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FOREIGN TRADE UNIVERSITY CERTIFICATE This is to certify that NGUYEN TH). THANH.XVAN. Date of birth... 78 May.,.4978. Place of birth... Rae. Linh. Having completed the course On Expart andl Impert management Duration : from 24 septumber. toL6Noveinbes 2001 Hanoi £6 Naveen ber, 2004. Reg: N” Rector Frof. Dr. NGUYEN THI MO CONG HOA XA HOI CHU NGHIA VIET NAM gc Lap - Ty Do - Hanh Phiic GiAy CHUNG NHAN HI£U TRUONG. TRUONG DAI HQC NGOAI THUONG Ching onan gece Blt Phrasal Man) Sinh ngay...7&..thang..S nam 1978. Noi sinh... Rae Menke. Di hoc hét ee trinh lép. Duar. tru irks deanti xutit ahaa bbiite ‘Thoi gian tir (241 2...2004.. dén 46. /.44./2004. Ha Noi, ngay 46 thang ddném 2004 HIEU TRUONG THE ASIA PACIFIC ECONOMIC COOPERATION ( APEC) ) overseas VocATONAL, Certificate of attendance WE, HERE BY CERTIFY THAT Ms. Db guyon Bhé Shank Luar HAS SUCCESSFULLY PARTICIPATED IN OUR I./ TRAINING COURSE IN... Ba.2Zec ‘COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY BASIC ADVANCED O woasie-fau puna Preidont No: OOF 8 conmence AND INDUSTRY