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‘Chapter 1 Introduction to Objective Questions Answer all questions. Each question is followed by four choices of answers. Choose the best answer. 1. What is a ‘hypothesis"? ‘A A theory to explain an event BA suggested solution to a problem C_Assuggested explanation to an event D__Arandom event which happens every day 2. What Is the prefix that has the value 10°? In an experiment to determine the effect of the weight of a pendulum on its oscillation, the length of the pendulum is a A constant variable B_ dependent variable C responding variable D_ manipulated variable 4, Which is not a natural phenomenon? A. Childbirth B Tsunami © Explos D__ Volcanic eruption 5. Which method can be used to measure the volume ofa solid? A. Balance B_ Graph paper © Weighing D_ Water displacement 6. Weight is measured using a ‘beam balance lever balance clectronie balance spring balance paw 7. Weight is affected by A gravity B_ heat temperature D_ density 8. Write 0.000023 m using the correct symbol. 9. Which is equivalent to 2 decimetres? 20m 0.02 m 0.02 km 20m ooee Figure 1 ‘When you see the warning sign shown in Figure I on a bottle, what must you do? ‘A Place the bottle near water, B__ Keep the bottle on a low shelf. C Keep the bottle in a beaker of water. D_ Keep the bottle away from a Bunsen burner, ‘Which of the following is the same as $ x 10" m? A Sem B SGm C Spm D SPm The graph in Figure 2 was plotted after an experiment. ‘numberof oseitations per minute oN Tena of pend (em) Figure 2 What can you conclude from Figure 2? A_ The number of oscillations is proportional to the pendulum length. B The number of oscillations increases when the pendulum is longer, The number of oscillations increases when the pendulum is shorter. D__ The oscillation of a pendulum is independent of the pendulum length, ‘Which of these is/are not (a) basic quantity/quantities? 1 Mass I Density MIL Resistance A. Tonly B [andl only and tit only D 1, Mand mi ‘Which of these units can be used to measure volume? 1 Pint He Quart IIL Ounce Tonly Land Il only Hand HL only Mand I 20. What is the difference between wei A B c D Which of these solutions or liquids is different in terms of meniscus shape? A B G D Choose the best tool to measure the distance between two dots on a piece 0” paper. A B ic] D In an experiment to study the effect of the weight of a pendulum on its oscillation, which is the manipulated Weight is smaller than mass, Weight is an S.1. measurement. Weight depends on the force of gravity Weight is equal to mass times volume. Alcohol Mercury Soap water Cough syrup Ruler Calipers ‘Thread Graph paper variable? A B G D Length of pendulum Weight of pendulum ‘Number of oscillations per unit time Distance of pendulum from floor Choose the correct equivalent to 1000 ml. A B G D What happens when an object is weighed on the moon? ooee Im 100em* 1000 cm* 1.000 000 em? The weight increases. ‘The weight decreases. ‘The weight stays the same. ‘The result is unpredictable.