht Official—(Annoiinces the same to the Lieu- as the pine where language was confounded and kasonry lost.’—
Maek*a Encytlopaedaa of Fresmabonry, Artacie label.
tenant Commander. Order is obeyed.)
.tkutenantCommander—..Ariac ray brother and receive
makes three genufleetions and kneels upon his left knee,
the sign, token and words of this degree.
when the Lieutenant Commander leaves the throne, ap-
proaches the candidate and extends to him the hilt of
his sword which he takes in his right hand, the Lieu-
tenant Commander holding the blade.)
Lieutenant Commander—Do you promise and agree
that you will be just and righteous, and in all things
strive to emulate and equal that Patriarch from whom SIGN OF ORDER.

we take the name of Noachite? Raise the arms to heaven, the face
Candidate—I do. toward the East, where the moon
Lie~utenant Commander—Do you promise to avoid
idleness, to live honestly, to deal fairly by all men, and
discourage strife and contention?
Candidate—I do.
Lieutenant Commander—Do you promise that you
will be neither haughty nor vain-glorious, nor obsequi-
ous to the great, nor insolent to your inferiors?
Candidate—I do.
Lieutenant Commander—Do you promise that you
will be humble and contrite before the Deity, and ever
bear in mind the fate of Peleg and his followers, who
endeavored to build a tower, whereby they might elinib
beyond the reach of another deluge and defy the oinnipo- SIGN OP INTRODUCTION
tence of God? ~
Candidate—I do. One raises three fingers of the
Lieutenant Commander—Repeat after me then the right hand, the other seizes those
solemn obligation of a Patriarch Noachite or Prussian fingers with his right hand, a n d
Knight. says, Frederick the Second. lie
then presents his three fingers,
which the first, one seizes in the
I upon the sacred word of a MasLer Mason and lame manner, saying Noah.
Knight of Rose Croix, do most solemnly promise and
vow, that I will faithfully keep the secrets of this de-
pee, and will reveal them to no person in the world,
unless to one who shall be legally authorized to receive
them. So help me God.

the duties of a true Knight. (Knight Official seats him

and the Lieutenant Commander takes his station.)
Lieutenant Commander—Sir Knight Orator, you have
SECOND SIGN. the floor.
Seize one thu first finger DISCOURSE BY ORATOR.

of the other s right hand and My brother, we read that the descendants of Noah
press it with the thumb and resolved to build a tower so high as to prevent the
first finger, saying Shem. Almighty from again destroying the world by a flood
and to get themselves a name in the world. They chose
The other gives the same
for their purpose the plains of Shinar, in Asia. Ten
token, ra~iig 11am, then the years after the foundation was laid, the Lord looking
first gives the same token, down upon earth and beholding the pride and audacious
saying Japhieth. attempt of the people, He descended to confound their
Second 5ign of intruductlufl. project by causing a confusion of languages among the
workmen so that they could not understand one another;
—‘l’hirte slow stroke-; 0 0 0.
:—Th roe steps of a Master.
whence it was called Babel. Sometime after, Niznrod’”
PASS WORD :—Peleg, Poleg, Peleg.
established a distinction among men, and founded a
51.CRED ~vORD—Shem,11am, Japheth.
city, and called it Babylon. Tradition says, the dedica-
Lieutenant Conirnander—( lii’ ests him with the tion was at the full of the moon so the festivals of this
degree are held in the month of March, at the full of the
apron, collar and jewel, cau~es him to kneel on both moon. Tradition further informs us that after the lan-
knees when lie strikes him on the right and left shoulder, guages were confounded at the building of the tower of
and on the head withythe flat of his sword, saying:) Babel, the workmen separated and dispersed into differ-
By virtue of tbe authority vested in me, by this grand ent countries. The architect of the tower traveled into
Chapter, I do constitute and create you a Mason Noa- Germany where he arrived after a long and tedious
chite, and Prussian Knight, antl devote you hence-for- journey, living upon roots and other vegetables. He
~~ardto the cause of every one who bath been wronged Note 358.—”Nimrod. The legend or the Craft in the Old Constltntlons
eaters to Nimrod as one of the founders of Masonry. Thus in the York
by the great, or oppressed by the powerful; of the widow, ManuscrIpt we read: ‘At ye making of ye Toure of Bahell then was
Ussonrie first much esteemed of. and the King of Dahilon yt was called
the orphan, the poor, the distressed and the destitute. Nlmrod was A mason himielfe and loved well Masons. • And the Cooke
Manuscript th.’a repeats the story ‘And this same Nembroth began the
Arise Sir Knight, and soldier of suffering humanity and tower of bablian and he taught to his werkemen the craft of Masonele.
and he had with him many Masons more than forty thousand And he
be armed for the combats thi;it await you. (Raises him loved and cherished them well.’ The idea no douht sprang out of the
ficriplural teaching that Nimrod was the srchitect of many cltiea a
up, the Knight Official biiekle~ on his spurs, and the statement not so well expressed In the authorized versIon. as It is In the
Improved one of Bochart. which says: Trom that land Nlmnod went
Lieutenant Commander hands liini a waord.) forth to Asahur. and huilded Nineech. and itehoboth city, and Caish.
and Ibsen between Niheich and Gush. thai Is the great city?”—
Lieutenant Commander—You are now prepared to do aekats Zneyoipsadla of 2raemsaoaa7, Artiela Nisored.

fixed his residence in that part now called Prussia, where seem most inhuman and diabolical.
he erected a dwelling to shclter himself from the in- Even the man who does wrong and commits errors,
clemency of the weather, and where he also erccted many often has a quiet home, a fireside of his own, a gentle
monuments. loving wife, and innocent children who, perhaps do not
In Lhe ycaf 1553, in digging for salt mines, ~thework~ know of hi8 past errors and lapses, past and long repented
men found thc ruins of a triangular edifice 15 cubit.s of, or if they do, do love him the better, because being
deep. In the ccntrc of this edifice they found many mortal, he bath erred, and being in the image of God, he
trophies of antiquity: An urn of agate, and many mar- hath repcntcd.
ble columns ~vxthhierogi) phicb engraven thereon. That every blow at this husband and father, strikes
The origin of this ordcr, my brother, wa~ long before full upon the pure and tender bosoms of the wife and
the era of Hiram or Solomonian Masonry; as every one those daughLers is a consideration that doth not concern
knows that the to~’er of Babel ~va~built long before the ~r stay the hand of the base and brutal informer.
temple of Solomon, and in former txmcs it was not My brother, if men weighed the imperfections of
necessary that a candidate should be a MasLer Mason to humanity, they would breathe less condemnation. Ig-
be qualified to reccive this; for in the times of the e’u- flora nce gives disparagemcnt a louder tongue than knowl-
sade~ the Knights of the different ordcrs in Europe were edge does; wise men had rather know than tc]1. If WE.
initiatcd into this degree by the Christian Priiiecs to even do know viecs in men we can scarce show our~eivc~
conquer the Holy Land which was invaded by the Infi- in a nobler virtue than in the charity of conecaling thorn.
dels, as were also the masons descendant from Hiram. if that be not a flattery, persuading to continuance and
You are especially charged in this degree, to be mod- it is the basest office man can fall into, to make his
est and humble, and not ~vain-g1orious nor fihlcd with tongue the defamer of the worthy man.
~e1f-conceit. Be not ~viserin your own opinion than the There iB but one rule for a mason in this matter: If
Deity, nor find ~fau1t with his works, nor ~udeavor to there bc virtues, and he is called upon to speak of him
improve upon ~~‘liathe iia~ done. who knows them, let him tell them forth impartially,
Be modest ail~o in ~‘ourintcreourse ~~‘it1iyour fellows, and if there be vices mixed with them let him be content
and slow to entertain ev~1 thoughts of them, and rehic— the world ~haII know them by some othcr tongue than
tant to a~(ribe to them evil intentions. his; for if the evil doer deserves no pity, his wife, his
~Vhena mason hears of any man who hath fallcn into parents or his children, or other innocent persons who
public disgrace, he should have a mind to commiserate love him, may.
Where we want experience, charity bids us think the
his mishap and not to iiiake him more disconsolate. To
envenom a name by lihels that aircady is openly tainted best and leave what we know not to the searcher of
is to add stripes with an iron rod to one that is flayed hearts. For mistakes, ~uspicion~ and envy often injure
with whipping, and to every well tempered mind will a clear fame; and there is leaRt danger in a charitable


And finally the mason should be humble and honest
and modest toward the Great Architect of the Universe,
and not impt~gn his wisdom nor set up his own imper-
fect sense of right against His providence and ‘dispensa±
tions, nor attempt too rashly to explore the mysteries
of God’s infinite essence and inscrutable plans and of
that great nature which we are not made capable to
Let him not spend his time in building a new tower
of Babel; in attempting to change that which is fixed by
an inflexible law of God’s enactment, but let him, yield-
ing to the Superior Wisdom of Providence, be content
to believe that the march of events is rightly ordered by CLOSING CEREMONIES
an infinite wisdom, and leads, though we cannot see it,
to a great and perfect result.
Let him my brother be satisfied to follow the path Lieutenant Commander~(Three knocks; 000.) Sir
pointed out by that providence, and to labor for the Knight Official, the moon is passing from us, the hour
good of the human race in that mode in which God has for this Grand Chapter to close has arrived, give notice
chosen to enact that that good shall be effected. And to the Sir Knights that our labors are about to end.
Knight OfliciaI—(One knock; 0.) Brethren and
above all, let him build no tower of Babel under the Knights, prepare to close this Grand Chapter; the light
belief that, by ascend~ng he will mount so high that God by which we work is about to be obscured. Let us go
will disappear, or be superseded by a great monstrous forth to imitate in our conduct and conversation the
aggregation of material forces, or a mere glittering logi- righteous Patriarch, and thus become true Noachites.
cal formula; but evermore standing humbly and rever- Lieutenant Cornmander—True brethren, let us go
ently upon the Earth, and looking with awe and confi- forth and perform these duties. Sir Knight Official
give notice to the Knights that this Grand Chapter is
dence toward Heaven, let him be satisfied that there is a darkened.
real God, a person and not a formula, a father and a Knight Official—Knights and Brethren, this Grand
proteclor, who loves and sympathizes and compassion- Chapter is darkened and its labors ended.
~ites; and that the eternal ways by which lie rules the Lieutenant Commander~Together, Sir Knights.
world are infinitely wise no matter how far they may be ALl—(Give the sign.) Peleg, Peleg, Peleg.
ahove the feeble comprehension and limited vision of Lieutenant Corn mander—.’The light has departed,
man. farewell.
of cedar at Lebanon, whither he used to repair yearly to
visit Prince Herodim. The descendants of the zealous
craftsmen furnished timber from the same mountains
for the construction of the second temple; by order of
Cyrus, Darius and Xe~xes under the guidance of Zerub-
CHAPTER XXXIX This celebrated nation formed in the earliest days a
TWENTY-SECOND DEGREE; KNiGHT OF TIlE ROYAL Axi college for instructing the people and worshipped the
OR PRINCE OF LIBANUS.”’ Great Architect of the Universe. We are indebted to
these patriarchs for much knowledge we possess of the
mysteries of this degree.
ORIGIN :—This degree was established, and added DECORATIONS :—Bodies of this degree are styled col-
thereto, on differeiit occasions. When the cedars of leges.255 There are two apartments. The first is a plain
Lebanon were cut down for holy purposes, the Sidonians room without any fixed number of lights and represents
were zealous for all holy enterprises. The descendants a carpenter’s workshop on Mount Lebanon. The second
of Japhet cut the ccdar~ for all the holy purposes of the is hung with red and lighted by 36 lights, arranged by
temple of Solomon. They 5” wereThe
furnished under the sixes, and each six by twos. It represents the Council
same nation floated
direction of Prince Hcrodim.
the timbers by sea to Joppa, for the temple and other room of the round table. In the center of the room is a
buildings at Jerusalem. Solomon was so pleased with round table around which the brcthrcn sit. On the altar
the fidelity of the Sidonians that he built him a house is an open Bible, square and compass and an axe.
Note 9t4.—”Knight of the Royal Ais. or Prince of Libanus. The OFFICER :—Are a Chief Prince, stylcd Thrice Puis-
22d degree of the Ancient and Ac.~epted rite. The legend of thin degree
lufoems us that it nas tilatilutid to record the memorable services
.endered to Masonry by the mighty cedars of Lebanon, as the Sidonlan sant, a Senior and J~inior Warden, and a Senior and
architects cut doon the cedars for the conatruction of Noaha ark.
Our ancient brethren. do not tell us how the Israelites had the wood Junior Deacon.
conveyed to them from the land of promise to the mountains in the
wilderness. They say, however, that the desceodanta of the Sidonlane ORDER :—Broad, rainbow colored ribbon, worn as a
were employed to the some place. in obtaining materIals for the con.
etruction of tbe ark of the covenant: and also, in later years. for building collar; it may be worn as a sash from right to left, and
Solomon’s Temple; and, lastly, that Zerubbahel empinyed laborers of the
same people in cutting cedars of Lebanon for the use of the second
lined with purple.
temple. The tradit ion adds that the Sidontans formed colleges on bloillit JEWEL :—A goldcn hatchet, on the top of it a golden
Lihanus. and always adored the 0. A 0 T. I-’. ‘—Macoja Encyclopaedia
sad Dictionary of Freemasonry, Article Knight of the Royal Are. crown. On the top or end of the handle are the letters
Note 856.—”Haredosn. in is bat sre called the ‘high degrees of the N’.’. and S.’. initials of Noah and Solomon. On one side
continental Rites there is nothing more puzzling than the etymology of
this word. We have the Royal Order of ileredom. given as the ne plus of the handle the letter L. initial of Lebanon; and on
iii~s. of Masonry in Scotland. and in aimost nil the Rites the Rose
Crot: of ileredom. hot lb.’ true meaning of the word is apparently Iota 3k.—.”The places of meeting in this degree are called ‘Colleges
unknown. Rsgon, in bi~ Orthodozie Maconnique, (p 91.) asserts that it Tbla degree is especially interesting to the Masonic scholar in conse.
has a political signitication. and that it was invented between the years quence of its e,idemt reference to the mystical sesoclatlos of the Druses.
1740 and 1745. hr the adherents of charles Edward the Pretender. at whose connection with the Templars at the time of the Crusades fross
the Court of St. (.ermsln. which was the residence, during that penal. a yet to be investigated e;isosie in the history of Freemason
of the unfortunate prince. and that in their letters to Engisial ilsited Mackay’s Enoyoiopaadia of ream onry, Article Knight of the r~y;
from Boredom, they mean to denote St. Germain. “—Maqkey’s Encyolo.
pdla of lraemaaovy. Article Boredom.

that side of the blade, the letters A. ‘.C. ‘.D. ‘.Z. ‘.N. and -.

E.’. initials of Adonirain, Cyrus, Darius, Zerubbabel,

Neliemiah and Ezra. OPENING CEREMONIES
On the other side of the handle the letter S.’. initial KNIGHTS OF THE ROYAL Axx OR PRINCE OF LIBANUS.3
of Sidonias, and on that side of the blade the ~ctters S.’.
Chief Prince—(Knocks one; 0.) My brethren the day
fl~ ~ .M. ~.A.’.and B.’. initials of Shem, Ham, Japhet, star is risen in the East. It is time to arouse the work-
Moses, Aholiab’5’ and Bezalech. mcii that they may prcpare for their labors. Brother
APRON :—White, lined and bordered with purple, on Senior Grand Warden, are all the Princes present?
the middle a round table is embroidered on which are &nior Warden—Th rIce Puissant, they are.
mathematical instruments and plans enrolled; on the Chief Prince—Announce to them by brother,
through the Junior Grand Warden, that I am about to
flap is a serpent with thrce heads. open this College, that directions may be given to the
TRACING BOARD :—View of the mountains and forests workmen.
of Lebanon ;“‘ the summit of the mountains covered Senior Warden—Brother Junior Grand Warden, the
Thrice Puissant is about to open this College that direc-
with snow and of the temple erected of its cedars and tions may be given to the workmen.
pines. Junior Warden—Brethren, you will please take notice
WORKSHOP :—The Senior Warden presides and is that the Thrice Puissant is about to open this College
styled Master Carpenter, he and all the brethren wear that direction may be given to the workmen.
frocks or blouses and aprons. Chief Prince—Brother hi nior Grand Warden, arouse
the workmen by the ii~ual alarm.
BATTEiIY:—Is two; OO~, No particular one in the Junior Warden—(Motinds thc bell twice; 00.)
workshop. 9 Senior lVarden—(Sounds the bell twice; 00.)
Note £17.—”Ahoiiab was associated with Moses and flenaleel in the Chief Prince—(Sotinds the bell twice; 00.) To-
ronstru~ lion of the T..bernacie in the wilderness While Sexaleel
designed and executed the isorks of art requird Abolish att~ndcd to gether brethren.
the textile fabrics lie vsav a Danite of great skill as a v.eaver and
emlir’i.lerer Exodus xxv. it l’i a canons c,,isi Idence that both Abollab All—(Give the sign.)
and hiram AhIf isere of the tribe of Dan “—Morris’s Masonjo Dotiona,z’y, Chief Prince—The cedars upon Mount Lebanon wait
&rticie Ahoisab.
Note 256.—The forest’, of the Lebanon mountains only could supply to be fitted and this College in open.
the timber for the Temple Suib of these forests as lay oear,’st the Note 259.—’ ‘Princa of Lehanus, or Knight of the Royal Axe. iSootch
sea were in the possession of the Phoeiiielaoa. amolig whom timber was Masonry, ]—Ths, fourth degree conferred in the Cnnsist,,r, of Princes of
in so, h conatant demand, that ~ bad acquired great a,id acknosiedgi’il the itc.ysi Seeret. Scotch Masonry. and thi twenty-second opon the eats.
skill in the felling an,1 trai,sport,,ti,n thereof, and benie it was of logne of that system, its historical lectures relate ii’ the cedars of
such importailie that hiram consented to employ large ts,dics of men lebanon, ahich formed so importaut a part of the materials for con.
in L.’i,4in,n to hen Ilinlar is weil as otbira to io.rform the service •.f stroeting the temples of Solomon and Zerubbahel (See Cedars,) The
bringing it don ii to lb’ seaside. is hence it is ira to be taken along tin. presidine omeer is styled Stoat Wise. The apron is while it displays
coast to Soats to the port of Joppo. from which place it could he easily a round-table, on which appears various architectural it~strnments and
taken across Ihe country to Jerosai,’iii dranbngs The j.n..i is a gold axe. sarmoontad by a Roil crown On
The ancient and Aetepted S,,ttisi, Rite baa dedicated to this moon. one stile of the hanilie an’ lb.’ letters A it I) I’. D X Z A and on the
iSin its tisent3 .aeoond degree. ir Prinie of l.ehani,n The Drasi’s now blade L. N. Eta the ther side of the handle are the letters N N N C.
inhabit ~io,iat Lebanon. and still preserve there a sicrit iirgau,iaatioo I. M. S £.. and on the blade S —Morris’s Masonic Dictionary Article
—Mackeys Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, Article Lehanon, Irinee of Lahanus, or Knight of the Royal Axe.
Junior Deacon—What further claims has he to this
Senior Deacon—The claim of birth and rank in Ma-
Junior Deacon—Let him wait a time with patience
until the College is informed of his request. (Junior
TwENTY-SECOND DEGREE; kMOiIT OF TIlE ROYAL Am Deacon shuts the door.)
Chief Prince—Brother Junior Deacon, who seeks ad-
mission to the College?
INITIATION. Junior Deacou—A Worthy Prussian Knight and
Knight of the Rose Croix, who desires to obtain the
[Thc candidate is prepared by the Senior Deacon as a degree of Prince of Libanus.
Prwsian Knight or Ro~ e Croix, ‘it ith sword, etc., and Chief Prince—Has he received all the preceding de-
bi-oughit to the door of the second apartment in which grees?
the officers anil hrethren are seated round the table, on Junior Deacon—He has.
tthn Ii art hilan~ .ind inathematie~il instruments and Chief Prince—Has lie approved himself a true
knoL bt”; Oil] Knight?
Junior J)cut tiit~—}Opvfling the door.) Who comes Junior Deacon—He has.
hcrc? Chief Prince—Wllat further claims has he to this
.‘,(Iiil)r I)cwon—A \\‘orth~ Prtissi~in Knight and privilege?
Knight of the Ro~c (‘roix, ~~hiodcsires to obtain the de- Junior Deacon—The claim of birth and rank in Ma-
gree of Prince of Lihanus. sonry.
Junior Deacon—has he received all the preceding
Chief Prince—The claim is not sufficient, but let him
degrees? be admitted. (Junior Deacon opens the door and the
Scnwr Deacon—lie has. Senior Deacon conducts candidate to the table.)
Junior Dt’aco,i—~Ias lie proved himself a true
Chief Prince—Is it your desire my brother, to obtain
Knight? the degree of Prince of Libanus?
Scnitir Deacon—lie hia~.
Candidate—It is.
Note 260 —Knight of lbs Royal Axe, (ChaYaliar de Ia royale Kaehe
‘ihe tarily-ircond degree of ihe Ailent and Accepted Scottish Rite Chief Prince—We know the ground on which you
called aim Priiite of Lilisisa or telianon it was instituted to record
the memorable servies ri-odered to Masonry by the ‘mighty cedars of claim it, but birth is not regarded here, and rank in Ma-
lebanon The legend of Cli’ degrie inloima us that the Sidonlaits
were employed in oiling cedars on Mount Lihanus or Lebanos for the
sonry does not of itself suffice. We are all workmen in
construction of Noah’s ark Their desceadatits aubseiioeiitiy cut cedars ~ur several vocations. You see us now engaged in pre-
from the same place br the ark of the covenailt, and the descendants of
these were a gal a employed in the same offices, and in the same Dlace. paring plans for the laborers and studying the calcula-
in obtaining materials for boilding Solomon’s Temple. Lastly. Zerub-
babel employed them in cutting the cedars of Lebanon for the use of tions of astronomy, None can by our constitutions, be
the second Temple This celebrated nation formed colleges on Mount
Lebanon. and in their labors always adored the Great Architect of the admitted to the high privileges of this degree nnless he
Universe. I have no doubt that this last sentence refers lo the DruseS.
that seciet ‘teet of Theists who still reside upon Mount Lebanon and in
hath first wrought one year in the workshop, and ob-
lb ailisecit parts 01 Syria and Palestine. and whose mysterIous eere~ tained the unanimous suifrages of the workmen.
monies have atirseted ‘to mitch of the curiosIty of Eastern traveliers.”
Mackeys Enoyolopaedia of Yraamaaois57. hztiola Knight of the 30.1 Is your desire for this degree sufficient to induce you
to lay aside your insignia, your sword and jewels for a
time and join the sons of labor? penters apron and proceeds, as directed, to saw a long
Candidate—It is. plank in two, lengthwise.)
Chief Prince—Go then my brother, obtain their suf- Master Carpenter—My brother, the saw, the plane and
frages and return to a.’,~ (C~iiididiite ~~‘itlidrao with
.~ the hewing age, (showing them) are the working tools
the Senior Deacon and goes to the thoorof the first apart- of a Prince of Libanus.
ment and giv~s three or four knock~, the door ~s opened TilE SAAv symbolizes that steady patience and perse-
and they enter. The workineli are hewing, sawing, vering determination by which the resolute man makes
planing, etc., and the master worknicn copying designs, his way to the object of his endeavors, through all ob-
from a tracing board. As the candidate enters he gives stacles and teaches us that Masons laboring for the mi-
one loud rap and the workmen all stop.) provement of the world and the great cause of human
Master Carpenter—Whom have you there brother progress, must be content to advance, certainly, though
Senior Deacon? never so painfully and slowly, toward success and as
Senior Deacon—A Knight of Rose Croix and Prussian TIlE PLANE cuts down the inequalities of surface, it
Knight, who desires your su ifrages that he may obtain is symbolical of Masonry which cuts off the prejudices
the ilegree of Prince of Libanus. of ignorance and the absurdities of superstition, and
AIa8ter Carpenter—Our suffiages are given to those aids to polish and civilize mankind.
who work. liath he vet learned to work? THE AXE is a great agent of civilization and improve-
Senior Deacon—He has not, but desires to do so, and ment. It is the troops armed with that weapon that
for that came hither. have conquered barbarism. Under its blows the prime-
Alaster Carpenter—Doth he acknowkdge the dignity val forests disappear and the husbandman displaces the
of labor; and that it is no curse but a privilege for man hunter. Settled society and laws, and all the arts that
to be alloued to earn his sustenance by the exercise of refine and elevate mankind, succeed the rude barbarism
his strong arms and sttirdy muscles? of early ages. The axe is nobler than the sword my
Senior Deacon—He does. brother. (lie is then made to use the plane, and a
Master Carpenter—Does~ he admit that the honest brother brings him a piece of dry bread and a cup of
laboring man, uprighi and independent is in nature’s water.)
heraldry the peer~of l~ings, and that no labor, but idle- Master Carpcntcr—Eat my brother of the laborer’s
ness, is disgraceful? food, it is thine own, for thou hast earned it and no one
Senior Deacon—He does, suffers because thou dost cat. (He is then made to use
Master Carpenter—Art thou willing to eat only what the axe.)
thou earnest, patiently to receive instructions and to Master Carpenter—Brethren, this Knight by his ready
recognize and treat these bumble workmen as your acquiescence to our customs, has shown a true apprecia-
brethren and equals? tion of the dignity of labor and has cheerfully conformed
Candidate—I am to our customs.
Master Carpenter—Then as you were divested of your We may require him to toil with us a veiir, or, at our
outer apparel upon your first entry into a Masonic lodge, option, we may at once give him our suffrages. If no
divest yourself now of your insignia and jewels, and one wishes otherwise, we will proceed to vote upon his
put on the apron of a workman. (Candidate nuts off request to be admitted among the Princes of Libanus.
his regalia, rolls up his shirt sieeves, puts on a cat. (The vote is taken by ballot and declared clear.)
Master Carpenter—My brother, you hate been duly ing obligation.)
elected to receive this degree. Brother Senior Deacon,
you will now invest the brother with him insignia ~nd OBLIGATION KNIGHT OF ~ItE ROYAL AXE.
jewels and conduct him to the second apartment. (Sen- I.... of my own frcc will an(1 accord, in the presence
ior Deacon invests him and conducts him to the door of of thc Grand Architect of the Universe, and this illus-
the second apartment. Meanwhile the brethren~~retire trious Collcgc of Princes of Libainus, do hereby and here-
and dress themselves with the insignia and jewels of on most ~oleiunIy and ~xncercly proiiiise and swear that
this degree.) 1 will ncvcr coxnmunicatc the sccrcts of this (legree to
Senior Deacon—(Two knocks; 00.) any perbon or pcrsons unlcss it be to one lawfully cnti-
Junior Deacon—(Opening the door.) Who comca tlcd to rcccivc tlic sainc.
here? I furthcrinorc prolllisc and ~wcar that I will ever
Scn~or Deacon—A Knight of the Rose Croix and hcreaftcr usc my bcst cndeavors to elevatc tlic character
Prussian Knight who, having wrought chcerfully in the of the laboring cIasse~ and improve their condition, to
workshop and learned the use of the saw, the plane and disseminatc thc bIc~ings of cducation arliong thcir chil-
Lhe axe, has received the suff rages of the workmen and drcn and to givc to tlwms(’Ivc~ their due and propcr
demands to be received a Prince of Libanus. (Junior social and political wcight. All of which I promiEc aIl(I
Deacon shuts the door and says:) ~weiIr under the penalty of exposurc on the highicst
Junior Deacon—Thrice Puissant, it is a Knight of pinnacle of Mount Ubanii~, there mi~erab1y to pcrish in
Rose Croix and Prussian Knight, who, having wrought its pcrpctiial snows. So liclp mc Cod.
cheerfully in the workshop and learned the u~e of the (Chicf Princc raises him and invests him with thc
saw, the plane and axe, has received the suifrages of the iollowing signs:)
workmen and demands to ‘ne received a Prince of Li- SIGN.
Chief Prince—Let him be admitted. (The ~hrce MakQ thc motion nt
principal officers now take their stations; the Ju.ior
lifting an a’~e with
Deacon opens the door and the Senior Deacon ent~is
with the candidate and conducts him to the ~1tar.) both hand~, anr~ ~trik-
Senior Deacon.—Tbrice Puissai,t I present to you a ing as it to fell a trcc.
Knight Rose Croix, who has toiled in the workshop and
received the unanimous suifrages of his brethren. ANSWI U.
Chief Prince—My brother do you still persist in your Rai~c both hands to
desire to enter this association of laborers? the hcight o1 thc fore-
Candidate—I do.
lICa(1, thc fiiigvrs cx—
Chief Prince—Are you not deterred by the hazard of
such toil and fare as you experienced in the workshop? tendcd, and I hen Ict
Candidate—I am not. the hands f,~1l, thus
Chief Prfncc—Kneel then at this altar and contract in(lIcating thc fall of Answer to Sigo.
your oh1i~ation. (Candidate kneels on both knees with a trcc. lilac, of X4bmaa.
his hands upon the axe and Bible and takes the follow-
Masonry has made a working man and his associates
the heroes of her principal legend and herself the com-
panion of Kings. The idea is as simple and true as it
is sublime; from first and last masonry is work. It
TOKEN. venerates the Great Architect of the Universe. It com-
memorates the building of a temple. Its principal em-
Seize each other’s hands and blems are the working tools of masons and artisans.
cross the fingers as a sign of good It preserves the name of the first worker in brass and
faith. iron as one of its pass-words. The master is the over-
seer who sets the craft to work and gives them proper
Masonry is the apotheosis of work. It is the bands
of brave, forgotten men that have made this great popu-
SATTEIIY :—Two equi-timed strokes; 00. Ions, cultivated world a world for us. It is all work and
MARCH :—Three cross steps. forgotten work.
PASS woans :—Japhet, Ahohiab, Lebanon. The real conquerers, creators and eternal proprietors
SACRED wORDS :—Noah, Bezaleel, Sadonias. of every great and civilized land are all the heroic souls
Chief Prince— (Invests him with the collar, apron and that ever were in it, each in his degree. All men that
jewel; explains the initials upon the jewel, and says:) ever felled a forest tree or drained a marsh, or contrived
The serpent with three heads upon the flap of the apron a wise scheme, or did or said a true or valiant tIling
is Idleness, the body from w,~hieh issue the three vices therein. Genuine work alone, done faithfully, that is
symbolized by the heads; Dri.snkeness, impurity and eternal, even as the Almighty founder and world-builder
Gaming, by which5~,s so many youths
intohave beenimbecility
lost and himself.
have sunk ignoble
so many great nati
and shameful bondage. All work is noble. A life of ease is not for any man,
Chief Prince—Brother Senior Deacon, you will now nor for any God. The Almighty Maker is not like one
conduct the candidate to the post of honor. (Senior who in old, immemorial ages, having made his machine
Deacon seats him on the right of the Thrice Puissant of a universe, sits ever since and sees it go.
who delivers the history.) Man’s highest destiny is not to be happy, to love
hISTORY. pleasant things and find them.
His only true unhappiness should be that he cannot
My brother, sympathy for the great laboring classes, work and get his destiny as a man fulfilled. The day
respect for labor it~clf and resolution to some good work passes swiftly over and the night cometh wherein no
in our day and generation, these are the lessons of this man can work. That night once come, our happiness
degree, and they are purely masonic. and unhappiness are vanished and become as things that

