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NORTON VOLUME 1 SECOND EDITION \ 4a Boon ee immed ba LLOLA LOD ae y ‘Edited by Claude V, Palisea NORTON ANTHOLOGY OF WESTERN MUSIC, second Ecition Edited by CLAUDE V. PALISCA VOL. I) MEDIEVAL, RENAISSANCE. BAROQUE: VOL. I: CLASSIC, ROMANTIC, MODERN This comprshensive historical anthology was designed te cncumpase she broad sweep af unusical camppaovdon inthe Western veorld from daatigty to the patent irie by the inclusion of works teprescuting every significudt trend, genre. ay national school: Since composers have never created fh a musical vend. the historically onentod st ee ee en Ais pormiis the esjablisfimicne oF histnieal Sannicctior. Thi ‘ony invites mach conncetions. conceived is 8 companion ta the thirdedition af Donald Jay Grout's A nf AC Weltern Mlusic. this version of the Notun Anthotowy of Midie bs tailored Wy yecomyparre she fourth The clearest und xoundes! ensrivexteditionsof heise have been, eee rete! Lo Ea AT tn Uition, 2Wo useful appendices and fourinsispensable indices ‘it this invaluable compendium, ariel pe etter, whieh purllet hie eantents of. the two. volumes, are. al available from the publisher CLAUDE, PALISCA th Pro(ésnan, uf the History of Malic at Yule University. Pust president of the American Musicological Sovtet}, he {8.0 schol, suihor, ei, and translator of gxeat distinction: Also available from Norton An Anthology of Early Renoissance Muse Edited by Noah Greenberg and Paul Maynaed Anthology of Medieval Music ait by Richasd H. Hoppin The Norton Scores: An Anthology for Listening Fourth Edition: Standard and Expanded Edited by Roger Kamien The Concerto, 1800-1900 Edited by Paul Henry Lang The Symphony, 1800-1900 Edited by Peul Henry Lang Anthology of Romantic Music Edited by Leon Plantinga Choral Musie: A Norion Historical Anthology Edited by Ray Robinson Norton Anthology of WESTERN MUSIC CED SECOND EDITION VOLUMETL Medieval + Renaissance + Baroque EDITED BY CLAUDE V. PALISCA Yale University Oa W>+ W+ Norton & Company New York + London ConreNTs Preeace si ANCIENT 1 + Buripides Orestes, Stasimon chorus 1 Epitaph of Seiklos 3 MEDIEVAL Chant Copyright © 1988, 1980 by W. W. Nowton & Company, Ie All rigs reserves. 3 + Mass for Septvagesima Sunday Pash simaneowsy in Cana by Pengin Books Card Lt. 2801 ohn See 2) Inteoit, Circtndederunt me 4 Marka, Ono LAR [84 b) Kyrie 5 Pein nthe Unt Ses of Arica o Collect 5 “The ext of his Bo i compos in Times Roms 4) Epistle 6 wi splay (pe set Demo 2) Gradual, Adjusor in opportuniotibus 7 CCompuston by Vai Balog Press act, De profindis clamavi ihe Maple Val Book Group 2 Tract, De profane ‘ 2) Gospel 9 Second! Eton hy Credo 9 i) Otferiory, Bonum est confer ” Library of Corres Catoging in Ptcaton Data Smee exreont u ISBN 0-393-95b42~3 voit 1 Agnus Dei i ISBN 0-393-48644-X vor 1) Communion, tamina faciem sam 3 W..W Noten & Company, In. ith Avenue, Now York, NY. 10110 1) Benedicarus Domi 1W. W. Noron a Company ad 37 Geet Rast Set, London WCIB 3NU ) Benedicamus Domino B 4 + Office of Second Vespers, Nativity of Our Lord 234567890 a) Verse, Dens in adjutoriun 18 a ee ') Antiphon, Pecwm principiun ©) Psalm 109, Dixit Dominus &) Antiphon, Redemptionem