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From: Megan McClane [Megan McClane @} Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 10:27 AM Subject: Carrollton News - Hot Weather Precautions Good Morning, The Carrollton Fire Department has released the following informatior ‘Common Rules to follow during hot weather conditions. The expected long stretch of hot and dry weather may gradually have adverse impacts on the elderly, small children and pets, Even those in top physical condition can develop heat related illnesses if proper safety rules are not followed. A few common rules to take include: Drink plenty of water. Limit exposure to the sun. Dress in light-colored clothing. Take frequent breaks when working outside. Apply sunscreen often. geen Local National Weather Service Offices (NWSOs) will issue Heat Advisories or Excessive Heat Advisories as necessary based on local conditions. For more information on local weather conditions you may go to the Dallas/Fort Worth National Weather Service Forecast Office website at . This message is brought to you as a public service message from the City of Carroliton’s Marketing Services Department and the Office of Emergency Management. For more information, please contact the Fire Department at 972-466-3070. Megan McClane Marketing Specialist 972-466-3084 ‘ @ CARROLLTON Where Connections Happen 6/24/2009