never were. But our work is not abolished and has not force, the sacred celestial life-essence breathed into him
vanished. It remains, or the want of it remains for by Almighty God and awakens him to all nobleness as
endless times and eternities. It is in our influences soon as work fitly begins.
after death that we are immortal. Labor is the truest By it, man learns patience, courage, perseverance,
emblem of God, the Architect and Eternal. Maker; openness to light, readiness to own himself mistaken,
noble labor which is yet to be the King of this Earth, resolution to do better and improve. Only by labor
and sit on the highest throne. Men without duties to do will man continually learn the virtues.
arc like trees planted on precipices from the roots of Let him who toils complain not, nor feel humiliated.
which all thc earth has crumbled. Let him look up and see his fellow workmen there in
Nature owns no man who is not also a martyr. She God’s Eternity; they alone surviving there. Even in the
scorns the man who sits screcned from all work, from weak human memory they long survive, as saints, as
want, danger, hardship, the victory over which is work, heroes, and as gods they alone survive, and people the
and has all this work and bottling done by other men. unmeasured solitudes of time. It was well to give the
And yet there are men ~~lio pride themselves that earth to man as a dark mass, whereon to labor. It was
they and theirs have done no work, tinic out of mind. well to provide rude and unsightly materials in tIme ore
The chief of men is he who stands in the van of men, bed and the forests for him to fashion into splendor and
fronting the peril which frightens back all others, and beauty.
if not vanqnishmcd would devour them. It was well, not because of that splendor and beauty,
hercules was worshipped for twelve labors. The but because the act creating them is better than the
Czar of Russia became a toiling slmipwright and worked things themselves. Because exertion is nobler than en-
with his a~e in the docks of Snard~m, and something joyment, because the laborer is greater and more worthy
caine of that. Cromwell i~orked, and Napoleon and of honor than the idler, masonry stands up for the
effected somewhat., There is perennial nobleness and nobility of labor. It is Heaven’s great ordinance for
even sacredness in work. Be he never so benighted human improvement. It has been broken down for ages
and forgetful of his high calling, there is always hope and masonry desires to build it up again. It has been
in a man that actually and earnestly works. In idleness broken down because men toiled only because they must,
alone is their perpetual despair. ~fan perfects himself submitting to it as in some sort, a degrading necessity
by working. Jungles are cleared away, fair seed-fleld~ and desiring nothing so much on earth as to escape from
rise instead, and stately cities, and withal, the man him- it. They fulfill the great law of labor in the letter; but
self first ceases to be a foul unwholesome jungle and break it in the spirit, they fulfill it with the muscles, but
desert thereby. Even in the meanest sort of labor the break it with the mind.
whole soul of man is composed into a kind of real har- Masonry teaches that every idler ought to hasten to
mony the moment he begins In work. Labor is life; some field of labor, manual or mental, as a chosen and
from the inmost heart of the worker rises his God-given coveted theater of improvement, but he is not impelled
to do so under the teachings of an imperfect civilization. Even utter indolence reposes on treasures that labor at
On the contrary he sits down, folds his hands, and some time gained and gathered.
blesses and glorifies himself in his idleness. It is time
He who does nothing, and yet does not starve, has
that this opprobrium of toil were done awaly. To be still his significance, for he is a standing proof that
ashamed of tbil, of the dingy wbrkshop and ilusty labors
somebody has at same time worked. But not to such
field, of the hard hand, stained with service more honor-
does masonry do honor. It honors the worker, the toil-
able than that of war; of the soiled and weather-stained
er, him who produces and not alone consumes, him who
garments on which mother nature has stamped, midst
puts forth his hand to add to the treasury of human
sun and rain, midst fire and steam, her own heraldic
honors; to be ashamed of these tokens and titles, and comforts and not alone to take away. It honors him
who goes forth amid the struggling elements to fight his
envious of the flaunting robes of imbecile idleness and
battle and who shrinks not, with cowardly effeminacy,
vanity is treason to nature, impiety to Heaven, a breach
behind pillows of ease. It honors the strong muscle
of heaven’s great ordinance. Toil of brain, heart or
and the manly nerve, and the resolute and brave heart,
hand is the only true manhood and genuine nobility.
Labor is man’s great function, his peculiar distinction the sweating brow, and toiling brain.
and his privilege. From being an animal that ears and It honors the great and beautiful offices of humanity,
drinks only, to become a worker, and with the hand of manhood’s toil and woman’s task, fraternal industry and
ingenuity to pour his own thoughts into the moulds of maternal watching and weariness, wisdom teaching and
nature, fashioning them into forms of grace and fabrics patience learning; the brow of care that prc~dcs over
of convenience and converting them to purposes of im- the state and many handed labor that toils in workshop,
provement and happiness, i~ the greatest possible step field and study, beneath its mild and beneficent sway.
in privilege. & To aid in securing to all laior, permanent employ-
What is there glorious in the world that is not the ment and its just reward; to help to hasten the coming
product of labor? What is history but its record? of that time when no one shall suffer from hunger or
What are the treasuries of genius and art but its work? destitution, because, though willing and able to work,
What are cultivated fields but its toils? The busy marts, he can find no employment, or because lie has been over-
the rising cities, the enriched empires of the world are taken by sickness in the midst of his labor is one part of
but the great treasure-houses of labour. The pyramids your duties as a Knight of the Royal Axe, and if we can
of Egypt, the castles, and towers and temples of Europe, succeed in making some small nook of God’s creation
the buried cities of Italy and Mexico, the canals and more fruitful and cheerful, a. little better and more
railroads of Christendom arc but tracks all round the
~vorthv of him, or in making some one or two human
world of the mighty footsteps of labor. Without it
antiquity would not have been; without it there would heirts a little ~vi~er,more manly, hopeful and happy,
be no memory of the past and no hope for the future. we shall have done work worthy of masons, and accepta-
ble to our Father in Ileaven.
Freemasonry a Uni~craai Religion—Satan the Masonic God
Puerilities of the Mass, the Pagoda and Lodge—Hum Drum
Platitudes on Labor
Is another of the Philosophical (legrees.
“Philosophy and Ma~onry being one and ‘lie same
CLOSING CEREMONIES principle, have the same object and ilii--ion to attain--
the worship of the Great Archite t of the Univer~e, and
KNIGHT OF THE ROYAL AXE OR PUNcE or LIDANU&. the disenthrallment of mankind.” Mackey. (See Note
Chief Prince—(Knocks one.) Brother Senior Grand Dr. Mackey has no superior, if equal, in the tbou-
Warden, what is the hour? sands of Ma~~onic writers, And no one can read bin’
Senior Warden—Thrice Puissant, the sun has set. without believing him sincere, in Ins article “Pucrility
Chief Prince—It is time then to call the workmen of Freemasonry” (Encyc. p. 618,) lie e~inees candor,
from their labors that they may rest; announ~ to the strength and learning, lie sass :—“ls it possible that
Princes that this College is about to be closed. scholars of un(luestioned ~trcngth of intellect and depth
Senior Warden—Brother Junior Grand Warden, the of science, who have de~ Ote(l thicinsel’ es to the study of
Masonry and given the result of their learning in
Thrice Puissant is about to close this College of Princes thousands of volunws, ha~e been altogether iiii~t~iken
of Libanus. You will communicate the same to the (Encyc. p. 618.)
brethren. Let every reader who wishes to know aceuratelv ~
Junior Warden—Br~thren, the Thrice Puissant is Masonry is memorize and ponder Dr. .lbo keys wor(ls
about to close this~ College of Princes of Libanus. above given. Its object and mi--ion are “‘the a
Chief Prince—Brother Junior Grand Warden, you of the Grcat Architei t of the U,iirersc.” Maaoiiiv i~,
will call the workmen from their labors by the usual and claims to be recci’ed as a Uniuer~o1 J?iligwrt, iiiiil in
this all Masonic writers ~~ortli quoting. agree. .\nd
alarm. Mackey, and the rest, scout “Oliver’s theory” that
Junior Warden—( Sounds the bell twice.) “Christ is that Great Architect.” as “the Uarf6W(.St
Senior lVarden—GSounds the bell t~viee.) Sectarian. new,” (Encyc. p. 5-fl’.)
Chief Prince— (Sounds the bell twice.) Together The proofs afforded by thk degree that it belongs to
brethren. the Satanic and not to the Chri~tian religion are:
tat. It is throughout, like a Shaker”. dance. ~.lormOn
AII—(Give the sign and answer.) Enclo~sment or Pophh Ma~-; a ‘mple human invention
Chief Prince—The cedars of Mount Lebanon are or contrivance.
2nd. The long catalogue of rum al u toe’ are simple
felled and this College is closed. sham pretences. Bcncduct A,’nold and Aaron Burr were
not only Masons, but Masons who were never censured
by the craft in any lodge. Yet they were profligate in substance from the tower of Babel, ages later. It was
morals, and “concerning every good work, reprobate.” said to be dug up out of salt mines, A. U. 1553; and the
3nd. This twentieth degree is one compact mass of false’ early French writers admit that it originated in I Th7.
hood and false pretences. Its password, “Jeckeon,” or “Jaq- (Note £45.) Ca.rlyle, whose great popularity rested
iAC8SOfl, (Frenc~i for the “Son of James”) Mackgy admits
(Note 225,) to be proof that Ramaay invented it, to over- largely on his known and wonderful fidelity to fact, says
turn the Protestant throne of William and Mary, and re~ that Frederick the Great of Prussia, from ithoin the
store the Stuarts who were Papists who held that Kings degree is called “Prussian Knight,” while Crown Prince
~s’cre not bound to keep their word (“Patriotism and was in a lodge a year or two, and “soen left off alto-
Truth,”) and that killing Protestant rulers by assassina-
tion was a sirtue. This was attempted by intelligent and gether,” and that his picture alone ever presided in a
capable Papists in the Gunpowder Plot and vindicated by the lodge. (Note £47.) But Frederick, and Voltaire, who
doctrine of the Douay. lived at his court, hated the Bible, and the only con-
4th. This degree was modified by Afitchell, Daicho, and ceivable motive for writing such a degree, was to make
others, as the (Jrator’8 speech show., to explain away and
actually declare previous degrees, which still stand in the the Bible history contemptible, by its twaddling legend
33 0 Rqe, to be “trifles, gew gaws and absurd or hideous of the Tower of Babel and the travels of Peley. which so
mysteries.” (read page 58,) to accommodate them to a Dearly resemble the travels of Nephi in the Book of
democratic country and taste. Mormon.
But remember and ‘read over and again, (Note 21(1 But if we constantly recur to the authentic utterance
Mnekev’s authoritetive declaration that the “object and ?n,s-
.sion” of the whole thing is the worship of the Grand Archttcef of Dr. Mackey, that “the mission aiid objeeL of Masonry
of the U’urcrse: a religion whose God is the devil, “the God of is the worship of the Great Architect of the Universe,”
this isorld.” t~ho is pronounced by Christ “tz liar from the be’ or “God of this world,” and then consider for a moment
ginnulg, and thc father of it.” the nature of the worships now paid to him around our
Tu’ENTY-FIRST DEGREE; NOACISITE OR PRuSsIAN globe; we shall see that the endleris “puerilities” of
KXI GIlT. those worships, so far from being an objection, are a
“The history as well as eh~aracter of this degree i~ a double advantage and help to the end sought. The
very singular one.” (Mackey in Note 245.) Languagc frivolity of Masonry keeps sensible but uninformed men
needs stronger ~t’ords than “Puerile” and “contenipti- from fearing it, and brings thousands under its devilish
bl&’ to cliaracteriz~ It. Masons themselves despise it. magnetism, who think it must be a harmless thing, and
Mackey says, in the above note, “that it was ever admit- so venture into it for worldly advantage; while others
teil into the Masonic s’stem is only attn biit~ible to the believe in its mysterious power because its legends and
passion for high degrees which prevailed in Franee.” forms are contemptible! The mightiest powers on earth
* * “This degree was adopted into ihe Rite of Mis- to manage mind, are in the contemptible “puerilities” of
raim, where it is the thirty-fifth.” Which Rite of the mass, the pagoda and the lodge. How insane then
Misraim Bedarride (Note 236,) quoted approvingly by the talk of the little secrecy of temperance lodges. Poi-
Mccoy, says :—“is full of puerili’tice,” and even Mackey, son enough can be injected through the capillary tube
with every earthly motive to praise it, says: “It is not of a rattlesnake’s tooth, to break down the blood of a
absolutely puerile.” (Note 246.) giant. Who can analyze or measure the invisible,
Whoever runs his etc over its ritual and the notes intangible essence, by which contagious disease is
w’ill see that its name is derived from Noah, and its transmitted, or by which the eye of a snake charms

birds, and even men? And yet does anyone doubt their
reality or power? The man who enters a secret oi’gani-
zation, where the foot of Christ never trod, enters on
ground which devils inhabit, and which angels of light
shrink from, and from that instant his moral sight
grows dim, add his conscience grows weak, and~he wor-~
ships he knows not what. CHAPTER XLI
The notes show that the Masonic writers are stumped NACLE.’
and puzzled by this degree. It has no iiiark of French
or European origin, and is probably one of the eight JUI’rrER. 21
which the Jew, Morin and his Inspectors adileil to the DECORATIONS —Lodges in this degree arc ~ led Ific-
twenty-five of the Uite of Perfection, ii liich .dorin rarchies. The hangings are white, supported hy red and
brought over to Charleston ; and, as Anierie.iin-i were black columns, by twos, placed here and there aeeordiug
generally laborers at that day, this degree ~i as fashioned to taste. In the eastern part of the room, a sanctuary lb
to flatter them, and increase the sale of the 33~ Hilt. separated from the rest of the room by a balustrade and
Indeed, the bulk of the degree consists of aii ii~erage a crimson curtain in front of the balustrade looped on
piece of stump-oratory, made up of the limo druiii phiiti- each side. In the East of the Sanctuary is a throne, to
tudes on labor, written by men who knew ouh~ the which you ascend by seven steps. Before the throne is
theory of toil. a table covered with a crimson cloth; on it is a roll of
But the degree is steady to the one “mission and ob- the book of the law, and by that a poniard. Above the
je t” (Mackey) of Manonry, “the u oi’shiip of the god tif throne is a representation of the ark of the covenant,
this ‘~orhd.” No iioitter what subject is handled, oi’ crowned with a glory, in the center whereof is the
r(iiflanc’e invented, thii~ is ne~er forgotten or oniitted. Tetragramniaton in Hebrew characters, and on either
hence we are told (p. 8~,) that the Sidonians “worship- side of the ark are the sun and the moon. To the right
ed the Great Architect of the Uui~ ei’se “ And the of the first table, and more to the West, is the horned
candidate, who at last is allowed a short oath, is made altar of sacrifices. To the left, and more to the Webt,
to swear, “in the presence of the Great Architect of thu’ the altar of perfumes. In the West are two chandeliers,
Universe,” that “lie ‘a ill never eoiiiinunicate the secrets each with five branches, and in the East, one with two
of this degree,” which consist maiiilv1 ofTliii~an hiinding
a~erage Note 2SI,—”Chtef of the ThbernaCis. The twenty-third degree in the
stump-speech on labor, So lie/p him God Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. it commemorates the institution of
tiinisel f by the oath of God to conceal tli is ‘a (ir~liih) (~l’ the order of ibe priesthood in Aaron and his sons Eieazar and ithamar.
its principal officers are three, a Sovereign Sacridrer and two High
the devil. The onl~’ possible explanation, ‘a liv the eyes Priest,. now called by the supreme Counciia of America the Moat Eacci-
of Americans are not opened b~’ such palteriug, i~, that ient High Priest and Excellent priests, and the memhe,a of the ‘Hier-
archy’ or ‘Court’ as the Lodge is now styied. are called Levites The
the go(l of thi is world blinds the ni iiid of I lio~e who apron is svhite. iined with deep scariet and bordered with red, hine. and
purpie ribhon. A golden chandelier of seven branches is painted or
practo e his ~vomliip as the serpezit blinds the eyes of embroidered on the centre of the apron. The jewel. which is a thurihie.
is worn from a broad yeiiow. purple. hine. and scarlet sash from the
charmed animals to all objects but itself. (2 Car. 3; 14 ieft shoulder to the ri
and 4, 4’) 4~t hip.’ ‘—XSOkC7’5 Efloyciopaedia ot Freemasonry
Article Chiet of the barnacle.

branches. During an initiation, there is a dark apart-

ment with an altar in the centre of it, near which are
placed a light and three skulls. In front of the altar is
a human skeleton.
OECICERS :—~-The presiding officer sits upon the throne..
lie represents Aaron”’ the High Priest or Sovereign
Grand Sacrificator. The ~Vardens sit in front of thio
altar anti represent his two sons, Eleazar and Ithamar.
rl~hey sire styled Excellent Priests and all the other inem- CHIEF OF THE TABERNACLE.
ber~, Worthy Levites. There are also two Deacons and
a (‘ahitlin of the Guards. High Priest—(Knocks two and says:) Eleazar, mi
CHi’i’iIING:—Thie 1-ugh Priest wears a large red tunic, son, what is the hour?
over which is placed a shorter one of white L’leazar—My father, it is the hour to replenish the
~i ithout sleeves; on his head is a close mitrp fire that burns continually upon the altar of burnt offer-
of cloth of gold, on the front of which is ing, and to prepare for the morning sacrifices.
hillinted or embroidered a Delta enclosing High Priest—Brother Junior Deacon, what is the
the Jneffabhe name in hebrew characters. first care of the Chiefs of the Tabernacle when about
Over the dress he wears a black sash with to convene?
silver fringe from which hangs by a red Junior Deacon—To see that the Tabernacle is duly
rosette a dagger; the sash is worn from left guarded, that none may approach thereto, save those to
to right. Suspended on his breast is the whom its care and services are entrusted.
Breast Plate. Ifigh Priest—Attend to that duty and inform the
The Wardens have the same dress exoept Captain of the Guards that we are about to open this
the Delta, on the mitre, and the Breast Plate. assembly, to carry forth the ashes from the altar, and to
The Deacons, Captain of the Guards and the prepare for the morning sacrifice, and instruct him to
Levites.~wear a white Tunic, cinetured with see that none approach save those appointed for that
a belt
rosette,with gold. Froma this belt, service lest they die. (Junior Deacon attends to order.)
~ ~ is suspended censer of
,a~’ie iYO. which Junior Deacon—Most Excellent High Priest, the Tab-
gree. silver, is the jewel of this degree. ernacle is duly guarded and none can approach but
ANION —White, lined with deep scarlet and bordered those who have the proper pass-word.
with red, blue and purple ribbon. In the middle is the High Priest—Eleazar, my son, are all present Chiefs
seven-branch candlestick, and on the flap a myrtle tree of the Tabernacle?
of violet color. Eieazar—My father, all present have been initiated
BATTERY :—Seven, by 00 00 00 0. in the first degree, and know the sacred name of the
Nets NB.—”tn the degree of ‘Chief of the lahernacie.’ which is the God of Israel of which the letters only can be pro-
28d of the Ancient and Accepted Site the presiding officer represents nounced.
Aaroa. and is styied ‘Moat Rarellest High Priest ‘ is the 24th degree
of the ssme Rite. or ‘Prince of the Tabernacie ‘ the second cheer cc
Senioc Warden also peesneates Aaron “‘—Meekey’s KneTelepeejia ef ieee- High Priest—What is that name?
meanazy. Artinie Amiga. Eleazar—The ineffable, at which the fallen angels

High Priest—Will you give it to me?
Eleazar—I cannot, it is forbidden to pronounce it,
except once e~ch year by the High Priests, and in con-
formity to the ancient usage.
If igh Priest—Pronounce the letters then with Itha-
Ithamar—He. [The candidate represents Ehiasaph, the son of Lael.
High Priest—Great is Adonai. Ithamar, my son, the son of Levi. The Senior Deacon, who represents
give notice to the Levites that I am about to open Ihtis Moses, prepares him, by bandaging his eyes, and leads
assembly, that they may prepare to discharge the duties him to the door and knocks seven; 00 00 00 0.]
for which they have been set apart. Junior Deacon—[Representing Joshua, opens the
door and says:] who comes there?
Ithamar—(As Junior Warden.) My brethren, the Senior Deacon—Ehiasaph, the son of Lael, the son of
Most Excellent High Priesi is about to open this assem- Levi, who desires to be prepared to the service of the
bly of Chiefs of the Tabernacle. You will take due people of the Lord in the Tabernacle of the congrega-
notice and prepare to discharge your appropriate duties. tion and to make an atonement for the children of
High Priest—Together brethren. Israel.
AU—(Give the signs) Junior Deacon—Is this an act of his own free will
and accord?
High Prie’st—(Two knocks; 0 0.) Senior Deacon—It is.
Eleazar—(Two knocks; 0 0.) Junior Deacon—Is he duly pr.~pared and worthy to
Ithamar—(Two knocks; 0 0.) receive so great an honor?
High Piiesi—(One knock; 0.) I declare this assem- Senior Deacon—He is.
bly open. Junior Deacon—By what further right does he ex-
Xote 268.—’Baanare. (lib.. iii.. e. 13.) while treating of the nyu- Note 264.—’‘Chief of the Taluernanie. The 23d degree of the An-
tens-s of the nam’ Jehovah among me 1ev-s says of this letter. Ancient and Accepied rite. This is the first of a series of three degrees
“‘I’be yod in Jehovah in one of those things which eye bath hot seen. giving a foil description of the setting up of the Tabernacle in the
but which has been concealed from nil mankind, its essence and matter wilderness. its form, materials, furniture. etc . the sacredotat and sacri-
are incounprehensihie; it in not lawful so much as to meditate upon it. SemI ceremonies performed by the Priests in their worship of the Deity.
Man may iawfuiiy reroive his thoughts from one s-nd of the heavens to sa described in the instniuctions deilvered to Moses in Exodus xxix and xi.
the other, hut he cannot approach that inacceasihie tight, that primitive The Ceremonies of this degree commemorate the institution of the order of
existence, contained in the ietter yod; sod indeed the masters ciii the the High-Priesthood in Aaron and his sons Eleanar and ithamar.’
letter thonght or idea, and prescribe no bounds to its efficacy, it was Maeeg~sEn~iopaedim sad Dictionary of Nreemaaonry, Ayttole Chief at
thia is-tter which, flowing from the primitive light, zaee being to
enuanatiuna. “—Kankey’s Encyolopeedia ef Fveemaaonry. Article Yad.

peet to obtain so great a privilege? incense thereon and stood in the door of the Tabernacle,
Senior Deacon—Because the Lord has given him and before the Lord, and the Lord bath done a new thing,
for the earth hath opened her mouth and hathi bwal-
those numbered with him, as a gift lo Aaron aiid his lowed them up, for their presumption, with all that ap-
sons from among the children of Israel; and he and his pertained to them and they have gone down alive into
brethren have keen taken by the Lord instead o~ all the the chasm and the earth has closed upon them and they
first-born among the children of Israel. have perished froni among the e6ngregatioa. (Another
Junior Deacon—Let him wait a time with patience crash of thunder.)
until the Most-Excellent High Priest is informed of his Second Voice—Flee children of Israel, for there bath
request and his answer returned. (Junior Deacon closes come a fire from the Lord and consumed the two hun-
the door, goes to the East, knocks six and one, the High dred and fifty men who offered incense. (Another
Priest answers them and the same questions are asked, crash of thunder.)
and the like answers returned as before.) Third Voice—The children of Israel have murninryd
High Priest—Since he comes endowed with these against the Lord, and against Moses and Aaron for the
necessary qualifications, let him be conducted to the death of Korali and his company, and lie hiath sent the
cell of probation and purification. (Junior Deacon goes plague upon them and many thousands have died there-
to the door, opens it and repeats this order and the Sc-n- of; and the whole people is abtiut to be destroyed.
ior Deacon conducts him to the darkeliamlier and seats (After a profound silence, a light is silenlly introduced
him on the floor in front of the altar and skeleton. into the room, at the bottom of the door, and closed
Senior Deacon—My brother, I leave you for a while, again, and a gong is sounded loudly by the door, then
and after I retire remove the bandage from your eyes another crash of thunder, when chains are rattled to-
and await with patience and fortitude whatever shall gether and dashed on the floor, and groans and enes
befall you. (He then retires anti the candidate removes are heard as of persons in great agony; then the wicket
the bandage. After a little while a loud crash of titun- is opened.)
der is heard near the door of the apartment followed by First Voice—Hast thou repented of thy sins?
a profound silence and’ then in the profound stillness, Candidate—I have.
one cries with a loud voice:) Second Voice—Pray then to the God of Israel for
5 and Abiramn555 and mercy and forgiveness, lest he consume thee with fire
First Voice—Korah,
their company have put Dathan”
fires in their censers and laid as he hath consumed Nadab and Abihu, the sons of
Note 265.—Dathtn.. A Reuhenite who, with i{orah awl Ahiram.
revolted agatast Moats and us-lawfully sought the priesthood in the
Aaron the High Priest.
Srst chapter of the Book of Numbers. wis--re tire whole accuant is given. Third Voice—(After a few minutes.) Hast thou
it is said that as a punishment the earth opened arid awsiio~~r-d fbi-ru
‘ip The’ is-i ides-I is rs-is-rrr-d to is- the Order of High Priesthood, an bowed thee to the earth and prayed? (If not answered
hirirorary d’gree of the American Rite, which is conferred ups-s the
instailid High Priests of Royri trrh Chapters ‘—Mackey’s Encysioptedia in the affirmative, he is ordered to do so. Then the
at Frasmasonry. Article Dathan. Senior Deacon enters.)
Nuts 256.—t&htram.. The names of iCorab. flathan said Ahiram are
introduced is-to High Priest Masonry. Ahiraxo s-as a it’urherritt-. ihc son Senior Deacon~—My brother, hast thou heard of the
if Elish. who. o ith Dathan as-S On. mt-n of the same tribe and Korab.
ci trslte. “rg iriin-d a c’rnspirrrcy against Moses arid Aaron. terminating
awful punishment with which God has visited those
in their swift ruin Numbers xv and xxvs.”—Morria’s Masonic Dictionary, who not being duly qualified have presumptuously
Astrcie Aharam.
intermeddled with holy things? Take heed that thou

do not so likewise, f or as God has said that no stranger bol of thc Universe of which God is the sou[, and it
not of the seed of Aaron shall approach to offer incense teaches ~ou how insignificant is man, and how contin-
before the Lord that he be not dealt with as Korah and ually he should humble himsclf in the presence of that
his companion, even so, if thou approach our mysteries, grcat being who knows his inmost thoughts. (The Sen-
excepL with a~pure heart, thy sins repented oftand the, ior Deacon now conducts him three times around the
sincere desire to serve God and thy fellow man, will room, kecping the altar on his right, while the High
their fate or a worse overtake thee. Doet thou now dare Pricst reads:)
to proceed? If igh P,4cst—O mighty and inscrutable being, wc
Canzd~’d~de—I do. (Senior Deacon sprinkles him bow down before Thce as the primitive creator, th~t
with water and cuta off a lock of his hair.) with a tho~ight didst from thyself utter all the worlds!
Senior Deacon—I sprinkle thee with pure water in Eternal Father, of whose thoughts the Universe is but
tokcn of that purity of heart and blarneles8ness of life a mode; infinitc in attributes, of which cach is infinite,
which must hereafter characterize thee as a Levite~’
without guile, and as I sever from thy head this Jock incorruptible, coeval with time and co-extensive with
of hair, even so must thou divest thyself of every selfish space, the anelent, absolute and sole original existence;
and sordid feeling and devote thyself hereafter to the whose laws of harmony guide the motions of the sun
scrvice of God and the welfare, happiness and stars. Thou art the all, and in Thee all things ex-
and improvement of mankind. (He then ist. (At the end of the third circuit, the Senior Dea-
clothes him in a white tunic and white con ha[ts with him in the East)
drawers, puts sandals on his feet and a.
white cloth over his head, covering his eyes High Fries f—Whom do you bring hither, brother
so as to prevent him from seeing, and leads Senior Deacon?
him to the door of the assembly and Senior Deacon—Eliasaph, the son of Lael, whom God
knocks seven; 00 00 00 0. The door is has given as a gift to thee, and to thy sons from among
opened, he is admitted, the Junior War- the children of Israel to do the service of the children
den meets him, op~ns his tunic and makes of Israel in the Tabernacle of the congregaLon and to
the sign of the cross upon his breast.) make atonement for the children of Israel.
Junior Warden—Upon thy entrance in- High Priest—Hath he prayed in the silence and
to this holy place, thou art marked with
the sign of the cross, which, pointing to darkness of the cell of probation and purificaLion?
the four quarters of the compass, is a sym—Preparation of Can. Se~ior Deacon—He has.
didate, Chief
~aber,iacIe of tbe Iliqh Priest —Hath he heard the thunder of thc Lord;
the roar of the earthquake, and repented of his sin8?
Note 361.—~L.YIteL Thoec descendant. ot IaYt who were .mpIoy~
Senior Deacon—He has.
Eu the lowest ministerialduties of the Temple. and were thus subcrdtn- If igh Priest—Hath he been sprinkled with the water
ate to the priests who were the lineal descendants of Aaron. Tbe7
w,te reprpuented In some of tbe bigb degreea.’—Nacke7’. ~no~o1opad4a of purification, and passed through the other necessary
Of lr..maaowy. Article Lovites. ceremonies to prepare him to receive the niysteriea?
Senior Deacon—lIe has.
High Priest—Hast thou been warned that thou must
enter here and seek to know our mysteries with a pure
heart and a sincere desire to serve God and thy fellow- SIGN.
Candidate—I have. Advance the left foot; make with the
High Priest—Art thou willing henceforward to de- right hand the motion of taking the
vote thyself to that service?
Candidate—I am. Censer, which is supposed to be in the
High Priest—Brother Senior Deacon, you will now left hand.
conduct the candidate to the West and cause him to
approach the altar by seven steps, where he wilh knech
with his wrists crossed upon the bible, square and com-
pass. (Senior Deacon does so and the members sur-
round him with their arms crossed on their breasts,
when he contracts the following obligation:
Seize each other by the left elbow
I.... promise and swear never to reveal the secrets
of this degree to any person or persons except he ha~ with the right hand, bending the
received all the preceding degrees, and not unto him arm so as to form a kind of circle.
or them unless lawfuJly eAtitled to receive the same.
To all of whic.{m I do most solemnly swear, binding
myself under no less a penalty than that of having the
earth open under my feet and being swallowed up alive,
like Korah, Dathan and Abiram. So help me God.
High Prieste—My brother, what now dost thou de- Token. ChIef of Tabernacle.
sire? EiTTERY :—Seven strokes, by six and one, or thus;
Candidate—Light. 0000000.
high Priest—Light is the gift of God, and common PASS wo~w :—Uriel.’”
to all men. Brother Senior Deacon, bring this Note SOS.—” An archangel, mentioned only in 2 Esdrs.. Michael
Glycas, the Dysantine historian, says that his post is in the son. Snd
brother to light. (Senior Deacon removes the cloth.) that he came down to Seth and Enoch. and instructed them in the
High Priest—Be thou henceforth a son of light. length of the years and the variations of the seasons. The ‘icok of
loch describes him as the angel of thunder and lightning. In some
Arise my brother and receive the signs, tokens and at the Hermetic degrees of Masonry the name, as representing the angel
at Ore heeomea a ii nifleant word. ‘—Mackeys Encycle~~ia of Vr.
words. mins~ Astlela vaiL

ANSWER :—The Tabeinacle of revealed truth.

