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Asking the Right Questions The Questions for Discernment When you encounter traditional contemporary Anti-Christos Counter-movements

s that are routinely and inevitably set against the Founders Emerald Covenant Inner Christos teachings, you might first want to Consider the Source and its Intrinsic Motivation, before forming a final opinion. A few valuable questions to ask are these: 1. Who does this information source appear to be? 2. What are they telling me? 3. Do they really know what they are talking about? 4. Are they saying what they REALLY mean? 5. Where might their information be coming from? 6. What motive might they have for telling me this thing? 7. What are they hoping I believe? 8. Why would they want me to believe this thing? 9. What are they trying to motivate me to do with my personal power: discover and embrace it within myself or surrender it elsewhere in worship or obedient subservience? 10. If they are trying to help me, what are they trying to help me achieve and how could believing this thing empower me? 11. If they are covertly trying to mislead me, how might I be harmed by believing them? 12. Are they inspiring me to lead through my own inner spiritual power and wisdom, or are they seducing me to believe that I am personally powerless and so must blindly follow an external power source to save me? 13. If I believe this thing, will it assist me in becoming a more awakened, aware, loving, kind, responsible, strong, spiritually alive, intelligent, wise, compassionate, WHOLE and effective human being? The Art of Asking the Right questions in all circumstances is an invaluable tool for advancing understanding, self and other awareness, and personal empowerment. The Founders encourage you to

ask these questions in relation to their teachings and when presented with the teachings, ideas and opinions of others. (Voyagers II; Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative) 1999-2011, A&A Deane. All Rights Reserved; Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings Series