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NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Bill 197 An Act to proclaim the International Day of Peace Awe Pe Qe Introduction ae iis tke frovice GGasice ‘Quebec Oficial Publisher 2007 Bill 197 | fo asace mocianrmie nrerssrionst sy oF rence aey Samed cuits bein inthe us of ama Bing wits in he minds ‘of human beings that awareness ofthe med For pace mest he heightened: [AS extahishing a aloe Betmeen cultures and civilizations and buikdog ‘greater solidarity assong ations are ofa sare Loalleviate tensions and avert. irengthening the ideals of peace and ol dat |AS countries and peoples acros the work hve recognized the importance of ‘suring tha the principe wf peaceful resfotion wf inkenaioal dspuis i R, Fospeced aN of conics — | BO cling snd scvig the Ftratonal Day of Pease in comin 1 oh <5 she Gener Assembly af the United Nations has decided tha the internat Day of ace 0 Re terven 1 Solem each ye |AS Quetec fs determined 10 play an active eo, particularly within the Freochapedling word in oevent ng rises anc.conflcts inorder tose ibe mmmiemance of pence umd inerational secu ‘THE PARLIAMENT OF QUEBEC ENACTS.AS FOLLOWS: Vs Thesweny fir day of September prslaimed asthe Intenatiogal Day at Peace 3B. Ths Act.comes into force om (nse the dae of asset to sis Act feb: Gah. Gei ‘Chcirmaa of the Committee of the Whole