SACIiED WORD :-Jehota/t; never pronounced but spelled.
High Priest—I accept and receive you my brother, as
a Le~ite and Chief of the Tabernael&’ and consecrate
and devote you liencetoith to the service of the children
of light, andd now invest ~ou iuth the tunie~ and belt~
the jewel and apron of this degree.
Thie je~tel or censer of silver is ever to remind you to CLOSING CEREMONIES
offer up unceasingly to God, the incense of good deeds
and chiat-itable actions, dictated by a pure and upright CHIEF OF THE TABERNACLE.
heart. The three colors, crimson, blue and purple, with
~~liichthe uhite apron is bordered are symbols: High Priest—Eleazar, my son, what is the hour?
Red, of the sh)lendor and glory of God, Blue of his Eleazar—The sacrifices are concluded, and the fire
infinite perfection, and the Purple of his infinite niRi- burns brightly upon the altar of burnt offering.
esi y and power. If igh Priest—What now remains to be done?
‘l’hic seven branch eandlcstick, upon the apron, repre- Eleazar—To mediate in silence and prepare for the
setits ~t hat ~vereancielithv l~nowa a~ the se~-en planets duties of the morrow.
or pri:icipal hcavenl~ bodies, viz : Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.
the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and the Seven Angels, High Priest—That we may retire and do so, let this
that the Hebrews assigned to their government, viz: Hierarchy be now closed. Together brethren.
To Saturn i\l ichael. AlL—(Give the Sign and Battery as at opening
To Mars X~vriel. High Priest—I declare this Hierarchy closed.
To Moon Saphiel.
To Jupiter ich.
To Sun Zeraclijel.
To Venus Ilainahiel.
The myrtle trqe of violet eclor. embroidered on the
flap of the apron is a symbol of the immortality of the
Tliqh Priest—Brother Senior Deacon, you will now
seat the brother among the Levites.
Note 269.—”Chrsf of the Tabernacle. EScotch MLaonry.1—The fifth
degree cirrifirri ii In the consi-,tora- if I’rioces of the Royal Secrr-t. 5~atcb
liasonry. arid thi- twenty-third upon thc catalogue of that system The
heii~ings ire while The irl-tirri-at I-i inns relate to the establishment
of the priesthad in thi- fimily of Airrinir The officers are thrr-e in
ririnnirer. a Sa~ r-rr-lcn Sairiltir is-ri twi 111gb Priests Ihe inemhers are
styli-i LAvites The assembly is termed a hicr,rchs. The apron 15
in hue, lined with seariet and trlmnrcd with a rlhbon of crimson. his-c
lid pirrinic it dispirrys a coidi-ir 5.-Yes- hranched candlestick, on the
[ikYalile irirt is 5 vi.,iet-i-oiori-ii myntir- The jewet is a pot of iri~-n5i-
truing hiur. the instunt of e.~mlng to the sacrifice, closing, the c”nsutn-
irrail-nir or the sacrifice —Mortise Masonic Dictionary. Articie Chief of
tho Tabernacle.
usbie man, or father, came to be the man who was a
day’s man or intercessor between the family or tribe
and God. When our race had run down so that “the
earth was filled with violence,” like the South beLor.~
our slavery war, and had become so corrupt that a
PHILOSOPHICAL ANALYSIS Universal Deluge did not cleanse it; then God in8ti-
tuted a pictorial and pantomime worship suited to the
ignorance of grown-up babes, with the strength and
NACLE. passions of men.
lands Men In Pagan worship—Finite Man and the Influsite God—Satan
Both lmitstee and Resists Christ. But sin and corruption was not all that kept men
In this and the two following degrees, we are taken from God. God was infinite and men infinitesimal.
back to the Old Testament, where Ramsay, Jesuits, and The blind worm beneath the sod knows as much of the
Jews were at home; and the stupendous realities and solar system, and the infinity beyond as a finite sinner
truth of God redeemed the Rite from contempt and dis- knows of the Infinite God. “Touching the Almighty
gust, even though used as Simon the sorcerer wished we cannot find him out,” (Job, 37, 23,) is literal verity.
to use the Holy Ghost, for gain. For there is sublimity But Christ was and is “God manifest” to man, or “more
in the name and works of God, even when used in blas- humano.” He “spake,” and the worlds came. He
phoiny and sacrilege. Nadab and Abihu fall dead by “spake” to Adam and Eve. Without ceasing to be
the fiery eye flash of God, while using God’s instituted God, he became man, our Prophet, Priest, and King:
worship, as these Masons use his word for worldly ad- and we know, and can know of God, only what we are
vantage, and we see here acted over what impressed us taught by Christ. And as sin is certain ruin and law
so solemnly in our childhood when we read and saw has no mercy in itself, however “holy, and just and
pictured in the old “New England Primer” good ;“ Christ, being the same yesterday, to-day and
“Proud Itoraha troop”
forever ;“ “Eternity, past, present and to come,” he
“was swallowed up.”
could and did become our Wisdam, Righteousness,
And we can endure the home made earth-quakes and Sandi~cat ion and Redemption. Hew itin came we
manufactured thunder of this degree, for the sake of know not; God if He will may explain that to us in
some glintings of Bible history, which show the fearful Eternity. But we very well know there is sin. And
doom which awaits all impudent cozeners with the the Bible being true, (and if it is not, Masons insult us
word and worship of God. The reader need only glance by quoting it,) we know there are devils, and their
at the Ritual and Notes to get the whole drift of the chief is Christ’s adversary, rival and antagonist. And
degree, which, on page 116, lands us in the pagan he is as Christ called him the usurping “Prince of this
worship of the heavenly bodies by the “branch candle- world”: and the God of its false worships. And God
stick which is God’s symbol of a church of Christ.
(Rev. 1, £0.) gave by Moses, a law which any one can see is per-
fect; because that supreme love to God and equal love
But let us glance at the philosophy of this degree.
A priest, which word first meant an aged and yen- to man would and will perfect our globe, is just as

plain as that two halves of an apple make the whole of

it. And He gave by Moses, not only a peFfect law, but
~t pertect Gospel in every lamb on their altars. And
ho gave a human priesthood to apply that law, and ex-
plain that Gospel. And every one of those priests was
a fingerpost pbmnting to Christ. And when they be-
came corrupt, Christ Himself came in pcrson. And
when we crucified him, He sent “another Comforter,” TWENTY-POURTH DEGREE; OR PRINCE OP THE
a s’vect an(l Holy Presence or Spirit, whom we could TABERNACLE.”’
not, can not kill; and the chart of the world shows ~hat
that holy Spirit has done, and is doing among the,
nations. SATURN.
N’~w this devil has followed, copied, imitated and re- DECORATIONS ?—Tbis lodge is styled a Hierarchy,
sisted Christ, from Eden until now ! He tvas a 5cr— and consists of two apartments.
FIRsT APARTMENT :—Proeeeds directly into the second
pent in Eden and he has crawled after Christ ever
since, aping and imitating his methods. He turned and is called the vestibule, where the brethren clothe
rods to serpents in Egypt. He has inspired prophets, themselves; it is furnished at all points like a Masters
sometimes hundreds to Christ’s one! And since He is lodge, but instead of a Bible a roll of parchment repre-
now come, and “hath an unchanging priesthood,” we senting the book of the law lies on the altar. The
need no priest but Him, since He is ready to come at Elebi’ow letter ~ in the cast instead of the G.
call, and the holy Spirit will show him to us. So SECOND APARTMENT :—Is circular, made so by hang-
since Christ there are no priests but usurpers. Every ings. The decorations of this vary as will be stated
Masonic priest is a devil’s eoanterfcit. When Christ hereafter, aceording to the three points of reception. In
began to exercise divine power here, thie devil met the centre is a eandlestiek with seven branches, each
him and claimed through ibm the ~iorld’s worship. holding seven lights.
rrhat lie has been at ever since, and Freemasonry and DRESS :—Blue si)k tunic, the collar of which is deco-
its spav.n are the last hope of the devil. He shifts his rated with rays of gold representing a glory, and the
forms, he hides under aliases and changes the fashions Pate 37O.—”P~inoe of the Tabernacle. (Prince du Tabernacle).....
1’be t~ACnty.fuurth degree of the Anci,’nt and Accepted ScottIsh Rite In
o~ his worships. And as Mackey says: “The mission the old ritnais the degree was intended to illustrate the directions given
for the huii”lng of the tabernacle, the particulars ot whieb are recorded
and object of Masonry is “worship,” and it is not the in th, twenty.Sfth chapter of Exodus The Lodge is taii,d a l1ieraceh~
worship of Christ. The “Gentiles” (nations without nnd its ofiteera are a Moat Poweefot chief Prin(e. representing Mosen
and three wardens, whose style is Powerful, and who respectively repre-
Christ) all worship devils. (1 Car. 10, 20.) The is- sent Aaron. Besaleel. and Aholiab in the modern rituals of the Unii,’,i
States, the three prinelpat officer, are called the Leader, the High Priest
~iie is now joined, and when Christianity throws off the and the Priest, and respectively represent Moses. Aaron. and itbamar.
~~‘orshipof Satan the Gospel will subdue the world, his son The ritual is greatly enlarged, and while the main idea of the
degree is retained, the ceremonies represent the initiation into the mis.
teries of the Mosaic tabernacle
The jewel I, the letter A. In gold, Suspended from a broad crimson
ribbon. The apron %s white, lined with scarlet and bordered nith green
“~ttending Angels abnnt for joy: The flap is sky-blue. On the apron Is depIcted a representation of the
tud the bright nrrn,,’, niog tabernacle.
‘‘Mortals. heboid the sn,eod seal This degree appears to he peculiar to the Scottish Rile and its modifi-
•‘~)f your desccndli~g iOng. rations I have nut met with it in any of the other Rites —Mackey.
Glory to God! Ezscyciopudla of Freemasonry, A,ztiole Prince of the Tabornacla.

body of it is sprinkled with stars of gold. Upon the

head is a close crown, encircled with stars and sur-
mounted by a Delta.
SASH :—Watered scarlet, worn as a collar; if a sash,
from left to right.
APRON :—White, lined with deep scarlet and bor-
dered with green, the flap sky blue. In the middle of
the apron is a representation of the first tabernacle PRINCE OF THE TABERNACLE.”’
built by Moses. Thrice Puissant—Puissant Warden in the North, I
JEwKL:—fs the letter or the letter A.. in gold, am about to open this Hierarchy of Princes of the
worn from a collar of crimson ribbon.~ Tabernacle, that we may take council for the welfare of
TITLES —The Master is styled Thrice Puissant and the order. Are we well quartered so that none save
represents Moses. There are three Wardens styled those who are entitled to do so can approach the Tab-
Puissant. First Warden represents Aaron, the High ernacle?
Priest, and sil s in the West; the Second Warden repre- Aholiab—Thriee Puissant, the Tabernacle is guarded
sents Bezaleel, and sits in the South; the Third War- on all sides, and we are in security.
den represents Aholiab, and sits in the North; the can- Thrice Puissant—Puissant Warden in the ~Vest,are
didate represents Eleazar, son of Aaron. There are all present Princes of the Tabernacle?
Aaron—All are Princes of the Tabernacle, Thrice
besdes these two Deacons. Puissant, and have seen the perfeelion of the holy
mysteries of Ihe Hebrews.
Thrice Putsstznt—What are the duties of a Prince of
the Tabernacle?
Aaron—To labor incessantly for the glory of God,
the honour of his country and the happiness of his
Thrice Puissant—Puissant Warden in the North,
whom do you represent?
Wote 27i.—’The presiding officer represents Moses. and is called Most
Puissant Leader The second officer repreaents Eleazar. the High-Priset.
the son of Aaron The candidate repfe,entaPhlnebas. the son of Eleazar the
High-Priest. Two apartments are required when conferring the degree.
Thc hangings are reti and black. The jewel le the lefier suspended fi’o.
a ‘luiet colored watered ribbon This degrec is moat Intimately connected
nub, and should be considered s continuation of. that of the chief of the
Tabernacle Tlc enpeclal dittIes of a Prince of the Tabernacle are to
labor incessantly for the gi..ry of God, the honor of hi, country. and the
happiness of his brethren, to offer up thanka and prayera to the Deity in
lieu of sacriSces of Scab and blood.’ —Macoy’s Encyclopaedia and Dic-
tionary of Freemasonry. Article Prince of tha Tabernacle.

Aholisb—I represent Ahohiab, who aided in the


ALl—(Give the second sign.)

Thrice Puissant—( Seven knocks; 00 00 00 0.)

building of the first Tabernacle.

Thrice Puissant—How did he labor upon the Taber- Aaron—(Seven knocks; 0000000.)
nacle of the Lord? Bezaled—(Seven knocks; 00 00 00 0.)
Aholiab—As an engraver, beautifying the vessels Aholiab—(Seven knocks; 00 0000 0.)
thereof, and as an embroiderer in blue and purple, and Thrice Puissant—I declare this Hierarchy opened.
scarlet and fine linen.
Thrice Puissa~nt—What does his occupation teach you
in morals?
Aholiab—To engrave upon my heart and ever recol.
lect the laws of God and the statutes of rightcousnes~,
virtue and truth, and to make my life beautiful with
the embroidery of good actions.
Thrice Puissant—Puissant Warden in the South,
whom do you represent?
Bezaleel—I represent Bezaheel, who aided in the
building or the first Tabernacle.
Thrice Puissant—How did he labor upon the Tabe;-
nacle of the Lord?
Bczalcel—In gold, silver and brass, in the cutting of
stones and in carving wood.
Tit rice Puissant—What does his occupation teach
you in morals?
Bezaleel—Ever to strive to attain perfection, and to
be patient and persevering in every good work.
Thrice Puissant—Puissant Warden in the West,
Most Excellent High Priest, what is your duty in thc
Aaron—To offer up prayers and thanks to the Deity,
in lieu of sacrifices, and to aid you with my counsel
and advice.
Thrice Puissant—It is time to proceed to discharge
our duties; aid me Princes to open this Hierarchy. To-
Pirat—Dost thou now, representing Eheazar, the son
of Aaron, solemnly declare that in seeking to know the
hidden ancient mysteries, thou art not actuated by any
spirit of idle curiosity or the pride of knowledge, but
by a sincere desire thereby to be the better able to serve
God, your country and your brethren, and more effect-
CHAPThR XLIV ually to labor for the reformation of mankind?
Candidate—I do.
T~ ~NTY-FOURTH DEGREE; OR PRINCE OF THE TABER- Second—In the character of a Chief of the Taber-
nacle, hast thou earnestly striven to discharge all the
INITIATION. duties required of thee, and to live worthily, act justly
and fear God?
liThe candidate is prepared by the Senior Deacon in
a white tunic without ornaments or insignia, and con- (Jandida.te—I have.
Third—Hast thou, while a Chief of the Tabernacle,
ducted into the vestibule and up to ~~healtar, without
ceremony.] done wrong to any one without making reparation as
Senior Deacon—Brother Eleazar, thou hast been far as in thy power?
chosen to be anointed, consecrated and sanctified to Candidate—I have not.
minister unto the Lord in the Priest’s office. But be- Fourth—Dost thou solemnly swear, upon the holy
fore thou canst enter upon the mysteries of consecra- book of the law,”8 and with thy heart open before God,
and all its thoughts legible to him, that these answers
tion, thou must in the most solemn manner give as- are true and sincere, without equivocation or mental
surances that no unworthy motive prompts thee to seek reservation? If thou dost; say, I swear and kiss the
to know those ancient mysteries which were instituted book of the law.
among the Patriarchs and the knowledge of which is Candidate—(Kissing the book.) I swear. (Senior
indispensable to 1dm who would become a Priest in Deacon raises him and orders him to wash himself in
Israel. Kneel therefore and place thy hand on the book the brazen sea, after which he gives him an explanation
of the law, and make true answers to such questions a* of the furniture of the lodge.)
shall be asked thee. (Candidate obeys.) Senior Deacon—I am charged my brother, to explain
Note 373.—”Prlncs of the Tahoroacla. (Scctch Xaacnyy.J—ane sIxth to you the meaning of the several symbols with which
degree conferred in the Consistory of Princes of the Royal Secret. Scotch
Masonry, and the twenty-fourth npon the catalogue of that system. The you are now surrounded.
historical instructions refer to the b~ildlng of the tabernacle. The
assembly is termed a hierarchy. The office’s are, a Most Powerful Chief Mote 373.—”hiasonieslly. the Book of the Law Is that sacred hook
Prince, representing Moses. and three wardens, entitled Powerful. repre. which is believed by the Mason of siiv purtlenlar religion to contain thi.
seating Aaron. Abolish and Bezaleel. The apron is white, lined with revealed will of God; although, technically, among the Jews the Torah.
crimson—the mo~ahle part sky-blue It displays. In red, a vIew of the or Book of the l.ns. means only the Pentateuch, or lye hooks of Moses.
tabernacle The jewel is the letter A. of gold. anapended from a crim- Thus, to the (briattan Mason. the Book of the Law ii the Old and New
son ribbon. Roars of work, from the first hour of the organhsstion of the Testaments; to the Jew. the Old Testament; to the Muaselman. the
hIerarchy to the last hour of Ufe. ‘—Msrsia’s Mascots Dieticnsq, Artisle Korsn- to the Itrabman. the vedas; and to the Parsee. the Zendaveata.
?rince of the Tabernacle. —iack.ya E~cyelcpadla of ~cniy, A,ticla Bock .1 the Law,
TI-SE THREE LIGHTS:”—On the Eaht, West and
TIlE TRIANGLE :—With the letter ~uutlI of the ahlar, represent the summer solstice, and
Yod in the center, suspended in the tIt(’ vernal and autumnal equinoxes.
East, is an emblem of the DeIty and TIlE TWO COLUMNS :—Represent those erected by
of equity, because its sides are equal Enoch to perpetuate the history of the times before the
and it is the first perfect figure that fitiod.
can be formed with straight lines.



Upon the altar is an emblem of Is a symbol of decision, firmness and inde-

rectitude of intention anti action, pendence; of truth and straight forward
and obedIence to constituted author-
Squarq. Plumb.

THE’ Note IYS.—”Zhree. Everywhere among the ancients the number
three was deemed the most sacred of numbers. A reverence for its mysti-
cal virtues is to he found even among the Chinese, who say that num-
Of command of the motion of the hers begin at one and are made perfect at three, and hence they de-
heavenly bodies, of harmony and of note the multiplicIty of any object by repeating the character which
stands for it three times. In the phIlosophy of Plato. it was the Image
eternity. ef Ihe Supreme Being, because It includes in Itself the properties of the
The CouIaaafi. Owo first numbers, and because, 55 Aristotle says, it contains within
Itself a beginnIng, a middle, and an end. The Pythagoreana called It
perfect harmony, So sacred was this number deemed by the ancients
that we Sod it designating some of the attributes of almost all the
gods. The thunder-bolt of Jove was three-forked; Ibe sceptre of Neptune
Note 374.——with great propriety, therefore. is the square put into the was a Indent, Cerberbus. the dog of Pluto. was three-headed; there
bands of the worshipf~il Master. In order that he may keep the brethren were three Fates and three Furies; the sun had three names. Apollo. Sol,
within the square of the ancient charges of Freemasonry This symbol and Liber: and the moon three also, Ditini. Luna, and Hecate. In all
must at all times. and in all places. be regarded as a great light, and ti~
genuine Freemasun Is nut oniy reminded by this light to do his duty to Incantations Ibree was a favorite number, for, as virgil says, ‘numero
his brethren, but to all mankind.—Gadicks. ‘ ‘—Maeoys Encyclopudia and Deus impari gsudet.~ God delights in an odd number. ‘—Mackey’s Eney.
Dictionary of Freemasonry, Article Square. olopadia of Freemasonry, Article Three,
Mote 375.—”One of the most prominent objects used as emhlems In Note 37v—’In the scriptures the Plumb-Line is emblematic of regular
Masonry It lies on the Open word that surmotiata the altar in the rule; hence, to destroy by line and plummet, as In Amos vIl., Is under-
center of the lodge. Its ~lute being towards the west. Its position Is
made to represent a gradation. Its lesson is limiting or clrcumaerIhIng stood, a regular and systematic desiruction. Such had nearly been the
the passions—s sublime inculcation. In ihe third degree It ploys a still fate of the Masonic institution in the UnIted States, consequent upon
more prominent part It teaches to the worshipful Master at his In- political antI-Masonry. 1526-1536. —MolTise Masonic Dictionary, Article
atsliatlun flhst he should limit his desires to his station. ihst rising to Plumb-Line.
eminence by merit, he may Wee respected and dIe regretted ‘—Mania’s
Maaeaic Dictionary, Article Compass.
Is a symbol of the enlightened, to
Is a symbol o~ equality and equa. whom they are known. (Senior Dea-
nimity and teaches us that all men The Pcrfe, t’ube, con now blinds him and leads him to
are equal in the sight of Godand in the door of the second apartment, which is now hung
titi mysteries. with scarlet; and. around in front of the hangings are
Level. twelve columns, each having painted on it in brilliant
THE BLAZING STAR.”’ letters, one of the signs of the zodiac, which follow each

0 Represents Sirius, the dog star, other in regular order as follows:)

Thrice Puissant—As Moses in the East, clothed with
all the insignia, between the eo]umns, on which are the
inundation of
announcing the the
Nile, to
of the signs Taurits3 anti Aries.~
The Blazing ~ttar.
fore-fathers of the Hebrews when Aaron—In the West, between the Columns on which
are the signs Libra~ and Scorpio. iii
TIlE ROUGH STONE. Bazaieel—In tile South, between the eolllinns on which
ar~ the signs Capricorniis~ and Aquaritis~
Represents the profane, who Akoliab—In the North, between the CoitImlis on which
are ignorant o~ its m~ster;es. Tbc Rough Stone. are Uie signs Cancer~ and Leo-a In tile centre of the
Note 275.—Level. In Freemasorry the level is a symbol of equality:
not of that social equality, which would destroy all dIstinctions of rank
room, by the chandelier, is a triangular altar, to which
and position and beget confusion. losubordiostlon and anarchy, hut .4
that fraternal equality ehi b rc.ognlriiig tIre fatherhood of God, admits candidate is now lcd when the Senior Deacon knocks
as a necessary corollary, the brotherhood of man It, therefore, teaches
us that, in the sight of the Grand Architeat of the Universe, his seven; 00 00 00 0.
creatures, who are at an lormesaurable distance from him move upon
the same plane, as the fir-moving stara. which though millions of Junior Deacom—(Opening the door.) Who seeks
miles apart. Vet seem to abbe upon the same canopy of the sky In
this view, the level teaches is that all men are equal subject to tue same admission to this inner chamber of the mysteries?
infirmities, hastening to the same goal. and
1repsrlng to be judged hr Senior Deacon—Eleazar, the son of Aaron, who hav-
the same Inimutiabie law —Mackeys Encyc op3dla of Freemasonry.
Article Level, ing been appointed to minister unto God in the Priest’s

Mats 2~Ie,—”nlastng Star, The blacing star must not be considered office, desires first to know tile mysteries and receive
merely as the creature heralded the appearance of T C A. 0
T U - but the expresoive symbol of that Crest Being himself, who is the Indispensable degree of Prince of tile Tabernacle.
described by the magnificent appellationa of the Day Spring. or Rising Junior Deacon—Has he attained the degree of Chef
Sue, the Day Star, the Morning Star, and the Bright, or Blazing Star
This, then, is the supernal reference of the Biasing Star of Masonry. of the Tabernacle?
attached to a a’ lenee wbli b like the religion it embodies is universal
and applicable to all times and seasons, sad to every people Ihat e,er Senior Deacom—He has.
did or eser will ealat on oar ephemeral globe of earth —Macny’s Ency-
clopedia and Dictionary of Freemasunry, Article alasing Star. Junior Deacon—In that diaracter has he earnestly
Note 250.—” In Speculative Masonry we adopt the ashier in two dif- Mats flI,—”Oiabe. The cube is a symbol of truth, of wisdom, of
ferent states, as a~ muds is the Apprentice’s degree The Rough Ashier. boral perfection. The New Jerassiem promised by the Apocalypse is
or stone, in its rode sod unpolished condition is emblematic of man in equal in length. hreadth, and height.“—Maceye Encyolofladia and Dics
his natural state—ignorant, uncultivated, and vicious “—Mackey’s Enc7. tima~ of 1reemaaonr~’, Article Cube.
clopmdsa of Freemasonry, Article Ashlar.

btriven to discharge all the duties required of him, and Thrice Puissant—Brother Junior Deacon, has the
to live worthily, act justly, and fear God? candidate the sacred word?
Senior Deacon—He has. Junior Deacon—He has, Thrice Puissant.
Junior Deacon—Has he, while such, done wrong to Thrice Puissant—You will retire and let him enter
any one, wit5hout afterwards making reparation as far and be re~eived in due form. (Junior Deacon goes to
as has been in his power? and opens the door,)
Senior Deacon—He has not. Junior Deacon—It is the order of the Thrice Puis-
Junior Deacon—.Eleazar, art thou actuated in seek- sant, that he enter and be received in due form.
ing to know the mysteries by a sincere desire to be (Senior Deacon enters with him and conducts him
thereby better able to serve God, your country and your within the circle, then the Junior Deacon stops him,
brethren, and more efficiently to labor for the great bares his right arm, holds a lighted candle near enough
good of man? to it to cause him to feel the heat, and says:)
Candidate—I am. Junior Deacon~—1 test thee by firema and let this
Juntor Deacon—Art thou not induced to come hither present pain ever remind you that he who rashly as-
through idle curiosity, or the pride of knowledge and a sumes to perform office for which he is unfit, deserves
desire to become superior to thy brethren and fellows? the fate of Nadab and Abihu, who were consumed by
Candidate—I am not. fire from heaven when they offered strange fire before
Jun tor Deacon—Brother Senior Deacon, by what the Lord in the wilderness of Sinai, (Senior Deacon
further right does he expect to gain admission here? then conducts him slowly three times around the
Senior Deacon—By the sacred word, room.)
Junior Deacon—Has he the sacred word? Thrice Puissant—And the Lord spake unto Moses,
Senior Deacon—He has. saying: Bring the tribe of Levi near and present them
Junior Deacon.—Let him give it. before Aaron the Priest, that they may minister unto
Senior Deacon—He cannot, except with our assist- him, and they shall keep his charge and the charge of
ance. the whole congregation before the Tabernacle of the
Junior Deacon—Let him begin then. congregation, to do the service of the Tabernacle. And
Can didate—Yod.
licte 363.—”The purifying power of fire is naturally dednced from this
Senior Deacon—Re. symbol of the holiness of the element And In the high degrees of Masonry.
Junior Deacon—V’au, as In the ancient Institutions, there is a purification by fire, coming
down to us insensibly and unconsciously from the old Magian cultus. In
Candidate—He. the Medbovai ages there was a sect of ‘fire phiiosophers—ishilcaophi per
ignens—who were a branch or offshoot of Rosicrucianlam. with whIch Free.
Junior Deacon—The word is right, let him wait un- masonry has so much in common. These fire philosophers kepi up the
veneration for fire, and cultivated the ‘fire-secret,’ aol as an idolatrous
til the Thrice Puissant is informed of his request. belief. but modified by their hermetic notions They were also called
‘theosophists.’ and through them, or in reference to them, we find the
(Junior Deacon closes the door, goes to the center of theosophic degrees of Masonry, which sprang up in the eighteenth cen-
tury. As fire and light are identical, so the fire. which was to the
the circle and gives the battery. The Thrice Puissant Zoroastrians the symbol of the Divine Being, is to the Mason. under the
answers it and the same (jilestions are asked and the equivalent idea of light, the symbol of Divine Truth, or of the Grand
Architect. ‘—Macks7s Eacyclopadia of Freemasonry, Article Fise-wog-
like answers returned, as at the door.) ahi~

they shall keep all the instruments of the Tabernacle of ~BezaIeel—Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judg-
the congregation, and the charge of the chi]dren of ment, Thou shalt not respect the person of the poor,
Israel, to do the service of the Tabernacle. And thou nor honor the person of the mighty. In righteousness
shalt give the Levites unto Aaron, and to his sons; they
shalt thou judge thy neighbor. Thou shalt not hate
are wholly given unto him, out of the chi]dr~n of Is~
rael. And thou shalt appoint Aaron and his sons; and thy brother in thy heart. Thou shalt not seek revenge,
they shall wait on their Priest’s office, and the stranger nor beer ill-will against the children of thy people, but
that cometh nigh shall be put to death. (Candidate thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. (Candidate
baits in the South in front of Bezaleel, who pours a halts in the East at the station of the Thrice Puissant.
small quantity of water on his head,) The members with fans make a wind about him while
Bezaleel—Thou hast reached the South, I teat thee he is thus addressed:)
with water, the second test. Let it ever remind thee
Thrice Puissant—Thou hast reached the East; I test
that none but the pure of heart can be admitted to the
Holy Tabernacle in the heavens. (Senior Deacon con- thee with air,” the life of all men; the free inestimable
ducts him slowly three times around the room.) gift of God. Like him, it is mighty, but invisible; like
Aaron—At the door of the Tabernacle of the con- him it blesses us ever. Be thou liberal and generous as
gregation, I will meet with the children of Israel and I the air, for it God freely gives thee light and air, and
will sanctify the Tabernacle of the congregation and asks in return nothing but gratitude and whispered
the altar; I will sanctify also both Aaron and his sons thanks, thou mayest well afford to share thy plenty with
to minister to me in the Priest’s office, and I will dwell
thy destitute, afflicted and unfortunate brethren.
among the children of Israel and I will be their God,
and they shall know that I am the Lord their God that Thrice Puissant—Brother Senior Deacon, whence
brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, that I come you?
might dwell among them, I the Lord their God. (Can- Senior Deacon—Out of darkness.
didate halts in the West in front of Aaron, who causes
him to kneel on some sand and gravel.) Thrice Puissant—And whither go you?
Aaron—Thou hast reached the West, I test thee with Note 3S3.—”Eiementa. It was the doctrine of tbe old philosophies,
sustained by the authority of Aristotle. that there were four principles of
earth. It is the common mother, and to it, our frail matter—fire, sir, earth. and water—which they called elements. Modern
science has shown the fallacy of the theory. But it was also taught hy
bodies return. It is well to kneel upon its bosom when the Kabbalista. and afterwards by the Rosicruclans, who, according to
the Abbe de viliars (Le Conste Se Gabalis), peopled them with loper.
we implore the mercy and forgiveness of God, Let the miatural beings called. In the fire. fislamandera; in the air. firiphs: In the
beneficence of the earth, which produceth liberally and earth. Gnomes: and in the water. Undines. From the Itosicruclans and
the Kabbalists, the doctrine passed over Into some of the high degrees
generously, even for the unworthy, teach thee generos- of Masonry, and is especially referred to it the Ecoassis or Scottish
Knight of St. Andrew, originally invented by the Chevalier Ramsey.
ity and that the open hand is a fit companion of the In this degree we find the four angels of the four elements described as
Ardarel. the angel of fire; casmarn, of air; Tallisad, of water; sod
pure heart. (Senior Deacon then conducts him slowly I’uriac, of earth: end the signs refer to the same elements. ‘—M*obsy’a
tllree times around the room.) Zmo~olopwdia of f,eemsaoaiy, Laticle Ilsuenta.

