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Unit One: What is the figure system model? Explain each component.

The Figure System Model: Input: Input is when you are asking an object to do a task such as turning a steering wheel to make a car go in a certain direction. Process: The process is how the object does the task you asked it to complete such as getting the car turn in the direction that was wanted. Output: The output is what you get after asking the object to do the task such as going in the direction you asked it to go. Outcome: The outcome result of the system does such as did the car go where I asked it. Feedback: The feedback is the adjustment you make to the object if you didnt get where you wanted such as the car didnt go in the direction I had asked it to go.

What is Communication? Communication is when you send and receive information or messages, a news page is information, if you read and understand what is ongoing you have received the message and communication had occurred, but if you read the article and didnt understand the message was not sent and commutation would not occurred. What is the difference between Encoding and Decoding of information?
Encoding: is when youre putting the information into a form that can be transmitted or stored, such as a floppy disk, or a USB drive. Decoding: Is when youre converting the information back in form that someone can read, such a speaker converting sound waves into spoken words.

What is the difference between Receiving and Sending information? Sending: The process of moving the information from one place to another, such as radio waves are the transmission for the media for television this way. Receiving: Receiving information requires a receiving device such as a television with a antenna to broadcast the television signals What three communications are listed? Three types of communications are:

Person-to-Person Animal-to-animal and human-animal communication Machine-to-machine and machine-to-human communication

Name three innovations of the industrial age

China - organized postal service Persia- Develops a form of pony express Roman- couriers for mail

When did the digital age begin? Digital age began in the 1940s. Give three examples of communication devices used to interact with Computers. Smart Phones I Pads Facebook.