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NAME ‘AGEN NAME Members| Christ Dutton, RN, MSN ENP _| Falls Community “Tamra Acierni, RN Kelda MeMulien-Fix, RN, MSN | Univ. Mary Hardin Baylor | Desera Robens, RN Jennifer Carr, RN, BSN Hillerest “Teresa Gilliam, RN ‘Vieki Evans, RN Hilorest ‘Christine Hoover, RN, BSN Guests | Daisy Tieman, LVN Falls Community “Aan Crawford, BN Casey Loesch, LVN Hillerest Sally K. Snow, RN, BSN ‘Addie Sadler, RN Falls Community Sanios Carranza, RN Karen Grant, RN Hillcrest Dianne deMovilie, RN-BC Robyn Williams, RN Providence Virginia Davis, RN ‘essica Richer, RN ‘Soot & White Donna Clare, RN toric ACTION [RESPONSIBLE] STATUS | Mecing | Program Forensics presented by Deicctve Bob Fuller, Minutes | McLennan County Sheriff's Dept. and Crime Scene Technictan Joyce Marek, Waco Police Deparment Officer Reports: President—Christine Hoover ‘Attended State ENA Meeting in South Padre and received ‘our chapter number (430), Next state mocting is in Lubbock in July. Scholarship applications can be found on the ENA ‘websfte. Applications are due June 1, 2007 for national and August !, 2007 for state. Delegate applications for national are due'to the ehapter president by June 1, 2007. President-eleet—Christi ution “TNC Update classes to be taught by 12 State Faculty members. Will send out note to the entire state when update ‘courses are scheduled. Taught ENPC course at Brryan-College Station last weekend with 11 attendees. Will ‘Seeretary—Vieki Evans Meeting minutes from January and March Director—Teresa Gilliam New website—neww.ibize.conveentexena Send pictures and event notifications to Teresa ‘Treasurer—Kelda McMullen-Fix Balance $8,877.80 Bonding should be completed this week. Will work on Ine. status next ‘Commies ‘Newslerer—will send out quanerly. Will post deadlines for submission on website Professional Education —TNCC Update courses have not been scheduled. Forensics class will be taught by C. Dutton, C. Hoover and'T. Gillian. Will be a2 hour course. $10 for ENA members and $25 for non-members, Course will be fe ifthe atendee joins ENA that day. To be held at Providence in September, Merbership—Will try to drop into EDs with food and go t0 Unit meetings to promote ENA [Logo completed and on cake, Will have polos made for S12, Delegate selection—one of the benefits of ENA membership. Can be selected based on points earned for being active, National meeting in September will be in Sait Lake City, Utah. State ENA. offers $399 to cach delegate selocted and the local chapter will Motion-T, Aciemi Sccond-J. Richter 8 fori against Deadlines will be posted, Working to Will take applications up to June 1, 2007 V, Evans T. Gilliam C, Dutton K. Fix K, Griffin E. Bohannon C, Hoover ©. Hoover Approved with changes Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing ‘also give monetary assistance. Deadline to stale chairperson by June 10, 2007. Scholarships discussed. 1* degree~S250, Continuing. ‘Ad hoc scholarship commitice—will need to develop eriteria Volunteers—T. aAciemi, 5. Carranza, J. Richter, Board liason—K. MeMullen-Fix ‘Geographical lines will be listed in newsletter. Our chapter receives $5 per new member, Voted to approve SOP Bylaws ‘Committee budgets. need 10 be tumed in to K. McMullen-Fix by July 1, 2007 0 be eligible for funds Sally Snow, Staie ENA President discussed importance of voting for the national board positions. 2 Texas ENA members are unning for national board positions, Elections opened May 17 ‘Adjourn Motion-T. Aciemi ‘Seoond-S. Carranza 8 for! against ‘Will develop criteria ‘Will Lit in newsletter ‘Motion-V. Davis ‘Second-J. Cart 8 fori against Members Passed ‘Ongoing ‘Ongoing “Approved ‘Ongoing ‘Ongoing