Senior Deacon—To the East, the place of light and Hicrarclly of Princes of the Tabernacle, also the stat-
cradle of the mysteries.”~ utes and regulations of the Supreme Council and Sov-
Thrice Puissant—Thou art already there, what is ereign Grand Consistory of the United States of Ainer-
thy desire? ic;I, their terrltories and dependencies and of the Grand
Senior Deacon—That this candidate may go the way Consistory of the State of so long as I remain
that we have ¶gone before him. within its jurisdiction.
Thrice Puissant—The soul is immortal, but for the
body, life comes only out of death”’ If he would see To all of which I do most solemnly swear, binding
the light, conduct him to the holy altar and let him m~self under no less a penalty that to be consumed witll
there assume the obligation. Senior Deacon conducts fire from heaven, like Kadab and Abihu and that my
him to the ~Vestand causes him to advance by six (6) ashes should be flung into the air and blown to the four
equal and one (1) long step, when he kneels and with corners of the earth by the wind, So help me God.
his hantis upon the book of the law, contracts the fol- (After the obligation he is brought to light and the
lowing obligation.
Thrlee Puissant takes in his left hand a small vesse] of
1. ..... solemnly promise and swear, never to reveal Thrice Puissant—i will sanctify the Tabernacle of
the secrets of this degree to any person or persons, ex- the congregation and the altar, I will sanctIfy also both
cept he has received all the preceding degrees, and not Aaron and hls sons to minister to me in the Priest’s
unto him or them unless lawfully entitled to receive the office. In the Tabernacle of the congregation, without
same. the i-eu, which is before the testimony, Aaron and his
I furthermore promise and swear that I will stand to sons shall order it from evening to morning before the
and abide by the laws, statutes and regulations of this Lord. It shall be a statute forever unto their genera-
tions on behalf of the children of Israel, and thou
Note 254.—’ ‘Mysteries, Ancient. Each of the Pagan gods, says war.
burton (Dv. Leg., I., n. 4). had, besides the public and open, a secret shalt anoint Aaron and his sons and consecrate them
worship paid to him, to which none were admitted but those who had been
selected by preparatory ceremonies called Intatsn. This secret worship that they may minister unto me in the Priest’s office.
was termed the Mysteries. And this is supported by Ittrabu (lib. a..
cap 3). who says that It was common, both to the Greeks and the (He then pours oil on his head, saying:)
Barbarians, to perform their religious ceremonies with the observance of
a festival, and that they are sometlmcs celebrated publicly and some-
Thrice Puissant—Eleazar, son of Aaron, I do anoint
times in mysterious privacy. Noel (Dict. de Ia fable) thus defines them: thee and consecrate thee to the service of truth and vir-
Secret ceremonies which were prscttced in honor of certain gods, end
whose secret was known to the initiates alone, who were admitted only tIle, which is the service of the Lord, to minister unto
after long and painful trials which It was more than their life was
worth to reveal. —Mackey’s Encyciopwdsa of freemasonry, Artiele My.- him and unto thy fellow men in thus world, which is
tories, Anolent. his truest tabernacle and temple. (He then takes a
Note 3SS.—”The ceremonies of Initiation were all funereal in their
character. They celebrated the death and the reaurretion of some cher-
small vessel filled with red liquid, and with a small
ished being, either the object of esteem as a hero, or of devotion as a
god. Subordination of degrees was Instituted, and the candidate was
brush saying:)
subjected to probations. varying In their character and severity; the Thrice Puissant—With the blood of a ram slain for
rita were practiced in the darkness of night, and often amid the gloom
of impenetrable forests or subterranean caverns; and the full fruition a burnt offering, I touch the tip of thy right ear,
of knowledge, for which so much labor was endured. and so mneh danger (totiching it) the thumh of thy right hand, (touching
incurred. was not attained until the aspirant, well tried and thoroughly
purified. had reached the place of wisdom and of light, “—Mackey’s En. it) and the great toe of thy right foot, (touching it)
easiopadla of Fresmasoary, Artiste Mb’aterles, Anotent,
and with the same blood I sprinkle thy garmente,
(sprinkling them) and do sanctify thee and them,
Thine ear is hereafter to be ever op~n to the cry of GRAND SIGN.
distress, the prayer of want, the mo’~n of suffering, the
supplication pf the penitent and the call of duty. Th~c Place both hands open upon the
hand is henceforth to be opened wide in charity and head, join the two thumbs and the
ready to labor in every good work. And thy feet are to two forefingers by their extremities
stand firmly wherever duty places thee, howevcr dan- so as to form a triangle.
gerous the post; nor ever to slide upon the slippery N. B,—The token, battery and
paths of temptation. Arise my brother Eleazar. (Can-
word, are the same as in the preced-
clidate rises and the Thrice Puissant invests him with
the following signs, grip and words, and with the in- ing degree.
signia and jewel.) Grand 51r~, Prince
of the Tabernacle.

MARCH —Sii equal steps and one longer, total seven

Thrice Puissant—Brethren, behola a new Prince of
the Tabernacle, to be instructed and prepared to fulfill
all his duties as a Prince of well doers in this Taber-
Place the right hand open over the eyes, nacle of clay, that he may be raised on the great day of
as If to protect them from a strong light, account, a shining monument of God’s glory in the
the left hand on the breast, then raise the tabernacle, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens,
(Thrice Puissant resumes his station and if there is
right hand to the left shoulder, and bring
flO business, closes the Hieraehy)
it down diagonally to the right side. This
is called the sign of the scarf,

Sign of Itecognitlon,
~rlncc 01 the ‘fabernaclA
Thrice Puissant—Puissant Warden in the West, what Zodiacal Signs a Heathen Invention—Masonic Baptaim a Heathen Rite—
is the hour? Freemasonry Simple Heathenlam—governed by the Terrors of a Secret

Aaron—Thrice Puissant, it is time for the evening Proofs afforded by this degree that Freemasonry u
sacrifices. vulgar, debased heathenism:
Thrice Puissant—If sO, it 15 time to close this her- Proof First. Its oath (which makes the Mason) is
sworn on the “Holy Book of the Law,~ which, Mackey
archy Together Princes. says, “Masonically,” means the Sacred Book of any and
All—(Give the Grand Sign.) every religion on earth. (See Note 273.) This .jn-
Thrice Puissant—Knocks seven; (00 00 00 0.) eludes not only the Books of Curious Arts (Acts 19, 19)
Aaron—(Knocks seven; 0000000.) and the “Book of Mormon,” which sanctions polygamy
Beza.leel—(Knocks seven; 00 00 00 0.) and despotism, but the Gree Gree-Ritual, sworn upon
Akoliab—(Knocks seven; 00 00 00 0 in African lodges, which practice whoredom, human
sacrifice and cannibalism.
Thrice Puissant—I declare this Hierarchy of Princes
of the Tabernacle closed. Proof Second. The second apartment of the lodge-
room of this degree is surrounded with twelve pillars, on
SIGNS fIJEROGLYPHIQUES, PRINCES DU TABERNACLE which are painted the twelve signs of the Zodiac, with
an officer stationed between two signs; as Moses bc-
4 b e d e I U A i k
tween Taurus and Aries; the Bull and the Ralli, and
so on. And these signs, used in consecrating a priect
of all the religions of the world, have a religious, nct
an astronomical, significance. These signs were in-
vented by Egyptian priests who practiced brute-worship
earn , 4’ 5’ q r e I
and brutalized Egypt till it became, as the Bible pre-
dicted: “the basest of the kingdoms” (Ezek. 29, 15),
as it is at this day. The Egyptians worshiped the ani-
mals whose names they gave to the twelve signs of the is “vulgar, debased heathenism,” then Egyptian brute-
Zodiac, and transferred them to the heavens, and wor- worship, sun and moon-worship, fire-worship and all the
~.liippedthem still. McClenachan’s book of the Ancient rest, are not heathenism. To call it “philosophy” is to
and Accepted Scottish Rite, page 558, says: “This insult civilization, reason and religion.
rite (Baptism) has come to us by legitimate itransinis- The uniform, universal declaration of Masonic writ-
sion * * * in the simple sense in which it was ers that “Masonry is t~&e religion in which all mankind
used in the land watered by the Nile, before the build- agree,” and that dictum of Dr. Mackey, that “The mss-
ing of the Pyramids.” And “The Ceremony of Bap- awn and object of Masonry i. the worship of the Great
tism” occupies twenty-one pages in this “Book of the Architect etc., who is neither FATHER, SON nor HOLY

Rite.” If this does not identify Masonic baptism with GHOST, settles it: if authority can settle anything; that
the religion of Egyptian brute-worship, language has no Freemasonry is simple heathenism. And “A heathen
meaning. man,” by Christ’s word, was to be an outcast from the
Proof Third. Commenting on The Three Lights, church (Matt. 18, 17), and reason, observation and
(Ritual, p. 129, Note 276) Mackey says: “The sun e~omnuon sense affirm the same.
has three names, and the moon three also. And in all ~ence this twenty-fourth degree employs the names
incantations, three was a favorite number.” Incanta- of the men of God, and the terms of the Bible, to conse-
tion was raising devils by magic. And seeking knowl-
edge and power from’ devils is worshiping them. If crate priests for the devil! And as there are no human
Dr. Mackey intended to identify Masonry with sun, priests since Christ, “who hath an unchangeable priest.
moon and demon worship, the above is the language he hood” (Heb. 7, £4), to make a priest of any one religion,
would use. is to make a counterfeit. But this degree makes a
Proof Fourth. Macoy (Note 279) .gives Christ’s universal priest! A priest of all the religions on earth
appellations: “Morning Star,” “Rising Sun,” “Day And if this degree has done its full work in him, his
Star,” etc., to Satan, the God of all Gentile or heathen
worships: under the title of the G. A. 0. T. U., who is heart contains all the priestly depravity from Cain in
neither Father, Son, nor Holy Ghost, but the “prince,” Eden to the Mormon at Salt Lake. And history as
and “god of this world.” well as theory proves it. And when Aaron Burr brow-
Proof Fifth. And Mackey, the lexicographer, and beat into a duel and shot the friend of Washington;
jurisconsult of Masonry, eicpressly declares it to be mag- and Benedict Arnold burnt and pillaged towns and
ical or heathen worship, thus: “In the high degrees villages which, as an American officer, he had sworn to
of Masonry, as in the ancient institutions, there is a protect with his own life, they both showed what moral
purification by fire coming down to us insensibly and
monsters Masonry can make of men. And the sole
unconsciously from the old Magian eultus.” (Note
282.) “Oultus” is the Latin for worship. These reason why the Episcopalian, Baptist and Methodist
proofs might be extended indefinitely. And if they do clergymen of Chicago who are high Masons, sworn full
not establish, by Masonic authorities, that Freemasonry of oaths~ are not Burrs and A molds in religion, is, that
they do not understand the system to which they belong,


and are held back by the influence of surrounding

Christianity. In our mills and workshops there are
plenty of honest, sworn dupes, like the assassins of
Morgat&, who believe it right to murder when they are
ordered to doc so!
This “Prince of the Tabernacle,” who and what is CHAPTER XLV
he 1’ He is a man whose conscience is so full of oaths, TwENTY-FIFrH Dion~.u; OR KNIGHTS oi THE BRAZEN
that, like the liver of a calomel patient, which no medi- SERPENT’’
cine can affect, no sacred obligation can bind him; and
so leaves him to be lured by the interest, or governed NORTH OR WINTER.
by the terrors of his secret clan! If we would know DECORATIONS :—This lodge is styled the Court of Sinai.
the true nature of priestism, we must look in Africa, The hangings are red and blue.Over the throne in the east
where the lodges reduce their theory to practice. is a transparency, on which is painted a burning bush,
But our high priest is in the heavens, at the right and in the cents-c Lh~ ivord rThT. The lodge is illuminat’
hand of God, “wherefore he is able to save them to ~he (‘4 I)y scven lights cxwJld*blg from East toWest, the centre
uttermost u’ho come unto God by Him, seeing He ever a burning bush, one being a large globular light repre-
senting the Sun. Over these lights are suspended the
liveth to make intercession for them.” (Heb. 7, £5.) signs of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mer-
“Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift.” (B Cor. cury, the Moon.. Around the lodge are twelve columns,
9, 15.) each having on its capital one of the zodiacal signs,
commencing in the East with Taurus and going round
by the North, West and South in regular order. In
the North is a painting representing Mount Sinai, with
Q the tents of the Israelites in the foreground. Over the
Note 366.—”Knight of the Brazen Serpent. Tb. ~tb degree of the
Ancient and Accepted Rite. The history of ibis degree is founded upon
the events described in the Hook of Numbers xii. 6-9. The body I.
styled the Council. and represents ihe camp of lb. Israelites in tbe
wilderness, after tbe deaib of Aaron. The camp, standards, and taber-
nacle. wiib its rourt. are arranged as in the 23d and 24th degrees.
in the East is a tranapareney on which is painted a crosa. with a serpent
eoiied round it and over the arms. The leaching and moral of the de~¶ree
is Faith. The presiding omcer repreaenis Moses. and ii shied • oat
Puiaaant Leader. The candidate Is called A Tra~eier. The hangings
of ihe council are red and blue. The jewel is a tsu cross, of gold, sur-
mounted by a circle—the Crux Ansata—round which a serpent is en-
twIned, suspended by a red ribbon. The legend states that this degree
was founded during the time of the crusades in the Holy Lend, as a
military and monastic order, and gave it ihe name it bears, in allusion
to the healing and saving virtues of the brazen serpent among the
Israelites in the wilderness—it being part of the obligailon of tIm.
Knights to receive and gratuitously nurse sick tra,elera. j,rotect them
against the sitacks of the infidels, and esoort them as el~throu~iI
u’slsatine.—Maco~s Rnoyelo india sad Diottonavy ci Erseuss
Usle Kaight et t a Brazen Jerpant


seat of the presiding officer is a winged globe, encircled .SASH :—Crimson ribbon, worn from right to left with
by a serpent. On each side of him is a short column the words virtue and valor painted or embroidered there-
on which is a serpent, his body coiled in folds and his on where it crosses the breast.
JEWEL :—A tau cross”’ of gold surmounted by a circle
head and neck erect above the folds. round which is a serpent entwined, with the ineffable
TITLES :—The presiding officer represents Moses”’ and name engraved on it. Worn suspended from a white
is styled Most Powerful Grand Master. He sits in the ribbon,
East. The Senior Warden represents Joshua”5 and sits APRON :—White, bordered with black and sprinkled
on his right and is styled Commander of the Host. The
Junior Warden represents Aaron, and sits in the West with black tears; on the flap,a triangle an aglory,in the
and is styled Lieutenant Commander, The Orator rep- entrc the Hebrow letter ~
resents Eleazar, sits in the North and is styled Higll BATTERY :—Is nine, five (5) slow, three (3) quick
Priest. The Secretary is styled Registrar; sits on the and one (1) by itself.
right of Joshua, The Treasurer sits on the left of the Note UO—”Being placed in the denier of a triangle and circle, both
emblems of the Deity, it would appear that it was originally latended
presiding officer. There are also a Senior and Junior to typify the sacred name, as the authoc probabi of eternal lIfe. beliig
tripled in the Christian system, because the irfe to come. according
Deacon. The brethren are styled Knights. The can- to the light of revelation, is superior to the elyslum of the heathen, or
perhaps in allusion to the three heavens mentioned by Si. Paul. It baa
didate represents a Traveller.”’ been referred to the three great lights of Masonry expressIve of tb,.
restive. preserylag, and destroying power of Ood.1—Masoys Eacyola.
Note 267.—He proved himself therein a man of marvelous gifts. adhs aini Bistionary of Fresmasosry, Article Tau Cream.
raIsed up by Divine Providence for a special purpose, and receIved i~,w
a closer communion with the invisible world than was vouchsafed to
any other In the Old Testament He confronted Pharaoh, and by a
series of ten plagues finaily conquered bin obdurate heart. Then he ied
f.,rth Israel as a flock, two millions strong. passing through the Red
Sea and on to Mouni Sinai. Remaining there for a year. he received
the Commandments, constructed the Ark, the Tahernacie and the sacred
furniture and established order and~ method amongst the mighty host
under his charge Oppressed with two prime difficulties the reluctance
of the people to submit to bli guidance and the impracticable character
of the country to he traversed, he bore their murmurs patientiy, only In
Aiding penalties when ~ahsoiuteiyneeded, and througb torts years of
journeylogs brought them at last to the dividing river In full view of
the Promised Lend. There, upon the top of Mount Nebo. he satiated
his gane with a lingering view of the country he should never tread
and then. B C 1451, was taken to his reward at the age of 120 years, —
Morris’s Masonic Dictionary. Article Moses.
Note 2S8.—”boahua. The high priest who, with Zerubbabel. the Prince
of Judab. superlutended the rebutiding of the Temple after the Babylon-
ian captivity, tie was the high priest by Pocal descent from the ponti-
Acal family, for he was the son of .losadek. who was the son of Seralab.
who was the hIgh priest when the Temple was destroyed by the Chal-
deans. He was distinguished for the zeal with which he prosecuted the
work of rebuilding, end opposed the interference of tbe Samaritans.’
Mackeys Encyciopadta ef Freemasonry. Article Jcsbua.
licte 288.—Travel. In the symbolIc language of Masonry, a Mason
sue aye travels from west to east in each of light—he travels from lii,-
loft) tower of Babel. vehere language was confounded and Masonry lost.
to the threshing-flour of Omen, the lebuelte. where language was re-
stored and Masonry found.’—Mackay’s Encyclcpudia of Faeemasoeys
Article Travel.

intrusion. See that the Guards are set, and inform

them that we are about t,o open this Court, and allow
none who are not entitled to approach. (Junior Dea-
con retires, enters again, gives the alarm, which is
answered from without, and says:)
Junior Deacon—Most Powerful Grand Master, the
OP1~NING CEREMONI1~S Guards are posted and duly instructed; we are secure
KNIGHTS OF THE BRAZEN SERPENT,”’ against intrusion.
Grand Master—Brother Lieutenant Commander, are
Most Powerful Grand Master—Brother Princes of all present Knights of the Brazen Serpent?
the Tabernacle and Knights of the Brazen Serpent, if Lieutenant Comm4nder—All present are Knights of
the day and the hour have arrived, I propose to open the Brazen Serpent, Most Powerful.
here a Court of Sinai.”’ Be elothed and await, each
in his station, the customary order. (The brethren are Grand Master—Brother Commander of the Host,
clothed and the officers take their stations.) ‘what is the hour?
Most Powerful Grand Master—Brother Junior Dea- Commander of Host—Most Powerful Grand Ilaster,
con, it is our first duty to see that we are secure from it is the break of day.
Ncta 291.—Knight of the Brazen Serpent, (Ohenlier flu Serpent C Grand Master—If that be the hour it is time to open
Airain.) ¶he twenty-fifth degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish
Rite The history of this degree is founded upon the circumstances re- this Court. You will please inform the Lieutenant
lated in Numbers eb. xii . ver. 6-9: And the Lord sent fiery serpents
smug the people and they hit the people, and much people of Israel Commander and he the Knights, that all may have due
dIed ~lii, ictoec the peopie mine to H uses, and said we have sinned;
for v,e hove spoken against the Lord, and against thee prey unto iii.. notice thereof.
Lo,rd that he take a~ay the serpents from us And Moeca prayed for the
pei,ple. And the Lord said unto Moses, blake thee a fiery serpent. ciii Comsnander of Host—Lieutenant Commander, it is
act it upon a pole and it shall come to pass that evety one that iv
bitten. iv heal he looketh upon it~ shall live. And Moses made a serpent of
brase. aed put It upon a polk. and It came to pass, that if s serpent
the pleasure of the Most Powerful Grand Master that
had hitten ally man, when he beheld the serpent of brass. he lived • to this Court of Sinai be now opened. You will please
the old rituvii~ tbc Lodge~wns called the Court of Sinai. the presiding om-
cer OJS styled Most Puissant Grand Master, and represented Moses;
~hili. ihe two Wardens, or Miniaters. represented Airon and Joshua.
inform the Knights, that, having due notice thereof,
The Ogator ~as called Pontiff, the Secretary. Grand Graver, and the
candIdate a Traveler, in the miidcrn ritual, adopted in this country.
they may assist in opening the same.
the Ci,ancil represents the camp of tbe Israelites The firat three olScen
ripren-at Moses. Joshua, and Caleb. and are respectively styled Mist Lieutenant Commawder—(Three knoekL) Knights
l’uiea.iet IA’ndcr. valiant Captain of the Host. md illuatrious Chief of
the Ti-i Tribes The Orator represents Eleavar; tbe Secretary. itbamar, and Masons, you will please take notice that the Most
the Ti’ aslirir. Phinebis, and ihe candIdate an interceasor for the peopli-
‘rue J.-wel is a crux ansata. with a serpent entwined around it Powerful Grand Master is about to open this Court of
Mackeys Encyclopadia of rreeniasontr, Article Knight of the Brazen
Sinai. You will please take due notice thereof and aid
Note 292.—”Sinal. A mountain of Arahis between the horns of the him in so doing.
lt~ ii ~.,i it is the plaic as hi-re )iosi-a rei elved the Low from Jebovub. Grand Master—Let the seven mystic lights dispel the
aid si-re he was diret tid to eonstriu t the tabernacle. Hence, sites
Linniuc the Scottish miike Mt Sisal a symbol of truth. ~f darkness of this Court.
thi laitli degrees the twenty-third enil tv,isty.f.iiirth of the AncIent sod
A’ -ri--i liii, if the Chief and ihe Princi- of the Tabernacli-. refer in Lieutenant Commander—( Lighting the first light
thi ir rum lv to thIs mnuiitain and the Tahernacle there ronstructed.”—
Macka~a Fucyclopadia af reesmasonry. Article Sinai. nearest him.) The Moon shines in our Court and over



it presides the arch-angel Saphael, the messenger of

God. (Lights the next one.)
Alercury shines in our Court and over it presides thie
arehi-angel Raphael, the healing influence of God.
(Lights the iiext one.)
Venus shines in our Court and over it presides the
arch-angel llamuliel, the merciful kindness of God.
(He then takes his station and the Commander of the TWENTY-FIFrH DEGREE; OR KNIGHT OF THE BRAZEN
Host lights the light nearest the East, saying:) SERPENT.’’
Commander of (lost—Saturn shines in our Court INITIATION.
and over it presides the arch-angel Michael, the sem-
blance and image of God. (Lights the next one.) [The candidate represents a traveller and is dressed in
plain clothes without insignia. He is loaded with
Jupiter shines in our Court and over it presides the chains by the Senior Deacon, who conducts him to the
arch-angel Gabriel, the strength and mightiness of God. door, knocks five slow, three quick and one.]
‘-(Lights the next one.) Junior De.aoon—(Opening the door.) Who comes
Mars sllines in our Court and over it presides the here?
arch-angel Auriel, the light and fire of God. (The Senior Deacon—One of the people of Israel, to an-
Grand Master advances and lights the center one, say- nounce to the Most Powerful Grand Muter a great
ing:) misfortune that has befallen the people and to implore
at his hands relief and assistance.
The Sun, type of the principle of good, and light, and Junior Deacon—Who is this applicant, and by what
feeble, and imperfect image of the Deity shines in our right does he claim admission here?
Court and over it presi4es th~e arch-angel Zerachiel, the Senior Deacon—He is one of the tribe of Reuben,
rising of God, the sun’ of righteousness. (Then takes loaded with chains in token of the penitence of the
his station.) people who flee in terror before the venomous serpent.
Grand Master—Together, brethren. Nets 3SS,—’~Kaight of the Urns.. Serpent, [Seotob Nasonry,l—Tbe
eighth degree conferred in the Consistoty of Princes of the Royal Secret.
All—(Give the sign.) Scotch Masonry, and the twenty-sixth npon the catalogue of that sys.
GrandMaster—(Knocks five (5), three (3) and one; tern. The historical instructions are, the use of the Bi-asen Serpent
erected by Moses in the camp of Israel, that whoever had been bitten and
looked thereon might live—Numbers zul, The assembly is termed the
00000 000 0.) Court of Sinai. The hangings see red and blue. There ii one light.
The officers are Moat Powerful Grand Master, representing Moses; two
Commander of Hosf~—(Knocks five (5), three (3) wardens entitled Ministers, represent Aaron and Joehus; an Orator.
termed i’ontii; the Secretary, called Grand Graver: and an ExamIner.
and one; 00000 000 0) A transparency, representing the Burning Bush, and the Sacred Ham
of four letters, is in the east; a conical mount, representing Sinai. in the
Lieutenant Commander—(Knoeks five (5), three (3) center, Jewel, a golden serpent twined about a triple tan cross, stand-
ing upon a triangle, with the sacred name; it is suspended from a white
and one; 00000 000 0,) rihbon. Apron, white, strewed with black tears~ on the movable part.
Grand Mastdr—I declare this Court of Sinai duly a triangle in a glory; within it. the Hebrew letier H. Hours of wort.
~en at one. close at seven. —Morris’s Masoute kUe.sq. Artlol. Kaight
opened. Serpent.
that Adonai hath sent to punish them. put heavy chains upon thy neck in token of our peni-
Junior Deacon—Wait a time with patience until the tence, and go for us unto Moses our leader, and be-
Most Powerful Grand Master is informed of his request seech him to pray unto Adonai that he take away the
and his answer returned. (Junior Deacon closes the serpents from us, and I have done as they desired.
door, goes tot the altar, knoek~ five, three a~id one; Grand Mast er—Hast thou (to candidate) also mur-
Grand Master answers it and the same questions are inured and called upon the false gods.
asked and like answers returned as at the door. Senior Deacon—( For candidate.) I have not, but
Grand Master—Let him be admitted. (Junior Dea- because I refused and withistood the people, and rebuked
con opens the door, Senior Deacon enters with him, them in the name of Adonai, thiey sought to slay me,
conducts him in front of the Grand Master and causes but repenting they sent me hither because I had not
him to kneel.) sinned like them.
Grand Master—Brother Senior Deacon, whom do you Grand Master—Thou has done well. Arise! Relieve
bring hither thus loaded with chains? him of his chains and give him a seat of honor, for that
Senior Deacon—One of the tribe of Reuben, sent in he hath not forgotten his duty to his
behalf of the people, who dare not come before you, God. I will now retire and pray unto
Adonai being angered with them. the God of Israel again to forgive and
Grand Master—Disobedient race; have they again
tempted his anger? save his people that he hath chosen. (He
Senior Deacon—Most Powerful Grand Master, the retires and the Senior Deacon relieves
soul of the people was much discouraged because of the candidate of his chains and gives
their journeying in the wilderness, and they spake him a seat. After a while the Grand
against Adonai, callIng him the power of evil and against Master enters, bringing with him a ser-
you, saying, why hat1~ Moses brought us up out of and Coas, pent of brass entwined round a tau cross
Egypt to die in the wilderness? There is no bread nor
any water, and dur souls loathe this unsubstantial with his head elevated above it, and after taking his seat
manna. We go to and fro, lo now almost these forty says:)
years, and as Aaron hath died in the desert, so also Grand Master—I have prayed for the people, and
shall we all die here. Let us trust in Adonai no longer. Adonai hath said unto me; make thee an image of a
Let us call on the great gods to deliver us from this venomous serpent and set it upon a pole and it shall
bondage of misery, and as they cried aloud unto these come to pass that every one that is bitten, when he look-
eth upon it shall live. Take 4thou,
gods, lo Adonai sent venomous serpents among them, and therefore,
cross and Eleazar
place it
who darted among Ihe people, curling round and biting Priest, thisit serpent”
a pole and set in the middle of the camp; and
them, and by their venom many of the people of isratil
Bote 34.—1n the Tempiar and in the Phttoa~phtc degrees—such as
hath already died, and those that remain have repented the Knight of the Brazen Serpent, where the serpent is combined with
and say we have sinned, for we have spoken against the cross—it is evidently a symbol of Christ: and thus the symbolism of
these degreeC is closely connected with that of the Rose Croix.”—
Adoriai and his servant Moses. And they said unto me, 3aokey’s EnOFoiOitUdiL of Frssmonly, Artiole Serpent.

make proclamation that those who look upon it, confess- To all of which I do most solemnly swear, binding
ing their sins and having faith in the Most High God, myself under no less a penalty than that of having my
though they have been bitten by the venomous serpents, heart eaten by the most venomous of serpents and left
shall not die, but live, for Adonai is the God of mercy. thus to perish most miserably, from which may the
(Eleazar takes the serpent and retires, and after: a time Almighty Greator of thie Universe guide and defend me.
returns and says:) Amen. (All rise and are seated.)
Orator—(As Eleazar.) Most Powerful Grand Mas- Grand Master—My brother, approach and receive the
ter, great is Adonai, the God of mercy, for he hath had signs, tokens and words of this degree.
mercy on his people, Israel and every one that. hath be-
held the serpent, owning his sin and doing homage to
the Most High is healed and liveth, and the plague of
the serpent is stayed. SIGN OF ORDER.

Grand Master—Praise ye the Lord, Adonai, my cliii- Incline the head downwards, and point
dren, the supporter of the heavens and the earth, for
he is great and his mercy endureth forever, and he hath ground with the forefinger of right
forgiven his people Israel.
Lieutenant Commander—Most Powerful Grand Mas-
ter, what shall be done with the brazen image of the
serpent and the cross which thou didst cause to be set
up before the people?
Grand Master—I give it you, my brother, that it may
be evermore a symbol of faith, repentance and mercy,
which are the great mysteries of man’s destiny, and lest
the knowledge of its tr~e symbolic meaning should be
lost, let us kneel and swear, in the presence of the Most
High God, faithfully to keep the secrets of this degree.
(All kneel, including the candidate, and take the fohlow-
ing obligation:)

I do solemnly promise and swear, before the

Most High God, that I wihl never reveal the secrets of Form a cross upon yourself.
this degree of Knights of the Brazen Serpent to any
person or persons, unless he shall have taken all the
preceding degrees in a regular and constitutional man-


Place yourself on the right

of the brother, and take his
left wrist with your left hand.

