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SUUR (Was an open book) 28.3.2013 2Hrs. 18 Q's. 1 mark per quest.

I Unit: temp gradient in is high in some areas. Why they are expections from other areas? Name 4 Countries with large Geothermal potential. What is the reason II Unit: Explain Fourier's law and compare with Darcy's law and Ohms law. Simple prob on temp gradient. mean temp on surface with 10m depth is 9.2 deg. What is the temp at 1100m if temp temp gradient is 3 deg/Km. III Unit: Typical geothermal scaling. Mention atleast 3 parameters Control Scale formation IV Unit: Goals of Exploration. What are principal methods used in exploration Difference between compression and Shear waves. Name the active exploration methods V Unit: Types of reservoir engg systems with a sketch.Define Petro thermal, hydrothermal and enhanced geotermal sys Simple Prob VI Unit: Name 4 Different borehole measurementing methods and name few parameters which are measure. What are the necessary parameters to find heat transfer and how are they measured. VII Unit: Difference between drill pipe and drill collar. Mud density problem for under balenced, over balenced and at a depth of 4000m (drill slide 29) VIII Unit: Problem with low-wet-liquid state steam at diff temp 150, 200, 250 deg resp. (with a given graph temp vs Enthalpy) Prob to find the Head installation. (formula to be used SFL, DFL, height of Head)