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What is a direct statement? What is an indirect/ reported statement?

*Direct Statement
I have joined several volleyball competitions in our school, confessed Anthony. *Indirect or Reported Statement Anthony confessed that he has joined several volleyball competitions in their school.

The verb confessed and the connective that are used to introduce the direct or reported statement.

Matthew: I dont remember having friends when I was in grade 5.

Indirect or reported
Matthew tells that he doesnt remember having friends when he was in grade 5.

Make your own examples

To change direct quotation to reported statement the word that is added and it connects the quotation tag to the statement, the comma and the quotation marks are omitted.

Write the letter of the correct answer.

I. Select one that contains the correct reported speech.

1. Mother said, You come home early, Roland. a. Mother said to her son to come home early. b. Mother said come home early to her son. c. Mother told her son to come home early.

2. Leo said, the plants are growing