He then takes your right Grand Master—Brother Lieutenant Commander,

wrist with his right hand. what is the hour 1’
Token Knights of ibe Lieutenant Commander—Most Powerful Grand Mas-
Heozeit tirielt
BATTERY :—Nine strokes, five slow, three hurried, and ter, the twilight, after sunset.
one by itself; 00000 000 0. Grand Master—Then it is time to close this Court,
MARCH :—Nine serpentine steps. Brother Commander of the Host, give notice that this
HOURS OF LABOR :—The Court is opened at one o’clock
Court of Sinai is about to be closed, in order that the
and closed at four o’clock.
PAS5 WORD :—1. .N. .R. ‘.1. 2~ lettered only.
brethren may rest front their labors.
COVERED WORD :—Johannes Rahp. Commander of Host — Brother Lieutenant Com-
SACRED WORD :—Moses; this word must be spelled. mander, inform the brethren that the Most Powerful
(Moses died 1451 B. :.C.:.) (Grand Master now invests Grand Master is about to close this Court of Sinai, that
him with the apron, collar and jewel of the degree.) the brethren may rest from their labors.
Grand Alaster—I now:aeeept and receive you a Knight Lieutenant Commander—Brethren, the Most Power-
of the Brazen Serpent, and invest you with the apron, ful Grand Master is about to close this Court of Sinai,
coihar and jewel of the degree. You will now be con-
ducted to our brother orator, who wihl deliver the history. that you may rest from your labors.
(Grand Ilaster takes his station and the Senior Deacon Grand Master—Knocks five, three and one; 00000
conducts the candidate to the Orator, who may eithier 000 0.)
read the twenty-first chapter of Numbers, from which Commander of Host—(Knoeks five, three and one;
the degree is taken, or make such comments thereon as 00000 000 0.)
he thinks proper.) Lieutenant Commander—(Knocks five, three and
Note 205.—i. N. B. I.. I e • Jesus Nazarenus Rex ludasorum. Jesun
of Nttziireth. King of the Jeno. the Inoertption nht,’h was placed upon ane; 00000 000 0.)
the , of thi’ tttnl.e in the lhil.~ophle.I tidge they represent Pire.
Selt. Sntphitr. end Mer’ urn lii the an,tem of the Roslertietan. thet h~vt’ Grand Master—Together, brethren.
a ~ImlI,r tin’ •lgfle Natura Renovatur Integra—hy fire nature is per-
f•. tlv tea. ned ‘[hi’ Iden a sin’ f’titad in the degree of Knights All—(Give the sign.)
Adept- .‘f the Kigle or Ihe ~un ‘‘—Macoys Encyclopedia and Dictionss7
of rreemMcnry. Article I. N. 3. 1. Grand if aster—I declare this Court of Sinai eloseri.
~jg~ 330 degree rite, for money and worldly advantage.
A high Masonic authority says: “If history speaks cor-
rectly, Morin and his coadjutors found the manufactur-
ing of Masonic degrees and the sale of Masonic dignities
a very profifable and lucrative undertaking. They pur-
sued it diligently, making all the money they could
PHILOSOPH ICAL ANALYSIS from the traffic.” (Folger’s Ancie’nt and Accepted
TWENTY-FIrTH fluoaza, OR KNIGHTS OF THE Rite, p. 88.) This is high Masonic testimony
BRAZEN SERPENT. concerning the founding of this Rite, which now rules
The Goodneas and Severity of God—False Ugbla on ibe Coaat of Christen-
the Masonic world. And there is nothing like it in
—~~Satan~a Ignes ratul, to Swamp Men Kternall’—Quotea the
Bibie as Satan Did to Deceive Men—MI Eeilgion but Holinema and
the catalogue of human crimes and sins. The guilt of
Justice. wreckers and sea-thieves who hold out false lights to
In discussing these degrees, why use harshness and lure ships on rocks, to drown passengers in order to get
severity? The wisdom from above is “pure,” “peace- their goods, is slight, compared with that of the invent-
able,” “gentle,” “full of mercy.” Paul himself was ors and sellers of these Masonic degrees. Christ is
“genthe,” as a nurse among children. And Moses, but come a light into the world. And here are thirty-three
especially Christ, was “meek.” Ans.: In dealing with
teachiers of false religion, and corrupters of the true, false lights hung out along the whole coast of Christen-
the severity of Christ, the prophets and apostles knew dom, by men whose fathers sold Christ for thirty pieces
no bounds but the limits of language. Thus Peter: of silver, to lure men on the “slippery rocks” of perdi-
“Thy money perish with thee I” Paul: “Thou ehihd tion. Let none say this is exaggeration. Dr. Mackey,
of the devil !“ John: “Serpents, and the seed of ser- in his “Ritualist,” the authoritative liturgy of the lodges,
pents !“ Christ uttered~ the ~same words. And Moses, says that the Entered Apprentice is “seeking the new
who was ruler and law-giver, as well as teacher, said of
a dealer in “wond~rs” and false mysteries: Thiough birth, and asking that light which restores fallen man
thine own brother, son, daughter or “wife of thy to his Maker ;“ which light, he says, “the lodge alone
bosom,” whoever should entice into msn-made religious can give I” And he refers to the same thing in Note
rites, like this Scottish Rite: “thou shalt surely k11 £89 of this degree. “A Mason always travels from west
him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to to east in search of light.” “The shock of entrance is
death; and, afterwards, the hand of all the peophe.” the symbol of ‘The New Birth,’” which, he says, the
(Deut. 13, 1-9.) And though in warring against Apprentice “appears before our portals seeking.” Every
demon-worships, the Christians’ weapons are “not car- time the blinder falls, which is thirty-three times in
nal, but spiritual,” the treatment of sorcerers by Paul these degrees, this same thing i3 repeated. The blinded
and Peter, and the fate of Ananias and Sapphira, show
what estimate God puts on Ramsay and his Jesuits, and bewildered candidate is brought to the “light,”
Morin and his Jews. and their abettors, who framed discovers the “word,” etc., both which are Satan, as an

angel of light, personifying or symbolizing Christ, who of Nazareth, King of the Jews, and this, ages before
only is the true “Light” and the true “Word,” who “was there was any Latin tongue. And he who cannot see
with God and who was God.” (John 1, 1.) And we do in this conjuring, every mark and feature of devil-
worship, has already been blinded by idolatry.
not slander the framers of these 33 degrees in saying
But why do these degree-makers, grade after grade,
they made thbrn for money. Folger is good Masonic’
follow and employ the Sacred Scriptures? The answer
authority, and he says tt. See his book of this rite, p. is: for the same purpose for which the Book of Mormon
38, already cited. Were these Jews framing degrees to does the same thing. That foul imposition contains
bring men to Christ? No! A thousand times No! whiohe chapters of the Bible; sometimes quoted literally
Then these degrees are Satan’s ignes fatui, to swamp and sometimes as in these degrees, mixed with Mormon
men eternally in hell. And it is of such false worship- gibberish. They quote the Bible as Satan did to Christ,
ers of whom the Psalmist says: “Surely thou didst set to deceive men. They quote it while they hate it, and
them in slippery places.” (Ps. 73, 18.) And these de- would destroy it if they could. Did Aaron Burr and the
grees are those places into which these false coast lights traitor Arnold love the Bible? Does Albert Pike love
are drawing life’s voyagers. The only escape from this it? Some ten years ago the Grand Orient lodge of
dire conclusion is to suppose that the Holy Ghost goes France, as is well known, erased from their ritual the
into the lodges, as Dr. Oliver supposed, and takes the name of God and the immortality of m~zn, and though
names of Christ which the ritual uses, and converts men some of the lodges went through the farce of e,~commu-
to Christ. But whoever heard of a Christian revival in nicating that lodge and its adherents, others did not.
a lodge? Or of village lodges joining in a village And Masonic prints now declare the standing of those
revival? No: Voltaire, who was a Mason, did not lead atheist Masons good!
prayer-meetings, nor do lodge-masters love and worship And why should they not? The standard Masonic
Christ. authorities, cited in the notes of the preceding degrees,
This very twent~r-fifth degree, which makes “Knights boast their origin from the heathen mysteries; from
of the Brazen Serpent,” the lodge uses for purposes of astrology; from “incantations,” and all that the Bible
idolatry, as the children of Israel did, who burnt in- calls demon-worship. The lower degrees drop the name
cense to it (£ Kings 18, 4), and which Hezekiab de- of Christ from Scriptures used in their lodge lectures,
stroyed. Read on page 157 the finishing touches, when to invite and draw in the Jews and Christ-hating
this “Knight of the Brazen Serpent” is made. Nine classes. And the higher degrees only admit Him when
strokes; five slow, three hurried, and one by itself, are the lodge-dupes have become hardened by their idola-
struck with mallets. Nine steps are taken like the tries and mockeries; and then only admit Him on a
waving motions of a snake, and the pass-word given him level with heathen teachers; and worship, or rather
is I. N. R. 1.. which are the initials in Latin of: Jesus insult him, by the use of human skulls, cross-bones, and

erossed swords, hoodwinks oaths, blasphemies and sworn

secrecy, and concealed ceremonies which His Word and
example forbid ! And then, l~aving established and
set abroad a system of known antagonism and contempt
towards Christ and the Christian religion, they then
follow the holy solemnities and sublimities of the Bible,
as wolves follow lambs to destroy them and eat them:
to save their “cunningly devised fables” and “doctrines TWENTY-SIXTH DEGREE; OR PRINCE or MERCY.’
of de~ ils” from the world’s loathing and contempt.
Let tlic authoritalive teaching of Dr. Mackey be con-
tinually borne in mind, that: “Ike mission and object of DECORATIONS :—Lodges of this degree are called Chap-
Masonry is the worship of the areat Architect of the ters. The hangings are green, supported by nine col-
Univcrsc.” It follows Iliat the lodges must have some- umns, alternately white and red, upon each of which is
thing for their dupes to do, called worship. And what a chandelier holding nine lights. The canopy over the
could wicked inca and de~ ils invent craftier or bcltcr throne is green, white and red. Before the throne is a
suited to deceive the simple, than this very scheme of table covered with cloth of the same color. Instead of
“the Ancient Scottish Rite,” which now rules the rites a gavel, the presiding officer uses an arrow, the plume
of the world. It seizes and appropriates all of rcligion of which is red on one side and green on the other.
but its holiness and justice; and all of Christ but his The spear is white; the point gilded. Before the altar
truth and his atonemcnt. It mixes things sacred with is a statue representing Truth, clad in the same colors.
things profane, till the ~~holecompound is profanity; It is the palladium of the order. The altar in the center
is of a triangular shape, the top being a gilded plate in
and quoting the Bible as if~’it believed it true, which
Rote 3N.—”Princ. of Mercy. (Prince flu Mercl.)—Tlae twenty-sixth
notoriou hy i~ does not, it has furnished a dark s~stcm, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, called also Seottiah
~eof or F,cosaaia Trinitairs. It is one of the eight degrees Which
which angels flee from and which devils inhabit. It were added on the organization of the Scottish Rite to the original
twenty.Sve of the Rite of Perfection.
keeps its initiates under the power and mesmerism of It is a christian degree in its construction, and treats of the triple
covenant of mercy which God made with man; first with Abraham by
Satan, and by nightly worships and military drills, it is by circumcision; next with the Israelites in the wilderness, by the in-
termediatian of Moses; ant iastiy. with sit mankind, by the death and
preparing them for the war and bloodshed which are yet sufferings of Jesus Christ. It ia in allusion io these three acia of
mercy that the degree derives its two namee of Scottish Trinitarian and
to precede the binding of Satan for the prophetic thou- PrInce of Mercy, and not, as Ragon supposes, from any reference to the
Faihers of Mercy, a religious society formeriy engaged in the ransoming
sand years. But let it be remembered: “Our help of Christian captives at Aigiers. Chemin Dupontes (Kern. Sur I’ Room.
¶~ . 373). says that the Scottish rituals of the degree are too fuil of the
is in the name of the Lord which made heaven and ermetic philosophy. an error from which the French Cahiers are
exempt; and he condemns much of its doctrines as hyperboiique pisis.
earth” (Ps. 124, 8) and that He is mightier than anterie.’ But the modern ritnais as now practiced are obnoxious to no
such objection. The symhoiic development of the number three of
Satan, stronger than “the strong man armed.” (Luke coarse constitutes a larus part of its lecture, hut the real dogma of th.’
degree is the impoxtanos of Truth, and io this sil its ceremonies
11, 21, 2g.) ala dl~eted. —Naobs~s 330701o,e4la of Frsamaonq. Axtiols Princ, of

the ‘iliape of a Delta on which’in glittering stoncs is the

ine~T.ibIc name ~fl~’m.
OFFICERS :—The officers are a Chief Prince, styled
Most Excellent. Two Wardens, styled Excellent. Two
Deacons, a Saca’ificer and Guard of the Palladium. The
other members are styled Princes.
DRESS :—The Chief Prince wears a tri -colored tunic,
green, white and red, and a crown surmounted with nine
points. The other members wear a white tunic. PRINCE OF MERCY.’”
ORDER :—AII wear the order, which is a broad tri- Most Excellent—Excellent Senior Warden, I am
colored collar, green, white and red. about to open a Chapter of Princes of Mercy. Are all
APRON :—IIed, with a white border. In the middle of
present entitled to remain?
it is an equilateral triangle, embroidered with gold, in
Senior Warden—Most Excellent, all present are of
the center of which is the jewel: the flap sky blue.
JEWEL :—An equilateral triangle of gold, in the center
the faithful.
of which is a heart of gold, on the heart are engraved Most Excellent—Brother Junior Deacon, the first duty
the Y~tters rV’. of a Chapter of Princes of Mercy, when assembled?
EATTERY :—Fifteen, by three, five and seven; 000 Junior Deacow—To see that the Chapter is duly
00000 0000000. guarded, Most Excellent.
MARCh :—Threc equal steps, commencing with the
Most Excellent—Attend to that part of your duty and
inform the Sentinel that we are about to open this
left foot. Chapter of Princes of Mercy and direct him to tyhe ac-
AGE :—Eighty-one years. cordingly. (Junior Deacon retires, returns again,
TESSERA OR MARK :“‘—Giyen to the candidate, is a closes the door, gives the alarm, which is answered from
.mall fish of silver or ivcry, on one side of which is tho without, then takes his station.)
word ~fl~j’and on~ the other, in the Rose Croix cipher, Junior Deacon—Most Excellent, the Sentinel is at
the pass-word 6f the degree his post and duly instructed.
Most Excellent—Brother Senior Warden, yo~ will
please inform our brother Junior Warden and he the
lots •8.—’?riaoe of Meroi, or So@toh Trinitarian. The 25th degree
of the Ancient sad Accepted Rite. it is a highly philosophical degree
and its ritual very Impressive; its titie clearly desi nate, its character
Hots 997.—ii was the custom sass 11w Schoiinst. when a guest hod sod intention. The Oody is styled a Chapter. The !iaogings are gre n.
been eniertaloed, to break a die in two parts, one of which Parts Was supported by 9 coinmus. alternateiy white and red, upon each of which
retained by the guest, so that if at any future period he ecquired is a chaudeiier. holding 9 iights. Near the altar is a statute of while
asslstsece on exhibiting the broken pieces of the die to escb other marble. iSo Sgsare of a virgin, covered with thin gauze. This represents
the friendship was renewed Piattis, in one of his comedies, gives us at, ?luth, and the paliadium of the Order of the Princes of Mercy. The
exemplification of the manner in which these teaseras or pledges of presiding officer is styled Most Excellent Chief Prince. The jewel is an
friendship were used at Rome. whence it appears that ihe privileges eqailatersl triangle of hars of gold, with a flaming heart, of gold, in
of ibis friendship were extended to the descendants of the cnntraciing the eenter. On the heart are the letters I. H. 5.. and on the respective
parties. Pqenuiiia is introduced. inquiring for Agorastocies. with whose sides of the irlangie. w. on the ri ht. F. on the left, and H. on the
family he bad formeriy exchanged the tesaera.—Macbeiy’a Enoynlo. bottom. “—Meow’s Eaoyoipudia tnt Dictionary ef Frssmaaoar3, Articlo
p.dia of Frsomasonrv, Article Mark, Prism of Mar07.

Princes, that this Chapter is about to be opened, that

they may take due notice thereof and govern themselves
Senior Warden—Brother Junior Warden, you will
please take notice and inform the Princes that this.
Chapter is about to be opened, that they may take due
notice thereof and govern themselves accordingly. CHAPTER XLVIII
Junior Warden—Princes, this Chapter is about to be TwENTY-SIXTII DEGREE; OR PRINCE OF Mucy.’”
opened; you will take due notice thA~eof and govern
yourselves accordingly. INITIATION.
Most Excellent—Together, Princes. (The candidate is prepared by the Sen-
AIZ—(Give the sign.) ior Deacon in a plain white robe, reaching
Junior Warden— (Knocks three; 000.) from the neck to the feet, barefooted,
Senior Warden— (Knocks five; 00000.) hoodwinked so as to prevent his seeing,
Most Excellent—(Knocks seven; 0000000.) with a rope passed three times around
AlI—(Clap hands three, five and seven.) his body. He then leads him to the door
Most Excellent—I declare this Chapter duly opened of the Chapter and knocks three.)
Guard of Palladiu.,n—(From within,
knocks five.)
Senior Deacon—(From without, knocks
a Guard of Palladitsm—(Opening the
1door.) Who comes here?
Mercy Degree. Senior Deacon—A brother who wishes
to receive the degree of Prince of Mercy.
Guard of Palladium—Has he passed the regular
lot. 3U.—’The seventh degree conferred in the Onnaistory of Princes
of the Royal Secret. Scotch Masonry, and the twenty-fifth upon the cata-
logue of that system. its historical ailusions are to the three covenants
of merry, made hy God with man. via.: those with Aheaham. Moses and
Jesus Christ; hence the name. The assembly is termed a Chapter. Tb.
hangings are green. The officers are, a Chief Priace, whose titie Is Most
txceiient. represent!.g Moses; the Senior Warden, representing Aaron;
the Junior Warden, liessar; the Sacrificer and Guard of the Pailadiem.
The apron is red, trimmed with white fringe; it displays two crossed
arrows. Jewel. an equilateral triangle of gold a widen hasrt in Se
center. inscribed with the Hebrew letter H. tour of work. eventime.
Me. SiB. The lights are eighty~one. —MWn4a’s Mass.!. Distiousay, hat!.
@1. huInes .f Msxq, or Ssetsh Trialtauisa.
his hands in pure water. (Senior Deacon causes him
terms of probation555 and underg~one the necessary tests to wash his hands in pure water, leads him in and con-
and trials?
ducts him nine times around the Chapter while the
Senior Deacon—He has.
Most Excellent reads:)
Guard of Palladium—Let him wait a time with
First Round—Thus saith the holy book, there is but
patience, untilt his request is made known to the Most
Excellent Chapter of Princes of Mercy. (Guard of tile ~ne Supreme God, the single, imperishable, infinite,
Palladium closes the door, goes to the East, where the omnipotent, excellent, perfect, invisible God; omunipres-
same questions are asked and like answers received as ent the universal substance and soul of the world.
at the door.) Second Round—Jesus of Nazareth, born of a Virgin
Most Excellent—Is he duly and truly prepared to without sin, was chaste and liohy. He descended into
receive this degree? Hclh, he arose again and ascended to Heaven, he
Guard of Palladium—lie is, charged his disciples to teach his pure doctrines and
Most Excellent—You will retire and let hi~n be ad- gave them the gift of miracles. lie will appear again
mitted after he shall have washed”’ his hands in pure at the end of the world and a new creation and a new
water. (Guard retires to preparation room.) age of innocence shall commence.
Guard of Palladium—It is the order of the Most Third Round—The stars shall salute him at his nativ-
Excellent that he be admitted, after he shall have washed ity, the running waters shall become clear as erystah,
lint. SOO.~?rObattOU. “The interval hetween the reception of one the winds breathe softly and the sky be pure and serene,
degree and the succeeding i,ne is called the probation of ihe caudbiate.
because It is durIng this period that be is to prove his qusiificatiofl for
advancement in England and in this country the time of probstiOO be. the tortures of the wicked shall be suspended, ahl ven-
tween the reception of degrees is four weeks, to which is generally addid
the further safeguard of so Open examination in the preceding degree. omous reptiles and beasts of prey disappear, the sick
in France and Germany the probation Ia extended to one year. The lime
is gresiiy extended in the Ancient and Accepted Scotiivh Rite. The and infirm shall become well and strong, and All man-
statutes of the Southern Supreme Councli require an interval of two
years to he passed between ihe reception of the fourteenth and the kind unite in orisons of glory.
thirty-second degrees An extraordinary rule prevailed in the cooshito-
ticus of 1762. by which the Rile of perfection was governed According
to this rule, a candidaie was requlr’d to pass a probation from the time of
Fourth Round—The miuntains shall melt and tor-
his application as an Entered Apprentice until his reception of the twentY-
lifib or ultimate degree of the Rite, of ito less than eli years and nine
rents of metal flow from their bosoms, through which
months. But as all the separate times of probation depended on symbolic
numbers, it is not to he presumed that this regulation was ever practi- all souls shall pass, that thus parting with the defilement
cally enforcad....Msokry’a EneyCIOPfldi& of Freetnasoiiiy, Article Praba.
of their sins, they may be fitted for the bliss that awaits
Mote SOI.~”Luatratiefl. A religious rite practiced hy the ancients them. A new earth, more beautiful, more fertile, more
and which was performed before any act of devotion it consisted in delicious than the first, shall become the home ‘f
usahing the hands, and sometimes the whoic body, in lustral or conse-
rested water. it was intended as a symbol of the interosi purification of
the heart. it was a ceremony preparatory to initiation in all the Ancient restored mankind.
Mysteries. The ceremony is practised with the same symbolic import in
some of the high degrees of Masonry. So strong was the idea of a con- Fifth. Round—He is love. King of the living and
nection between lustrition and initiatiOn, that in the law Latin of the
Middle Ages lustrars meant to initIate. Thus Do cange (Glnasartem)
cites the expression ‘lustrare reilgione ChristlsnOrum~ as signifying ‘to
dead; the supremely pure, holy and wise, he is three and
initiate into the Christian religlon. ‘.~~MLskey’a Kuoyeiopfldi& of Fees-
mahoney. Artiela Lustration.
one, for his essence illuminates, warms and makes fruit-
things were made by him. In him was life, and that
ful at once. Seated in the middle chamber,5” between life was the light of mankind; the true light, which
light and darkness he presides over initiates, crowned lighteth every man that cometh into the world. And
with the sun of truth and justice, and bearing the gavel the Word became incarnate and dttelt among men, and
of gold, eternal, living, victoriot~s and intelligent. they beheld his glory; and the glory of the first born
Sixth Round—The fields shall produce bountifully of the father, full of benevolence and truth” (After
without labor; calamity be unknown and a vast golden this round he halts in front of the Junior \Varden)
palace more brilliant than the sun receive and be tho Junior Warden—Brother Senior Deacon, whom have
home of the just forever. Then the Supreme Being you here?
shall come from his dwelling on high, administer divine Senior Deacon—A brother, who, having passed
justice, pronounce his decrees and establish his immor- through the necessary terms of probation and undergone
tal laws. the tests and trials, now anxiously desires to see the
Seventh Round—The actions of each shall be weighed great light and to be received amang the Princes of
in the unerring scales and final sentence pronounced on Mercy.
each, according to his deserts. The irreclaimable depart Junior Warden—Brother Senior Deacon, dost thou
to the lower hemisphere of darkness, remorse and pain. vouch for him, that he will devote himself to the teach-
The just return to the bosom of the Deity to enjoy ings of this degree?
eternal happiness in the realm of light and love. Senior Deacon—I do.
Eighth Round—Thus was it promised unto Judah: Junior Warden—Since thou art his security, let him
“The Sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a law see to it that he bring no shame upon thee by making
giver from between his feet until Shiloh come, and unto false thy pledge in his behalf. You will now conduct
him shall the gatheringgof tl~ie people be. him to our brother Senior Warden. (Ordur is obeyed
“Unto us a child is born, unlo us a son is given, and and same questions are asked by Senior Warden, who,
the government shall be upon his shoulders, and his
name shall be Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, after same answers had been given, orders him con-
the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.” ducted to Most Excellent, who asks the same questions
Ninth Round—”In the beginning was the Word, and and receives the same answers when he continues:)
the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All Afost Excellent—Brother Senior Deacon, you will now
conduct the candidate to our Senior Warden, who will
Note UOS.—’The door for the middle ohamber was in the right aid.
of the house, and they went up with winding stain into the middle place him near the great light by the proper steps.
chamber, and out of the middle into the third,
Those chambers, after the Temple was completed. seeved fnr the
accommodation of the priests when upon duty, in them they deposited
(He conducts him to the Senior Warden, who causes
their vestments and the sacred vessels. Sut the knowledge of the
purpose to which the middle chamber was appropriated whuile the Temple
him to advance to the altar by three steps, commencing
was in the course of construction, is only preserved in Masonic tradi-
tIon. This tradition is. howeser. altogether mythical and symbolical in
with the left foot, where he kneels and contracts the
its character. and belongs to the symbolism of the Winding Stairs,’—
Maeka~’s Ens~’olopudia of Frsemaaonz7, &rtieio Middle Chamber. following obligation:)
the Worshipful Master, with the aid of the brethren,
first made you a mason, and your attention was directed
I do promise and swear, in the presence of the to the three great lights upon the altar. On being
Great Architect of the Universe, that I will never reveal brought to light in this degree, you see before you the
the secrets of this degree to any person or persons what- luminous Delta. with three equal sides, in all ages the
ever, unless the shall have taken all the jYrecediiig representative of Deity, the trinity of wisdom, power
degrees in a regular and constitutional manner.
I do furthermore promise and swear that I will never and harmony. You will now approach the East and be
confer or assist in conferring this degree upon any per- invested with the signs, token and words of this degree.
son unless by virtue of a Patent or warrant of consti- (All are now seated; the Senior Deacon conducts him
tution emanating from a Sovereign or Deputy Grand to the East and he is invested with the following signs.)
Inspector General or a regular constituted consistory of
Princes of the Royal Secret, 32nd degree, to whose SIGN OF ENTRANCE.
constitutions and regulations I now swear fealty and
allegiance, and then only after I shall have been in- Place the right hand open, so as to form
formed of the pure life and irreproachable manner and a triangle above the eyes as if to be pro-
morals of the candidate. tected against a strong light.
And should I violate this, my obligation, I consent to
be condemned, cast out and despised by the whole uni-
vecse, and may the Supreme Architect of the Universe
guide, guard and protect me to fulfil the same. Amen.
Moat Excellent—My brother, what now dost thou
desire? U
Most Excellent—My brother, Senior Deacon, bring qgn ofEntruice,
frince ofNeny.
this new brother to light. (Senior Deacon removes the
Moat Excellent—My brother, behold the darkness is
passed and the true light now shineth. You have SIGN OF CHARACTER.
before this been brought to light in masonry. When
Form a triangle with the two thumbs,
Note SOS.—”Llglat. Light Is a symbol of knowledge. May every
Masou strive incessantly for light. and especially fur the light eternali and the two forefingers; join them by the
when a society is assembled anywhere to do good, they require an
tofleential person to communicate the light of experience, instruct them.
and point out the way they should go. or bring light to them This moy extremities, place the hands in front of,
he done, symbolically, by suddenly lighting up a dark room with torches.
He wha thus introduces the light into the lodge must be a worthy man
and experienced in the craft.’ ‘—Mackey’s Enoyciopudia and Diotionary ni
and touching the body.
lreemssoaq, AUoI Light.

Place both hands, each on the
Cross both arms above the head, the other’s shoulders, press them slight-
hands open, palms outwards and say: To ly thrice and say, Gomel.
me, the children of Truth.

BATTERY :—Fiftet~ti ~.trokcs, by three, five and seven.

MARCh :—Tlirec i.qu.ih steps, commencing with the
left foot.
AGE :—Eighity-one years.
PASS WOOl) —Gomcl.
0 and Gabaon.
COMMON WORDS :—Ghiiblim’
SACRED wonDs:—Jehovah, Jachiin.
SUBLIME WoRD:—Ednh-pen-cagu, that is, do as you
would be done by. (After he is invested with the abovc
he is seated in front of the table facing the East, and
SIGN OF ORDER. listens to the following lecture:)
Stand up, the right hand resting on the,
Moat Excellent—Brother Senior Warden, are you a
hip. Prince of Mercy?
Senior Warden—I have seen the Delta, and the holy
name upon it, and an Ameth55 like yourself, in the
triple covenant of which we bear the mark.
Note 304.—”Ghiblim. The form in which Dr AnderSon spells Giblim.
In the 5.e,k of Constitution. ed. 1718. psg.~ 70. it is stated that in
Sign of o-iler. iSSO. ‘John de Spoulee. caild Master ef the Ohiblim.’ rebuilt St.
Prince of Mercy. George’s Chapel. “—Mackay’s Enciop&edia of Freemasonry, Aztiole
Note 3O5.—’Amsth, Properly. Emath, which see ‘ CUes Note Wi—
Neoheys Encyciepadia of Freemasonry, Article Ameth.

Most Excellent—What is the first of the three cov- sun shall no more shine b3 day, nor the moon by night,
enants of which we bear the mark? but the Lord shall be an everlasting light and splendor.
Senior Warden—That which God made with Noah, His spirit and his word shall remain with men forever.
when. he said, I will not again curse the earth any more Most Excellent—What is the symbol of the triple
for man’s sak~e, neither will [ smite any more every- covenant?’
thing living, as I have done. While the earth remain- Senior Warden—The triple triangk.
eth, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, winter Most Excellent—What are the symbols of th~ purifica-
and summer, and day and night shall not cease. I tion necessary to make us perfect masons?
will establish my covenant with you, and with your seed Senior Warden—La ~‘ation, with pure water, because
after you, and with every living creature. All mankind to cleanse the body is emblematical of purifying the
shall no more be cut off by the waters of a flood, nor soul. Unction, or anointing with oil, because thereby
shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth. ~~~~are set apart and dedicated to the service and priest-
This is the token of x~y covenant; I do set my bow in hood of the beautiful, the true and the good. And
the clouds and it shall be for a token of a covenant robes of white, emblems of candor, purity and truth.
between me and every living creature on the earth. Aloat Excellent—My brethren and Princes, let us
Most Excellent—What is the second of the three purify this our newly adopted brother and devote him
covenants? to the service of God and virtue. (Most Excellent
Senior Warden—That which God made with Abraham knocks three, all rise and form a circle round the can-
when he said, I am the absolute, uncreated God. I will didate at the altar, and the Senior Deacon brings a cup
make my covenant between me and thee, and thou shalt of pure water, ~~‘henthe Mont E~cehlent pours a small
be the father of many, natibns, and kings shall come quantity upon the head of the candidate.)
from thy loins. I wilV establish my covenant between Most Excellent—I pour this water upon thy head as
me and thee, and thy descendants after thee, to the a symbol of the purification of the soul by suffering and
remotest generations for an everlasting covenant, and sorrow, by which parting with the stains of sin and the
I will be thy God and their God, and will give thee the sordidness of vice it becomes fit to return to its eternal
land of Canaan for an everlasting possession. home in the bosom of the Father who loveth all the
Moat Excellent—What is the third covenant? children he hath made. (Senior Deacon brings per-
Senior Warden—That which God made with all men fumed oil in a cup, and the Most Excellent, dipping his
by his prophets, when he said, I will gather all nations finger in it, makes with it a tau~cross upon the forehead
and tongues, and they shall come and see my glory. I of the candidate.)
will create a new heavens and a new earth, and the for- Moat Excellent—By this sign I do devote thee hence-
mer shall not be remembered nor come into mind. The forward to the cause of Truth. (Senior Deacon unveils

the statue of Truth.)

