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: STEEL @ (Mr Paul Flynn 28 September 2005 Re: Endowment Justice v Paul Flynn MP - Defamation M Professional charges in relation to acting for you in connection With Libet praceesings brought by Endowment Justice arising from statements mada a6.part of Your ongoing parliamentary ‘campaign against excessive charging by endowment recovery. firms including advising on the utilisation of the parliamentary Early Day Motion procedure. Attending you and taking your inital instructions. Perusing claim and documents, advising you thereon. Drafting instructions to Counsel to advise in Conference and to settle to Defence. Attending conference. ‘Advising you on procedure and generally. Discussing terms of defence obtaining approval; Service of Claimants &-reply, perusing Part 18 Request. Attending CMC, Reporting to you thereon. Attending meeting with solictors' for Claimants. Instructing counsel to draft Part 18 response Attending you on the telephone and further attending Counsel. Reporting on settlement status and terms Negotiating final settlement to feaude ater, to make Siaoment open ‘Attendance and perusals. Based on charge rate ES @ £185 per hour. “Attendance x 1 hour Correspondence and perusal x2 hours Telephone calls x 3 hourst30 mins Preparation x 9 hours, 20 mins ‘Attendance with Counsel x2 hours Co erer yo Telephone calls x 30 mins Preparation x 5 hours Attendance with Counsel x 2 hours TOTAL — 7 hours, 30 mins (ata charge rate of £150 per hour) |@ £95 per hour ours @ £95 per hour Ingtruction to Counsel x 30 mins Travel & Waiting x 1 hour, 30 mins Attending Hearing x 15 mins ae } ict pi TOTAL—5 hours, 15 mins Fees 5,060.25 Disbursements Counsel's fees. £3,912.50 Travel £ "18.00 ‘Sub total 28,901.75 VAT@ 17.5 %on £7,461.75 £1,873.56 $10,565.30 TOTAL DUE-FROMYOU: