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Form 4 English Chapter 1 Essay Answer Informal Letter 30, Jalan Selasih3, Taman Gembira, 11600 Pulau Pinang,

2nd March 2010

Dear Joshi, How are you? I hope youre fine and in the best of health. Thank you for the letter I received recently. A lot has happened since you left Joshi. Ive been really busy with school work and after school activities. Stress has caused my pimples to erupt! Ugh! I also got into trouble with my dad for hogging the telephone and spending too much time on the internet. Now Im only allowed one hour on the internet and no hogging the phone. My Makcik Rosnah the family CNN visited us recently and she started comparing me to my cousin Dina, but the good news is my mum defended me when my aunt criticized me. The sad news is my grandmother had a fall recently, so I stayed by her side until she got better. Luckily she had no broken bones, just bad bruises. Hey do you know that Im getting fat! My brother the pest said I look like a hippo from the back! Dont laugh Joshi, yes Ive been snacking a lot with all these stress and Ive put on weight. Im on a diet now, no rice for me only vegetables and meat. By the way my parents think I look just fine. I miss you Joshi, life in school has not been the same since you left. I hardly play badminton these days as I do not have my partner! I cant wait for the holidays to see you again. Im planning a short trip to Pulau Langkawi during the holidays. Do you want to join us? Rani and Ming Shen are also interested. We can stay in my uncles chalet there. Do let me know okay. Thats all for now I have to get back to studying as Im in the midst of my exams. Hope to hear from you soon take care and bye.

Your loving friend, Azurah