Moat Excellent—Behold the Palladium of this order,
an emblem of purity and truth. Truth which here we
worship, truth, the antagonist of error, fraud and false-
hood, and of which you are now the servant. (Senior
Deacon now clothes him in a white tunic and invests CLOSING CEREMONIES
him with the apron, collar and jewel.)
Most Excellent—( Continuing.) My brother, the
colors of this degree are green, white and red; the gn.en Moat Excellent—Brother Senior Warden, what is the
is an emblem of the immortality of God, the soul and hour?
Senior Warden—Past midnight, Most Excellent.
virtue; the white of sincerity, candor and purity; the
Moat Excellent—Since it is past midnight, the hour
red of zeal, fervour and courage. of rest has arrived. Brother Junior Warden, what of
By the holy name upon the Delta, I charge thee to the night?
be true, sincere, iiierc’iful and tolerant; and as 1 presa Junior Warden—M’ost Excellent, the clouds have
the point of this arrow against thy heart, so may eter- broken, and the stars begin to appear.
nal truth there penetrate and enter and abide forever: Most Excellent—Brother Senior Warden, what re-
and as the arrow flies straight to its mark, so be thou mains for us to do?
Senior Warden—To watch and pray, Most Excellent.
ever frank, honest and straightforward in all thou sayest Most Excellent—Since that alone remains, it is my
and doest, remembering that in this world thou art pleasure that this Chapter be now closed. This you will
being prepared for that which is to come. And so I please communicate to the Junior Warden, and he to
receive thee as one of the faithful and a Prince of Mercy, the brethren, that they may have due notice thereof and
and I present thee with this te~sera or mark, which thou govern themselves accordingly.
wilt hereafter wear in evidence that thou art entitled to Senior Warden~—Brother Junior Warden, it is the
the privileges and honors of this degree. (Most Excel- pleasure of the Most Excellent that this Chapter be now
lent returns to his station and all are seated.) closed. You will please communicate the same to the
brethren, that they may have due notice thereof and
govern themselves accordingly.
Junior Warden—Brethren, it is the pleasure of the
Most Excellent that this Chapter be now closed. You
will please take due notice thercof and govern yourselves
Moat Excellent—(Knocks seven; 0000000.)
Senior Warden.—(Knocks five; 00000.)
Junior Warden—(Knocks three: 000.)
Moat Excellent—I declare this Chapter closed.
“i.IARS UAVI~ XF.1~D 01’ 000!) I1I~MORIES.” 181

as~iult upon Christ; doubtless stimulated and se~ on by

the devil, who asked Jesus to worship him, as HiB
superior or equal! We can well believe Dr. Mackey,
PHILOSOPHICAL ANALYSIS who says (Note £96) “It is one of the eight degrees
which were added, on the organization of the Scottish
TWENTY-SI~TH DEGREE; OR PRINCE OF MERCY. Rite, to the original twenty-five of the Rite of Per-
Uaurps the Prerogatl,es of Christ—Uara Have Need of Good Memories” fection.” Not, like the Knight of the Axe, which is an
—Renei~iog the Plagues of Egypt on American Soil, American stump speech, injected into the body of the
To be able to comprehend the nature and power of rite, to please laborers and get their money; but se-
these degrees, we should keep steadily in mind their lecLed from several thousands invented by Jesuit8 in
“object and mission,” which is to break down the wor- France to proteet Romish priest-power, and called “a.
ship of Christ, and establish that of Satan. The very Christian degree.” (See Note £66, by Mackey.)
title of the degree does this. The word “Prince” But as if absurdity and eontradiction were to prove
(Latin: prrnceps) means: chief, supreme, the first, or bottomless, look at the following: In the above Note,
highest one. Christ is the only one who ever exercised Mackey says: “This degree treats of the triple cov-
divine poi~er on earth. Therefore He only is First, or enant of mercy made by Cod with Abraham, Moses and
Prince. Christ gave His life a ransom for sinners, and Jesus Christ.” Now turn forward to page 176, and
“G-reater love hath no man than this.” (John 15, 1.3.) read the answers of the Senior Warden to the Most
Therefore He is “Pnnce of Mercy,” and the only one. Excellent, which declare the three covenants of thi8
There eannot be many firsts. An earthly prince is first degree to be made by God with Noah, Abraham and “all
in his rea]m~ So our chief magistrate is the highest, men by His prophets.” “Liars have need of good
or first officer. Christ told Pilate that He eame into memories,” but these writers’ memories are bad and
this world to be its lung, not an earthly sovereign, yet their morals worse.
a born king. (Jno. 18, 37.) And as Savior, or pro- Now turn back to page 167, and look at the candidate
curer of pardon, He is “Princ’e of Mereij,” “that in all in this 26th degree, hoodwinked and still searching for
things He might have the pre-e~minence.” (Col. 1, 18.) “Light,” into whieh he has been brought over and
Now the Senior Warden says: “I am about to open again, and then say, with our Bible in hand, thaL “the
a Chapter of Princes of Mercy.” (P. 166.) This is god of this world blinds minds.” Is it irrational to
solecism, absurdity and blasphemy, and eaeh in the suppose that, while that man’s eyes were being blind-
highest degree. It is gross impropriety of language; folded, the devil was blinding his mind, so that Masons
inconsistent with obvious truth; and indignity offered to do not, cannot see the contradietions and absurdities of
God. As night-meeting societies, which should, in these degrees? When, in all time, and where, iu all
sober earnest, elect and inaugurate Presidents of the the world, is this blinding done, whieh the Bible im-
United States, and attempt to clothe them with presi- putes to Satan, unless iI~ is done then and there? It
dential power and prerogative, would be guilty of will not do for them to meet us with denials of the
ribald nonsense, moekery towards the President, and truth of the Bibler If the Bible is composed of lies,
swindling imposition on taxed candidates. why do they quote it from beginning to end of thi8
This 26th degree therefore is a direct insult to and Scottish Bite? And if the Bible tells the truth when

it says that Satan blinds minds; what minds, if not

those of his worshipers? And do we not see in this
how it can be that Masons of apparent candor can say,
and say truly, they can. see nothing in lodgery which
conflicts with the Christian religion?
Isaiah (9, 26), predicting Christ’s coming, Bays:
“The people ShaS walked in darkness have seen a great
lighL” Who were those people “walking in darkness” CHAPTER XLIX
but those very men whose hill-top worships Maaons
truly call “lodges,” and the worshipers themselves, “our TWENTY-SEVENTH DEGREE, OR COMMANDER OF THU
ancient brethren,” and who, as Masons have today, had TEMPLE.’
counterfeit “Princes of Mercy” of their own make?
Read on page 169 the lying promises of this dark SOUTH OR sUMMER.
degree. “A new earth, more beautiful and more fertile, DECORATIONs :—This lodge is styled a Court. The
shall become the home of mankind I” These blind hangings are red, ornamented here and there with black
guides, not looking, as Paul did, at “the things not columns, upon each of which is placed a branch hold-
seen,” promise none but a heavwi on earth with good ing a light. The canopy and throne are red, sprinkled
crops, etc., etc.; while the Word of God, and the his- with black tears. In the centre of the lodge, which is
tory of Palestine, nay, our own history also, show that circular in its shape, is a chandelier with three rows
lust in proportion as lodge-worshipe supplant the of lights one above the other; in the lower circle tivelve,
worship of Christ; drought, grasshoppers, potato-rot in the next nine, and in the upper one six; making
and bugs, with swarms of invisible pests, such u deso- twenty-seven in all. Twenty-seven other lights are
lated Egypt and sunk the inhabitants to cattle-worship- placed upon a round table, around which the Knights
big slaves, whose country i8 mortgaged to a handful of are seated when the Court is open.
London merchants, are slowly~ renewing the “plagues of OFFICER5 :—The presiding officer is styled Most Po-
Egypt” on our own soil; while Charleston, the city tent Grand Commander, and sits in the East. The
where this Seottish ~Rite was planted, and from which Wardens are styled Most Sovereign Commanders, and
it has spread over America. and Europe, hM plucked the Knights Sovereign Commanders. There is a
down wrath on our Continent in the shape of treason, Senior and Junior Deacon.
secession and bloodshed. DRESS :—The Grand Commander wears a white tunkc
Instead of the heaven or fine soil and good crops
Note SW.—”Oommsndsi of the Temple. (Scotch Kmaoar~. I—The ninth
prom ised to the “Princes of Mercy,” we seem to be in deg?ee conferred in the Comalitory of Princes of the Royal Secret. 5cotcb
great danger of renewing on our prairies the sterility of Mamn~,, and tbe, in Ibe catalogue of that system. Tb.
aseemby Is termed a Court. Tb. banging. are red. The light. awe
once fertile, but now impoverished, monk-worshiping tweDty4e~eD. The preaMing officer ii styled Moat Potent, and the two
Wardena. Moat 5oyeftigo CommanderE. The title of the memberE Is
Palestine; until earthquakes rend the earth under us, foyer.ign CommanderE. Tbe apron ii flesh-colored, limed and edgc~d with
hlack; on it Is £ key: the moyable part dispia~m a Teutonic doff en
and cyclones lay bare its surface; and in the vigorous circled by a wrath of laurel. The scarf Is red, edged with black and
mustaifh a Teutonic cross in enameled gold. JewFl. a golden triangle.
words of t1~e old hymn dimolaying tbe gac?ed tpur-frttei~d name; it I. mnspended from a white
“3ayth tr.mbI beneath till her mountAinS 31W WQ. collar, edged with red and embroidered with tour Teutonic Eyoeau. Houts
of woph. open at 10, doe, at 4.’—Konhs’s Masonic Diotlouaq. hztid
“And hell ahakec her fetter. with teak! Cammads? .f t~e

and over it a knight mantle of red, lined with ermine;

on his head he a ducal-coronet.
APRON :—Flesh colored, lined and edged with black,
on the flap is a Teutonic cross, (which is also the jewel
of the order) 1encircled by a laurel wreath, and be-
neath it, on the apron a key. The cross, wreath and
key are all black.
GLOVES :—White, lined and bordered with black. The COMMANDER OF THE TEMPLE.
scabbard and belt of the sword are black. Grand Commander—(Three knocks; 000.) Atten-
5A5H :—White, edged with red, worn as a collar, and tion Commanders. I pray you to assist me to open
the jewel suspcnded from it. On each side of the col- this Sublime Court of Grand Commna.nders of the Ma-
lar are two black Teutonic crosses, there is also a sonic Temple. (All rise in their stations, draw sMords,
sash, red, bordered with black; worn from right to salute the Grand Commander and stand at a carry.)
left, from which hangs a gold enameled tau cross. Grand Commander—Brother Junior Deacon, see that
JEWEL:—The principal jewel is a triangle of gold, on the doors of this Court are duly guarded and inform the
which is engraved the sacred name Sentinel that we are about to open this Court, that none
may enter without the words and signs.
Junior Deacon—(Having obeyed orders and re-
turned.) Most Potent Grand Commander, the Senti-
nels are posted and we are in seeurity.
Grand Commander—Most Sovereign Commander in
the West. What are the duties of a Commander of the
Senior Warden—To guard the temple and city of
Jerusalem, to succor and assist the helpless and feeble
and to defend the innocent.
Grand Commander—Assemble round the altar Sover-
eign Commanders, that we may Open this Court of Com-
manders of the temple of Jerusalem. (All form a circle
round the altar, hold the horizontal point of the sword

and repeat after the Grand Commander:)

All—As these swords point to one common centre, so
we here, renewing our vows, do devote our swords to
the cause of God and the cross; our hearts to the glory
of God and the welfare of man and our hands toKassist
the sick, the suffering and the destitute. So help us God. CHAPTER L
Grand Commander—Let us pray. (All recover and
return swords, and kneel on the left knee and the Grand TWENTY-SEvENTH DEGREE, OR
Commander repeats the following prayer:) TEMPLE.


Father and creator of the Universe, we implore thy Senior Deaeon, prepares the candidate in a white
beneficenee, deign to receive our prayers, and diffuse on mantle with a large black ‘reutonie cross upon the left
the members of this order thy precious gifts. We who breast, he then hoodwinks him and conducts him to a
do not cease in our prayers to ask of thee that celestial small room, seats him on a chair in front of a table on
mark that thou didst bestow upon thy people, and which wInch are a light, and a skull and cross-bones, bible
thou dost still eontinue to diffuse daily on those who square and compasses; lie then says:
follow thy precepts. We are assembled here in thy Senior Deacon—My brother, you desire to receive the
name to offer thee our hearts and our vows, and thank degree of Commander of the Temple. Before you ean do
thee for thy favors, praying for a continuation of the 50, you are required to answer certain questions which
same goodness until the last generation. Amen. (All you will find in writing on the table before you. I shall
rise and take their stations.) leave you alone, and ~~lienyou hear three distinct knocks,
Junior Warden—(Three knocks; 000.) you will remove the bandage from your eyes and annex
Senior Warde’n—(Twelve knocks; 000000000000.) your answers to those questions in writing, and sign
Grand Commander— (Twelve knocks; 000000000000.) your name at the bottom. Consider the questions well;
Sovereign Conunanders, I declare this Covirt of Com- Note 301.— Sovereign Commander of the Temple. (Sovereign Corn.
mandeur du Temple.) ~tyied to the mote recent rituals of tbe Southern
manders of the Temple duly opened. Supreme Council •Kttight tommot,der of the Temple This I. the twenty-
seventh degree of the Ancient and Accepted 5cottiah Rite The presid-
ing oacer is styled ~Most iltootrious and Moot ~~aiiant. the warden., are
called ‘bloat Sovereign Comtnandero. and the Knights Sovereign Coin.
mandera The piaoe of mectiitg is called a Court The apron is flesh.
colored, lined and edeed with ht~i~ k. with n Teutonic cro,ao encircled hv
a wreath of laurel and a key beneath, cii inscribed in black upon the
Sap. The scarf is red hordcred with black. boncing from the right
shoulder to the left hip, and auspending a Teutonic cr00, In enameled
gold The Jewel is a triangle of gold. on wht*u Is engraved the met-
table Name In iiehrew Ii is soapeoded from a white collar, bound with
red and emhrohlered with tour Tutitunic rovses —Mackey~s Encyclopedia
of freemasonry, Article Sovereign Commander of the Temple.

let what you will see upon thc table before you, remind Senior Deacon—He has. (Presenting him the paper.)
you that you will answer them in the hearing of the Junior Deacon—You will wait a time with patience
Deity who knows your thoughts. When you shall have until the pleasure of thc Most Potent Grand Comman-
answered the questions you will give three distinct der be made known. (Junior Deacon then shuts the
knoeks upon the ttable and I will return. (lie then re- door, goes to the Most Potent Grand Commander and
tires and closes the door and gives three knocks. The hands him the paper which he reads.)
candidate removes the bandage and reads the following Grand Commander—Let this brother be admitted.
questions which he answers in writing:) (Junior Deaeon goes to the door and opens it, when the
First—have you ever violated any masonic obligation Senior Deacon enters with candidate and advanees to
without atoning for it by repentance and reformation? the East, in front of, and facing the Grand Comman-
Second—Are you willing to aid, assist and comfort der.)
the sick, the needy and the destitute, to watch with
them and minister to their wants, and to help to feed, Grand Commander—My brother, are these your an-
to clothe and to protect the widow and the orphan? swers?
Third—Have you any enmity toward any one that Candidate—They are.
you would not readily abandon if you found him sincere- Grand Commander—Are you an Elu”~ and Grand
ly willing to be reeonciled to you? Elect Perfect and Sublime Mason?
Fourth—Would you, if called upon, draw your sword Candidate—I am.
in defence of truth, of human freedom and the rights of Grand Commander—Dost thou desire to obtain the
con~-cience; against falsehood, tyranny and usurped degree of Knight Commander of the Temple?
power and can you rather choose to die than desert your Candidate—I do.
[)o~tof duty? (Candidate writes answers as he thinks Grand Commander—Knowest thou that thou wouldst
proper, signs his name and gives three knocks on the thus embrace a life of toil and hardship, of self-denial
tal)le. Senior Deacon enters, takes the paper, conducts and of danger?
him to the door and kno~ks twelve.) Candidate—I do.
Junior Deacon—(From within knocks twelve; 00000 Grand Commander—And dost thou not hesitate i,,~id
0000000.) falter at the prospect?
Senior Deacon.—(From without knocks three; 000.) Fete S5S.—~E1ua. The French word ole means elected; ant the
Junior Deacon—(Opening the door.) What do you degrees. whose object Is to detail the detection and punishment .,f the
actors in the crim, tradItIonally related in the third degree, are called
wish my brother? Ems, or the degrees of the Elected, because they referred to those of
the Craft who were chosen or elected to make the discovery and to InSict
Senior Deacon—To participate in your deliberations. the punishment. The, form a particular system of Msaonry. and ate to
be found in every Rite. if not in name, at least in principle. in the
Junior Deacon—Are your words agreeable to your york and American Rites, the Em Is incorporated in the Maater~s de-
thoug1it~? gree; in the French Rite It constitutes an independent degrei.: and In
the Scottish Rite It consists of three degrees, the ninth, tenth and elev-
Sr’nior Deacon—The request of an Elect Mason is enth. Ragon counts the five preceding degrees among the Elus. hut they
more properly belong to the Order of Masters. The symbolism of these
nio~t sincere. Em degrees has been greatly mistaken and perverted by antI-MasoniC
v. ritera. who have thus attributed to Masonry a spirit of vengeance, which
Junior JThacon—Brcttlier Scni’tr Deacon, has he sub- is net Its characterIstic They must be looked upon as conveying only
a arubolie meanIng.’ —Xaokey’a Enoyciepadia of freemasonry. Artisle
scribed to thc necessary questions? Ems.


Candidate—I do not.
to the altar and then,
there with
our the obligation
of this degree. (Senior Deacon conducts him to the
Sen- I f be an object of horror to all men and to myself. So
help me God. (Grand Commander raises him and in-
vests him with the following signs:)
altar, causes him to kneel on both knees, with his hands
l2pon the blades of the swords of three of the Knights
who hold them crossed before him upon the bible, in
which position he contraets the following obligation:)

Form on your forehead a cross, with

the thumb of your right hand, the
fingers clinehed.

Sign ot Recognition
Commander of Lbe

AN 5 wER.

Kiss the plaee where the cross

was made. (This sign is used in
Candidat, taking Obligation, Commander ofthe Temple Degree.
the Court only.)
I on my word of honor, in quality of a Grand ANS~ i:it.
Elect, Perfeet and Sublime Mason, do promise and swear
in the presenee of the Great Architect of the Universe (Out of Court.) Place first
and of this respectable Court, to keep the secrets of this
degree whieh are about to be communicated to me, and two fingers of the right hand on
that I will never be present and assist in eonferring of the mouth, the other fingers closed
this degree on any person except it be in a regular Court the palm of the hand turned out-
of Commanders of the Temple, or by virtue of a Patent
from a Supreme Council or fiom a Sovereign or Deputy ward. Amww.
U rand Inspeetor General. And in case of perjury, may

his sword gives him twelve strokes on the right shout-

der, twelve on the left and three on the right~ saying )
Grand Commander—By authority and power in me
SIGN OF ORDER. vested, I hereby constitute, create and dub thee a

Sign of Oeder
(In the Court.) Extend your right
hand on the round table, thumb separate
so as to form a square. When standing,
place the right hand on the body below
the breast, forming also a square.
I Knight Commander of the Temple of Jerusalem, be
true, be devout, be brave. (Grand Commander takes
his station, the members are seated and the Senior Dea-
con eonducts the candidate up to the East.)
Grand Commander—My brother, these trophies which
the Court yields to you, and particularly this one (show-
ing Crown of Laurel) is to crown the acts and benefits
you have made to the order, to the Court, and to the
Commanders. We entreat your perserverance, (puts it
mander of the ~ernple.
on his head.)
Grand Commander—This trophy, (showing a palm
ornamented with five crosses) announces to you the an-
tiquity of the order, and the faith you must have in the
Great Architeet of the Universe and toward the decrees
TOKEN. of masonry. (Invests him with it.)
Grand Commander—This trophy, (showing the
Give threelight blows with right apron) denotes to you the beneficenee and union of the
hand on the other’s left shoulder. members of this Court; to suecor the unfortunate found
among them. This day my brother, you are to enjoy
ANSwE*. the delights of stopping the tears of the wretched.
(Invests him with apron.)
Re takes your right hand and
Grand Commander-This trophy, (showing gloves
gives it three light shakes. Tokeii.Cornmander of etc.,) gives you the foree to sustain the rights of mason-
ry and of men. (Invests him with the gloves, etc.)
BATTERY :—Twenty-seven strokes with the flat of the Grand Commander—This expressive trophy, (show-
sword, by twelve, twelve and by three. ing triangular jewel and collar) of the Court merits your
PASS WORD :—Solomon.
attention and will direct you in the course of your life,
your movements, your words and actions. It is an
SACRED WORD :—I. ~.N.~.R I. ~.lettered. (Grand Corn-
ocular witness of every thing you promised us, and
inander now eauses him to kneel, and with the blade of that the remembrance of your vows will be the consola-
tion of your last days, is thesincere wish of the mem-
bers of this Court. (Invests him with them.) with a vast army from every portion of his dominions,
Grand Commander—Attention Commanders! Join and all the Great Emirs of Islarnisni harassed them with
me in applauding our newly admitted Commander constant attacks. Sickness also, eaused by the rains and
among us. (All give the battery when Grand Command- the intense heat, decimated the Christian forces. The
er takes his seat.) wounded G~rman soldiers, whom none of the others
Grand Commander—Brother Senior Deacon, you will understood, could not make known their sickness nor
now conduct the Commander to the post of honor. their necessities.
(Senior Deacon seats him on the right of the Grand Certain German Nobles from the cities of Bremen
Commander who delivers the following:) and Lubec, who had arrived at Acre by sea, moved by
miseries of their countrymen, took the sails of their ships
HISTORY.’ and made of them a large tent, in which for a time they
When the St. Jean D’Acre, the ancient Ptohem.ais, on placed the wounded Germans and tended them with
the south side of whieb was Mount Carmel, was besieged great kindness. Forty nobles of the same nation united
with them and established a kind of hospital in the
by the Christian forces for nearly two years under Guy
of Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, Conrad, Marquis of midst of the camp, and this noble and charitable institu-
Mont Ferrat, and other princes and leaders from every tion and association, like the Knighta of the Temple and
country in Europe, and especially by Uenr~r Sixth of of St. John of Jerusalem, soon and incessably, became a
Germany, son of Frederic Barbarossa, joine , near the new hospitaller and military order. This was in tbe
end of the siege, by Philip Augustus of Franee, and year 1191.
Richard Coeur de Leon of England, they were hong In 1 192 Pope Celestin Third, at the request of the
afflicted with famine until they ate the flesh of horses
with joy. Men of high rank and the sons of great men Emperor Henry Sixth, solemnly approved of the order
greedily devoured the gras~’; the starving fought together by his Bull of the 23rd of February. He prescribed as
hike dogs for the little bread baked at the ovens; they regulations for the new Knights, those of St. Augustine,
gnawed the bones that had already been gnawed by the and for special statutes, in all that regarded the poor and
dogs, and noblemen, ashamed to beg, were known to the siek, those of the hospitallers of St. John; in regard
steal bread. Constant rains added to their miseries and to military discipline the regulations of the Templars.
Saladin, Sultan of the Saraeens, encamped near them This noble order, exclusively composed of Germans, was
Tote 209.—’vasssi, Ragon, and Clavel are all wrong in connecting thu
degree with the Knights Tempisra. with which Order its own ritual
styled the order of Teutonic Knights of the House of
declares that it is not to be confounded, It is without a lecture. vami St. Mary of Jerusalem.
azpreases the following opinion of thia deg,~e
‘The twenty.seventh degree does not deserve to be riameed in the After the destruction of the Templars, they were also
Scottish Rite as a degree, since It contains neither symbols nor sliegoruis
that connect It with inItiation. Ii demerves still less to be ranked among known as Commanders of the Temple.
the philosophic degrees. I Imagine that it has been intercalated only in
anppiy an hiatus, and sa a tnen,orlal of an Order once Justly eeiehra:ed The first name was given them beeause while the city
Xackeya Encyclopedia of fwcemaaony, Article loveweiga Ocinmaagsr of of Jerusalem was under the government of the Latin
the Temple.
Christians, a German had erected there, at his own ex-
Priests at the foot of the altar and employing the sacred
pense, a Hospital and Oratory for the sick of that nation, vessels for profane use.
tinder the protection of, and dedicated to the Holy Conrad, Duke of Masovia, called in the Teutonic
Virgin. Knights to his assistance and gave them, as a commence-
Their dress was a white mantle with a black cross, ment for their establishment there, the whole Territory
and they, like th~ Elospitallers, were required to take of Culm, with all lands they should conquer from the
three solemn vows. Before assuming the habit, they Infidels. De Daltza, the Grand Master, sent thither a
Knight called Conrad de Lansburg, who concluded the
were required to swear that they were Germans of noble treaty which was signed by three Bishops of that coun-
eztraction and birth, and to bind themselves for a whole try. The Knights then entered these northern countries
life to serve the poor and sick and defend the holy and by continued wars acquired in time the entire
places. Ever to adhere to truth, to attend and nurse the sovereignty of Royal and Ducal Prussia, Livonia and
sick and wounded, and never to recede before the enemy the Duchies of Cowrland and Semigal; all vast Provin-
ivere their three solemn vows. ces and capable of forming a great kingdom. And when
Truth is the first masonic duty, To leave the path of in 1291, the Sultan stormed and took St. Jean D’Acre,
duty is to recede before the enemy, and therefore you the Teutonic Knights’” that survived returned to Eu-
rope and joined their brethren in Prussia and Livonia.
have taken the three vows of the Teutonic Knights5t and Times change and circumstances, but virtue and duty
Hospitallers in a still more noble and enlarged spirit.
The Teutonic Knights soon became one of the Most remain the same. The evils to be warred against but
take another shape and are developed in a different form.
Illustrious of the military and religious orders. The
There is the same need now of truth and loyalty as in
three were the chief strength of the army befo~3 Acre, the days of Frederic Barbarossa. The characters relig-
but the siege advanced slowly where there were neither ious and military, attention to the siek and wounded in
absolute chiefs nor discipline. the Hospital and war against the Infidel in the field, are
On the 13th of July, 119~I, it surrendered. In the year no longer blended, but the same duties to be performed
1226, most of the Teutpnic Knights went from the Holy in another shape, conti’nue to exist and to environ us all.
Land to Prussia, the people of which ivere still Idolaters, The innocent virgin is no longer at the merey of the
waging war against their Christian neighbors, murdering brutal Baron or lieentious man-at-arms, but purity and
Note 810.—”Teutenic Knights. ‘The origin of this Order was an bum. Note Shl.—”Tcutonic Order. A religious order of Knights. rounded
bie hut a pious one. During the crusades. a wealthy gentleman of Oer. in lit)fl. by Vrcderick Duke of Suahia. during a crusade in the Holy
many, who resided at Jerusalem. commiserating the condition of his Laud, at the time of the siegc of Acre, and intended to he confined to
countrymen who came there as pilgrims, made his house their receptacle. Germans of noble rank, hence its name The rule of the order was
and afterwards hulit a hospital, to which, by the permission of the similar to that of the Tempiars The original object of the associstien
Patriarch of Jerusalem, he added an oratory dedicated to the Virgin Mary. was to defend the Christian religion againat the infidels. and to take
tither Germans comIng frum Lubeck and Bremen contributed to the eaten. care of the sick in the Holy Land As the Order was dedicated to the
sion of his charity. and erected at Acre, during the third Crusade, a virgin Mary the Knighta called themselves also Brethren of the German
sumptuous hospital and assumed the title of Teutonic Knights. or Hov.e of Our Lady of Jerusalem The dress of the members was
Brethren of the Hospital of Our Lady of the Germans of Jerusalem block. utib a white cloak, upon uhich was worn a black cros, with a
They elected Henry wsipott their first Master, and adopted for their sUrer edging The Ornod Maater lived first at Jerusalem. hut afterward.
government a Rule closely approsimating to that both of the Teniplars wt.en the holy Land fell again under the power of the Turks, at venice.
and the Itospitailers. with an additional one that none but Germens and, from 1207. at Marhurg. The order was abolished by Napoleon.
should be admitted into the Order Their dress consisted of a white April 24 ltiO’i The Teutonic ecosa forms a part of the decorations of the
mantle, with a hiack cross, embroidered in gold.’ —Mackeys Encyolo. 27th degree of the Ancient iteotch Rite.’~—MaOc7’s Encyclopedia arni
podia of Ireemasonzv, Article Teutonic Enight& Dictionary of Irasmasonry. Article Teutonic Order.

innocence still need protectors. To purity and inno-

cence evcr~ where, the Knights Commanders owe pro-
tection as of old, against bold violence or thohe more
guIlty, the murderers who by art and treachery beck to
slay the soul; and against that grim want and~ gaunt,
and haggard destitution that drive too many to sell their CLOSING CEREMONIES
honor and their innocence for food. In no age of the COMMANDER OF THE TEMPLE. sas
world has man had better opportunity than now, to dis-
play those lofty virtues and that noble heroism that so Grand Commander—( Knocks three; 000.) All rise,
distinguished the three great military and religious or- draw swords and bring them to a carry.)
ders in their youth, before they became corrupt and Grand Commander—Most Sovereign Commander in
vitiated by prosperity and power. When a fearful the West, what is the hour?
epidemic ravages a city, and death is inhaled with the Senior Warden—It is four in the afternoon, Most
air men breathe; when the living scarcely suffice to bury Potent Grand Commander.
the dead, most men flee in abject terror, to return and Grand Commander—Since the sun is declining in the
live respeetable and influential when the danger has West, it is time that we should close this Court; that we
passed away. may not omit, even for one day, our duties in the world.
But the old Knightly spirit of devotion and disinter- Sovereign Commanders, let us assemble around the altar
estedness and eontempt of death, still lives, and is not that we may close this Court. (All form as in opening
extinct in the hnman heart. Everywhere a few arc found ceremonies.)
to stand firmly and inflinchingly at their posts, to front Grand Commander—Let us be one, Sovereign Com-
and (lefy the danger, not for money, or to be honored manders, now and hence forward, and let our swords,
for it, or to proteet their own household, but from mere our arms, our hearts, be devoted to the great cause of
humanity ~nd to obey the unerring dictates of duty. truth, humanity and duty. Let us pray. (All kneel and
They nurse the siek, breathing the pestilential atmos- the same prayer is said as at opening, after which all
phere of the hospital. They explore the abodes of want rise and take their stations.)
and mi~erv. They perform the last sad offices to the Grand Commander—(Knocks three; 000.)
dead, and they seek no other reward than the ajproval Senior Warden—(Knocks twelve; 000000000000.)
of their own eonscience. These are the true Knights of Junior Warden—(Knoeks twelve; 000000000000.)
the present age. To the performanee of acts of heroism Grand Commander—Attention Commanders! As this
like these, you Ilave devoted yourself, my brother, by is the honr in which we terminate our operations, I de-
becoming a Knigllt Commander of the Temple. dare this Court of Grand Commanders of the Temple of
Soldier of the truth and of loyalty, protector of pur- Jerusalem elosed.
ity and innocenee, defier of plague and pestilence, nurser Note 312.—”Vsmal expresses the following opinion of the degree:
‘The 27th degree does not deserve to be classed in the 5coteh Rite as a
of the sick and burier of the dead; Knight preferrin~.c degree, since it contains neither symbols nor allegories that connect it
with initiation. It deserves stIll less to be ranked among the philosophIcal
death to the abandonment of the post of duty, weleome degrees. I imagine that it has been intercalated only to anpply an
hiatus, and as a memorial of an Order once justly celebrated ‘— Masoy’s
to the bosom of this order. Eneyciopadia and Dictionary of Freemasonry, Article Sovereign Con,.
sander of the Temple.

“Commanders of the Temple,” here in the United

States, as you read on page 198, profess to protect
American girls from seduction, and destitution, and
“selling their honor for food.” They are, in short~ if we
take their professions for genuine, a secret lodge, or-
ganized to purify society and abate the social evil;
PHILOSOPHICAL ANALYSIS whereas, military monks have ever been vampires of
lust to the purity of the sex.
TWENTY-SEVENTH DEGREE: OR, COMMANDxR OF Col. Lemanowski, who followed Napoleon from a
TEE TEMPLE. captain of a private company to the fall of the Kremlin
Masonic Contempt for This Degree— Napoleon and the Roman Inquiattioo. and the retreat from Russia, was detailed by him to
—vile Enough for the Scottish Bite.
blow up the Inquisition at Madrid, during the Penin-
“This degree does not deserve to be classed, in the
Scottish Rite, as a degree. ~ * * I imagine that it stilar campaign. The priests met the Colonel with
has been interpolated only to supply a hiatus ;“ i. e., fill sanctity and suavity and opened the doors for their ad-
a gap. (Mackey,,, in Note 809.) The same contempt for mission, where they found nothing amiss, till soldiers
this 27th degree is expressed in stronger terms by Ma- poured buckets of water on the mosaic marble floor of
cog, (Note 8192.) Its origin is this. the Teuton.s were the main hall, when it ran down the crevices in the
aboriginal Germans. When Europe was swept into the tessellated pavement. Their bayonetd opened a pa~-
craze of the Crusades, Germans, in the siege of Acre, sage below, where they found men and women, old and
A. D. 1190, formed a German-speaking, Teutonic order young, prisoners in the Inquisit]on. They brought them
of military monks, or priests. They were mendieante, out to the crowd of their friends outside. “And,” said
and like those orders everywhere gained wealth and the Colonel, “old mustaches, whom I had seen sit down
power, as Popish orders still do~by the gifts of the ig- on the corpse of a comrade, after a battle, and drink
norant and superstitious, ~ho are fascinated by their from the dead man’s canteen, wept like little children at
dazzling uniform and ~anctimonious pretensions. The the scene there presented: parents clasping to their
military spirit is not the spirit of Christ, and mona.steriei. bosoms sons and daughters, whom they had given up for
of monks have ever been remarkable for cunning, idle- dead; and old prisoners looking for husbands and wives
ness, gluttony, and the most loathsome and del estable in vain among the crowd, who had died or left the
vices. Napoleon abolished this Teutonic order, or country, during the long years of their incarceration in
lodge, when he overran Germany in 1809; and gave the prison of a secret order!
their lands to the princes of the German territories, Such experiences of Napoleon prepared him to abolish
which they had so overspread that its annual revenue the secret Teutonic order of Knighted Priests in 1809;
had become 800,000 marks; as the secret orders of this which is now renewed as an armed secret order of Free-
country, now, as a spiritual empire, draw more money masons, consisting of men, sworn, with their hands on
from the people than the government. Thu 927th degree sword-blades, to conceal the proceedings of their order,
ta that old Teutonic, aecret order revived! And these So help them God! (See page 190.)

