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Silty (3, 2009 Dou ‘residents Plewie excuse ny inpingementon your tine. In ny firs to obtain a Parple Heavrt Metal for Past Fraumatic ros Dinsorder. Ihave writen tothe Seortary ofthe Navy, the Commandant ofthe Marine Cexps, the Chief of Maral perations, enater Bill Nebon and Representatioe Posey of Florida. Al replied, bat none was able to Spl ng doses The Dopartment f Defense has rated recently that veterans suffering from this disabling condition stated that ‘veterans sofering from PTSD bo not gualfy for thts award." he they are saying, OKC you sereal, thankyou cong mach, bay your sofering is irrelevant. Tre word ‘wound has a number of meanings. Quetitng from the MIN Encarta Dietonary, definition 2," emetional injury: a lasting emotional ex prycholagical injury." Side notice mysefficr the ame das as any eeteran whe leita linh or egeiight . But, Me President, Iwas injured! The distionary gives the meaning. The folks atthe DoD, do net havefaitbacks, nightmares, wake up sereaming, penping in bed. tabbing nonsense, dprebion, low iff ekeem or th e ether terrors ome sartof medal should be awarded to the theusands of der and nerver veterans whe have or will have thes condition, Fea net afar tis award for myself only. bat for ald ws vets whe breaght ts home with them, F ash only that yeu eardfilly consider this repro. Hs your deision ts the final say do, and the ass avenue of ypeal.. Thank you. Glod bets you. Ged Wess Ameriea. Yours truly. Donald C. Current Dienam Veteran