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PSC 31106 – Stapleton Name:

Current Event Assignment Rubric Summer 2009

Fair Good Excellent Total Points

Completeness of Current Event 

• Summary of article is presented in

formal language. Language is
appropriate, and without slang. The
language is clear and unbiased.
• Student speaks clearly and 2 3 5
confidently, at an appropriate
• Student makes good eye contact and
does not fidget excessively.

• It is clear when the presentation is


• The main points of the article are

presented in an organized manner.
The article is explained well and
clearly. The important points of the
article are highlighted by the 2 3 5
• A challenging newspaper article of
sufficient length has been chosen.
• Student emailed the article on time.

• Student clearly makes a connection

between the article and the course
• Student has prepared two discussion
questions for the class, and is able 2 3 5
to keep the class engaged.

Total Points /15