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HELLO board (Pi: te Lionel Richie ee eae eee arr. Nicholas Hare Slow ballad (J =60) ist time: Solo Flute : 9. Xylophone [and time: Solo Tpt.(sempre) and 21,3. & 4, Woodwind] add D’Bass & B.Guit,to Strings |: Part 9 Pal ™P Mp repeat nf oe cil apedie heyboard (p) reveat mp | ist time: Solo Clarinet]? #é@ao- add strings without i D’Bass & Bass Guitar Taal [FD'Bass & Bass Guitar Solo Clarinet ; =I (f) % | | —— ye ¥ © 1983/1984 Brockman Music . This edition © Copyright for all Countries 1984 All rights reserved | J. &W. Chester/Edition Wilhelm Hansen London Ltd. J.W.C. 55729 Printed in England the photocopying of any breach of copyright, the Put 2. Solo Oboe; 9. Glockenspiel, [Reduce instrumentation] Strings wihout D'Bass & Bass Guitar Last time, go 0 Codady Parts 2 &9 6, 80 10 Coda RH *P express | ——— G [2, Solo Oboe; 9. Glock. Solo Clarinet [Strings without D’Bass & B. Guitar| port, Add D’Bass & Bass Gui orsia Parts 2&9 mp express es of ** The melody in the following six bars follows the original recording. As a further alternative, individual player(s) ‘may be asked to improvise on the basic chord sequence as shown, Any of these options may be combined, Tutt [Solo Flute 8¥a] [Solo Recorder] [Solo Clarinet] asia | E = a ae Sree ae rman I, Flutes D,$al Coda ona 2. & 3. Clarinets] Ss Solo Ci] % Bz ee tact] ye Dial Coda CODA molto rit. =—