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RIDER TO RENEWAL LEASE FORM. (Preferential Rent) Rider attached to and forming a part of Lease dated February 15, 2009 between Related Management Company, L.P. as Agent and Julie Shah and Hudak Sadaki, as Tenant(s), in Apartment #16H in the building known as Tribeca Park, 400 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10282 Your apartment is currently being charged a preferential rent which is lower than the legal regulated rent. However, the landlord reserves its right at the end of this lease term to charge the rent at the legal regulated amount as registered with the Division of Housing and Community Renewal plus the applicable rent increase permitted pursuant to the Rent Stabilization Law and Code. The tenant understands that the preferential rent granted during this lease term is temporary and solely for this lease term. Nothing contained herein shall obligate the landlord to continue the preferential rent in any renewal of this Lease. ‘New Preferential Rent, | New Legal Regulated ‘Authorized 421a(2.2%) | inclusive of 421a (2.2%) | Rent, inclusive of 421a Last Legal Increase increase (2.2%) increase Regulated Rent (applicable) (if applicable) (GC applicable) 1 Year_| $6,255.97 N/A $3,795.00 $6,537.48 2Year_| $6,255.97 N/A $3,850.00 $6,787.72 Tenant Witness as to Tenant Tenant Witness as to Tenant ‘Agent for Owner Witness as to Agent MANAGEMENT I IAC COMPANY Early Termination One ofthe Related Companies ; 400 Chambers Stet Rider ‘New York, New York 10282 212-948-4100, RIDER attached to and forming part of Lease dated February 15, 2009, executed on the date hereof between BPC Associates, LP, (hereafter called Landlord), and Julie Shah and Hudak Sadaki (hereafter called Tenants), for Apartment # 16H ‘Tenants shall have the right to terminate the Lease within the terms of the Lease provided that written notification, via registered mail to the Landlord at 400 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10282, of Tenant's intent to exercise the termination option described herein shall be given no later than sixty (60) days prior to the date of such intended early termination. Such early termination may be allowed no earlier than ‘September 30, 2009 and no later than May 31, 2010, Notice of such termination received on any day ‘other than the last day of the month shall be deemed received as of the last day of the month in which such notice is received. Tenant hereby agrees to provide access to the Landlord to show the apartment prior to the intended vacate date upon reasonable notice to Tenant. Landlord and Tenant hereby agree that this Early Termination Agreement applies only for the period from June 1, 2009 10 May 31, 2010, which is the term ofthis lease. Ifthe Tenant provides the Landlord with written notification ofthe Tenant's intent to exercise the termination option descried herein, Tenant hereby agrees thatthe Landlord is entitled to sue for damages inthe event the apartment is rectented and the Tenant does not vacate on the Early Termination Date specific in the writen notification, Landlord will not market Tenants apartment for re-rental and Tenant will be responsible for payment of the Lease to term unless written notification is received by Landlord. Tenant hereby agrees that ast month’s rent shall be paid in full regardless of the duration of the tenancy within the last month. Tenant also agrees that the security deposit cannot and will not be used to pay the last month's rent, ‘Security deposit i returnable in the manner described in Paragraph 5 of the Lease upon early termination. Landlord hereby agrees that upon proper notice of Tenants intent to exercise the option to terminate the Lease pursuant to this rider, Landlord will agree to end the Lease in form and substance. ACKNOWLEDGED, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED Tenant's Signature Date ‘Witness to Tenant's Signature Tenant's Signature Date ‘Witness to Tenant's Signature RELATED MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LP Date ‘Witness as to Agent REBNY® 01 RENEWAL LEASE FORM (Owners and Tenants should read INSTRUCTIONS TO OWNER and INSTRUCTIONS TO TENANT on reverse side before filling out o signing this form ‘THIS NOTICE FOR RENEWAL OF LEASE AND RENEWAL LEASE FORM ISSUED UNDER SECTION 2523.5(a) OF THE RENT STABILIZATION CODE, ALL COPIES OF THIS FORM MUST BE SIGNED BELOW AND RETURNED TO YOUR LANDLORD WITHIN 60 DAYS. Julie Shah and Hudak sadaki Dated:___February15 — 20__09. ‘Tenants Name pee AOI Chambers Strecte ee ARS eee er BPC Associates Le ‘ares ‘Apt No. Owners7Agent Name County Zip Code ‘Malling Address (No, & Street) 1, The owner hereby notifies you that your lease New York NY 19282 — willexpireon: 5/31/2009 ity, State & Zip Code PART A- OFFER TO TENANT T0 RENEW follows: 2, You may renew this lease, for one or two years, at your option, Column a Column b Column € Column d Column ¢ Column f | Column g Renewal | LegalRent on | Authorized Applicable | Applicable Guideline | Lawful Rent Increase |Separate charge) _ New rent Term |Sept.30th Preceding| Guideline Increase | Supplement, ifany |Adj.ifany effective after] ifany | (iflower reat ‘Commencement = |(f unknown, check box Sept. 30th indicated | (specity under |i tobe charged Date oft and see below)* inColumnb | item below) | check box and Renewal Lease sei setowt BE lYear |S 6,255.97 |(_4.5_%)$_281.51) $. s s. |S _6,537.48 2Years |S 6,255.97 85_%)$ 531.75) $. s Is. |S _6,787.72, ‘+ [applicable guideline rate is unknown at time offer is made check box in column ¢ and enter current guideline which ‘will be subject to adjustment when rates are ordered. ++ The rent provided for inthis renewal lease may be increased or decreased by order of the Di Community Renewal (DHCR) or the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB), 3. Security Deposit Current Deposit: $ 3,895.00 ‘Additional Deposit Required - 1 year lease: $, ‘Additional Deposit Required -2 year lease: $, 4 Specify separate charges if applicable: eee Air conditionet- Elecricity Char ‘mo. 421 92.2%): 3 Imo: Other: 8 Imo: 5. Lower Rent tobe charged, if any, § 5 Agreement attached: Yes BJ No] ‘6 This renewal lease shall commence on si4/2009 1 Which shall not be less than 90 days nor more than 150 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery ofthis Renewal Lease Form. This Renewal Lease shall, terminate on 5/94/2010 (1 year lease) or 513412044 @ Year lease.) 1. This renewal lease is based on the same terms and conditions as your expiring lease, except that two ___ lawful provisions attached and __Four written agreements between owner and tenant have been added. the blank 5 15 applicable, the number of additional provisions or written agreements attached). ‘This form becomes a binding lease renewal when signed by the owner below and returned to the tenant. A rider setting forth the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords under the Rent Stabilization Law must be attached to this lease when signed by the ‘owner and returned to the tenant. PART B- TENANT'S RESPONSE TO OWNER Tenant: Check and complete where indicated one of two responses below after reading instructions on reverse side, Then date and sign ‘your response below. You must return this Renewal Lease Form to the owner in person or by regular mail, within 60 days of the date this Notice was served upon you by the owner. Your failure to do so may be grounds for the commencement of an action by the owner to evict ‘you from your apartment. 1 (we) the undersigned tenant(s), agree fo enter inton year renewal lease at a monthly rent ofS ‘This renewal lease is based on the same terms and conditions as my (our) expiring lease, and further attached lawful provisions and attached written agreements, if any (see item 7 under PART A above). 1 (we) will not renew my (our) lease and (we) intend to vacate the apartment on the expiration date of the present lease Indieated above. Dated: Tesants Signature(): Duet Ovners Signatures: