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Agenda for Nokia Iran training of Engineers & Technicians Who shall install and maintain Eltek Power

Reference: Nokia Iran Training Iran Issued by: Mahmood Sheikh Issued date: 10 March 2006

Location: Nokia Iran - Tehran (For classroom and practical training session) One Power system and a laptop computer must be available. Duration: 2 days to cover power systems. Documentation included Day 1= 11 March, 2006 Time Agenda Eltek Company Introduction Introduction on DC power system design, main elements in the Eltek Power system, User Documentation. Overview of technical features in the Power system, Assembly details, Main components in Bill Of Material , Hands on: How to replace modules & PCBs, ancillary elements . User Documentation. Lunch Mahmood Sh. Mahmood Sh. Place Nokia Iran Responsible Mahmood Sh. Mahmood Sh.



Mahmood Sh.

12.3013:00 13.0014:00

Installation & connection of alarms, battery and mains configuration, importance of proper Grounding Commissioning of a Power System and 14.-16:00 Winpower software features, overview on the control module. Day 2= 12 March , 2006 Continue: Commissioning and 09: 15:00 TBA calibration of a Power System. Theory of Alarm handling, hw configuring of alarms in MCU Practical exercises: Analyzing false alarms on system level and correcting the conditions using Winpower Silver Summaries, maintenance, questions, 15:00 Repetition of test exercises. 15: 16:00 Open forum & discussions

Mahmood Sh. Mahmood Sh. Mahmood Sh. Mahmood Sh. Mahmood Sh.

Agenda March 2006

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