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High capacity TERAFIL water filter for community uses

Designed & developed by

Chief Scientist(Rtd) (Ex-CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar)

R&D Consultant
Mob: 09437012679 Email:

November 2013

Terafil based water purification Technology:

Gravity Filtration:
Point - of - use: Domestic Terafil water filter (20 to 70 LPD) Community Terafil water filter: 1000 to 1,00,000 LPD (No scale-up limitation) Removal of sludge deposit: manual scrubbing or water sprayer or top wash Frequency of cleaning: once in 15 /30 days, depends on turbidity and iron of raw water. Life: 10 to 50 yrs. Low cost ( Rs.10/- to 12/- per liter capacity community plant with RCC chamber) Rs.2/- per ton product water (considering total capital investment) Chamber for domestic filter: Plastic & Stainless steel or any other materials Chamber for community filter: RCC & HDFC or any other materials Floor area of plant: 1.25 sq.ft / 200 liter per day capacity for community filter On-line Terafil water filter: 100-200 lit/ hr (depending on turbidity) Community pressure filter: 1000 to 10,000 lit/ hr Automatic cleaning & removal of sludge from top surface of Terafil disc. Life: 5 to 20 yrs (depending on materials of chambers) Low cost ( depending upon material of construction of filter) Rs.2/- per ton product water or less. High capacity , compact and requires very less floor area. Chamber material of domestic on-line: Plastic chamber Chamber material of community filter: Stainless steel

Pressure filtration:

1,00,000 lit/day TERAFIL water purification plant (gravity operated) at Balipatana, Khordha, Odisha
Designed & developed by S.Khuntia, Inventor & ex-Chief Scientist of CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar.
Installed & operated by RWS&S, Govt of Odisha through financial assistance & technology of CSIR. Functioning continuously since December 2012 and product water being supplied to Balipatana cluster villages through pipeline twice a day. Raw water: Ground water contaminated with dissolved iron (within 5 mg/lit). Product water: Clean drinking water, iron within permissible limit. No chemicals & electricity are used for purification of raw water. Rejuvenation of purification: Top wash of Terafil candles by raw water once in 15days, without hampering supply of product water, for disposal of insoluble iron sludge from raw water chamber. Materials of construction: RCC Chamber and TERAFIL red clay candles. Expected life of Terafil plant: 50 years. Expected life of Terafil candles: more than 10 years. Total construction cost of plant: Rs.9.20 lakh (in year 2012) Cost of product water: Rs.2,500/- per million liter product water (in 10 yrs life)

1,00,000 lit/day TERAFIL water purifier at Balipatana, Puri dist, Odisha

Top of 1,00,000 lit/day TERAFIL water purifier at Balipatana, Puri dist, Odisha

Manhole on top of chambers

Back side vertical wall of chambers

Top chamber holding iron contaminated raw water

Raw water charging


Filter water being supplied to villagers twice daily for two hours each time at discharge rate: 14 liter per second (lps) = 1.0 to 2.0 lakh liters per day


0.1 MLD TERAFIL community plant at Balipatana, Odisha

NOTE: 2.0 lakh lit/day plant under commission at Central Reserve Police Force campus, Bhubaneswar

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