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‘’laziness means your time may never come, hard work means your
time of breakthrough is on the way.’’

‘’Obedience is a powerful key to an answered prayer ‘’

‘’The beauty of change is result.’’

‘’Man can never be satisfied with the created things but with the
creator of things (God), so let's hold on to God for maximum

21:55 27/10/2008

‘’Two things about hard work; one, a price to pay and two, a prize to

‘’Every sleeping Christian will never experience the glory of His

presence. ‘’

‘’Disobedience will cause God's hand of blessing to cease from the

life of God's anointed’’

18:35 11/01/2009
‘’Stop living for people and start living for God.’’

‘’Anointing also can teach you all things.’’

23:12 07/02/2009

‘’If the Holy Spirit glorifies Christ and you have both of them in you,
it means you are living a glorious life because when Christ is
glorified, it is manifested through you who carry them.’’

16:53 08/07/2009

‘’Unless you change your thinking, you cannot grow’’

02:36 16/07/2009

‘’Jesus will be glorified in your life to the extent you want Him to.’’

02:39 16/07/2009

‘’Stagnancy is the product of your inability to change’’