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SIGN COMPANY ocr 3! H H Tipteers o en October 29, 1984 Duane A, Wilson, Secretary Board of Regents’ Office 220 Morrill Hall University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN 55455 Dear Regents For many years my wife worked as a secretary for the director of the Student Union, uy wife and I both attended the University. My fraternity house is across the street from the stadium (no rip-off parking). For many years we enjoyed going to football games at the stadium. We had season tickets for many years, we even came back on our honeynoon to watch Minnesota play Michigan'on a memorable Oct. 22nd (our anniversary). It's a wonderful feeling to see friends who attended the U when we did ~ good, loyal Minnesota fans. However, none of our classmates that we know of, and none of our friends attend Gopher games at the Dome - nor do we intend to. ‘The Done is just a great big blah! It just doesn’t have it. No atmosphere, no memories, no invigorating weather. BRING GOPHER FOOTBALL BACK TO THE STADIUM! Glenn 0. Benz MANUFACTURERS OF HIGHWAY MARKERS. » TRAFFIC SIGNS + LICENSE PLATES