misit Dominus ©) Psalm 110, Confitebor sbi Domine 1) Antiphon, Exortum est in tenebris ) Psalm 111, Beatus vir gui simet Dominum I) Antiphon, Apud Dominurt ip Psalm 129, De profundis clamavi ad te 4) Shoxt Responsory, Verbum caro 1p Hymn, Christe Redempror anniv 1) Verse, Nonum fect m) Antipbon, Hodie Christus natus est 1) Canticle, Magnificar 3+ Sequence Vicsimae paschali laudes 6 + Trope: Quem quaerits in pracsepe SpCULAR MonoPHony 7 + Bernart de Ventadorn Can vei la lauzeta: mover 8+ Comtessa de Dia Canso: A chantar m'er de so queu no voiria 9+ Adain de la Halle Jew de Robins et de Marion: Rondeau, Robins maime 10+ Wizlau von Rugen We ich han gedackt 11+ Hans Sachs Nachdem David war redlich und aufrichtig 12+ Istampita Palamento ‘Ags ANTIQUA 13 + Organum: Tu patris sempicerrus es filtus 14+ Organum: Alleluia Justis at palma 1+ Versus: Senescente mundaso fio 16 + Alletuia Pascha nostrum 8) Plainchant by Léonin, Organum duplum, Alleluia Pascha nosirum ) Conductus-moret on Léonin’s clausula on nostrum 4) Substitute clausula on nosiram ©) Motet, Salve, salus hominum--O radians sella—nosirum b) Léonin, Orgsnum duplum, Allele Paseha nosirtum (continued) 8 Motet, Ave Maria, Fons lestie—Latus on LLéonin’s clausula on laius by Léonin, Organum duplum, Altetuia Pasona nostrtum (continued) & Contents 8 19 9 9 20 2 2 2 23 23 23 4 30 R 34 30 7 39. a 4B 4s 4 ” 7 9 0. st 3 33 ca Contents 8 Motet, Quid? amors veut bien—-Qui longuement porroit— zostrun on substitute clausula on nestrum (16d) 17+ Pérotin Organum quadruplum: Sederunt 18 « Conductus: Ave virgo virginum 19 + Motet: Aucun vont—Amor gui cor—Kyrie 20+ Motet: Pucevete—Je languis—Domino ‘Ans Nova 21 + Philippe de Vitry Motet: Garris Gallus—in nova fert—Newna 22+ Jacopo da Bologna Madrigal: Fenice jit 23+ Francesco Landini Ballata: Non avrd ma’ pies 24+ Guillaume de Machaut Double Ballade: Quant Theseus-— Ne quier veoir 25 + Guillaume de Machaut Mass: Agnus Dei 26+ Solage Rondeau. Fumeux fune 27 + Rondellus motet {rom Worcester Fulget coelestis curia 28 + Carol: Salve, sancta parens RENAISSANCE, Morer 29+ John Dunstable Motet: Quam pulchra es 30 + Guillaume Dufay Hymn: Conditor alme siderum 31 + Guillaume Dufay Motet: Nuper rosarum flores 32 + Josquin des Prez Motet: Tw solus, qui facis mirabilia 33 + Josquin des Prez Motet: Dominus regnavit 34+ Jean Mouton Motet: Noe, noe 35+ Adrian Willaert Motet: O crux, splendidior cuncs astris 36 + Christobal de Morales Motet: Emendemus in melius 37 + Orlando di Lasso Motet: Cum essem parvalus 38 William Byrd Motet: Tw es Pesrus Mass. 39 + Guillaume Dufay Se lu face ay pale a) Ballade b) Missa Se la face ay pate: Gioria 40 + Johannes Ockeghem Missa Caput: Agnus Dei Al + Jacob Obrecht Missa Caput: Agnus Dei 55 8 66 R 75 81 83 a7 02 os 97 99 tog 106 1B nr 130 136 144 151 160 165 167 176 183 42+ John Taverner Misso Gloria tit tiniras: Benedicius = Jacob Atcadelt Missa Noe noe. Kyrie and Gloria 44+ Giovanni da Palestrina Pope Marcellus Mass: Credo CHANSON, LIED, CANTO CARNASCIALESCO 45. Guillaume Dufay Ballade: Resvelies vous e faites chiere lye 46 + Guillaurne Dufay Rondeau: Adieu ces bons vins de Lannoys 47 = William Comnysh Partsong: My love she moweneth 