But we shall be told, and it is true, that both Mackey

and Macoy, leading Masonic authorities, dislike and
scout this 27th degree, ati un-Masonic. Well, what is
the reason of their dislike? They themselves tell us, in
Notes 309 and 3 12; because it lacks “symbols,” “al-
legones,” and “p~Ai1osophy.” Now the next, or 28th de-
gree, both these authorities hail as the “most important, CHAPTER LI
interesting,” and “by far the most philosophical.”
(Note 314.) Turn forward and read the Analysis of the TWENTY-EIGHTH DEGREE, OR KNIGHTS OF THE SUN.’
28th degree, and you will see what they mean by al- EAST OR AUTUMN.
legory, symbol, and philosophy: they mean the symbols DECOR.&TIONS :‘“—No particular hangings are pre-
and allegories of Masonry, which alone give the true scribed. There may be painted on the walls of the
“knowledge of God! !“ (Note 319.) Philosophy which lodge, landscapes of mountains and forests, designated
to represent nature both in the rude and natural, and
worships God not in His church on earth, but “in deep
the refined and cultivated state. The lodge is illumi-
solitudes and sequestered forests,” (page 210) along nated by a Sun placed above the head of the Master, in
with Goths and Druids. (Note 325.) And that
Note 818..—”Of all the high degrees it is, perhaps, the most important
Masonry is “the purest philosophy,” and “the basis of and the moet interesting to the scholar who desires to investigate the
true secret of the Order, its old catechiams, now unfortunately too
all religions,” Christianity of course included! much neglected, are full of suggestive thoughts, and in its modern
ritual, for which we are indebted to the inventive genius of Brother
And because this 27th degree does not put Christ on Albert Pike. it is by far the most learned and philosophical of the
Scotlish degrees. “—Mackey’s Encycippada of rreemamonq. Article
a level with Joseph Smith, and Christianity with Mar- E~lght of the Sun.
inonism; because, in short, it does not, as the 28th de- Note 814.—”The wails should be painted to represent the open coon.
try, mountains, plains, forests and fields. The chamber is lighted by a
single light, a great globe of ground glass, in the Sooth, this represents
gree does, throughout, put the rabble of pagan gods the Sun. The only additional light is from the transparencies. In the
Kast is sospended a transparency, displaying the sign of the ~iacrocosm.
above the God of heavefi, and the worship of devils or of the seal of King Solomon—the interlaced triangles; one white and
the other black. In the West is suspended a transparency displaying the
above the worship of Christ, Mackey and Macoy deem sign of microcosm, or the pentagram traced on a pure white ground with
lines of vermilion and a single point upward. ~isny other trans.
it unworthy to belong to Masonry. parencies, symh~llsing objects of ~rest importance, are appropriately
arranged around the chamber. partico arlr the accompanying figures, which
But surely, surely, this Teutonic degree, with its sre placed in the North. On the right hand of the prearding officer, in
the zast, on a gilt pedestal, Is a Caduosus, gilded, the upper part of
secret signs, tokens, and impudent traffic in the name it a cross, surmounted by a globe, and with two serpents twining around
it. their heads rising above the cross. The ceiling should represent the
Jehovah on its jewels (page 184) and its prayers, from heavens, with the creaccot moon In the west, the principal planets, and
the stars, In the constellations Taurus and Orion and those near the
lips used to blasphemy; surely this grand swindle of the polar star. The presiding officer Is styled Father Adam. The warden
sits in the west. and Is called Brother Truth; there are seven other
young men of America, dubbing them Knights for officers, who are styled Brothers Gabriel. Auriel, Idichaei. Camallel.
Raphael, zaphiel and zarabbiel The collar is a broad white watered
money is vile enough to belong to the Ancient and Ac- ribbon: on the right side is painted or embroidered an eye. In gold. The
apron is of pore white lambskin, with no edging or ornament, except the
cepted Scottish Rite; which was manufactured by ~ otagram, which is traced on the middle of it with vormilion. The
wel is a medal of gold, on one side a full sun. om the other a globe.
hen the degree is conferred no jewel or apron Is worn. —Meocy’s Knog-
Jesuits, remodeled and sold by Jews. elopadia end Dictionary of Fzsemaaonry, Aztlols Knight of the Sum.

the centre of a triangle inscribed in a circle. In each number of angels who governed the number of planets
angle of the triangle is the letter S. abbreviations of known to the ancients, viz: Michael, Gabriel, A urtel,
Stella, Sedet, Science; Wisdom, Morality. Hasnaliel, Raphael, Zarachiel and Saphael, which were
DRESS :—Adam wears a yellow covered robe. His supposed to preside over and govern the planets Saturn,
head is covered. In his right hand is a sceptre, on the Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury; the Sun and Moon.
top of which is a golden globe. The handle or extrem- 3A~RY —Six equi-timed strokes; 000000.
ity of the sceptre is gilt. He wears a Sun suspended by
a chain of gold. No jewel or apron is worn when candi-
date is being initiated. Brother Truth holds a sceptre
with a golden eye on the end of it in his hand. The
cherubim wear the order.
ORDER :—White watered ribbon, worn across the body,
at the bottom of which is painted or embroidered an
JEWEL :—A golden triangle with rays, and in the
centre an eye. It is suspended from The bottom of the
sash. No aprons are worn. The Sylphs wear a short
habit or tunic, a brown apron and a blue cap, tied with
a yellow ribbon.
TITLES :—The Master i~ styled Father Adam. There
is but one Warden. He acts as Introducer and preparer
when there is a reception 4initiation] and is called
brother Truth. The other members of the Council are
named Cherubim’~ and there can be only seven cheru-
bim in a Council. If more than that number are present,
the additional brethren, to the number of five, are called
The fixed number of cherubim correspond ‘with the
Note 811.—’Josephns says that they resemble no known creature hut
that ~ioses made them in the form in which he saw them about the
throne of God: others, deriving their ideas from what is said of them
by Snekiel. Isaiah. and St John, descrIbe them as having the face and
breast of a man, the wings of an eagle, the belly of a lion. and the legs
and feet of an ox. which three animals, with man. are the symbols of
strength and wisdom. But all agree in this, that they had wings, and
that these wings were extended. The cherubim were pureiy symbolic.
But although there Is great dIversity of opinion as to their exact signil-
cellos, yet there is a very general agreement that the allude to and
symbolise ihe protietlng sod overshadowing power ~1 ihe Deity
Mackay’s Enayelopadia of Fisemasonry, £ztiole Chexubim.
which will conduct us in the path of virtue and to follow
.that law which is eternally to be engraved on our hearts,
and the only law by which we cannot fail to come to
the knowledge of pure truth. My children, let us pray.
(All kneel on the right knee, raise the right hand, and
Father Adam repeata the following prayer:)
KN’IGHTS OF THE SUN.” Bless, 0 our Father, those of us who are now here
assembled, by giving us those most inestimable of all
Father Adam—Brother Truth, what time is it on blessings, far above himors and dignities, the priceless
earth? jewels of charity, friendship, love, justice and truth.
Rrother Truth—Father Adam, it3t’is ismidnight among Aid us in the keeping a perfect observance of all the
in its meridian
in lodge.or cowans, but the Sun duties which we have in any wise assumed to perform.
Enable us to abide by the promises which we have made
Father Adam—My children, profit by the favor of to one another, and to thee Eternal, omnipotent and
this austere, luminary at present showing its light to us, to thy ineffable name be all praise
merciful Deity, and
Rots filO.—”Knigbt of the finn. or Prinee Adapt. Sometimes known
by the names Tbs Philosephinel Lodga.’ •Prtnos of tha Inn.’ Kay te for ever more. Amen. (All rise.)
Masonry. It is the 25th degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite, and is Fatlit’r Adam—(aives the sign:)
strictly philosophical and scientific. The ceremonIes and lecture, which
are of great length, furnish a history of all the preceding degrees end
explain in the fullest manner the vnrloua kiasonic emblems. The great
object of the degree is to inspire men with the knowledge of Heavenly
Truib. which is the pure source of all perfection, end as ibis virtue is
one of the three great teneis of kiasonry it deserves commendation. The SIGN.
body is styled a Council, and consists of fbi less than ten membefa.
Meoojs Enoyclopadie end Diotlonary ef 5re.masonry, datlole KnIght af
Place the right hand fiat up-
Note 317.—The Master, tberefore’ in the East is a symbol of the
rising sun; the Junior warden Lb the South. of the Ideridlan Sun: end
the Senior Warden In the West, of the 5etting 5un. So in the mysteries on the heart, the thumb separ-
of India. the chief officers were placed In the east, the west. end the
south, respectively, to represent Brahms. or the risIng; vishnu. or the ate, so as to form a square.
setting, and Siva. or the meridan sun And In the Druidical rites, the
Archdrnld. seated in the east. was assisted by two other officers—the one
in the west renre..enting the moon, and the other. In the south. repre- All—(Give the answer:)
sentina the meridian sun.
This triple division of the government of a Lodge by three officers, rep.
resentatlycs of the sun in his ibree manifesistions in the east, sooth.
and weal will remind us sif almilar ideas in the symbolism of antiquity ANSwER.
tn the OrDilic mysteelsa. it was taught ibat the sun generated from an
era, burst forth with power to triplicate himself by his own unassisted
energy Snurelue Power seems always to have been associated in the
ancient mind with a threefold division. Thus the sign of authorIty was
Raise the right hand, and
lndicatd hr the ihree•forked lightning of Jove, the trident of !leptunc..
and tiwee-headed Cerberus of l5iuto. The oyerument of the (7nlverae with the index, point to heaven.
was divided hetaeen these three acne of Isturn. The chaste goddess
ruled the earth as Diana. the heavens as Lone. and the infernal regions
es Hecite. whenco her rlt,s were only performed In a place where three Answer.
roads met Fatker Adam—I declare this Council of Knight. of
The so;. s then presented to us In Mascury first as a symbol of it~ht.
but then more empbati~’sliy as n symbol s.f .sovereign authority. the Sun opened.
Macksy’s Encyolop.sita af Freemasonry, Article Eu..
I 209

- Father A dam—What more dost thou desire?

Brother Truth—(For candidate.) To divest myself
of original sin and renounce the juvenile prejudices of
error which all men are liable to; namely the desire of
CHAPTER LII all worldly attachments and pride.
Father Adam—Are you prepared to receive instruc-
tions with humility?
Brother Truth—(For candidate.) I am.
INITIATION. Father Adam—My son, you now desire to be instruct-
ed in the knowledge of pure and holy truth” and to be
(Brother Truth retires and prepares the
brought from darkness to light, and to know the pure
candidate as follows. A bandage over his light in all its purity, but before we comply with your
eyes, a sword in his right hand; invests wishes consult your own heart and mind, and see if you
him with a ragged and bloody robe, puts feel satisfied to obey her (holy truth) in all things which
a mask on his face, fetters binding his she commands. If you, in your heart, feel disposed to
arms, a crown on his head, a purse in his do so, I am sure she is ready to comply with your wishes
left hand, etc. He then knocks six: 000- and impart those instructions to you. Mankind are so
full of error and falsehood that though they search for
000, is admitted and stands at the door happiness, few have knocked at the door of true light,
of the lodge.) which conducts us to felicity.
The Knights of the Sun are instructed to go among
men and to use their best efforts to inspire them with a
knowledge of truth, which is the pure source of all
Father AdvJen~..BrOther Truth, whom do you conduct? perfection. Again, do you feel satisfied to obey her in
Brother Truth.—~A Commander of the Temple, who all things which she commands?
desires to go out of darkness and to see the true light., Note 815.—”I’ruth. The real object of Freemasonry. in a philosophi-
and to know the true light in all its purity, and to ask cal and religious sense. is the search for truth. This troth is. there-
fore. symboilsed by the word. l’rom the first entrance of the Apprentice
tidings of the times that are promised to man. into the Lodge. until his reception of the highest degree ibis search is
continued. It is not always found, and a substitute must sometimes be
Nets SU. Knightef the Sun. [UootohMaaonx7z]Tbe tenth degree provided. Yet whatever be the labors he may perform. whalever the
• ceremonies through which he may pass, whatever the symbols in which
0~ferred in the Cousistory of prj0cesofthettoysl Secret. scotcb he may be instructed, whatever the reward he may obtain, the true end
~so~ry, and the ~wenty.eighth upon the caisiolue of that system. It of all is the attainment of truth. This Ides of truth is not the same
is otherwise hnown as Prince Adrpt. Prince of the Sun. and Key of as that expressed in the lecture of the first degree, where Brotherly Love.
Masonry, or Chaoe Dlsentengled. TM historIcal instruCtions embrace the Relief, and Truth are there mid t. be the ‘three great tenets of a
hetures emS emhlems of alt the preceding dv rae.; Its grand morel is the Masons profession. • In that connection, truth, which is called a
InculcatIOn of truth. The assembly Is terme~ a CounciL Its officers are ‘divine attribute, the frn:ndntion of every vtrti,e. is synonymous with
Thrice Ferfect Father Adam and Brother Truth; the inferior officers are sincerity, honesty of expression, and plain dealing. The higher Idea of
mamed after the seven chief angels. The brethren are termed 5ylphs. truth, whIch pervades the whole Masonic system. and which Is symboileed
thrungh a globe of water. The jewel Is by the Weed, is that which is properly expressed to a knowledge et
~• ~
God. “—Meokey’s Enoyolopadla of Fr.smesoms~, Article Truth.
en Uoux3~OjSO~ mid’


Brother Truth—( For candidate.) 1 do. fast to the good. (Brother Truth conduct. him once
Father Adam—Brother Truth, conduct this Com- around the room.)
mander around our temple of Wisdom to the seven Gabriel—Light and darkness are the world’s eternal
Cherubim, and let them in due succession examine and ways. God is the principal of everything that exists,
try him, that we may know and be satisfied thRt he is and the father of all beings. He is the eternal, immov-
fit to dwell among us. (Brother Truth conducts’ him able and self-existent. There are no bounds to lt.’t
once around the temple while Raphiel says:) powers. At one glance he is the past, the present and
Raphiel—God is the author of every thing that ex- the future. (Halts in front of Gabriel.”)
isteth, the eternal, the supreme, the living and awful Gabriel—Brother Truth, whom do you conduct?
being, from wnom notliiug in the univcr~e is hidden. Brother Truth—A Commander of the Temple who
Make of him no id’As 1111(1 visible. ‘Itiages, but rather desires to go out of darkness and to see the true light,
worship him in t~te deep solitudes of sequestered fir- and to know the t.rue light in all its purity, and to ask
ests, for he is invisible and fills the universe as his soul, tidings of the times that are promised to man.
and liveth not in any temple. (Brother Tiuth now halts Gabriel—This brother comes with a sword in his
in front of Raphiel.) hand. He cannot pass till he breaks his weapofi under
Raphiel—Brother Truth, whom do you conduct? his feet. (Candidate breaks his sword and Gabriel holds
Brother Truth—A Commander of the Temple who de- up a caduceus.)
sires to go out of darkness and to see the true light, and Gabriel—In lieu of that sword, in lieu of offensive
to know the true light in all its purity, and to ask ~ war bring with you among men
tidings of the times that are promised to man. the caduceus of peace, and ex-
Raphiel—He cannot pass here! behold! he has the ert yourselves to avert anger
bandage of ignorance and prejudice upon his brow. and bloodshed; blessed are the
Brother Truth~Enlightened Raphiel, he is ready to peace-makers, for they are the
cast it off with your assistance. children of God. (Brother
Raphiel—(B.emoVeS the bandage and exhibits the
three lights.) Henceforth, my brother, follow these Truth, again conducts him
Csduce. once around the room.)

three lights, indicative of Analysis, Auriel—In the beginning man had the word, and that
word was from God, and out of the living power which
Synthesis, Analogy; the instruments in and by that word was communicated to man came the
light of his existence. Let no man speak the word, for
of thought
with a on and
clear andlook for knowledge
fearless eye, her,
and by it the Father made light and darkness; the world and
whethertruth awheresover
throne or you
in a meet
dungeon, Three Lighis. living creatures. (Halts in front of Auriel.)
triumphant or proscribed. Prove all things and hold Note 320.— “The name of one ~f the archangels, referred to In some
of the high degrees. “—Maoks)”s gasyolopadia ef lr.emaso.ry, h,tlsl.
A uriel—Brother Truth, whom do you conduct? -Zarad&iel—Brother Truth, whom do you conduct?
Brother Truth-”--A Commander of the Temple, who Brother Truth—A Commander of the Temple who
desires to go out of darkness and to see the true light, desires to go out of dark’ness and to see the true light,
and to know the true light in all its purity, and to ask and to know the true light in all its purity, and to ask
tidings of the ‘times that are promised to man; tidings of the times that are promised to man.
Auriel—What do I see? This Commander you con- Zarachiel—-’I cannot permit him to pass, for he wears
duct dares to present himself as a fellow laborer and the mask of hypocrisy. (Brother Truth removes the
stands clothed in the tattered and impure garb of indo- mask.)
lence and vice. Divest him of that garb. (Brother Brother Truth—Shining Zarachiel, his mask has fal-
Truth takes off the robe.) len and he stands before you, in honesty and innocence.
Brother Truth—Glorious Auriel, the aspirant has cast Zaraehiel—’Tis well! He doth stand approved, and
off the disgraceful garb of idleness. may drink of the pure contents of this transparent gob-
Auriel—’Tis well! His body being relieved from ig- let. Let the perfect purity of its contents be a token of
nominy, his mind may now discover and fulfill the moral the resolution of this hour, blessed are the pure in heart.
meaning of the cone or pyramid; that form of matter (Candidate drinks, when Brother Truth again conducts

from which all other figures may be de- him once around the room.)
rived, and which is an emblem of produc- Hamaliel—Before the world grew old, the primitive
tive truth, varied order and economic truth faded out from men’s souls. Then man asked him.
utility. It represents the true mason who self, what am I and how and whence am I and whither
raises himself by degrees till he reaches do I go? and the soul looking inward upon itself strove
heaven, to adore the sacred and unuttera- to learn whether that “I” were mere matter; its thought
ble name of the Great Architect of the
von~o~ytusId. Universe. ~ If any will not work, neither and reason, its passions and affections mere results of
material combination or, a material being enveloping an
should they eat. (~Brother Truth again conducts him
immaterial spirit. (Halts in front of Hamaliel.)
once around the room.)
Hamaliel—B rother Truth, whom do you conduct?
Zarachiel—Man was created pure, and God gave him Brother Truth—A Commander of the Temple who de-
truth as he gave him light. He has lost the truth and sires to go out of darkness and to see the true light~ and
found error. He has wandered far into darkness and to know the true light in all its purity, and to ask tidings
round him sin and shame hover evermore. The soul
o~ the times that are promised to man.
that is impure and sinful and defiled with earthly stains Hamaliel—None but the free can enter into the gate.
cannot again unite with God, until by long trials and of the Eden, for it is the land of liberty. (Brother
many purifications it is finally delivered from the old
calamity, and light overcomes darkness and dethrones Truth takes off the chains of the candidate.)
it in the SOul. (Halts in front of Zarachiel.) Brother Trutl&—Hanualiel, he is free.

sign of the sacred dogma of equality,
Hama.liel—Thereafter, my brother, let this globe be and with it for a monitor we may yet
an emblem to remind hope for the reign of God on earth.
you of true liberty, for The meek shall inherit the earth.
,ugh perfectly regu- (Brother Truth again conducts him
lar in form, though it once around the room.)
measures equally in
every direction it has
no boundaries or lines Michael—In the beginning, the universe was one soul.
of limitation; where He was the all; alone with time and space, and infinite
the spirit of the Lord as they. He had his thoughts: “I create worlds” and lo!
is, there is liberty. the universe and the laws of harmony and motion that
(Brother Truth again rule it; the first of a thought of God, and the bird and
conducts him once around the room.)
Saphael—God is the first; indestructable, eternal, un- beast, and every living thing but man, and light and air,
created, indivisible. Wisdom, justice, truth, mercy, with and the mysterious currents, and the dominion of
harmony and love are of his essence, and eternity and mysterious numbers. (Halts in front of MichaEl.)
infinitude of extension. He is silent, and consents with Michael—Brother Truth, whom do you conduct?
mind, and is known to soul through mind alone. In him Brother Truth—A Commander of the Temple, who
were all things originally contained and from him all desires to go out of darkness and to see the true light,
things were evolved. (Halts in front of Saphael.) and to know the true light in all its purity, and to ask
Saphael—Brother Truth, ~whomdo you conduct? tidings of the times that are promised to man.
Brother Truth—A Co~nmander of the Temple who
desires to go out of darkness and to see the true light, Michael—In vain does this man seek to enjoy the
and to know the true light in all its purity, aiid to ask happiness of Eden on earth; for he clutches in his hand
tidings of the times that are promised to man. the treasure of human avarice. (Brother Truth takes
Saphael—With the haughty crown of vanity and pride the purse from the candidate and hands it to Michael.)
upon his forehead, how can he hope to inhabit Eden, Brother Truth—Miehael,”’ he casts it before you to
where all are equal sons of the Great Architect of the be put into the common treasury.
Universe. This arrogant Commander must east his Note gi.—~Who is lik, unto God, The chief of the seven seek.
crown to his feet if he wishes to proceed. (Brother angela. B. Is the leader ot the celestial host, as Lucifer I. of the in•
ferusi spIrits. and the especial protector of Israel. lie is prominently
Truth divests him of his crown.) refened to in the twentyel~b depee of the Ancient and Acee
Brother Truth—Sapheel, it is done. Scottish Bite, or Knight of
—. ~ MtehaeL
Sun. —Ma.okq’a Eaoyol.padla of
&~phael—Then let him look to this cross. It is the
conducts him to the altar, and causes him to kneel on
both knees.)
Mid&ael—Then let him wear the sign OBLIGATION KNIORTS OP THE SUN.

of the ardent dove, to indicate that his I promise and swear, in the presence of the
soul will ever cherish affeetiofi for his Great Architect of the Universe, and of all the brethren
fellow-man. (Invests him with it.) here present, never to take arms against my country,
directly or indirectly, in any conspiracy whatever.
I furthermore promise and swear never to reveal any
Ardent Dove.
Michael—Brother Truth, you will now conduct the of the secrets of the degree of Knights of the Sun, to
candidate to Father Adam.”’ (Order is obeyed.) any person or persons unless duly qualified to receive
Father Adam—My son, dost thou desire to be further the same, and never give my consent to the admission
instructed in these great primitive truths, which are the of any one into our mysteries, until after the most
treasures of the archives of masonry? scrupulous circumspection and full knowledge of his
Candidate—I do. life and conversation, and who has given at all times full
Father Adam—Art thou prepared to give us thy most proof of his zeal and fervent attachment for the order,
solemn pledge and promise that thou wilt strenuously and a submission at all times to the consistory of Prin-
endeavor faithfully to practice that pure morality that ces of the Royal Secret.
flows as a result from the great truths that thou hast I furthermore promise and swear never to confer the
heard; to repent of, and regret thy short-comings, and degree of Knights of the Sun, without having a permis-
thy errors, and to submit patiently to gentle and brother- sion in writing from the Grand Consistory or from a
ly rebuke and reprimand if dthou shouldest offend? Grand Inspector or Deputy.
(Ja,ulidate—I am. I furthermore promise and swear to redouble my zeal
for’ all my brethren, Knights and Princes, and should I
Father Adam—Go, then, and upon thy bended knees, willfully violate this my obligation, may my brethren
before the altar of truth and the great light, emblem of Peize me and thrust my tongue through with a red ho~
the God of the Patriarchs, prepare to receive the solemn iron, to pluck out my eyes and deprive me of smelling
obligation of a Knight of the Sun. (Brother Truth and seeing, to cut off my hands and expose me in that
condition in the field to be devoured by the voracious
Not. 322.—”it is moat probably in this collective sense, as the rep. animals, and if none can be found, may the lightning of
resentative of ihe whole human race, and, therefore, the type of hu.
inanity. that the presiding omcer in a council of Knights of the 5un.
the 28th dcgree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, is called
heaven execute on me the same vengeance. So may
Faiher Adam, and ~e occupied in the investigation of the great truths God, maintain me in righteousness and equity. Amen.
which so inoch concern the interests of the race. Adam. in that degree.
is man seekii,g after divine truth. The Kabbalista and Talmudiata have (Father Adam then raises him and kisses him on the
invenled many things concerning the first Adam. none of which ace.
however. w,,rthv of ireaervat Ion, see Knight .1 ti’s Snm.”—Kt.oftsys forehead, invests him with the collar and jewel, and
Uuqolopasdia ot rr.emasonry, ArtiCle Main. gives him the following:)
SIGN. ANSWRR :—Abra or Abrag. That is, a king without
•blot. (After the candidate is invested with the signs,
Place the right hand fiat
token and words, he is seated in front of Michael (the
on the heart, the thumb separ- Orator) Who delivers the following history:)
a%e, so as to form a square.
ANSW BR. My brother, in the ancient mysteries,”4 wherever they
Raise the right hand, and were practiced, was taught that truth of the prinutive
revelation, the existence of one great being, infinite and
with the index, point to heaven.
pervading the universe, who was there worshiped with-
out superstition and his marvelous nature, essence and
Answer. attributes taught to the initiates, while the vulgar at-
tributed his words to secondary gods, personified and
isolated from him in fabulous independence. These
truths were covered from the common people as with a
veil, and the mysteries were carried into every country,
that without disturbing the popular beliefs, truth, the
TOICEN. arts, and the sciences might be known to those who
were capable of understanding them, and maintaining
Take in your hand, those of the the true doctrine incorruptible, which the people, prone
to superi’tition and idolatry, have in no agc been able to
brother and press them gently; kiss do, nor, as many strange aberrations and superstitions of
him on tbe forehead and say Alpha.
the present day prove, any more now than heretofore.
lIe returns the kiss and says, For we need but point to the doctrines of so many sects
that degrade the Creator to the rank, and assign to him
Omega. But this is not much used. the passions of humanity, to prove that now as always,
the old truths must be committed to a few or they will
)b~ta 834,—Aa to their origin. Warburton is probably not wrong in
hia atatement that the drat of whkh ~ have any account are thoae of
Isis and Oniris in Egypt: for although those of Mithras came into Europe
from l’ersia. they were, it is bopponed. carried from Egypt hy Zoroaster.
Token Knighta ot Tue moat important of tbese myateries wcre the Osiric in Egypt, the
the Bus. Uithraic in Persia. the Cabiric in Thrace, the Adoolaiso in Syria. the
BATrEEr :—Six equi.timed strokes; 000000. ilioiayatac and Elosinian in Greece. the Seandinavian among the Gothic
nations, and the Druidicai among the Ceita.
In alt these mysteries we find a singular unity of design. clearly indi-
PASS woan:—Stibium. cating a common origin. and a purity of doctrine a, evidently p roving
Vats 398.—” i am Alpha and Omega• the heganning and the end. ~s that this common ori~in was not to he sought for in the popotar theology
of the Pagan wend. ‘—Mathoy’s Encyolopadia of 3reamasonry, Artknio
bat snd the Isat. • These are respectiveiy the first and the last Iette?5 Nystertes. Aaoient.
in the Greek siphahet, corresponding with the English form •A to 3• g
the Heheew Aieph to Ta..’ —Keeuia’s Masosi. Di.tiin.ay. Aititia Ai&a
sad O~
be overlaid with fiction and error, and irretrievably lost.
tive revelation, that form the basis of all religions. In
Though masonry is identical with the ancient mys- the modern degrees, three things are to be recognized:
teries, it is so in this qualified sense, that it presents but The image of primeval times, the tableau of the
an imperfect image of their brilliancy, the ruins only of
efficient causes of the universe, and the book in which
their grandeur and a system that has experienced, are written, the morality of all peoples, and the code by
progressive alterations, the fruits of social events and which they must govern themselves if they would be
political circumstances. Upon leaving Egypt, the mys- prosperous.545 degree represents man, when he had
teries were modified by the habits of the different na-
The first
sunken from his original lofty estate, into what is most
tions among whom they were introduced. Though improperly styled a state of nature. He represents in
originally more moral and political than religious, they that degree the rough ashler, unfit to form a part of the
soon became the heritage as it were of the priests, and spiritual temple, the pagan who had lost all the great
essentially religious, though in reality limiting the primitive truths of the original revelation. He main-
sacerdotal power by teaching the intelligent laity the tained the same character in the ancient mysteries. He
folly of the countries into which they were transplanted. is emphatically a profane,”’ enveloped in darkness, poor
In Greece they were the mysteries of Ceres,” in Rome, and destitute of spiritual knowledge, and emblematically
the good goddess, in Gaul, the school of Mars, in Sicily, The material darkni~ss”’ which is produced by the
the academy of the sciences. Among the Hebrews, they
Nets 386.—”Although the gotered Apprentice is hut a rough ashier.
partook of the rights and ceremonies of a religion which yet be is of good substance and sound at the c,,re The statue is in the
block, a figure more graceful the,, human gelilus can create ‘the En.
tered Apprentice has been J,,dged. by me,, expert in the ael,’ctiom, of
1)lilCed all the powers of a government and all the knowl- material, to be prepared in heart’; in theory he was a Mason even before
he entered at the northwest corner of the Lodge There ia nothing In
edge in the hands of the priests and Levites. Masonic science that can do the work of heart-preparation, a,,d those
master builders who have attempted, not of inferior materiala. to con-
‘Phe Pagodas of India, the retreats of the Magi of stroct the Freemasons’ wall, have ever and egregiously erred Therefore
is the gniered Apprentice one siready prepared in heart. Nor i~ this tyro
Persia and Chaldca, and the pyramids of Egypt were in Masonry altogether ignorant of the principies of the society into
which he desires to penetrate; some exoteric knowledge of Masonry
no longer the sources at which men drank in knowledge. he must hsve had, for, in his petition, he declares that ‘he has long en.
Each people, at alb informed, had its mysteries. After a tertained a favorahie opinIon of the ancient and honorable Institution.’
—Morris’s Kasonlo Dintin~, Aztiols Entered Apprentios.
tinie the temples of Grecce and the school of Pythagoras Note 317.— ‘Profane. There is no word whose technical and proper
lost thcir reputation and freemasonry took their place. meaning differs me,re than this, in its ordinary use profane signifies
one who is irreligious and irreverent. hut in its technical adaptation it
IN1ai~onrv, when properly expounded, is at once the in- is spplied to one who is igs,orant of ss,’red rites. The word is coin-
of the two Latin wor(ls pro and faannnn, and literally means
terpretation of the great book of nature, the recital of ~fcreor
cients wasoutside of the
one who was temple; and hence
not allowed a profanne
to enter among
the temple and the an-
physical and astronomical phenomenon, the purcst the mysteries. ‘Those. says yeast,,,. ‘were catted profane who were not
initiated in the sacred rites. h,,t to whom it was showed only to stand
philosophy and the place of deposit, where, as in a treas- before th~ temole—pro fano—not t., enter it and take part in the
urv, are kept in safety all the great truths of the primi- solemnities ‘—haokeys Encynlopadia of Freemason,~., Article Profane.
Note 3U.—’The material darkness which ii preduced hi rtho hood-
irate SBE—”Ceres. Among the Romans the goddess of agricuittire. winkj is an emblem of the dark,,csa of his so,,i He is deprived of eyen~.
I.,,t amo,,g the more poetic Crocks she was worshiped utider the namc of thing that has a vaine, and wherewith be could p,,rchasp food, to indi-
Deneter. as tue symbol of the prolific earth. To her is attributed the t,t~ cate his utter desiitntton of the mental wealth of primitive truth.”
stitati ii of the ~ieueinian Mysteries in Greece the most popular of iii Pierson’s Traditions, lubject Entered Apprentice, page N.
the anitent initiationa.”—3IAskei’5 Encyciopadla of Fr.emasonq. Axti-
ole Cores.
snergetic, because being yet in darkness, he is on the
bandage over his eyes, is an emblem of the darkness of point of passing from barbarism into civilization. t is
his soul. He is deprived of everything that has a value, like those of the ancient mysteries, for violating which,
and wherewith he could purchase food to indicate his Alcibrades was exiled and devoted to the furies.
utter destitution of the mental wealth of primitive truth. When h~ is brought to light’” the allegory is com-
In this degree he undergoes only physical tests~, and re- plete. He sees around him a bend of brothers bound to
ceives elementary moral instructions. As yet he takes protect and defend him.
upon himself no duty but secrecy. He still remains in The obligation h~ has assumed, they and every mason
the dark quarter of the lodge though not in the North,85• in the world have assumed toward him. He is one of
but half way towards the East, the place of light He is
not exposed to the fearful trials which await the candi- the brotherhood, bound by its laws and enlisted as a
date for initiation into the mysteries. He passes through soldier against ignorance and vice. The Master, for the
no gloomy forests or long labyrinthine eaves; he meets time entitled to respect and veneration, is still but the
no hidecus spectres; he is stunned and alarmed by no first among his brethren, who are all his equals. Such
fearful noises, he incurs no danger is masonic law and usage, and such it has ,been from the
A few solitary moments in reflection and prayer, a earliest ages. In his journey, imitating that of life, the
short time passed in darkness, a few uncertain steps, a candidate goes but three times around~si the lodge
few obstacles to overcome are all; and he enters the although life has four seasons. This is because his
temple of truth and virtue. The journeys and trials of journey also represents the annual revolution of the Sun.
the candidate are an emblem of human life. Man en- Had the mysteries originated in the North or West, in
Rome or Greece, the seasons of the year and of life
ters, feeble and naked, upon a road full of dangers and
Note 830.—”Light. Light is an important word in the Masonic sys-
pitfalls The ignorance of the fancy, the fiery passions tem. it conveys a far more recondite meaning than It is believed to
possess by the generality of readers. It ii in fact the first of all the
of youth, the troubles a~nd a~itations of mature age, the symbols presented to the neophyte, and continues to be presented to him
tn various modifloations throughout all his foture progress In his Ma-
infirmities of old ~age are so many evils which assail sonic career. it does not simply mean, as might be supposed. truth or
wisdom, hut it contains within itself a tar more ahstruse allusion to
him, and which philosophy alone can aid him against. the very essence of Speculative Masonry, and embraces within its capa-
cious signification all the other symbols of the Order. Freemasons are
Defenceless in a world of trouble, what would become emphatically called the ‘sons of light.’ because they are, or at least
are entitled to be. in possession of the true meaning of the symbol; while
of him without the assistance of his brethren? the profane or unitiated who has not received this knowledge are. hy a
His obligation is no vulgar oath, such as is adminis- rity of expression, said to be in darkness. ‘—Mackey’s Encyclopedia of
~e nry. Afticle Light.
tered in the profane world. It is antique and sacred. Note 831.—”Circumambulation is the name given by sacred archeolo-
He repeats it without compulsion. The expressions are gists to that religious rite in the ancient initiations which consisted in
a formal pao&esion aconod the altar, or other boty and consecrated object.
Note 339.—”A candidate in search of Masonic light comes from the Ibe same aite exists in Freemasonry.
west and presses forward to the haat. the place of tight by way of the in ancient Greece. when the priests were engaged in the rite of mac-
North. ‘the place of darkness ‘ This sac of the word North is said, in riSc.. they and the people always walked three times mood the altar
the teetures of the Bini’ Lodge. to be derived from the situation of Jeri,- while singing a sacred hymn. In making this procession, great care
salem. It was so far north of the Summer Soistice tiatitude 31 degrees. was taken to move in imitation of the course of the sun. For thIs pur-
46 winnie, 45 seconds. North. that Is more than nine degrees North of pose, they commenced at the east, and passing on by the way of the
the Summer &ulstiuu’). that the rays of the meridian sun could never dart south to the west and thence hy .—e north, they arrived at the east
into the northern windows of it. “—Morris’s Masonic Dictionary. Article g~,n”—Meohey’a Zacyolopedie of lweemaaouxy, Article Otroumambula.
would have agreed, and four have been the number In- to- three. In this degree the letter 0.’.”’ represents
stead of three. But in the East, in ancient times there fleometry alone, Its deeper meaning is properly re-
were but three seasons. The three pillars “ that sup- served for the third. Here the young Fellow Craft is
port the lodge are Wisdom, Strength and Beauty. the representative of the student of the seiences in the
The Egyptians and the Hebrews based their civil pol’- school of Pythagoras; and it was there known that
icy upon the wisdom of the priests, and the power, aiuioiig the Brahmins, Gannes was the God of numbers
and the patrons of schools and learned societies. With
strength or valor of their civil chiefs who were also
us, too, the letter is the substitute for the Hebraic Yod,
military conunanders, and the harmony between these
tIle initial letter of the Divine name and a monogram
(synonymous with beauty among the Egyptians) com-
that expressed the uncreated being, principal of all
pleted the prosperity of the State. The age of an Ap-
prentice is said to be three years, because in the ancient things, and enclosed in a triangle, the unity of God.
mysteries three years preparation was required before The word of a Fellow Craft has an astronomical
initiation could commence. meaning that connectsmasonry with the primitive times.
The number three’” belongs in a peculiar manner to Setting the celestial globe for the place where the temple
this degree. The alarm is three raps. There are three was built, and the season of the year when it was com-
movable and three immovable jewels; three principal menced, the master’s station corresponds with the solar
officers, three lights, greater and lesser; three journeys rising. The sun’” has just shown himself above the
are made around the lodge. horizon, The candidate entering by the west door faces
the day star and is consequently near that star of the
In the Fellow Craft degree, the number five succeeds
sodiac which sets as the sun rises, It is the star which
Note 358.—”Pilisrs. Every lodge must be supported by three grand
shafts, or pillars—wisdom 5~ength~ and Beauty wisdom constructs blesses the husbandm an; that brilliant star which the
the huildlng, Beauty adorns, and Strength supports it, also, wisdom Is
ordained to discover. Beauty~ to oraament. and Strength to bear. He Hebrews called Shibboleth, meaning an ear of wheat,
wbo is wise as a perfect Master wili not be easily injured by his own
actions “—Macny’s and Dictionary of Freemasonry, Article In the Fellow Craft degree, one point of the compatut
is raised above the square. The latter is an emblem of
Note 335.—’in all the mysteries, from Egypt to ficandinavla. we find the mechanical world and of obedience. The former
a sacred regard for the number three, in the rites of Mlthras. the Empy-
rean was said to be auptuorted by three Intelligences, Ormuad. Mlthra, and
Mlthras. in the rites of Hlnduetan, there was the trinity of Brahms, lint, 384,—’G. The situation of this letter when alone, Is well
vishnu, and five. It was. In short, a general charactfr of the my steri55 knowuu to ali Freemasons, it cannot sliud’e to the name of God alone
to have three prIncipal officers and three grades of lot tattoo. in the German lodges, or it could not be found in the situation itt
In Freemasonry the ternary is the moat sacred of all the mystical foreign lodg. Ii has a closer affinity to Geometry, which is so nec-es-
numbers. BeginnIng with the old axiom of the Roman Artificers. that anry to an Architect. and geometrical certainty and truth is everywbure
tree faciunt collegium, or it requires three to make a college, they have necessary —Gadloks. ‘—Macny’s Encyslop.dua and Ductionary of Free
established the rule that not less than three shall couugrcgnte to form 5 masonry, Article 0.
Lodge ‘Then in all the Rites, whatever may be the number of superim- Note 855,—’ ‘The heraldic definition of the sun as a bearing fit mcat
posed grades, there lie at the hasis the three symbolic degrees. There
are in all the degrees three princIpal, officers, three supports, three greater appuusltely to the symboilam of the sovereignty of the Master. Thuus
and three lesser tights, three movable and three immovable jewels, ibred Gwiilim says ‘The sun i, the symbol of sovereignty, the hieroglyphic
of royalty; it doth signifi absolute authority This representation of
principal tenets, three working-tools of a Fellow Craft, three principal the auto as a symbol of authority, while it explains the reference to the
orders of architecture, three chief human senses, three .Auucient Grand
Masters. In fact, everywhere In the system the number three Is presented Master, enables us to amptify Ii, mesnluug. and apply It to the three
as a prominent symbol.”—Mackey’s Encyclop.dia of Freemasonry, Aztieie sources of authority in the Lodge. and accounts for the respective posi-
Three, tions of the officers wielding this authority. “—Mackey’s Ensyclopudia of
Freemasanry, Article Sun.

