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As well as criticisms and feedback

about Reading 3.
We’ll start by looking at two things: first
Reading 3, and then my teaching. Give at
least one point of feedback for each point
below. Discuss these with a partner. Keep
your comments focused on Reading 3. My
teaching will be looked at next.
 What helped, didn’t helped, and could have

helped with:
3. The reading journals

4. The portfolios

5. The group projects

6. The final exam

Do you feel like you succeeded last

Discuss these with a partner. PLEASE
be honest and constructive.
 What helped, didn’t helped, and

could have helped with:

3. My explanations and directions

4. How I applied the reading skills

5. How I addressed question types

6. Feelings of productivity in the

Did I meet your expectations?
Mr. SunPie’s ideas:
 Use Vietnamese without a good reason? 1000 VND.

 Continue with topical articles and reading journals, but
provide more open-ended and discrete pre-reading
prompts each week.
 Continue with five-part portfolios, but each of those
parts are questions types that test reading skills of
the students’ choosing. Peer progress reports
throughout the semester to ensure their completion.
 Attempt group discussions applying content from the
articles with a student in each group leading the
discussion, who is then responsible for presenting
ideas at the end of class. One mystery question by
me concludes each group discussion.
 A group does a project/test every two weeks; same as
last term’s group projects except done throughout
 The topic for next class will be related to “good
qualities to have in one’s
personality/character/identity,” and this the topic of
the article you read before class should be related—
but not limited—to this. For your 2-3 paragraph
reading journal, discuss the following questions
(DON’T restate or number the questions in your
p What is the author’s overall view about personality/
character/identity? How is this explained?
p Do you really learn anything about the topic from the
author? What did you learn, or what was lacking?
p Using the article and your own thoughts, come up with
a list of qualities important in a person.
 2’s and the Joker will be the group discussion
leaders for next class. You will need to prepare more
than enough discussion questions related to the