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PSC 31106 – Stapleton Name:

Summary Rubric Summer 2009

Summary #

Fair Good Excellent Total Points

Completeness of Written Summary

• Summary written in proper

paragraph format. Complete
sentences, correct spelling,
punctuation, & grammar, were used.
2 3 5
• Title of article and author’s name
are included in the text. Direct
quotes are placed in quotation
marks and in MLA, Chicago, or
APA format.

• Follows summary directions: is 2-3

pages in length; in proper format; 2 3 5
on time.

• Paper addressed all the key ideas

presented in the article. Clear
examples and facts from the articles
are presented to support key ideas.
• Personal opinion about the topic is 2 3 5
NOT presented. A thorough
detailing of the article is provided,
following the format of the author,
but without making judgments on
the validity of the text.

Total Points /15