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November 4, 2013

How can we effectively manage and assess the diverse learning needs of students?
How can we best utilize and analyze data to support the continuous improvement of RCPS students and teachers?

The Quality Assurance Review Team commends Rockdale County Public Schools for systematically gathering and using data to guide district-wide decision making and foster student achievement.

Student Population Percentages by Ethnic Subgroups 2012-2013 Total Student Population:

3.32 12.60
Black White Hispanic Multi-Racial Asian American Indian


Total Economically Disadvantaged Rate:

1.90 0.12 0.18

20.25 61.63


180-Day Count Office of Financial Services

100% of the traditional 11 Elementary Schools schools in the district 4 Middle Schools are Title I eligible. 3 High Schools Specialty Schools
Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology Rockdale Career Academy Rockdale Open Campus Rockdale Institute for Advanced Technology Rockdale Virtual Campus Microsoft I.T. Academies Memorial STEM Academy for Environmental Studies Honey Creek Elementary STEM Sims Elementary AVID CJ Hicks International Baccalaureate Candidate School Alpha Academy Rockdale Institute for Advanced Technology

602 Students PK-5 87% Free and Reduced Lunch 55% African American 25% Hispanic 15% White 5% Other 20% receive for EIP services 8% receive Special Education services 3% receive homeless services 13% receive ELL services 3% receive Gifted services

Spotlight on Pine Street Elementary School

Georgia School of Excellence in Student Achievement, 2011

Governors Office of Student Achievement SSAS Award-Greatest Gain, 2008 Georgia Department of Education Reward School High Progress School, 2012 Title I Distinguished School

STEP 1 Pre-analyze/Analyze Multiple Data Aligned to Standards

STEP 6 Check for Mastery Repeat Cycle



Plan & Deliver Standards -Based Instruction

STEP 5 Adjust Instruction: Align Intervention/Enrichment to Standards Achievement

STEP 4 Utilize/Analyze Formative Assessment Data to Check for Mastery

STEP 3 Conduct Balanced Formative Assessments Aligned to Standards

Disaggregate & Analyze Existing Summative Data

o Trends:
o Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) o End Of Course Test (EOCT) o Writing Tests o Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) o Writing Tests

o Students & Cohorts:

Disaggregate & Analyze Pre-Assessment Data

o Students & Cohorts:
o Literacy and Numeracy Pre-test


Disaggregating Data

Schoolnet Software Disaggregate data: o Standards, Elements, & Tasks o Exceptionality o Economic Background o Ethnicity

Generate Analysis Reports:

o Trend Analysis o Hot Spot Summaries o Student Analysis


District Instructional Needs

Academic Report Coordinators Briefing Professional Development Allocate Resources

Individual Student Needs

Differentiated Instruction Student Schedule Safety Nets

School Instructional Needs

Principals Briefing Request Resources

Caseloads by Standard

Monitor Student Progress Monitor Safety Nets


Standards-Based Vision Purpose: To facilitate the research and development of critical Standards-based processes and design a systematic plan for implementation in all RCPS classrooms kindergarten through eighth grade (K-12) Data-Driven Instruction Align to caseloads and target standards Scaffold to DOK levels in questioning and assessment Literacy/Numeracy Portfolios K-12 implementation

Assessments Critical performance standards/tasks Portfolio assessment menus Integrated performance tasks per quarter Common rubrics Standards-based report cards Professional learning: Teacher Assessment on Performance Standards-TKES


Purpose o Determine mastery of standards o Identify areas of students need Developed District & School o Curriculum Coordinators align to standards o Psychometrist develops benchmark items Formative Assessment Cycle



Elementary benchmarks
Secondary benchmarks

All Schools Mastery Assessments / Testlets

All Schools Safety Net Mastery Assessments / Testlets Secondary Grade Level Common Final Exams

Utilization of analysis software (Schoolnet) Must have the ability to sort and disaggregate by all subgroups (Race, Gender, Ethnicity, SWD, ELL, SES) System School Classroom Student Identify intervention groups (student implications) Identify intervention standards (instructional implications)


Instruction individualized to student needs o Meet the students where they are Instruction aligned to standards Resources allocated based on student needs o Budget process o Points system o District support o Professional development Monitor effectiveness of delivery of services

Inspect what you expect!



Selected response Benchmark assessments Mock writing assessment Testlets Authentic assessment Literacy/numeracy portfolios Integrated Performance Tasks


5 Simple Things I Want To Know About Classroom Instruction

(Questions taken from RCPS Cycle for Results) I. Are appropriate standards (elements/tasks) being taught?


If so, at what rate are students mastering the standard(s)?

How do you know? What is the concrete evidence?


What does the teacher do when students arent learning at the required level? What is the concrete evidence of mastery after this intervention and what is the success rate?
What does the teacher do when students are performing beyond expectation? What is the concrete evidence of enrichment for these students?


Results from Using The Cycle


RCPS made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for six (6) consecutive years

Pine Street Elementary School was named a 2011 Georgia School of Excellence.
Lorraine Elementary School was awarded the 2011 Silver for Highest Performance, Heritage High School was awarded the 2011 Platinum for Greatest Gains and the Bronze for Highest Performance RCPS Awarded Advanced Placement Honor District 2011-12 by College Board for expanding and improving performance for Advanced Placement students


Results from Using The Cycle


Heritage, Rockdale County and Salem High Schools along with the Rockdale Career Academy, have been named 2011 Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Schools by the Governors Office of Student Achievement.

Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology named first STEM certified high school in Georgia
Barksdale, Honey Creek, Davis Middle designated 2011 Reward Schools by the GADOE for highest achievement Pine Street designated 2011 Reward School by the GADOE for academic growth RCPS designated as an Advanced Placement Honor District 2011 for increased AP participation and achievement: 1 of only 469 districts in North America

How can we effectively manage and assess the diverse learning needs of students?
How can we best utilize and analyze data to support the continuous improvement of RCPS students and teachers?


Thank you for coming

Lauretta Burton, Quality Assurance/ Continuous Improvement Coach Shirley Chesser, Director of Professional Learning Michael Rotjan, Technology Integration and Teacher Effectiveness Specialist Kim Vier, Principal, Pine Street Elementary School