describes those curves and circles which are figures or bolic Masonry, or the first three degrees, sole heir of
the celestial movements and is an emblem of authority, the mysteries, does not tell us the true master’s word, We
Thus the meaning is that the candidate has taken one are left to discover it in that rite, in other and modern
step towards celestial knowledge, and from obedience degrees. It is too evident that the degree is corrupted,
to command. mutilated ~nd but a poor substitute for the last degree
The Fellow Craft passes from the perpendicular to of the great mysteries.
the square, from the column Jachin to the column Boaz;
the perpendicular being a straight line the square two,
forming a right angle.
The third line comes in the Masters degree, to coin-
plete the right angled triangle and exhibit the 47th
problem of Euclid and Pythagoras.
The third degree commemorates the murder of
Hiram”’ Abiff (whom it styles the Chief Architect of
the Temple and one of our three Ancient Grand Mas-
ters) by three perfidious workmen to whom he refused to
give the master’s word; the less of that word and the
substitution of another, and hints at the resurrection to
life of the murdered man, though in fact, in the York
rite it relates that he was merely raised to be buried
again. These were events of ordinary occurrence, so far
as the mere murder and the discovery of the body, and
the punishment of thea assa~sins are concerned. Sylil-
Noto 8S6~—”Masonic ttradittons are full of the life, labor, sod fate
of the ‘wIdow’s son’ of Phmnlela. That he was an aged man, devoted
through a long life to architecture and Its kindred arts, that he was
a worahiper of the true God in distinctIon from his countrymen, who
were Idolaters; that he entered heartIly Into the preparations of a moral
system of Masonry, of whIch the rules, tools and language of practical
building should be the types, the honor of God, and the good of msn.
kind the elm; that as the end of the Temple buIlding drew nigh he
became more endeared to the hearts of his royal patrons and the multi-
tude of builders of oil degrees; that he fell a victim to his fidelity a
short time before the completion of that renowned structure, and thuit
his death, the discovery of his remains and their final dispositIon were
introduced into SymbolIcal Masonry, to become constituent portions of Its
legends, are admitted as facts by all Masonic historians. The theory
of the learned Dr. Oliver that these facts were adopted by King Solomon
and his royal companion as auhatituin for the mythological legends then
In use In the Freemasonry of Phmnicis. Hiram taking the lace of Osiris
a’id his death. disappearsoce and recovery those of ~ traditions in
the Egyptian mysteries will be examined under other heads. The theory
that they are to be considered only as myths i, too ill-founded to need
examination at our hands. “—Morris’s Masonic Dictionary, Article Nbain
tbe Architect,
Father Adam—Brother Truth, what progress have
men made on earth to come to true happiness?
Brother Truth—Mcn have always fallcn. Very few
have struggled and lcss have knocked at the door of PHILOSOPHICAL ANALYSIS
this holy place to attain the full light of real truth, which
we all ought to acquire. TWENTY-EIGHTH DEGREE: OR, XNZGHTS oF
Father Adam—My dear children, depart and go TI-hE SUN.
among men. Endeavor to inspire them with the dc~irc lnventcd by the Gucrrllla General. Albert Pike—Sets Asldc the BIble as
of knowing holy truth; the pure source of all perfec- Obsoiete—Lodgcn hove 5i’pcrnaiurai Pooer—”But Rather Darkucas
Father Adam—(Puts his right hand on his left This degree, as here given, was invented by AlberL
Pike, (See Note 313.) Pike was the son of a poor shoe-
maker, born in Boston, 1809; brought up in Newbury-
AlI—(Raise the index finger of the right hand to
port; studied a while in Cambridge College; afterwards
lieavcn and clap six; 000000.)
Father Adam—This Council k closed. obtained the honorary A. M. from that institution;
went to Mexico, was an editor in Arkansas, and Mern-
phis, Tenn.; became an ultra Southerner, and Mason;
obtained, by fraud, from the U. S. Treasury, money
appropriated to Indians, for annuItIes, schools, etc; in-
itiated some fifty Cherokee and Choctaws in Federal
Lodge No. 1, in Washington, D. C.; became a Con-
federate General, and fought his Indian brigade against
Gen. Curtis, at Pea Ridge, where he was defeated by
the Union troops. His Indians were said to have
scalped and tomahawked Union soldiers. He sold out
the Memphis Appeal, left civil occupations, and devoted
himself to Freemasonry; has translated two volumes of
Asiatic pagan religion, one of eight, the other of twelve
hundred pages, from which he has taken the doctrines
of this 28th degree, which Mackey declares to be
“perhaps, the most important of all the- high degrees.”
He has long been the head of the “Ancient and lo. Note 319: “The higher idea of truth, which per.
cepted Rite.” And though his Supreme Council re- is properly expressed by a knowlsdge of God ;“ that is to
mains in Charleston, whose records and papers for say, salvation truth. And on page 212: “The true
fifty-nine years before the war, were all burnt up, Mason, who raises himself by degrees, till he reaches
doubtless to conceal treason arid crimes committed heaven I I” Again on page 213: The candidate seeks,
against the country, and the laws of war, he himself and this degree is bringing him to “the true light.”
has bought, and resides in the old Blair and Rives Now, Christ is “that true light.” (John, 1, 9.) He
building, near the Capitol. If such a man has invented appeared in ineffable brightness in the transfiguration;
“the most important of the high degrees,” what must in “light above the sun’s brightness” to Paul at his con-
the others have been I version; so to John throughout the Apocalypse; and in
Of this degree, whose present ritual emanated from multitudes of instances, at the death-beds of saints, this
such a mind, Macoy says: “It is strictly philosophical, same supernatural light appears.
and scientific;” whose object is “to inspire men with Now, this degree recapitulates the substsnce, and ob-
the knowledge of heavenly truth, which is the pure ject of Masonry, up from the Apprentice degree, which
source of all perfection.” (See Note 316.) The Right is seeking and gaining light in the lodge. But CRUST
Rev. Episcopal Bishop Fallows, and a Universalist is not in a secret lodge. He entered no lodge. He
Minister, named Rounseville, during Mr. Moody’s first joined none; but abjures, prohibits, denounces them.
meetings, in Farwell Block in Chicago, spoke at a (Isaiah 48, 16.) And we know that the devil hatcd Him;
meeting, called to form a “Lodge of Intelligence,” in tempted Him; shrank from Him; fled from Him. We
Oriental Hall in that city. The Bishop delivered an know, too, by simple inspection, that the lodge-god is
address, and Rounseville a~ poem on the “Mission of not Christ. Looking at a lodge-procession is enough.
MasonFry.” The speec’h and poem were published in And yet we know that Masons profess to get, and
the Voice of Mas~,nr-y; and their doctrine is identical lodges to give: “light I” “light I I” “light I I U’ And,
with that of this degree, as stated by Macoy, above, whatever Masons are, they are not fools. Where do
viz., that Masonry is the only perfect revelation of they get their light, and what is it? We know that
“heavenly truth,” and “source of all perfection!” i. e., “the spirits of devils work miracles” (Rev. 16, 14.)
the only rule of faith and life; thus completely setting We see, too, that lodges have supernatural power.
aside the Bible as obsolete. To see that this is not Nothing else perpetuates them through centuries. We
misstated, or exaggerated, glance through the degree. see, too, that believing Masons have light in their
Thus we find on page 207: “The only law, by which countenances. Not that light with which Moses’ face
we cannot fail to come to the knowledge of pure truth.” beamed, from intercourse with God; or Stephen’s, from
Page 208: “To know the true light in all its purity.” a vision of Chrisf; but the baleful beaming light seen


in the faces of Mormons, conjurers, spirit-worshipers,

and sleight-of-hand men. As the little child’s face
draws and reflects the light of the countenance of a
godly mother; every Mason, who believingly, worships
Satan, transformed into an angel of light, reflects the
light that devils see by!
• ‘Yet from those flame,, no light CHAPTER LIII
“But rather darkness vialble.
Such is Masonry, and such are Masons. May the
God of light save us from “fellowship with devils.”
(1. Cor. 10, 20.)


It is the twenty-ninth grade of the Ancient and Ac-

cepted Rite, and the eleventh con ferred in a Grand
INTRODUCTION —This is supposed to be the first grade

Note 337.—’ Grand Scottish Knight of St. Andrew. The 29th degree
of the Ancient and Accepted rite. It is also called ‘Patriarch of the
crusades.’ in allusion to Its suppoaed orIgin—during those wars, and it is
also suanetimes known by the name of ‘Grand Master of Light.’ This
degree is devoted to toleration and freedom of man in the great moral
attributes. It inculcates equality—representing the poor Knight equsl
to the monarch, and exhibits the requisites of Knighthood; protection
to the defenseless and innocent: the posseasica of virtue. pstience, and
firmness—and lepresents the Knight as the exponent of truth, and one
alike without fear and wilbout reproach. The asaemhly is called a
chapter. Two apsrtments are required. In the first apartment the hang-
ings are crimson, supported hy white columns. DurIng the reception this
room represents the court of Sniadin. the great Sultan of Egypt and
Syria. The second apartment should be a well-furnished room, deco-
rated in the eastern style. The presiding officer is styled venerable
Grand Master. The Knights are all dressed in crimson robes, with a
large white cross of St. Andrew on the breast. The Jewcl is two inter-
laced triangles, formed by arcs of large cIrcles, with the conca,e out-
ward, of gold, and enclosing a pair of compasses optn to twenty-five
degrees. At the bottom, and to one of the points ii suspended a St.
Andrew’s Gross, of gold, surmounted by a Knight’s hemlet; on the
centre of the croas Is the letter ‘I. Inclosed in a,, equilateral triangle,
and this again in a ring formed by a winged serpent; between the two
lower arma of the cross may he anapended a key. “—Macor’s Esoyclo.
•udia and Dietionaq of Freemasonry Article Grand Scottish Knight of

of Ramsay’s’” Rite which was introduced about the year
1728, and was called Eccossais, or Scotch Masonry. it DECORATIONS :—In this degree, the lodge is Ilung with
is founded on Chivalric Masonry or the Masonry of t~ic red tapestry, supported by white columns. The seats of
Crusades, and gives a history of the events that led to the Master and of the two Wardens are of red cloth
the union of1 the Chivalric orders with Freemasonry. with gold fringe; those of the Knights are blue. At
each angle of the hall is a Cross of St. Andrew. In front
The ceremony of reception [initiation ~ is brief; the of each cross are four lights in a linc, making sixteen
instruction full. This grade is preparatory to the lights. The total number of lights in this lodge is
liadosh and was introduced into the Ancient and Ac- eighty-one, viz.: Two on the altar, seven groups of nine
cepted rite by Frederick the Great in 1786.
In this degree my brother, you are admitted into the and the first sixteen in front of the crosses.
TITLES :—This lodge is styled Grand Lodge. The
true Eden or dominion of everlasting truth and fraterni-
ty. There you learn what perseverance can do, and in Mastcr is called Patriarch and the Knights, Respectable
the repose of your heart and mind you find the ultimate Masters.
result of our Master’s doctrine, which for so many, is the CLOTHING :—A red robe. Order a scarf of crimson.
text cif a thousand vain and false theories. It is for that At the bottom of the scarf is the jewel, fastened by a
very same result that Freemasonry has been assailed, rosette of dark green, edged with red. When a collar
both by kingly and priestly usurpers, by Atheists and is worn it must be of green, edged with red. The
narrow-minded sectarians. This degree my brother, is
usually conferred by communication. Knights wear a sash of white silk with gold fringe.
JEWEL :—Ts a compass within three triangles, and
Nets 8SS.—’Ramaay, Andrew, Michael. Commonly called the Chev-
alier itamasy. He was burn at Ayr, in Scotland. Jnne 9. 1668. HIs these within a single triangle. Beneath the grand
father was a baker, hut being a possessor of considerable property was
enabled to give his sun a ilbersi education. He was accordingly sent
to school in his native burgh, and afterwards to the University of
triangle is a reversed square, a poniard in the angle of
itdinhurg, where he was diatingulahed for his abilities and diligence.
In iWO he was intrusted with the education of the two sons of the Sari
the square. When a collar is worn, the jewel is a cross
of wenayss. Subsequently, becoming unsettled in his reilgions opinions. of St. Andrew, surmounled by a closed crown. In thc
he resigned that employment and went to Holland, residing for some
time at Leydon. There he became acquainted with Pierre Poiret. one
of the most celebratedtteachera of the mystic theology which then pre-
centre and on the crosslet is a pin&apple or a J.:. within
vailed on the continenL From him Ramasy learned the principal tenets
of that system, and It is not unreasonahis to suppose that ha was thus
a triangle in the middle of a ring. To this ring is su-
indoctrinated wIth that love of mystical speculation which he auhsq-
quently developed as the Inventor ol Nasonic degrees, and as the founder
pended a key which hangs between the two inferior
of a Masonic aite. In 1710 he visited the celebrated Pension. Arch- hranches of the cross. At the extremity of the arms
hiahop of Cambray, of whose mystical tendenciea he had heard, and met
with a cordIal receptIon. The archbishop invited Ranasay to become his of the cross are the initials B. .,T. .M. .N..
guest, and in six months he was converted to the Catholic faith. Pension
procured for hIm the preceptorship of the Duc de Chatean-Thierry and
the Prince do Turenne. As a reward for his services in that’ capacity he
was made a knight of the Order of St. lasarus. whence he receIved
the title of ‘chevalier,’ by which he was usually known. He was sub-
sequently selected by James Ill., the Pretender, as the lutor of his two
sons, Charles Edward and Henry tha former of whom beosme afterwarde
the Toung Pretender, and the latter the cardinal York. Fur this pur-
pose be repaired, in 1724, to Rome. Dut the political and religious
intrigue, of that court becams distasteful to him, and in a short tims
he obtained permission to return to France. In 1125 he visited England,
and became an inmate of the fami~~ of the Duke of Ar9j~.’—Maeksv’s
aa~siopadia ef Freemasonry, Arti 3amsa~, Andrew

KNIGHTS 015?. Azflhzw. 237


Place the right hand upon the heart;

oa PATRIARCH OP THE CRUSADES.’ extend it horizontally at the height of
the breast; let it fall on the right side,
INITIATION. as if to salute with the hand.


Wipe your forehead with the back of Sod sign, water.

the right hand, the head somewhat in-
dined forward.
Seize each successively the first, then the second, and
\~ lastly the third joint of the other’s middle finger, as
indicated for the index in the first token, each spelling
the sacred word of the second degree, (Shibboleth.) For
FirstSign. Knighi
mode of giving it see page 184, Freemasonry Illustrated.

Of SL Andrew.

Seize each successively the first, THIRD SIGN, THAT OP ASTONISHMENT AND
then the second, and lastly th~
third joint of the other’s ind
finger of the right hand, eat Turn the head to the left, looking down-
spelling alternately the word wards; raise both hands clasped to heaven, a
the first degree. (Boaz.) little towards the right.
First Token. Knichi of St Andrew

Note 839.— Patrtsesh ef the Crusades. One of the .amps rormerly

given to the degree of Grand ScottIsh Knight of St. Andrew. the twenty.
ninth of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The legend of that
degree connects It with the crusades and hence the name; which, how’
eyer. is never used officially, and is retained by regular Supreme Cuing’,-
rils only as s synonym ‘—Maskey’s Encyclopedia ef Freemasonry, Article Sign of Horror.
Patriarch of the Crusades.


FOURTH SIGN, THAT 01 lIRE. Raise the eyes and hands to heaven,
Join both hands, the fingers inter. the left arm somewhat lower than
laced and cover the eyes therewith, the right, the heel of the left foot
the palms outwards. slightly raised, so that the left knee
forms a square with the right log.

Sign of .ue. Sign of hnmirauon.


Give the sign of Air. Extend for-

ward the right arm and hand at the
height of the shoulder.


Place the thumb of the right hand upon

the right eye; raise the index finger so as
Answer to Sign of Firs. to form a square, then bring it on a line,
THIRD TOKEN. as if to indicate an object ii1 view, saying~
“I measure the sun itseLf.”
beize each successively the index finger of the other’s
right hand by the first joint. Each pronounce alternately
one of the three syllables of the sacred wordof the third

degree. (Mah-hah.bone.)
Sign.: ~su~
0~O •q~ 30 q0JUU~i~ •1~’~’V LIUU0j~OIgx l.)juNhgtj.wW
1qa.~. 6X0 ~ •r.~ ~q2igu dqg JO Jowl w~g ~ ~gog~o~ ~ 4~iq uel., ‘ig 0u~zn.~ •;oi.zy ‘Lzuo,wwe.z~ Jo •tpudogoAou~ a,L.~0u3—..lflJUS
1”0H •N ~~ .L 11 ~J~i1’lI “41 SeOL) O4~ JO Sdj~~i~X.J .4~ SO f 04) Jo r~~ue sq~ a;gii2gs 54 pgse eg u a~qeJy £gqetgO~d 1~~Q •UgU1l~~”~
~41 si,o.w .)q~ JO i~J~u.J3 ai~~ ~u •uMo~J u £q pa~uuow1ng gsu~ g II £S14010A)d 0504gM saaiiop qigq 1)41 ug V OW1J~Z.~ 8)05
—liv IS S b ~ 041 5.40~1 ~ 1iIIh~ )ii~ U.lq •~ .J~ZlItU SIj) iii p.i Liii
• pUS psjoAoj S4Sflt,g ii 44 4 gig ~ 41~~”~q ‘OUO aiiug n Ujq~jM P.)Soj.)iio UUftWi@3 ogoi)Jy Lzuouwulosij jo u;pudo1ObU~
U,Lo~owN—..ugii,il1un 44 £Zogow(ga sql s~a.agiuv 1)4 30 )4Z~UX q~O1)5 JO
~ ~ iilUS OS4ilg SgIfl; — iisiidwo.i — •r “~r HJ0)Sij~ 0141) i.iiIS.L)g 00.4154) ~4I iig o~ psi.zajaj JjU JO gSIUU SUJ, UUJWWI~, .—•114 10E
51.5410.110 oqg pig oS SI Ji)Siiifl lq.L ‘0140 (iiiZgo oi~
0igj~ sso.zj S,AlOlpuv )~ U hg WOOl 04~ Jo .L)UJO.J q~ua nz pai SJIi •ISZUIUV •101IV ‘LIUOIUIUSSJ.K 30 WIpUdOI0AOUa •,Ls~0uW—,. poD JO
AZugZueq ~LL ~~Po’I PoIUO U P’~wJ~ s; £gqwasse oq~ magiiCe 1q1 30 JOpu1)gds ~q1 ISUUPV 30 WloJ p0).lo~egp U ‘1 II •~W 30 golan ~qI 0
OnZ’ilii)ua oq~ oodn qIfi~ ~4I Pile LIuOSiip ipgO~)4 g iJiljg gii.(o~g 3144 J) OlDUS 04) be psen saoiiop qlgq 04) Ug pSOM V •1S”P’V,,—O93 )‘M
e1).)i1gl~ JO A.lOISVliO~ aqi u pSi iojiioa oa.iiiop ~ aq.L—(.Lxuo,WX ‘io;,oul
ag.ipuy ~g joIqiluX .10 USpUIlU3 @4; 30 I40JUjJ;U~, ,—~ig @1011 0.L
•.sa7D~j,j ,, ,, ., .10 P”m
•o..z~ jo uipudogotau~ •,Lo~qow—,, eaoijap q~gq~¶gi11 u1g~~i~0 ,, ,,
.10 ,,,U9.WUIWD
e Wu~w~ 0~gL pus ‘sOUu~ueA SUiLj;uBgu M~.iqs~j,,—•g~g 01011
wS.iglru ‘a.stg Jo ~ofiuV “‘hL 2~MP~V .10 ,,,ja.WpJV
(: ooi~op lI1uiu-.C4uaA~ 0111 Jo ;r2i~ iruo SUUOM SPYd
-u~ oq; .xopun jpsturq ~;nd pu~ so~ri ojup;ptw~~) uo.i
‘tIVtUVJf 9N ‘sX~s ‘ploM 0~04M 041
2U1A!~ ‘10410 041 ‘~I~A s~C~ ouo
~jSJ~J 041 ~J~UY 011211 ~q1 JO uioC
~SEI 041 0ZS UO4J, •vx .10410
.mno jo ~(wp a~n oq IIi~~1 yn~ •so!a1o~aJ .igoij~ jo a~r aiCus OUO SJjJ 044 ! pt1~4
~ ~(IOA 01~J UF ~~ ~
P”’~ SOP! 111)AUOO J!0t[1 1.11 1 S,J0440 041 Jo 10~UU XOpUT
JO UIOC JSPj 041 0U0 0Z105
‘!L1l0U~ S~i JO ~Jl1tI 0111 110 1[l1l~.iNI~ AUI~ 1SUiiiI~1l 11 piojop ‘Naxol. ‘1YUIN~1D
‘~flO0%?1flO0 pu~ P0111 Jo 13~I1iflU uui~ioO fl o~ drijo ‘4 MaIPO! ~)5JO
•IIPip.inn~ ‘i~ji ~ggi}~.igu~
Jo ~UO 114,1 I~~i~~’H1 .xno puno.iu iie w
2uoi~jo ~ ~UiJO0.1) JO . INNW)JU 0 ~id.).IOd otxo ~
11I~!;1 To 2uiuiri~oq 0ijj~—: ~rsoio ox
‘OAIOM1 I1~!H—: N~J0 ox ~TTtTL
.0000 000
00 ~.InoJ ptiP~ 00.144 ‘OMJ Xq ‘~0~jo1;9 euiN—: u1rxxvn
~ -X~ij~io 0U111 Jo aIBnbs otjj
4—: ilov ‘~pJuMdn SpUEq ~ ‘StilE 0M4 eq; ~
~ jo sdo;s 001111 ~JPUV ‘IS JO 59010 E ‘1S~0Jq 044 UO ‘tUJ0~
~UT1 1J~~J3 Moflo,{ ~ jo sdo~ oaup ‘ool;uo.1ddXT LIP JO
wfoIs 00141 Xq ‘wo~~n.Ioe jo ~ 1ir1o~{—: lrouviir
•U0~01 ID~1~1I0~ 04J JO 1~’I1 1,,YDtUD.YaAt
~ZtaNY ‘.19 AO SfllOXRR oi~z
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Philip the Fair, King of France, and the crown of all 1”~rice Puissant Grand Master—(Striking the shoul-
those, who under the name of kings and monarchs have ders of the candidate three times with the flat of his
sword.) To the glory of the Grand Arehitect of the
usurped the power, exelusively belonging to the people Universe, in the name and under the auspices of the
and for that reason we trample it under foot, and we Urand Consistory of ublime Prinees of the ltoyal
invite you to do the same. (Thrice Puissant ~.Grand Xecret, 32~id tlcgree of the , Ancient and Aceepted

Master then throws the crown on the floor and tramples ~c~ttish Rite, in and for the Sovereign and Indvpend-
upon it. The candidate and all the Knights also ent Slatc of