48 + Johannes Ockeghem Chanson: D ung aultre amer 49 + Josquin des Prez Mille regrets 2) Voeal chanson in four parts 4) Arrangement for vinuela by Luis de Narvée2 50 + Lied: Nu bitten wir den hei'gen Geist 51 + Canto camascialesco: Orsi, car’ Signori 52+ Heinrich Isase Laid: Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen 8) Gross Leid muss ich Jett tragen b) Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen 53 + Claudin de Sermisy Chanson: Tant que vivray 54+ Clavde Le Jeune Chanson: Revecy venir du printans Faorroia aND MADRIGAL 55+ Marco Cara Frotola: /o mon compro pi speranze '56 + Jacob Arcadelt Madrigal: Alime, dov' & "bel viso 57+ Adrian Willaert Madrigal: Aspro core e selvaggio e cruda voglia 58 + Cipriano de Rove Madrigal: Datemi pace, o duri miei pensier! 59 + Luce Marenzio Madrigal: Solo e pensosa 60 + Carlo Gesualdo Madrigal: “Zo parto” e non pit dissi 4 G1 Thomas Weelkes Madrigal: O Care, thou wilt despatch me INSTRUMENTAL 62 + Pierre Auaingoant Danseries a4 Parties, Second Livre 63+ Robert Morton Chanson: L’omme armé 64 Luis Mikin Fantasia XL 65 + Christopher Tye In nomine "Cre BAROQUE AA, AlK, AND MaDgiaL 66 » Giulio Caccini Madrigal: Perfidissimo volto 67 + Claudio Monteventi Madrigal: Cruda Amarilé Concent 191 198 206 207 219 2ar 24. 228 21 233 236 238 240 243 259 261 264 an 276 283 293 302 395 306 310 3S 9 Contenis 68 + Claudio Monteverdi Madrigal: Ohimé dov’ il mio ben 69 + John Dowland Airs Flow my rears Opens aND THEATER 10 + Emilio de’ Cavalieri Madrigal: Dalle pit alte sfere 71 + Jacopo Peri Le musicke sopra I'Euridice 1) Prologo, La Tragedia: fo, che d’ alti sospir vaga e di pianti by Tirsi: Net pur ardor della pit bella stella ¢) Dafne: Per quel vogo barcherts Arcetto: Chi narri, oimé Orfeo, Non piango ¢ non sospiro 72+ Claudio Monteverdi L' Orfeo a) Prologo, La Musica: Dal mio Permesso amato a voi ne vegno ) Act I, Orfeo: Vi ricorda o boschi ombrosi (excespt) ©) Act Il, Messagera: In un fiorito prato Orfeo: Tu se" morta Choro: Ahi caso acerbo 73 + Claudio Monteverdi L'Incoronazione di Poppea: Act 1, Scene 3 74 + Mare’ Antonio Cesti Oronvea: Act Il, Scene 17, Aria, Itorno all idol mio 75 - Jean-Baptiste Lully Armide ) Ouverture b) Act IL, Scene 5: Enfin if est en ma puissance 76+ Henry Purcell The Fairy Qucen a) Thus the ever grateful Spring b) Hark! The ech’ ing air 17 «Henry Purcell Dido and Aeneas: Act IIL, Dido: Thy hand, Belinda—When | am laid in earth; Chorus: With drooping wings 78 + Jean-Philippe Rameau Hippolyte et Aricie: Act IV, Scene I, AME faut-it 79 + Alessandro Scarlatti Griselda: Act if, Scene 1, Aria, Mi rivedi, 0 selva ombrosa 80 + George Frideric Handel Giulio Cesare: Act IIL, Seene 4 (excerpt) 81+ John Gay The Beggar's Opera: Scenes 11 to 13 82 + George Frideric Handel Serse a) Act I, Scene 1, Recitative aecompagnato, Frondi tenere, Atia, Ombra mai fit b) Act I, Scene 3, Aria, Va godendo vessoso e bella Morer, Sacer ConceRTo, CANTATA, ORATORIO, Mass 83 - Giovanni Gabrieli Motet: Hodie complet sunt dies pentecostes wea 333 337 345 345 M7 4350 350 354 360 362 365; 367 a7 380 385 387 395 397 400 7 an 46 Pa 4a 433 437 84 + Lodovico Grossi da Viadana Sacred concerto: O Domine Jesu Christe 451