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Geotextiles in pavement Overlay Applications: A Case Study Dr. A. K. Rakshit, Manisha A. Hira and Suresh Sambari The Syothetic & Art Silk Mills’ Research Association, Sasmira Marg, Worli, Mumbai - 400 030, The earlier papers (March and April 2007 issues of MMTI) published by the authors have stressed on the possibilities of application of geotextiles in pavement overlay applications to improve service life of roads. It has been identified that geotextiles can be used in the subgrade, at the pavement overlay or at the surface overlay to increase the service life of roads. is paper presents a report on the actual pavement overlay geotextile material designed and developed by SASMIRA and field trial of the same at a prominent location in Mumbai 1. INTRODUCTION Today infrastructural development holds a key thrust in india. The use geotextiles is gaining popularity, particularly for road repairs and road rehabilitation. It has been identified that geotextiles are used commonly at the subgrade soil level primarily for fitration and reinforcement functions. Apart from this geotextiles can be incorporated in the pavement overlay of roads and also as a surface overlay. ‘SASMIRA R & D has been focussed on development of spe- cialty textile products indigenously. Accordingly, the devel- ‘opment of suitable geotextiles for pavement overlay applica tions was taken up. The details of the development, specifi- cations of the developed product and field trials of the same have been described in the subsequent sections, 2. MATERIALS & METHODS Two varieties of fabrics were developed viz. woven and nonwovens. The starting (raw) material and process se- quence for the same is as below: 2.1 Woven Geotextiles ‘The woven material was prepared from Polypropylene tape PED sede ress ina © May 2007 yarn. The yarn used in warp direction was of 1035.8 Denier and that in weft was 1595.3 Denier. Respective strength values were Warp Wert 5.02 kgf 6.70 kot These yarns were woven to obtain pavement overlay fabric with specifications as below: Woven Tape x Tape yarn, with mass 135 g/m? Grab Strength of 1000 N Grab elongation 15% Wide width tensile strength 60 Nim Wide width elongation 15% 2.2 Nonwoven Fabric The nonwovens geotextile had been developed for the in- tended application using following raw material Polymer Polypropylene Fibre fineness 36D Fibre length 80 mm